What is curriculum development?

It is always good at the beginning of a process to start by reflecting on your own experience. Perhaps you already have experience of designing and delivering training courses? Try to answer the following questions: —What does curriculum development mean to you? —What experiences have you had with curriculum development? —What have you, personally, learned from these experiences? —What have others who were involved learned from these experiences?

Curriculum development describes all the ways in which a training or teaching organisation plans and guides learning. This learning can take place in groups or with individual learners. It can take place inside or outside a classroom. It can take place in an institutional setting like a school, college or training centre, or in a village or a field. It is central to the teaching and learning process (Rogers and Taylor 1998).

Field study 3 This field study course enriches student’s experiences in developing and utilizing appropriate technology to facilitate learning. It also provides opportunities for students to practice their skills in ICT.
World literature was long defined in North America as an established canon of European masterpieces, but an emerging global perspective has challenged both this European focus and the very category of "the masterpiece." The first book to look broadly at the contemporary scope and purposes of world literature, What Is World Literature? probes the uses and abuses of world literature in a rapidly changing world. Field study 3. As a teacher, It is your responsibilities to teach kids effectively as much as possible we should do a wonderful job for them as a part of our job.It is our responsibilities to think an appropriate learning materials for the specific lesson/ topic. yet if you asked me, if what materials that I would used in my lesson? for me i used to do a hand-outs rather than writing on the board.Because heres you can introduced your lesson in a less effort, the hand-outs you can write only the summary or the important part in your topic. it is also the responsibilities of the students to read and understand your topic for their own learninng. the good things with the hand-outs is we can keep it and then used again.but it is not easy to do because you just not only write anything yet you must think the idea that is appropriate to learned that you can included in the hand-outs...