Picture 1, shows the mix about technical competencies, knowledge on business process and capability to developping a business strategy, during my work timeline. Starting from a tech only competency, I gradually grew up by project management activities learning customer’s processes applied on several market environments. In the last five years of my professional career I had the opportunity to change the focus from business consultancy to business development and sales role.



The competencies acquired in 26 years are summarized in the Picture 2. They are splitted in six main area: • • • • • • Methodology: deep knowledge about ITIL guidelines and CobIT best practices reccomandations. Business Strategy: capability to drive and support customer’s change management activities on their ICT core processes. Business Development: deep knowledge about several markets, strong relationship, capability to build and sell a business proposal, a product, a service line offering. Team management: capability to drive a team of professionals, engaging the brokers, smoothing team conflicts, define incentive programs and provide overall quality on their job. Project Management: P&L control, time scheduling, resource planning. Technology: deep competencies about infrastructure, applications, ERPs and emerging technologies, used to intercept new business opportunities.



Picture 3 shows relevant activities provided in my working timeline, distributed on eight main area. As it may see, in the latest four years I was involved in several activities about Media market: • • • Business Development, Marketing and Brand Management; Business Consultancy; Bid Management, Contract Management and Business Support.

This different kind of engagement on a single market was discussed and agreed with management about the opportunity to grew up my knowledge from several point of view and thanks to a parallel work, a personal interest of mine, to manage independent artists in music industry business. Indeed, since 2007 via Linkedin, I cultivate relationship all over the world with key people in music industry bringing new professional opportunities inside the market.