Skin Lightening Gel

Skin Lightning Gel with Anti-aging properties.

Phase A Distilled Water (diluent) Papaya Extract Lemon peel extract Aloe juice clear Green Tea extract Glycerin (humectant) Phase B Triglyceride (emollient) Gel Maker EMU (thickener / emulsifier) Bisabolol (anti-inflammatory agent) Phase C Tocopherol (antioxidant) Ferulic acid Skin White BLE (skin-whitener) Phenoxyethanol / SA (preservative) Fragrance Weight % 57 % 2% 2% 5% 2.6 % 5% 7% 3% 0.5 % 1% 0.5 % 13 % 1.2 % 0.2 % For 100 g (by weight) 57 g 2 ml 2 ml 5 ml 2.6 ml 5 ml 7g 3g 0.5 g 1g 0.5 g 13 g 1.2 g 0.2 g

Add phase A into a disinfected glass beaker and stir well. Add phase B into another glass beaker and stir until uniform. Add phase B to phase A and stir well until it becomes uniform and smooth. Then add phase C one by one and stir well. Adjust viscosity with Gel Maker EMU. Properties Non-oily, light skin lightening gel made with Aloe juice, Lemon peel extract, papaya extract, Green tea extract and Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (skin white BLE) having following properties 1. It inhibits skin cells to produce melanin pigments by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity. 2. By reducing melanin biosynthesis it effectively lightens age spots and dark skin areas. 3. High antioxidant properties of gel slow down ageing of skin. 4. Papaya extract helps to penetration in the skin. 5. Ferulic acid with Tocopherol works as antioxidant and shows sunscreen properties.

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