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Coeeeeeceecrouuuveveuanoeeceaeescesqeacecaqceeceeeeeecoaceenaccecasacaqacaacaaseaeaeneeacaccanea CCC. | BEEEE _SSSs ABA, .CGCG If FrFFF II .900, 9 ner fe ' eae cee, Bp gore gp dE ve oP ead i coo’ | Brees ssss° : Poe’ NOL ads Bods 8088 Yoon? Borer deoeeeeeerueeeouceenceacaeacaceaeecacecaeeeeaececacacaarenneeraraeanensaaaaccaneeccecearaeaesccest se~ mals co nlont fe In cuerre, (larehall nierre reaquce) Aasr@agecaaaaecearacaresaceceeoeeesecaeacaceaeoesoereaennern ce resecaseeoereecedeerceeeawaMeuuEEE! ISSUR SIXTEEN ISSUE SIXTEEN ISSUE SIXTKEN ISSUE SIXTEEN ISSUE SI%TEEN ISSUE SIXTEEN ISS!T receeceeeeceeeeuveeeeeeecoeacaqerectneeececceseeececeacaeacnecranerrananeceaqnensaecandoaene sc’ <: HELLO, youd evening and welcome to the sixttenth issue of C'est Mainifique, a zine of EOSEAl Diplomacy and variants which has been Brought. Inta fhe Public Somain (ae tre Thatcher might say) by Peter Sullivan of 36, Sushoy Hall Road, Lushey, WATFORD, Terts., D2 2ED, You can "phone me on Watford (U923)38534 - I should be in most evenings. __ ET ERLE ERSTE NT_DEADLINE NES DEE We TE ETF Ordexe for all games to reach me by FRIDAY, lath FEBRUARY 1986 for a special Saint Valentine's vay Cag; telephone orders no later than 7pm that evening. The éeadline for the intimate games is Tuesday (note change) 4th February. CREDIT CREDIG CRBDIT CREDIT CREDITS CREDIT CREULT CREDIT CIEDIT CREDIT CREDIT GHEDEY SE GREER CREDIT CREDIT CREDIT CRODET CREDIT CREUET CREDIT CREDIT ax This issue of CMag coats you the pricly sum of lop plus pustage (1.e. 27p for players, 22p fox non-players). Your credit level is on the back page ; those cf you who miht iike to think about a renewal include those Listed here. Those actually in nevative figures will not he receiving the next iesuc unRoes you grease my palm Jon Batsford, Richard Cooper, Martin Lewis, Richard Preston-Vhyte, Paul Turnbull. WAITING LIST WAITING LISTS WAITING LISTS WATTING LISTS WAITING LISTS WITING EIS Regular Diplomacy (Gamefce £1) Paul Walker, vohn Piggott, Edwaré Ainsworth, Paul Leyland, Paul Duaninct, rob Reeves*. (one more wanted - preference lists from * and honefully a ganestart next iseue) belwye Diplomacy (Gamefee 59) - See rules this issue, rave 12. Rndy Date, Matthew Wright, Roherte Nella-Sala, Alan Glaun. (Throo wanted) Downfall VI Diplomacy (Gamefee 75n) Richard Cooner, Jon Rateford, Edward Ainsworth +1 other. (Thrre to four more wanted) Sunerbourse (10% camefee) Richard Sharp, Roberto vella-Sala, Matthew Weight. (at least three or four wanted) wr CONTENTS CUNTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS OCTTHiTS Page 1 : Next Deadline, Credit, waiting Lists, Contents, ete. Page 2 + EDITORIAL ThE FIRST - TPE FUTURE OF THE ZINE Page 3: EDITORTAL THR SECOND - UATCON 186 and HODDYNEWS. Page 4 + PRCPOSED VARIANT PUDLISHING CODE CF FRACTICE by Steve Doubleday. Page 5: NOT A VERY UKIGINAL TITLE FUR TEE LETTERCOL starts. Page © + NOT A VERY ORIGINAL TITLE FOR THE LETTERCOL continues. Page 7 : NOT A VERY ORIGINAL TITLE FOR THE LEPYENCCL coneludea. Page 8 + THE GAMES - "GIRONDE" G "CALAIS" Paje 9: THE GAMES - “HAIULEUR” Page 10 : THE GAMES - "HARFLEUR" & “DUNKERQUE" @ "nouTGNE" Page 11 + THR GAMES - “DouLCUGNE" Poje 12: Rules for Deluge and your address label. HOODY SERVICES BONDY SERVICES Central Gamestart Service : If you fancy a fast qamestart of Dinlomacy and don't mind which zine you play in, write to NickKinzett of 11, Daloway Read, Groon Lane, COVENT’, U3 63F, cnclooing a 17r stAMP, and he'll place ina came that's just stertinc. wREY SERVICES HOHY SRRVICES FORRVSRRVICRS Horny SmuUECEe i Diplomacy Variant Handbook : An invaluble guide to Diplomacy variants available for 50p from Andrew Poole ot 27, Holufield Aven~e, Brauustone, LEICESTER, LE3 3FU. Anyone interested in Diplomacy variants should get a copy. CEST MAGNIFIQUE — PRITAIN'S ONLY GENUINE THRER WEEKLY 7INE - C'S? TRGNIPIQUE p DATS C'EST MAGNIFIQUE Issue Sixteon Page 2 EDITORIAL THE PIR: err PUTORE OF THE Why is it that every time I've decided I've written my last Editorial apart from small admin notices, I coma up with a topic which positivly begs oditorialicing ? Ac it is, over the past few weeks, a combination of factors las led me to huve a serious think 2out the way the zine 1s going - yes, it's one of those self-doubt editoriaas again, so lot's get going, shall we ? Any gamos zine must exist primarily to provide a games service. and this, despite my occasionally erratic g.m.-ing (though not as bad ac yours, Downes, so stop moaning) the zine: doce. However, as Jin Nacker would no doubt say, "Man cannot live by bread alone" ~ in the same way, a zine like GMag (or rather, my enthusiasm for it) cannot Survive just on the games. Chat also has its role to play, both for editor and reader. Thus, 1f I Look through the zines I see, although most of them do nrovide a aood canes service, there's more to most of them than this. Mopsy/Junk Mail finds several Frniffinl fields of discussion such as F.R.D. and comics fandom to disou ee 2 opeeiality of dinlomacy and football articles. Foue of the Praye Is wore vlllosurtical but is comparativly fall of games anyway. Thing is just Thind, whilst Dark AGes is so Fast & full of gomés that the editor can produce minimal chat with Little Guilt. Lise Seems to have hecome obsessed with those tuo great horas of modern life, the (non) eixstance of Cod and computer games. Vienna is full of peculiar Irishnen slagaing « other off about thwir playing styles and choice of waternistol, and Coyote is just silly. Bohemian khapsoey Lives a contortable enough existance making rude LOMwEe abkut Holoiue ‘and reprinting variants, whilst Mad Policy is just full of stats. ad CMag has no veal theme to its chat in thi manner, and as a consequence tends to have Iittle chat. At firet, the discussion of variant stats helped to £411 ou the zine until I hived theu off to Leis own zine (which stiould be available soon - sce elsownere). ‘Then exan peessure was sufficient to excuse a few thin issues. But as I faced the tyoewriter this issue and last. I cauld still find nothing to chat shout, despite my intentions to produce a fow more articles in reeponee to tho quostionairre. This lack of onthusiasm ic particuly crucial - or at loact it might prove co - at thle point in timc. I am rapidly approaching the traumas of ‘AT levels end transfer to University wnich has laid many a schoolboy zine low over the years, although the zine managed to survive Oxford enterance exams, which will hopefully auger well for the future. Fowover, if is to survive thie yoar, 1s I intend it to, T could really do with a bit more enthusisam for the zine now to tide me over the comparativly barren month coming up. Finding @ suitable topic for general chat and articles is not as easy as tt may secm Politicis is the one tépic which would appeal to me, but it doesn't secm to interest you lot overly judaing fron the resnonse which has arcete” ny brief incursions into this field so fer; politics is, after all, only of intcrest te roglonaniac solf-opinionsted wind-bags. Request for cxmes-related strategy & tnetics articles would seem to indicate that these are popular, but 1 am such a poor player that any advice T might cive would probably be either self-evident or wrong, which is also the reason why I don't comment on the games bayand uriting the fd heatline. One alternative to writing chat yourself is, of course, to qt someone alsa ta do it for you, Ladic Durslaki of Mellow Yollow has been egplaining how he's been having the same sort df probl-u. His solution is to find ¢ regular contributor in the shave of Jem Clarke; in the same way, Bruce has acquired Niall Litton's Fellow Traveller. But ay experience with Paul Danning and Fdide's previous attempts at this suggest thet this can't he a permenant solution - either the contributor runs cut of things to say within 2 few issues, or he has oo. much to say, he °» floats off to start his own 2in.. Go what's the solution ? Dunno, Brian. For the moment, I shall probably thrach < around -various subjects in Uw next fey dssues to asce if there's anything which eppcal: to bota you and me. and if any of you gyll like putting pen to paper for the zine, 1'C be more than willing to have a lokk at it. Live long & prosper, Petr Subluoary/ HERE ‘WE GO HERE WE GO HERE WF GO HERD WE GO ERK “Pr CO HERE VE CO HERE YF GO rrr CIEST MACHIPIOQUR TSsue Sixteen page 3 EDITORIAL THE SrooND - WATCON '96 Due to tho ofGorts of Martin Lewis, the lonypromised Watford hobbymect is upon us. This first gathering of the clens for the Watfurdmob will also double up as Viennameet 4, so there might be a few odd peonie from Bristol coming along too, but don't let that put you off, Previous Viennannmots have seen attendances of approx 3o, so if any CMag readers come along as well, wo should have a ninable number of people there. So, the date has been fixed for Sunday, 9th February, 1986 at tho Ladbroke !icroury Hotel in Watford. We'dl have one of tho function rooms for our own use Cron about “oun to lpn: With it being fox a whole day, I think 1t deserves the tilte ‘convention’ xather than 'meet,' and of course means that there will be lots of time for playins games as well as meeting people. First, the directions. By train : Take the train to Watford Junction (lonéon tore inus is Euston, @ it's usnally quicker to take a train to Milton Keynes which stovs at Watford rather than the local service which stops all Uw way up the line). outside 1 Junction station is a bus stop - take either a 311 or 312 going to Shenley. Cet » ticke te The Game Bird pub, and the hotel is just next door. Ey car : From the Ml, take the Junction $ London side, and go down the a2] for about 200 yarde. Go straight scrose the Xoundshout, and the hotel ie juct the other ié: As for nourishment, the hotel ic right noxt to a pub if you fancy a Liquid lunch - otherwise T reccomen’ that you briny something, since the hotel rosteraunt's prices are what you'd expect from such a high class of place. If you need any more information, contact me (0923-38534) or Martin Lewis (0923-52430). The full addross of tha hotel is the Ladbroke Hotel, Flton Way, Watford, and ite tolephone numbcr is 0923 35861, but I don't know why should sfould need to phone them Ang that's it, as for ns I can tell. I hope that as many of you will cone #3 poss~ ible, despite the rather stort notice, as we've got to have some Cmag?:: readers ther: 30 we can stand up to the Viennamob. See you there ? _SSE YOU THERE ? SHE YOU TOBRE ? SEE YOU THERE 7 SED YOU THERE ? SEN YoU THERE 7 Sun YOU noubyNsws Hobbynews ? What lichbynews 7 Due te the co -ineidence of deadlines amcngst most of my trades, I've received very little in the way of other zines since last missue - just Home, Lohemian Rhapsody, Vienna and then this morning, Quartz, none of them containg any ne news. I've not even Wad any Lack to the Dark Ages from the People's Champion, Richard Downes, to cnlichton the monotomy. Speaking of Dark Agas, you might be interested to know that tho next iscuc sh be ont soon. Due to the efforts of Roberto Della-Sala this Friday. Roberto selflessly Gave up one of his free periods, cashed a £20 cheque for me, got me scme stencils and the screen which Richard Mownes has been waiting weeks for from somewhere else from the local duplicator shop, and drove it over to Amersham for Richard to nick un. (@n@ no, I don't know what he was doing in Amersham either.) For thus rescuing twc sines in one day, I think Rub is a worthy winner of the Hobby wero of the month avara. Z believe that the first Dark Ages with the new Watford screen will be a reprint of issue 30 rather than just go on to issue 32, but we shall see. ‘The only other piece of information that I can possibly pass off as Hobbynews is the following message from Danny Coliman : "To keep track of each soagon's positicna in an on-going game, I uce M-sised mars which I have produceé for my own benifit. It has cccoured to me that others miyht like to try the same system (ur already do). If you have got your own maps, then read no further. If you can-t be bothered to take such trouble, Copies of mine are available at 1p each (preferably in larger quantitics) nlus @ C4 envelope SAE to 14, Westover Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, P20 1j6. R e=11 on 021-554-9401 will give you more detailed information if you want it." Well, T already use maps to adjudicate the games and play my cw, but Uhere (sic.) vuly as cheap as I can get them photocopied (1.e. 5p) sc I'll certainly be taking up Danny's offer. a No, tell a lie, there was some news in Howe of the Brave I hedn’t seen before + Schuol for scandel, the Hobby's news zine has now officially folded.