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Charlee Hotel

Calle 9a #16-37 Parque Lleras Medellin Colombia

Front Office Manual


Table Of Contents Training introduction Baggage Handling and Tagging Luggage Storage General tips for storing luggage Releasing Guest Baggage Handling guests who lose their tickets Baggage pick-up by a 3rd Party Guests who do not receive tickets at time of storing Lobby Etiquette Dialogue with Guests Acceptable Small Talk Essential Talk Rooming Script Dialogue Handling Room Moves Handling Guest complaints General guidelines Messages, faxes and packages Liquor and food delivery policy BELLMAN TRAINING INTRODUCTION The following information details the points of operation directly related to bellmen. These procedures are instituted so that we may present a consistently high level of service within the Charlee Hotel. It is essential that as valets, you make a positive first and last impression to all guests. Positive first impressions will give the guests the confidence that they have chosen the correct hotel and give them the feeling that they can expect the same service for the remainder of their stay. Positive last impressions will leave guests feeling that the Charlee Hotel is unsurpassed in service and most definitely ensure their return. Each guest should be treated as though they were our most important guest whenever you encounter them. The following topics will be covered: Baggage handling and tagging Working in the lobby Dialogue and rooming a guest

General guest services BAGGAGE HANDLING AND TAGGING Procedures regarding baggage must be observed at all times to avoid loss, damage and delays to the guests belongings. You will be storing bags when someone is checking in early and their room is not ready or when they are checking out of their room but have a flight later that day. Luggage Handling : Storage The following rules must be enforced to maintain security of the luggage and guest baggage: No guest may enter the storage room without the consent of a manager or supervisor. In addition they must be accompanied by the valet and preferably another employee. At no time should the storage room be left unlocked. Access is given only to employees of the Front Office or the executive office. Any keys issued to you must be kept on your person at all times and returned upon request. You are not to have food in the luggage area at any time. Computers, cameras, valuables and other portable electronic equipment should not be stored in the valets closet. Politely direct guests to the Front Desk so that they may store items in a safety deposit box. If the large safes are occupied, please contact the Manager to make other arrangements. If a guest questions this, you should reply, The hotel prefers to provide extra security for fragile items. Generally we do not store bags for longer than the evening after check-out. This rule has been instituted to prevent loss and limit liability. For VIP, returning or repeat guests an exception may be made with the Managers approval. There may be a charge for excessive storage. You may not store bags for hotel employees or patrons of outlets without the Managers approval. Baggage is not to be left in the lobby area. Guests should be politely asked to have it stored in the storage room or off the floor on a baggage trolley. General tips for storing luggage Pay attention to baggage placement on carts and shelves, softer more fragile baggage on top of sturdy items.

Do not accept loose items of clothing for storage. Ask the guest to place the items in their luggage. All items placed in the storage room must be ticketed. Tickets must have the guests name, room number, number of pieces, location code and your initials. If there is more than one ticket they should be stapled together. Before taking them to the storage room, ask the guest Is there anything else you need before I store your bags. Valets should verbally inform the guest of the number of bags being stored. Releasing Guest Baggage If a bag is misplaced, the guest will be caused much delay and aggravation. They may miss their flight, lose items of clothing or miss appointments. It is absolutely necessary that all procedures are followed closely to avoid these problems and keep every guest satisfied. The following procedures are a step by step process to ensure the safe return of all baggage: When retrieving luggage, each ticket must be carefully matched to an item of luggage with the corresponding ticket number. Whenever releasing bags to anyone, you must first confirm (with your guest), that the items you are turning over are the correct pieces. Double check when loading the items in a car or taxi that all bags have been collected and accounted for before their departure. Ask the guest politely please make sure everything is here before you leave. Thank you and have a safe trip, hope to see you soon. Valets are responsible for ensuring that guests receive all their bags. If bags are left or forgotten, the valet will assume responsibility to get the bags safely to the guest. Retain all luggage tickets until the guest has assumed full responsibility for their bags. Should a discrepancy occur, immediately turn over all related tickets to the manager on duty. Handling guests who lose their tickets Guests have been known to lose their tickets on occasion. You may not release the bags to guests because they say they have lost their tickets. You must first verify that they are the guest. If they get anxious for having to wait, they will usually understand if you let them know that it is for their own safety and security.

If a guest does not have their tickets, they must verify their name and room number on the registered ledger. The guest must then describe their bags for identification. If their name is on their bags, ask for ID and release the bags to them. If their name is not on the luggage, they must describe their bags and you may find a witness to enter the luggage room to assist you in releasing their bags. Guests who lose their luggage tickets must sign for them when they retrieve them. Baggage pick-up by a 3rd Party A guest may have their bags picked up by another person later that day with prior arrangements. If a third party will be picking up their bags, please escort the guest to the Front Desk. You will hand the Front Desk the claim checks and have the third party information logged in the package logbook. It is better to follow these procedures than to have the guest hand the tickets over to the 3rd party. It will prevent the tickets from being lost and from giving the bags to a wrong party.

Guests who do not receive tickets at time of storing Write their name and room number on the tickets Hand tickets to the Front Desk to be place in the baggage claim drawer. When a guest comes to retrieve this luggage, the Front Desk will confirm their guest information and call the valet to retrieve their luggage. LOBBY ETIQUETTE Bellhops must always be at their proper post to meet, greet and assist guests entering and leaving the building. When the #1 Bellhop is called for luggage assistance, the #2 Bellhop will be responsible for the next luggage and so on. Never wait for a guest to approach you before interacting with them. All bellhops are expected to welcome guests enthusiastically any time they enter the hotel. When leaving, they should always ask if they need a taxi etc.

Bellhopss are expected to observe the presence of the lobby and call housekeeping when in need of attention. If furniture is out of place, please assist housekeeping in moving it to its proper place and by picking up loose debris. (coffee cups, papers, etc.) You must be able to answer questions on hotel features and hours of operation for guests as they approach you. Always politely excuse yourself if you are speaking to a guest and another needs assistance with their luggage. Your primary responsibility is luggage assistance. We encourage you to answer any questions and fulfill guest requests, however if you are unable to help guests at that moment, you may direct them to the Front Desk. Be aware of activity in the lobby and on guest floors. If you see any questionable activities, please notify Guest Relations or the Duty Manager. When it rains, contact the housekeeping department to place rain mats in designated areas for safety. Always place carts in designated areas when not in use for easy accessibility and proper aesthetics). Luggage carts should not be left in the lobby at any time unless in use for guest luggage. Always remain in proper location in proper stance. Do not have your hands in your pockets, count money in view, or remain at the entrance of the hotel.

DIALOGUE WITH GUESTS Although the Charlee Hotel remains somewhat flexible in conversation topics, there are several specifics that we insist on: Greeting Good morning/Afternoon/Evening, Welcome to the Charlee Hotel. Check-in Good evening, Mr/s__________, my name is___________and I will show you to your room. (if possible) Do you have any luggage? Just one moment, Ill be right back with a cart. The elevators are this way. Please after you. Acceptable small talk

Have you been to Medellin before? Is this your first time staying at the Charlee Hotel? Are you here on business or pleasure? (If business inform them of the business centre facilities) Do you have any special plans while you are here? Essential Talk The Front Desk can assist you with dinner, tours and transportation arrangements while you are in Medellin and a wide range of additional activities. Faxes and packages will be held for you at the desk, and we have voicemail for messages. The ____________is our restaurant which serves __________style of food. It is located ___________. The ________________ hours are_____________. The fitness centre is available 24 hours and the swimming pool which is situated on roof top is available from ________to ___________. ROOMING SCRIPT DIALOGUE Here we are in Room___. ________________ Explain how to use the door key:

Open the door, turn on the first set of lights (even in the daylight to make sure all are operational and the guest knows where they are located). Allow the guest to enter the room first. After you, Ill be in a moment with your baggage. Where would you like me to place your baggage, sir/madam? Open the guest directory. This is your guest directory, it explains the hotel features, hours of operation and list of charges for phone calls and other amenities. Show them the telephones. The telephones have voicemail, you may retrieve messages by touching the message button. Instructions will tell you how to play your messages. It also has a data port for a modem line. Next, go over to the night table with the telephone, turn on the bed light. Show the remote for the television. Show the guest where the safe is located and how to operate it.

Show the guest the bathroom. Show them the closet and explain that the dry clean/laundry bags are for their use. If they would like service, they must complete the laundry slips, put the laundry in the bag and call housekeeping. Show them temperature control and its functions. Show them the mini bar. If there happens to be anything needing attention in the room, call housekeeping immediately to report it. Before leaving ask the guest Is there anything else you need at the moment? This gives them the chance to give you a tip. NEVER SOLICIT A TIP OR HOLD YOUR HAND OUT!! Whether they tip or not enjoy your stay Mr/s_____, if there is anything else you need, please do not hesitate to contact the Front Desk. HANDLING ROOM MOVE REQUESTS If a guest is not satisfied with their room, and would like a larger room or upgraded accommodations: Find out what type of room they would like. Call the desk to see if the requested room type or alternate is available. If it is available, inform them of the change rate, and find out if they still would like the change. If they would like to change, ask if they would like to wait for you by the new room while you go and get the key at the Front Desk or if they would like to accompany you to the Front Desk. If an alternate room is not available, see if it may be available for a future date of their stay and ask the desk to hold it for them for that date. Once a new room is chosen make sure that the Front Desk has changed it in the computer before you move the guest. When performing a room move and the guest is not present.

Always make sure that all the bags are packed. Do not attempt to move the bags that are unpacked as this will prevent loss and liability. Check all closets, drawers, bathrooms to ensure everything has been collected. Leave the bags neatly in the new room as they were in the original room. Handling Guest Complaints. Some problems will arise which may be directly related to the Front Office or to other departments and outlets. Any problems which may arise should always be reported to your immediate supervisor, whether it is related to your department or another. If a guest is unhappy with some aspect of our service, try to resolve it using resources available to you. If you feel that it may result in a conflict, get a manager or supervisor involved immediately to diffuse the situation. If you do not know the answer to the question, or if it is a request that needs approval from a manager, tell the guest you will find out and call them back or have a manager contact them as soon as possible. GENERAL GUIDELINES Photography of a personal nature and small impromptu shots are permitted in the lobby area. Pictures of a commercial nature, photo shoots and full view lobby shots are not permitted in the lobby without prior authorization. In these instances you will find that information on the Daily Activity Summary. If you see anyone taking these shots, please approach them politely Good afternoon, for the privacy of our guests, we ask that no photos be taken in the lobby. If you would like there are brochures available at the Front Desk or through the sales office. Thank you for your understanding. Bellmen and all staff are not permitted to take any commission from taxis, limos, tour guides, etc. You may receive gratuities for valet services only. You must be at your scheduled station at your scheduled time. You must punch in after you have changed into your uniform and should allow yourself ample time to get to your station. Please be considerate to the bellmen that you are relieving by being on time. You should not leave the building, whether for a break or for a guest without notifying the Rooms Director. We are happy to run out for a guest if time allows, however you must first make sure that there is ample floor coverage.

You must always be clean-shaven and in full uniform standards before reporting to work, or you will not be permitted to work. The luggage area is your domain. All bellmen are expected to keep this area neat and clean at all times. Luggage carts should always be kept in the correct place. We may have groups coming in and out depending in their size, porterage charges may be applied by the sales department. This will be divided between the bellmen who are on duty for that shift. Porterage charges are not applied without the consent of the group leader or Rooms Director. Always maintain a professional demeanor with guests. Never solicit tips from a guest. As in most restaurants, you may expect tips for your services, but there will be times when you do not receive them and you must be diplomatic in these situations. If good service is provided then these will be few and far between. When showing a room to a possible guest, remember that you represent the hotel and should treat them as though they were/are a guest. You should use the same basic script as used when rooming a guest. Messages, Faxes and packages VIP faxes, messages will be delivered immediately. In either case, the bellmen will have to sign a delivery log, in the event that a guest has a question on delivery. Liquor and food delivery policy We are unable to go out and buy liquor for guests. All liquor must be purchased through our room service or the restaurant. The bellmen are not permitted to purchase liquor for guests at any time. If a guest requests a special kind of food or other item that require a bellmen to leave the property, the Rooms Director must decide whether business permits a bellman to leave. If so , the Manager must speak to the guest to inform them of the service charge. If it will be a long time before you are able to run an errand or you are delayed, let them know that you are happy to do so but it will take some time as you are very busy.

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