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Mr. Sidharth Balakrishna, IIM-C alumnus and author, shared with a few of the probable topics of GDs which are most likely to be discussed this year. According to Mr. Balakrishna you can expect the following topics during your GD round: Issues around the Environment, given the recent summit at Copenhagen Division of large states into smaller ones, given the recent Telangana issue Greater role for the Government/ monitoring of the economy (given the global economic recession of 2008-09) Lessons from the Satyam fraud etc. Apart from them, Mr. Balakrishna informed about the other topics which are of general importance and have high probability of being listed in the GD topics list of leading MBA schools this year. These are: Topics pertaining to the economy: such as Foreign Investment in India, privatization, globalization, subsidies etc Social Issues: Such as Reservations for minorities, women or caste-based etc Business related topics: Indian companies going global, some major acquisitions etc Topics on some ethical issue