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The Five Basic Sentence Patterns

The Five Basic Sentence Patterns


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Published by: Astrid Oreta-Haresco on Jun 06, 2012
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The Five Basic Sentence Patterns

. there is a need to distinguish a transitive verb from an intransitive verb. In the study of the basic patterns. These patterns serve as guides to arrange your various word functions.There are five basic sentence patterns that can be used to express your ideas.

A transitive verb is an action verb that has an object. watch. while an intransitive verb is an action verb that has no object. drink Intransitive verbs swim. jump. smile . walk. write. talk. Examples: transitive verbs play. eat.

take note of the following abbreviations: S – subject IV – intransitive verb LV – linking verb C – complement TV – transitive verb DO – direct object IO – indirect object OC – objective complement .Before we start.

S IV adv Maurice left (early). S – IV subject – intransitive verb Beth smiled (sweetly). S IV adv .1.

S LV C – Predicate adjective .2. S – LV – C Subject – Linking Verb – Complement Jessica Zafra (is) my favorite writer. S LV C The chocolate cake (tastes) bitter.

3. S TV DO . S TV DO Jose called his girlfriend. S – TV – DO Subject – Transitive Verb – Direct Object A super typhoon (hit) the country last week.

S –TV – IO –DO Subject – Transitive Verb – Indirect Object – Direct Object Mary (taught) us English. Guidotti (left) his children a great fortune. S TV IO DO . S TV IO DO Mr.4.

S TV DO OC .OC Subject – Transitive Verb – Direct Object – Objective Complement They (called) Kobe “The Black Mamba.5.DO .TV . S .” S TV DO OC I (left) the door open.

Divine watched “The Hunger Games” with her friends last week. 2.Exercise 1 Identify the pattern of each of the following sentences. The news is true! 4. “Hulk” is my favorite action hero. Everybody called him “The Flash.” 5. 1. 3. The teacher gave us a truckload of homework. .

5. S – TV – DO S – LV – C S – TV – IO – D0 S – IV S – TV – DO – OC . 1. 2. 3. 4.Exercise 2 Construct a sentence for each pattern.

.Exercise 3 Find 5 examples for each pattern from newspaper articles.

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