Definition of tornado The Tornado is a meteorological phenomenon that takes place soon after a rotation of air of great intensity

and of little horizontal extension that is prolonged from the base of a cloud mother, well-known as Cumulunimbus. The base of this cloud is to altitudes below the 2 Kms and it is characterized by its great vertical development where its end reaches the 10 Kms high approximately until the surface of the earth or near her. Characteristic

The cloud is of clear white or gray color while the funnel remains suspended of the cloud mother, when this makes contact with the earth it is presented of a dark or black gray color due to the powder and brashes that are suck of the floor for the violent whirl.

News MONTERREY, NEW LION (10/MAY/2012). - It took Them for surprise. A tornado destroyed 30 houses and it surprised to more than 100 families of the municipalities of Doctor González and Fishery, to about 40 kilometers to the northeast of Monterrey.

The towns of The Treasury, The Rock and Hualiches, in Doctor González, and The Providence and Santa María of the Floreña, in Fishery, they were affected by the phenomenon that left after hail, rain and winds of more than 150 kilometers per hour that practically destroyed 30 homes, leaving their residents to the bleakness.

The phenomenon was recording for a woman that circulated on board its automobile for a near highway. The camera captured how the wind lifted houses, livestock and until self-driven vehicles.

This is the second phenomenon of strong magnitude that registers in the area.

Civil otección of the State of New León communicated that. . through this dependence. Although the wind practically lifted a truck with 30 tons of load. to those affected is given housing and support to recoup damages.The first one happened in passed March and it was captured by two women when they circulated for the New highway Laredo-Monterrey. as well as of the Secretary of Social Development and of the New DIF Lion. it didn't cause bigger damages when registering in an area desolate of New León.

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