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‘ST MAGNIFIQUE Issue One Hundred and Forty Page 1 THE NEW, JOHN PATTEN-APPROVED, NATIONAL CURRICULUM FOR SEX EDUCATION "When a mummy bear id a daddy bear, who love each other very much, want to have a baby bear, they go into the woods and call the Magic Boar. 98000050000000000000000UDUQUUUVUUUUL GRMN TTT RPRPR T Ml Ru NIT! & Wiel RaAAR © cou NaN Lo Feeee no ees i TE r HOME & NON rt rir 179900000000000000009200000000000000IUU GH IOUI OU IUUDLOUOUI OU IJUUIOIOUTODOE mals ce nest pas la guerre (Marshall Pierre Bosquet) 8090000000600000000000050000900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000090000000 ISSUE ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY ISSUE ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY ISSUE ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY ISSUF OGoU0 31001501000000000000000000000000000000000 00 7OCOTO0IOJJU IGRI OOOO DTI COR CIRCULATION : 70 wth May 1994, LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY, I SHALL SAY THIS ONLY ONCE : The deadline fr the next issue of CMag is Friday, 3rd June. This is also the day I return from my Dixiecon tip. Therefore, there is nv point phoning in orders for the next deadline -- the answerphone will not be on. If you get desperate, try phoning me on Sunday, by which time I am likely to be awake something resembling normal hours, Alternatively, you could just post me some orders instead... WAITING LISTS AND THINGS : The London & South West Railway Rivals game starts this time, and we even have a couple of people over for the next list. Unless anyone has any violent objections, | would like to try the Yorkshire trial map, if only because it's the only R.R. map in this or any other universe that has Northalletion ay x key town... Note also that this game will use the Bus Boss scoring system, where the points awarded for each race in the racing ronnds depends on the number of entrants ana 00000 vans] Second [Tint [ Fount [Fit | int ne w Too twee fe |S a re | up ps | a ps sin w foes pe while, there are also two new International waiting lists. As with all international lists, a couple of domestic players are welcome, but overscas players will have priority. The first is for the next Diplomacy variant game, which will be Woolworth II-D. The rules for this can be found inside, and I'll see if T ean get ‘map sorted for publication nest time. In the meantime, anyone who wants to see the map before sigiitny upp welcome to ask fora copy. [his game will be run to alternate issues. which should work out at 6-8 weekly The new R.R. intemational list will be players! choice of map. as last time. The way this works is that cach player can list up 0 5 maps they'd like to play, and one absolute veto. | then jiggle the choices. and 20 with whatever's the most popular. Note that, for this game, I'd like to try a slightly different form of deadline. The game will be run to deadlines every issue, but if any of the overseas players haven't got orders in by the first deadline, then the game will be held over automatically. If they miss the second deadline as well. then Uey'll be NMR ted in the normal way. The reasoning behind this is to avoid the problem that’s happened several times in the other R.R. internationals, where I've had alll the overseas orders in within three weeks, but the domestic play! 1 orders since the deadline is six weekly. This will not apply to either of the existing Intemational R.R. games (unless. of conrse. all the players concemed want it to) hav Live long and prosper. CEST MAGNIFIQUE Issue One Hundred and Forty Yours Sincerely, Wasting Away... ((PS . Fist off, soune Fal comments on the R.R. Map J game, “GEORGE CLIN FON" that didnt make it into the ame-end report. :)) MICHAEL HATHAWAY, Birmingham : | was convinced at fone staye that Lcaulel win this game ~ probably before it ried. That I came last is no great shock, but the gap between se aid other players is proof that NMIRing seriously damages your score. | mean, Im not really that bad. Am I? Usual magnanimous thanks and congratulations to all snd simdry FRED C, DAVIS Jr. Baltimore : [expect to attend this years Dipeon XVII at Chapel Hill. N.C. and will b looking forward t0 seeing you ther. I plan to fly down for 3 nil, huving already made my reservation and registration, although | haven't booked my plane flights yet. Incase you haven't heard, Atlanticon, which is normally held inthe Baltimore Convention Centre Downtown, is dead. Robert Sachs! New York Gaines Board will, instead, ‘un a stmt gathering on the eampus ot the Unversity of Marland in College Parkin October. (My son, Kevin now g0es to schoal in College Park, which isa suburb of ‘Washington. When the school was founded some 70 years av, it wats out inthe country, but now it's surrounded by suburbia, and by 1995, the Washington Metro will arrive there, However, Sacks & Co, have already made arrangements to run the Diplomacy and other multi play tournaments at the big Origins Con ins Philaelphia in 199. ‘Origins nas decided to stop running around the country, and 10 seitle permanently in Phitadetphia, So, Sacks etc, will sil be bidding 10 host the 1995 Nipcon at Origins next year esing that Origins will not be in Central City Philadelphia, but rather in one ofthe huge suburban shopping malls, suet as the one mm Chery Hill, New Jersey. where prior szaming cons have been held. Ione to have more details in time to print them in the next Diplomag, (PS At the moment, it loaks as if the World Dip Con rotation will end up a5 1995 Continental Europe ; 1996 North ‘Antica, Given that Pve heard nothing about specttic cons \Wanting to bid tor 1996, I'm assuming that David Hood, as the current Dipeon chairman, will putin a pro-forma bid foe "1996 Dipcon -- wherever it turns out to bs." Thie means that the WDC Society will effectively be “delegating” the chvice of the 199 WDC to the 1995 Dipcon society.)) ((This isa rather neat way of preserving the rights of each group to choose their own sites, whilst making sure that WDC and Dipcon end up in the same place in 1996, Having a WDC and Dipeun at separate locations in North America would simply harm both -= indeed, 1 am slightly surprised by the extent that WDC in England in 1994 seems to be harming the 1994 Dipcon at Dixievon, with several prominent no-shows caused by people choosing to go to WDC instead.) Tm g We had a good time in Gormany, although it was a bit cooler than we expected. We found Inge’s muller to be i better physical shape than we expected, We were very unhappy with the treatment we received from Continental Airlines. Hope you never have to fly it. We flew home from Frankfurt to Newark, and were supposed to transfer to another flight to Baltimore, Page 2 leaving Newark at 4 10 pm They kept us siting around until 9.30 pam. while the plane was "under repair." before they gave up and fold us that it ats canceled. They had 10 pay for our hote! room and breaktast, and then put us on a flight at 8.30) ‘am. the next morning. The flight took only 36 minutes. Hal they tald us earlier, we could have taken another flight, o taken ‘Amtrak to Baltimore (PS : This is very bad business from Continental S point of view nor only do they have two very disgruntled ‘customers (or. | gather, now former customers), but they have 10 pay out for hotel rooms as well. Multiply this hy the number ‘of people on the flight, and you begin to understand why 30 many U.S. Aielines are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.) JAIN BOWEN, York : As you've sost of indineelly drauged up ‘the ‘Georgia Gas Station Incident. | feel that Hs my bounded duty to regale the readership of CMag. with this ltt droliy Tr was after World Reach Can in 1900, Sullivan had fed back to the UK whilst yours truly Jobo Ellman weve heading Wo Adan back up with the rest of the UK. Lushes JetSet Crew, My apologies to my Southem friends for any inaccurate rendition af their accents but it is difficult to represent them without using IPA phonetics. Also no slur is intended, i were live ‘another english speaking country «then the former Confederacy would be my first choice, Ir isnt the worlds shortest drive fram St Simon's Island to Atlanta and even Nicowamer’s Rice Rocket needs refueling. never mind veststops and fOod-stops. AnyvaY, a8 1 was generously being conveyed for free across Georgia (saving the cost of a Grevhound ticket) | offered to pay for the gas. So \we swung nff the Interstate somewhere inthe middle of rural Central Georgia to ind a'%6 209 station, It had all the usual sign abut out-of-state cheques, so decided to tender my Access card - what it didn't have was "You are now entering the Cracker Zone" sign. So I picked up a Mars har and a packet of Kool Lights and walled up to the counter: ‘As Ieccolleet, Uhad forgotten that Twas deep itt he heart of Dixie, where the Stars and Bars flies more often than the Stars and Stripes and where frst question is usually "Whuh {oh fro!" or "Yo ain't fa! round heah’ are yoh, boy Indeed, I had forgotten that I was in the United States and mage the ternal mgtake oPsaying something to the effect of" have these and addon the petrol for the ear, Well atleast ido’ say fags. ‘The result was a blank look of incomprshension, so 1 said "I'l take these and the gas for that ear*, At this point, the Tharless drudge behind coumter, worked out that | was probably going to pay and muttered something fo the effect of a ludicrously low price (this was hack in the days of the 81 wallon of gas and before cigarettes had been declared a Clear and Present Danger to the Safety ofthe United Stas by President Hillary Rodiiam Hiker Clinton. So I flashed out my flexible friend, now you will remember that this was back inthe days when an Access looked nothing like a Mastereard, So he took « fool, didnt spot the teeny MC hologram thang, and muttered "dow take that hu, fuh shu”. So, 1, possessor ofa reasonably’ clear accent and command of English, said, "It isa British Credit Card”. She muttered again "Uh-huh, only take Mastuhcard an Steve Nicewarer and Visa”. {said "It isa British Mastercard”. she said "whuh yo from, we only take Mastuheard an Visa”. Anyway, with visions of Boss Hogg turning up and clapping me ithe local Slammer for being a suspected Yankee in this particular version of Cracker Hell or alternately, she deciding that { was a dangerous loon and blowing me away with the 7 that was undoubtedly under the counter I decided to try the only British accent that site was likely (0 have Heard, stage Recelved Pronunckation, So. quoth | in duleet RP "This heah isa Rrritish Marrstercared, one would like to pay for one’s gas with sudden light came into her eyes and with the habitual" English?” I was served. Getting back to the car, Nicewarner in particular found allthis very funny. but | have noticed that whenever Tam south ofthe Smith and Wesson line, [now inatinetively match the sound of ground (grind) with pound (pind), say tizers Tor trousers and use the First Person Posh much more than normally. Well. one does. doest't one? ((PS : Presumably this is all somehow related to the assertion that the best chatp line to use in the United States is "Hit 1m from England and I have @ Cute Aceent!")) DENIS JONES, Tooting : Noticed the 10 p.m, GMT ‘comment, those of uy who reckon you should use BST when telling British readers what to do will break the legs of smartarses thought the visits to overseas conventions was @ war ‘of posing by «couple of Englishmen, Auyway, it sw OFT the Jong holidays we gett foreigners with less Fights than us. And with the way exchange rates are going it might be very ‘expensive to visi other countries soon ((PS : Greenwich Mean Time it is British Summer Time is not an official international standard, so V'd have to refer t it as GMT 10100,)) JOHN DODDS, London : | think you ate unfair tw Stephen ‘Agar (but I can see your point). Stephen has avery hands on approach to life. In some ways that is admirable: there are far ‘00 many people in this hobby who prefer to pontificate about things rather than getting off their backsides and doing them. Result: suckers ike you and nie end up doing half the necessary jobs. Insofar as Stephen is a doer as well as a ‘commentator, that is very welcome, and he has made a huge Contribution to revitalising the hobby in the last two years. Where I worry is that he seems to want to take on something new every month. | don’ think thi isan advanced form of megalomania, | think he just sees things which are not being done as well as they might be (or in a way that he doesnt agree with) and wants to “improve” the world The risk of course, is that soonet Kater Ie will take ‘on one thing too many and go supernova, and the rest of us will be leltto try to pick up the pieces. 1 have suggested to Stephen ‘on several ovcasions that he might e taking on toe much, ‘The hobby needs his valuable input over a sustained period rather than for a brie instant ‘You picked up 10 of Stephen's latest whezes: the Zine Poll and the Hobby Archives. (On the Zine Poll. | think Stephen i, frankly. living in This isa muli-games hobby and has been for fifteen the past. (CEST MAGNIFIQUE Issue One Hundred and Forty: years. A zine like Cut and Thrust would be part ofthe hobby and should be included inthe zine poll even iit didnt run a game of Diplomacy (just as Take-That You Fiend is eligible) Where 1 think Stephen has a point is that there is a World of difference between vinos which run board eames (of all kinds) and zines whieh are exelusivsly devoted to Soccerboxs wt United! (The same could be said about zines whieh are entirely focused on En Garde!) Although there is, some overlap. | think a good case can be made far saying that ss fas the Zine Pol is concerned we should stick to a definition based around board games PS : But that is no more than Ryh Duwes was suesting in hs original comments. Given that Stephen was passed over for the Zeen Poll custodianship. i's easy (and Dossibly wrong, but who knows?) to cle that he was looking for the slightest sign of deviation from Ryk so that he could try to get the custodianship ise re-apened, EspectalysInce he ‘wrote initially to fain, rather than Ryk.)) {(Also, a8 you sav, Stephen's eritiesms ignore the changes that have taken pce during the 1980s, and the move to mul games hobby. Not unreasonably, Steps Anowiedae of the hobby during the 1980s Is fay limited as he ‘wasit active then. Contrariwise, the same applies to my knowledge of the 1970s. But rather than recognise that thors i 2 gap in his hobby experience that he could fll by discussing things in private, he rushes no print, ie at Heit newbie ‘who can be bothered to wail forthe FAQ to be posted.) Tuming now to the Archives. was a bit concerned that what Stephen wrote in the latest Spring Offensive might be interpreted as a MidCon/ManorCan war I should say that | think that the way the Hobby: Archives have become ‘marginalised in recent years is a Uiygrace, and if Stephen wants {o set up an alternative reterence source, then fine, But | don't agree with Stephen's analysis thatthe present state ofthe Archives is in some sense the fault of ManorCon, or that itis really the role of MidCon to put this right. (In calling iy new volleetion the MidCon Archives, [think Stephen is just trying to establish that they are common property and not is private possessions), (PS: A Manoreon/Mideon feud is far more Hikely ty he spirked ofthy Stephen's comments that "the Manotcon ‘Committe jut seem to indulge hin because he’s been seomiiee for years". The idea that tere s some kind of comerta is wonderfully silly. It is also rather difficult to square with the fact that Stephen was warned by hath me and lain Bowen in private conversation not to trade with Froguy. a it ‘would be trading with a black hole) {(Stephen looks around, and sees that several hobby services are being run by members of the Manorcon and Midcon committees He therefore deduces causal link between the to, However, the link (suc as its there are plenty uf vile hobby services out there) Is simply that people ‘who are active hobbyists are more likely to run hobby services, and are also mote likely to be on convention committees. b's like saying that penple taking their shins aff eauses higher ice-cream sales, Well no, ‘causes buth the others.)) {8 thied factor (sunny weather) that