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The Legend of Atlantis The dlegend of Atlantis has to be one of the oldest and most spellbinding of all the world's mysteries. It has puzzled both skeptics and believers alike. Where exactly was Atlantis and where is it now? What caused its destruction? Exactly how advanced were the Atlanteans? I hope someday everyone will know the answers to those questions. Plato, a Greek philosopher, gave us the first known account of Atlantis. Plato was said to have lived from about 428 to 348 B.C. He was a student of Socrates. After studying with Socrates, Plato opened up his own philosophy school. There he began to write his philosophies in a play-type form. These dialogues always featured Socrates as the main character. In the dialogues Timaeus and Critias, he wrote about an amazing place called Atlantis. In Critias, Plato wrote of Atlantis' architecture, engineering, and ceremonies in great detail. Many people, even Plato's own students, thought this place was Plato's own creation, but he argued that Atlantis was real, and filled with more splendors than anyone could imagine. All races share the story of a great flood that destroyed an entire civilization. The name Atlantis appears in various forms throughout the world. The Canary Islands have a legend involving Atalaya. The Basques of Northern Spain have Atlaintica. The Vikings told the tale of Atli. Northern Africa called it Attala. The Aztecs have Aztlán, and the North American Indians called theirs Azatlán. Plato said Atlantis was a large island in the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere west of the Pillars of Hercules (the Rock of Gibraltar). This description has lead to many people believing that Atlantis could have been the Aegean Island of Thera (Santorini) which suddenly blew up. Atlantis was also identified as part of an ancient series of land bridges that stretched across the Atlantic and even out into the Pacific as far as New Zealand. Others say that the Canary Islands are the tops of Atlantis' tallest mountains. Some say that the Bermuda Triangle is the result of Atlantis sinking. The discovery of blue eyes and blondness among some of Africa's Berbers soon led some people to place Atlantis in the Atlas Mountians of modern Morocco and Tunisia.

when. If you look at a map. One example of this is Edgar Cayce. He stated that the Atlanteans appeared to be superlatively fair and blessed.. "In Atlantis. of course. Plato said.the island of Atlantis. The Atlanteans started valuing material wealth above goodness-that's where they went wrong. it is believed that many Atlanteans escaped." This contributes to the Bermuda Triangle theory above. and one grievous day and night befell them. a wall of tin. So. yet they were filled with lawless ambition and power. when there was the breaking up of the land came to what was called the Mayan Land or the what is now Yucatan-entity was the first to cross the water in the plane or air machine of that period. lead to Atlantis' destruction. In April of 1939. one of the best splendors of Atlantis was the palace compound located in the heart of its capital. White and black and red stone quarried from the native rock.with the exception of the USA in North America and Western Europe. he fell into a trance and spoke about Atlantis." The Atlanteans were unable to bear the burden of their possessions. This. and a wall of copper. Atlantis has been hailed for spawning civilizations such as Hellenic Greece.Still others claim that Atlantis was not even on this planet. 2|Page . The visitors passed through a wall of brass. It was ringed by three canals. nor will ever easily be seen again. the Mayas & Incas of the New World. he added to its adornment and did all he could to surpass the king before him. "As each king received it [the palace] from his predecessor. until finally they made of it an abode amazing to behold for the magnitude and beauty of its workmanship. "The portion of divinity within them was now becoming faint and weak through being oftentimes blended with a large measure of mortality. and ancient Egypt. "The ocean at that spot. like a jigsaw puzzle..." Plato doubted that any sign of the lost land would ever be found." In support of the escape. According to the continental drift theory.." He also wrote that the wealth they possessed was so immense that the like had never been seen before in any royal house. you will see that the continents really do fit together. all the continents fit together. Even though it seems that no one could survive such a tragedy.was swallowed up by the sea and vanished. "There occurred portentous earthquakes and floods. Could Atlantis be the missing piece? According to Plato. has now become impassable and unsearchable. Plato remarked.

where they became Druids. and on top of this hill was a temple to the God of the Sea. and avid reader.Atlantis has had an impact on every culture.000 years prior. Donnelly was elected to membership in the American Association for the Advancement of Science. a French scholar. The world's reception of his writings was so great. Timaeus and Critias. Atlantis was explained to be in the shape of a bullseye. In the very center was a hill. The land was then divided into ten sections to be ruled by each of his sons. or how. used Homeric sailing directions to Ogygia and located Atlantis in Sweden. Olof Rudbeck. Poseidon. In 1675. The capital of Atlantis was the best of engineering and architecture. had the continent and the surrounding ocean named after him. Plato believed that this land was near the Straits of Gibraltar until its destruction 10. what. a Swedish scholar.C. but will. Will Atlantis ever resurface?? . Philadelphian politician. that described the story of an ancient land that had sunk into the ocean after a great catastrophe. Ignatius Loyola Donnelly published his book Atlantis: The Antedefuvian World. Atlas. English poet William Blake. This city was made up of walls and canals. Charles-Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg. Poseidon had 5 children on this island. Alternating rings of land seperated by the Atlantic. The most important thought that is on everyone's mind is not where. the first born. believed that the Atlantean King. This Empire was founded by the God of the Sea. In these dialogues a powerful empire was said to be located to the west of the Straits of Gibraltar (or what was then noted as the Pillars of Hercules). Plato wrote about this lost land in two dialogues. If you dare to assume that Atlantis exists then the only place that it could be 3|Page . Plato used his dialogues (Timaeus and Critias) to express his thoughts.by TisavadeT@aol. Albion lead the last of his subjects to Britain. and their heirs. In 1882.Inside of the temple was a gold statue of Poseidon driving six winged horses.com The Location of Atlantis The story of this lost city has been around since 355 B. translated a Mayan manuscript in 1864.

.. Then without warning the Minoans disappeared.C... The eruption was four times as powerful as Krakatoa. Frost. Hey.your a lost cause.. believe that a disaster occured here capable of destroyiing the Minoans.Atlantis? If your not confused yet you should be.found (my opinion. may differ from other researchers) is near the Azores Island which is just west of the Straight of Gibraltar..is.... Frost also believed that the destruction of Atlantis came only 900 years before the birth of Plato.. you would see the Island of Crete as the seat of the Minoan Empire... Do you accept this theory? Do you have one that puts this one to shame? Do you have more questions? 4|Page . If we take a trip back in time to about 1500 B.I know.well. Minoan Crete was the most sophisticated cultures of this period. Frost was the first to present the idea that Atlantis may be to the east rather than the west of Straits of Gibraltar. including myself. That tsunami hit Crete and destroyed everything including the Minoans.C. Many scientists.. So.If you find yourself in a situation where a person presents this idea. I lost you again..briskly walk in the opposite direction. which erupted around 1500 B.. No castastrophe matches Plato's account of Atlantis than the one I just gave you.. and now picture it landing in your backyard. Twenty-five hundred years prior to this Santorina was just an island with a volcano..... Ocassionally someone will try to convince someone interested in Atlantis that it is near New Zealand or Switzerland?.where.. During this time period the Minoans were all over the eastern Mediterranean. If you don't...it's there.like dinosaurs after (insert your preferred theory here). Even though there is no scientific sign of the sunken continent.it's a modern part of Greece that lies just a bit south of Athens. Ten miles north of Crete is Santorina.wheres your house? Ash would have blackened the sky for 12 days. If you've done your research on Atlantis you should know the name K. However a survey has been conducted in this area showing a blanket of sediment that would have taken millions of years to accumulate. I know. Ready for the 360 degree turn into a brick wall? Everyone knows the Island of Crete.T. If you don't know where Athens is. Imagine a 400 feet high tsunami.

but highly advanced civilization has captured the interest of people for centuries.C. In this type of writing.frank@theshadowlands. The second book was abandoned part way through.Frank Miller The only theorist with the guts to give you this . (Copyright Lee Krystek 2006) The idea of a lost.net The Lost Continent: The capital of Atlantis as described by Plato. with the Greek philosopher Plato. as well as other subjects. the creation of the world. Plato used dialogues to express his ideas. Perhaps the most compelling of these tales is the story of Atlantis. the author's thoughts are explored in a series of arguments and debates between various 5|Page . Where did the story originate and is any of it true? Plato's Atlantis The story of the lost continent of Atlantis starts in 355 B. and the final book was never even started. Plato had planned to write a trilogy of books discussing the nature of man. Only the first book was ever completed. television shows and movies. The story appears again and again in books. and the story of Atlantis.

Unfortunately. Aristotle's writings on this subject. had the continent and the surrounding ocean named for him. On the other hand according to the writings of the historian Strabo. 6|Page . the story was originally told to his ancestor. which might have cleared the mystery up. never to be seen again. and on top of the hill a temple to Poseidon.characters in the story. the God of the Sea. The city was composed of a series of concentric walls and canals. At the very center was a hill. Socrates. or his heirs. Plato's characters refer to the story of Atlantis as "genuine history" and it being within "the realm of fact. the gods decided to destroy them. such as his teacher. a character named Kritias tells an account of Atlantis that has been in his family for generations. So. Poseidon fathered five sets of twins on the island. giant waves rolled over the shores. Atlas. The firstborn. Plato often used real people in his dialogues. Poseidon divided the land into ten sections. by a priest during Solon's visit to Egypt. and the island sank into the sea. at numerous points in the dialogues. Plato's student Aristotle remarked that Atlantis was simply created by Plato to illustrate a point. Timaeus. but the words he gave them were his own. each to be ruled by a son. About 9000 years before the time of Plato. Inside was a gold statue of the God of the Sea showing him driving six winged horses." Plato also seems to put into the story a lot of detail about Atlantis that would be unnecessary if he had intended to use it only as a literary device. The nation there had been established by Poseidon. A violent earthquake shook the land. There had been a powerful empire located to the west of the "Pillars of Hercules" (what we now call the Straight of Gibraltar) on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city of Atlantis was a marvel of architecture and engineering. According to the character. In Plato's book. is the story of Atlantis just a fable used by Plato to make a point? Or is there some reason to think he was referring to a real place? Well. after the people of Atlantis became corrupt and greedy. Solon.

have been lost eons ago. had come to the belief that Plato's story represented actual historical fact. Are there any other candidates for the location of Atlantis? People have made cases for places as diverse as Switzerland. suggesting the Azores Islands represented what remained of the highest mountain peaks. Donnelly. an American politician. He located Atlantis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Geological studies have shown that at one time this marsh was a huge bay connected to the Atlantic Ocean. There is no sign of a sunken island continent. The team. 7|Page . digital mapping and satellite imagery believes that they can see signs of a ringed city that once occupied the bay with canals similar to those described by Plato. but along the coast of Spain in marshlands of the Doñana National Park. The explorer. There is evidence that a number of tsunamis have swept this area over the centuries and Freund thinks that it is one of these destroyed the city. Location. Donnelly said he had studied zoology and geology and had come to the conclusion that civilization itself had begun with the Atlantians and had spread out throughout the world as the Atlantians established colonies in places like ancient Egypt and Peru. Location. it seems logical that it could be found west of the Straight of Gibraltar near the Azores Islands. In 1882 a man named Ignatius Donnelly published a book titled Atlantis. and New Zealand. As time went on it became obvious that Donnelly's theories were faulty. Percy Fawcett. using radar technology. in the Pacific Ocean. Modern scientific surveys of the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean shows it is covered with a blanket of sediment that must have taken millions of years to accumulate. Donnelly's book became a world-wide best seller. Atlantis in Spain? Recently a research team led by Professor Richard Freund at the University of Hartford. but researchers could not take Donnelly's theories seriously as he offered no proof for his ideas. in the middle of Europe. Location If we make the assumption that Atlantis was a real place. has claimed that they have found evidence that the city may be buried not under the ocean. the Antediluvian World. thought that it might be located in Brazil. After the disaster survivors may have moved inland and created a number of what Freund thinks are memorial sites to Atlantis.

.Other scientists that have explored the area do not agree with Freund's conclusion. This idea started with K. added evidence to Frost's ideas. Later.T. but only 900. an archaeologist. and A. most historians today believe the trend toward building pyramids occurred independently in different locations. While the idea is interesting. Atlantis was east. however. is not in Spain. a professor of history at the Queen's University in Belfast. He also thought that the catastrophic end of the island had come not 9000 years before Plato's time. The strongest evidence for a real Atlantis. Spyridon Marinatos. Are Pyramids a Clue? Lewis Spence. The Minoan Connection Frost suggested that instead of being west of the Pillars of Hercules. Galanopoulos. Spence wondered if the creation of pyramids in diverse areas such as South America and Egypt indicated that these places had all been colonies of the Atlantis and if the Atlantians were the original pyramid makers. As far back as the 1920's historian Adolf Schulten had suggested that Plato had used the real city of Tartessos as the source for his Atlantis legend. but closer to Plato's home in Greece. Freund believes that Tartessos and Atlantis may just be different names for the same city. 8|Page . a Scottish writer. Frost.G. He was fascinated by the pyramids constructed by ancient races in different parts of the globe. though they admit that a city by the name of Tartessos occupied the area around the 4th century B. the land of Atlantis might already be a well-known place even in Plato's time: the island of Crete.C. published several books on Atlantis in the early 20th century. a seismologist. If this was true.

It had splendid architecture and art. 120 feet high raced across the sea and hit neighboring islands. the Minoan Civilization disappeared. a disaster occurred that was very capable of toppling the Minoan state.000 miles. To understand the effect of such an explosion. it was the seat of the Minoan Empire.000 people.The island of Santorini in a satellite photo that clearly shows the ring left by the volcanos explosion. Ash thrown up into the air blackened the skies for three days. The explosion at Santorinas was four times as powerful as Krakatoa. 9|Page . Crete is now a part of modern Greece and lies just south of Athens across part of the Mediterranean Sea. The sound of the explosion was heard as far away as 3. scientists have compared it with the most powerful volcanic explosion in historic times. though. This occurred on the Island of Krakatoa in 1883. Before 1500 B. Santorinas today is a lush Mediterranean paradise consisting of several islands in a ring shape.C. located just ten miles to the north of Crete. Geological studies have shown that on an island we now know as Santorinas. Agriculture was highly developed and an extensive irrigation system existed. Then. killing 36. Twenty-five hundred years ago. The Minoans dominated the eastern Mediterranean with a powerful navy and probably extracted tribute from other surrounding nations. The volcano blew itself apart in a massive explosion around 1500 B. There a giant wave. Archaeological excavations have shown that Minoan Crete was probably one of the most sophisticated cultures of its time. it was a single large island with a volcano in the center.C. A code of laws gave women equal legal status to men. or tsunami. seemingly in a blink of an eye.

10 | P a g e . and the distance from Egypt to "Atlantis" went from 250 miles to 2. Overnight the powerful Minoan Empire was crushed and Crete changed to a A fresco from the Minoan palace at Knossos showing the sport of "bull leaping. source of the legend of the haf man/half bull Minotaur. it.The tsunami that hit Crete must have traveled inland for over half a mile. Women had a relatively high political status. how did Plato get the location and time wrong? Galanopoulos suggested there was a mistake during translation of some of the figures from Egyptian to Greek and an extra zero added.500. and both enjoyed the unusual sport of ritualistic "bull leaping" (where an unarmed man wrestled and jumped over a bull). 2006). but until a convincing case can be made for some other place. both cultures were peaceful. perhaps. Many of the details of the Atlantis story fit with what is now known about Crete. Not everyone accepts the Minoan Crete theory of the story of Atlantis. This would mean 900 years ago became 9000." The Minoan civilization is also the political backwater. If this is true. remains science's best guess. Plato (knowing the layout of the Mediterranean Sea) would have been forced to assume the location of the island continent to be squarely in the Atlantic Ocean. If the fall of the Minoans is the story of Atlantis. One can hardly imagine a catastrophe more like Plato's description of Atlantis' fate than the destruction of Crete. destroying any coastal towns or cities. The great Minoan fleet of ships were all sunk in a few seconds. According to Plato the temple in the center of Atlantis was dominated by a statue of Poseidon driving six winged horses (Copyright Lee Krystek.

possibly an entire continent.Atlantis The legend of the lost city of Atlantis has been popular for centuries .it appears to have originated with Plato in his tale Critias. What Is Atlantis? Atlantis is a legendary lost city. Even today Atlantis still holds a significant place in the popular imagination and continues to inspire books. According to Plato this happened around 9. so the story goes. It is said to have been submerged beneath the sea. possibly as a result of volcanic activity or a huge earthquake. What makes the idea of Atlantis so appealing is that it wasn't just any city . the rich heart of a great civilisation. ancient wisdom.000 BCE. Over the centuries this Atlantean civilisation has been credited with everything from cultural superiority through to secret. unusual psi powers and connections with aliens 11 | P a g e .it was. movies and even TV series such as Stargate Atlantis.

the Atlantean civilisation could have survived the sinking of their island and continued as an undersea nation. Spartel Island The Spartel theory fits in well with Plato's account. The Minoans were based in Crete and some 75km to the north of Crete was the island group called Thera (or Thira). the legend of Atlantis is a misreporting of the ancient Minoan civilisation. One of the most popular possible locations is the island of Thera. Exactly why such an advanced people should choose to do this is unclear. 12 | P a g e .and UFOs. Where Was Atlantis? The search for Atlantis has occupied many people and no definitive trace has ever been found. Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantean remains would be discovered near Bimini Island and this prediction has been connected with the unusual rock formation known as the Bimini Road. being located in the Straits of Gibraltar. Some people have even suggested that Atlantis was in reality an alien colony.000 years before he was writing. known today as Santorini. Today this is more commonly referred to as Santorini. Plato himself said it was located around the Straits of Gibraltar whilst others have suggested Spartel Island. According to some of the more extreme versions of the Atlantis legend. however research published in 2005 suggests that it could have been above the sea until hit by a tsunami around 12.000 years ago. Throughout history various theories have been proposed that locate Atlantis all over the globe. This is roughly consistent with Plato's assertion that Atlantis was destroyed some 9. Spartel Island is today 60m below the water. Thera / Santorini According to this theory. However Spartel Island appears to have been much smaller than would be expected of Atlantis and no trace of man-made structures has been found.

be one of many splinter group descendents of Atlantis? The dead sea scrolls are two thousand years old. The main volcano erupted massively at some point during the period 1650 to 1600 BCE. Could the writers of the "Dead Sea Scrolls". scientifically speaking. This eruption destroyed the main city on the island and the resulting tidal wave and climate changes might have been significant factors in the downfall of the Minoan civilisation. The dead sea scrolls weren't discovered until the late '50s. Is the legend of Atlantis more than just a myth also? As with many myths. If there was indeed a civilisation as advanced as the Atlantean one was reputed to be then it is very strange that no confirmed traces have ever been found. yet even the "publicly released" scroll translations reveal amazing information . having both the location and date wrong. Whatever the truth behind the legends. the existence of the Essenes were an unproven myth. Atlantis. lost manuscripts-scrolls Scientists no longer argue the existence of Atlantis. many are hidden away by the Vatican and Rockefeller foundation. Until then. However the oceans of the world are very large and there are a great deal down of unusual places down there that we have yet to explore. For this theory to be accurate Plato must have been seriously misinformed.The islands that make up Santorini are volcanic. lost city-continent. a spiritual order called the Essenes. just its location. Does Atlantis Exist? Was Atlantis real or is it just a myth? Was it an actual city just a folk tale that caught on? Or perhaps it was really just a metaphorical setting invented by Plato? No-one knows. the allure of possible vast riches and ancient wisdom will probably mean that people continue to search for Atlantis for many years to come. stories are often based 13 | P a g e .but there is far more.

whose children's children have always been taught their long history in secret? Many believe the "great flood" was the legendary disaster that sunk lost Atlantis. such as "Shangri la" (from a "fiction" book written by James Hilton). This book is the true story of the author's discovery of. for your lifetime. and moved before hand. be the isolated encampments where they lived? Could the historical legends of the Hopi. had long prepared for the disaster. It is the revelation of their teachings. a secret monastery hidden deep in the Himalayas. and 3 years in. archeology. and prophecy. Unlike the Hopi who were not part of the Children of the Law of One (CLO) and barely escaped at the last minute. It is presented in an easy to read format that allows the reader to join the author as he learns the teachings at the monastery. Olympus. and more. for those who lived in his lifetime . Are there other descendents of Atlantis alive now. is a modern factual account. gave detailed accounts of "the lost city of Atlantis" (or lost continent of Atlantis). Tibet. the Yucatan. written by an actual "descendent". information also exists about other "lost" civilizations or cultures."The Lost Teachings of Atlantis". Plato. and live in secret? Could such people be the foundation of many stories & legends? Might the mythical Greek and Roman gods have been from the lost continent of Atlantis? Could legendary places like Mt. be about escaping the cataclysms of Atlantis (on flying turtle shells)? As Plato's story was a "modern account" about Atlantis. The ancient Greek scholar. and that in the Edgar Cayce readings. then later. Shangri-la. and other locales. It includes much information. as dictated by their own prophecy.in fact. the monks of the order of the CLO. which have been released at this time (the final years of "life as we know it"). history. It remained totally isolated and undisturbed until recently. such as 14 | P a g e . the Pyrenees. What if there were survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis? Survivors who chose to remain isolated from the rest of the world. Thus. Like the dead sea scrolls. The Shargung la monastery (named after a pass nearest the far away monastery in a "forbidden" area of Tibet) was the source of legends.survivors of Atlantis that had gone to Egypt. they still practiced the ways of their forebearers . The book is not about the discovery. or sociology however.

"It is just so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland. a University of Hartford. Connecticut.A U. especially for archeology. While it is hard to know with certainty that the site in Spain in Atlantis. "This is the power of tsunamis. "We found something that no one else has ever seen before." built in Atlantis' image by its refugees after the city's likely destruction by a tsunami. why the world and other people are the way they are. and that's pretty much what we're talking about.how to return to our original spiritual state through special techniques and daily practices. buried in the vast marshlands of the Dona Ana Park. Freund said the "twist" of finding the memorial cities makes him confident Atlantis was buried in the mud flats on Spain's southern coast. professor who lead an international team searching for the true site of Atlantis. they believe that they pinpointed the ancient. Freund's discovery in central Spain of a strange series of "memorial cities. which gives it a layer of credibility. 15 | P a g e . gave researchers added proof and confidence. Atlantis residents who did not perish in the tsunami fled inland and built new cities there. he said. digital mapping. To solve the age-old mystery. swamped by tsunami.-led research team may have finally located the lost city of Atlantis. and underwater technology to survey the site. the legendary metropolis believed swamped by a tsunami thousands of years ago in mud flats in southern Spain. and far more. he added. that makes a lot more sense. Spain. There. The team of archeologists and geologists in 2009 and 2010 used a combination of deep-ground radar. The team's findings will be unveiled on Sunday in "Finding Atlantis.S. the team used a satellite photo of a suspected submerged city to find the site just north of Cadiz. Lost city of Atlantis. may be found (Reuters) ." Freund said." said Freund. multi-ringed dominion known as Atlantis." head researcher Richard Freund told Reuters." a new National Geographic Channel special.

" Experts plan further excavations are planned at the site where they believe Atlantis is located and at the mysterious "cities" in central Spain 150 miles away to more closely study geological formations and to date artifacts. disappeared into the depths of the sea. Using Plato's detailed account of Atlantis as a map. describing it as "an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Hercules. 16 | P a g e . are the only known historical sources of information about the iconic city. Tsunamis in the region have been documented for centuries...C. Freund says." as the Straits of Gibraltar were known in antiquity. One of the largest was a reported 10-story tidal wave that slammed Lisbon in November.600 years ago. 1755. searches have focused on the Mediterranean and Atlantic as the best possible sites for the city.Greek philosopher Plato wrote about Atlantis some 2. Debate about whether Atlantis truly existed has lasted for thousands of years. Plato said the island he called Atlantis "in a single day and night. Plato's "dialogues" from around 360 B.

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