ATRA Tech Manuals
These ATRA Technical Manuals will be offered in addition to the ATSG Technical Manuals.
ATM-4L60 ATM-4L80E ATM-5R55N-DIAG ATM-5R55N-REB ATM-AX4S ATM-AX4S1 ATM-CD4E ATM-CD4E1 ATM-E4OD1 ATM-E4OD2 ATM-TORQ-REB ATM-4F27E-DIAG ATM-4F27E-REB ATM-FREF-ENG ATM-41TE ATM-45RFE-REB ATM-HONDA ATM-F4EAT ATM-DKM1 ATM-DKM2 ATM-JATCO-REB ATM-DOM ATM-DRT2 ATM-IMP ATM-RT1 GM 4L60/E Rebuild Procedures GM 4L80E Rebuild Procedures Ford 5R55N/S/W Book 1, I.D., Diagnostics & Testing Ford 5R55N/S/W Rebuild Manual Ford AX4S / AXODE Rebuild Procedures Ford AX4S Book 1 Ford CD4E Rebuild Procedures Ford CD4E Are they really that tough? Book 1 Ford E4OD’s Are they really that tough? Book 1 Ford E4OD’s Are they really that tough? Book 2 Ford Torqueshift Rebuild Procedures Ford / Mazda 4F27E Diagnostic Procedures Ford / Mazda 4F27E Rebuild Procedures Ford Reference Manual-Engine Chrysler 41TE A604 Rebuild Procedures Chrysler 45RFE Rebuild Procedures Honda Transaxle Bench Manual Mazda F4EAT / G4A-EL Rebuild Procedures Mitsubishi: Those darn KM’s Book 1 Mitsubishi: Those darn KM’s Book 2 Nissan / Jatco 5 Speed Procedures Testing Electronic Transmissions Domestic Hydraulic Fundamentals W/Trans Software CD Testing Electronic Transmissions Import Vehicles Road Testing Procedures

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