Version 2.60.

1064 * SDK: added BSP_OpenFileW, BSP_GetFileNameW for unicode filenames * in full screen mode mouse pointer is now less sensitive to mouse mov ement, it won't be shown at very small movement + also added option to never show mouse pointer in full screen mode - subtitles wasn't cleared in some cases, fixed - some other subtitles fixes, also you should use new subtitle parser/ renderer - OSD info was broken with new OSD renderer, fixed - when adding files to playlist short name was used instead unicode, f ixed - some other bug fixes Version 2.58.1058 - fixed dvd playback with some DVDs - fixed file association bug - fixed display problem with some Unicode file names - fixed problem with online subtitles, sometimes even if existed it wa sn't displayed - fixed YouTube playback - when opening some files there were a lot of 1 byte reads, fixed - some languages didn't get properly set at install time, fixed - new subtitle renderer should now handle RTL languages properly - added alternate AC3/DTS decoder - frame step now also works with EVR renderer - added some plugin events for playlist handling - added support for madVR - Video renderer - Taskbar Progress Bar is now 'normal' for streams - edit bookmark window is now non-modal - online subtitle result window also non-modal - some other bug fixes and security enhancements Version 2.57.1051 - fixed problem, if subtitles were under video with EVR renderer (subt itles didn't properly hide) Version 2.57.1048 + new osd mode + added option to set subtitles off by default, subtitles are still lo aded but not shown + added option to ignore SSA styles + added option to set background color for full screen mode - unicode file names were in some cases displayed with short name, fix ed - added support for some Windows 7 features - fixed wrong language checking with online subtitles - with online subtitles only default language will now be requested - fixed always on top bug when returning from full screen mode when se pearate taskbar buttons were enabled * text inside {} in SSA subtitles will now be ignored * changed/fixed mkv default audio stream handling * all online subtitle providers will now be checked at the same time i n separate threads Version 2.56.1043 - fixed and improved YouTube playback Version 2.55.1042 - with some files there was no audio, fixed - rared subtitles will now be loaded only if subtitle file name is the same as movie name - fixed problem with playlist and moving items - if mouse button was set for some actions it didn't work, fixed - fixed problem with 'Always add all files in current directory to pla

ylist' option when 'Sort files' was enabled - sometimes DXVA was not used with EVR renderer, fixed - some other bug fixes + added subtitle upload support for and getsubtitles .com + subtitles background color alpha can now be set Version 2.53.1032 - fixed YouTube playback + added option to sort files after they are added (for 'Always add all files in current directory to playlist' option) Version 2.52.1031 * changed VobSub loading rules, only files with same name as movie fil e will now be loaded - subtitle editor fixes Version 2.52.1030 - sometimes rared vobsub subtitles were not loaded, fixed - fixed subtitle editor bugs with new subtitle parser/renderer - fixed problem with frame capture with EVR and JPG file format - fixed bug with adding external audio files with MKV files - fixed text display in full screen skin with UTF8 language files - fixed proxy configuration in codec manager - fixed 'stealing focus' bug if 'Auto hide main window' option was set - fixed problem with local codec system, dll was loaded from system in stalled folder, instead local (ffdsow, libavcodec) - when 'Always add all files in current directory to playlist' was che cked and file with unregistered extension was dragged to player, it was ignored, fixed - fixed crash in subtitle editor - some other bug fixes + unhidden option to save downloaded subtitles + added option to define subtitle font sizes for different resolutions + added shortcut for 16:10 aspect ratio * some improvements to local codec system Version 2.51.1022 - fixed broken online subtitles support - fixed DVD seeking after subtitle change Version 2.51.1020 - fixed problem with subtitles embedded in mkv files with new parser/r enderer - EVR aspect ratio fixes - fixed problem with EVR in full screen mode, some areas was not compl etely black - under Vista and Windows 7 some decoders couldn't be added in 'Filter management', fixed - local codec system fixes (codec reinstall required) - possibly fixed problem with monitor powering down on laptops - some other bug fixes + added option to disable embedded subtitles * custom extension can now be added in Vista and Windows 7 (UAC prompt will be displayed) + added another online subtitle provider Version 2.50.1017 - another YouTube fix - fixed problem with EVR in full screen mode Version 2.50.1016 - EVR aspect ratio fixes - fixed subttile position with new subtitle parser/renderer - fixed YouTube playback - some ML fixes

fixed problem with not remebering color controls settings under Vist a . fixe d Version 2. fixed ..mouse cursor was hidden when subtitle download dialog was shown in f ull screen mode.1003 * changed seek behaviour + new subtitle parser/ ML 'Remove non-existant entries' would also remove subtitle renderer: fixes/improvements + added option to show playback time in msec + for online subtitles it's now possible to specify more than one lang uage. fixed .1008 . so if subtitle in first language is not found. fixed .right clicking on video window on secondary monitor would show menu on primary.1007 . but player still asked for download .fixed broken playback for some media files on some systems .43. h ibernate..some other bug fixes in changes Version 2.40. + added more options what to do when playback is finished.42.Player UI is now more Unicode compatible + total time is now displayed in playlist * it's now possible to put subtitles under picture with EVR renderer * 'Remember movie settings' option will now also remember full screen mode Version 2. reboot. fixed . menu won't be shown any more + added option for load external audio + added option to choose seek behavior + local codec install now also works on Windows 7 Version 2. when it was automatical ly added to some cases file couldn't be opened again.fixed crash in advanced filter properties + skins: added actions to open ML in specified section .fixed freezing problem with some RAR files . fixed .double clicking one the same file second time didn't reopen it.fixed YouTube playback .if action is assigned to right mouse button. fixed . when local subtitles were available..fixed title display problem with some radio stations . improved subtitle support.41.subtitles will now be saved with correct decimal separator .fixed problem.fixed problems with some Vorbis radio streams . second is used and then thi rd etc. shutdown.996 + added option to specify minimum movie duration for downloading subti tles + downloaded subtitles are now cached + added option to only re-enable Aero when player is closed (Windows 7 ) + added support for MPL2 subtitle format stream cycling didn't work with some mkv files. also BS.sometimes Auto 'Pan scan' wasn't properly remebered. fixed .output audio device was not saved in some cases.fixed problem with cycle audio stream option in AVI files . more SSA/AS S features supported also HTML tags are now supported + added shortcut (Q) for 'Enqueue selection' in ML + if audio file with the same name as video is present it will be auto matically loaded . + added support for UTF8 language files.

also subtitles in those archives will now be automatically loaded + added possibility to assign multimedia key to every action + improved ID3 tag editor in ML + player will now ask if you want to continue playing from last postio n if 'remember movie position' option is enabled * explorer context menus can now be disabled * all files specified at command line will now be played and not just the first one * added default shortcuts for inc/dec font size (Ctr+Num + / Ctr+Num ) * 'play' action will now reset playback rate to normal . play and save .33.some other bug fixes in changes Version 2. random id was app ended if there was no '%A' .977 . automatic search and dow nload .added option to generate and save thumbnails .fixed problem when system installed FFDshow was uninstalled .sometimes mkv/vobsub subtitles couldn't be disabled.985 + added A-B repeat mode + media files in RAR archives along with subtitles and other files wil l now be properly detected and played.added support for YouTube videos.35.some other bug fixes in changes Version 2.fixed broken FLV streaming support .fixed problem with ML on secondary monitors .fixed problem with command line arguments . fixed .fixed 'Extend picture to' option.Version 2.fixed Vobsub positioning problem .sometimes added file extension was ignored in 'Open directory' funct ion. so subtitles will not be resized with video. fixed .'Draw subtitles to overlay surface' option now also works with EVR r enderer under Vista. fixed . external program for generatign thumbnails is not required anymore.fixed custom subtitle position with EVR renderer .improved chapters support (default key CTRL+C). fixe d .some other bug fixes and changes Version 2. sometimes wrong aspect ratio was u sed .fixed crash when DEP was enabled under XP SP2+ and Vista .improved compatibility with Windows 7 .sometimes files that were dragged to player were added twice.fixed problem with frame capture file name settings (position) were not remebered in some cases. fixed . chapter thumbnails are now auto generated .980 * improved Youtube some cases chapters were not properly detected in MKV files.34.fixed aspect ratio problem with EVR renderer . if option is d isabled .36.990 + added support for online subtitle database. also it's now possible to seek within str eam * improved radio refresh speed in ML * key definitions set for windowed mode are now automatically assigned to full screen mode + added support for global multimedia keys + added proxy settings to codec manager + added support for HD YouTube videos .

on windows Vista after Preferences window was closed all custom prog rams returned to default (Web browser.a lot of other fixes and changes Version 2.958 . fixed .fixed playback rate problem with DVDs .partN NN. without downlo ading them first * '-hide' command line option now works also if first parameter is not specified .963 + two subtitles can now be displayed simultaneously + added option to seek to nearest keyframe (for AVI and MKV files) + added native support for APE file format (Monkey's Audio) + added native support for FLAC file format . fixed . when Aero was disabled pic ture was not filtered (pixelated) . fixed . did not open right section in ML.). Radio buttons.locally installed codecs have now priority over system installed . fixed .fixed broken manual subtitle time correction .27.sometimes volume was reset to 0.968 + added codec manager to automatically find and install missing codecs + added option to enqueue files by default * preferences window will now be always on top * redesigned Media Library .fixed problem with shortcuts when playlist was open .. fixed Version 2.fixed problem with EVR renderer on Vista. email client. for shoutcast and icecast str eams + mp3/ogg streams can now be played directly from http.fixed problems with some rar archives (when file name was NAME. CD TEXT and CDDB .fixed broken subtitles support in FREE version with EVR renderer und er Vista .some embedded ASS subtitles were not properly detected. it will now be played properly . fixed .improved multimonitor handling . fixed .975 .30. main window would be shown a fter full screen skin was hidden.fixed potential crash when parsing avi indexes .DVD subtitles under VISTA with EVR didn't work.fixed broken mms stream playback + added support for http authentication.rar). fixed ..fixed some problems with CD audio playback.973 .some ML and PL improvements .sometimes codec download was required even if codec was installed sy stem wide.improved audio streaming support . fixed .capture frame to JPG format didn't work with VMR and EVR renderer (B MP was used instead). fixed .some capture improvements .28.some other bug fixes and changes Version 2.added better support for multimedia keys .improved startup time .32.31.fixed problem with EQ skin .sometimes added file extension was ignored in ML.some other bug fixes and changes Version 2.fixed crash when opening old-style playlist if Media library was ope n .when 'Always on top' option was active.some other bug fixes and changes Version 2.sometimes player would hang trying to load invalid subtitles.TV..

Some other bug fixes .25.Matroska files (MKV) can now also be played from uncompressed rar ar chives .fixed problem with cut subtitles .955 .Some other bug fixes Version 2.improved Vista and EVR support .953 . . after enqueue playlist was reset to f irst item .In some cases 'Save subtitle' option in subtitle editor was disabled .Fixed problem with subtitles being cut off.Fixed problem with . previous items are now remembered * It's now possible to define media type for every extension.Some other bug fixes and improvements Version 2.Fixed crash with full screen skin when 'Close file when Stop button is pressed' option was enabled and 'Stop' button was clicked . which is also used in media library * ID3 tags can now be edited .fixed problem with 'old style' playlist * video window position won't be reset any more if left off screen (ex cept if whole video window is off screen) * recent items (history) won't be deleted any more after installing ne w version . can now be disabled/enabled .some other bug fixes and changes Version 2. playlist loading.24..fixed problems with 'Enqueue'.Some CDDB bug fixes .23.fixed broken 'Load subtitles' function .sometimes media library didn't add custom extensions.some other changes Version 2. fixed . fixed .fixed problem with frame capture when format string didn't include % A .954 .Embedded subtitles in Matroska files.fixed resize bug . first item wasn't l oaded .player will now automatically unrar content from compressed rar file s and play it .Screen saver and low power modes will now be properly disabled under Windows Vista .956 .22.Some playlist improvement .some other bug fixes Version 2.m3u.some media library fixes + added menu items for repeat modes + added option to set how many recent (history) items to keep .Network buffer now also works with Matroska files and Haali media sp litter .952 + Added support for unicode subtitles * Improved subtitle editor + Added audio stream time correction option + Added support for "One window only" skins * Improved random playback.pls.Some vobsub fixes .26. when 'Resize OSD and sub title font automatically' option was enabled .fixed broken CD-TEXT support .Fixed borderless window resize .double rared Vobsubs will now be loaded when playing content from ra r files .

balance is now visible on non-skinned eq window .x. Aero will be now temporari ly disabled when overlay mode is selected * Font smoothing now also works with 'Draw subtitles to Overlay surfac e' option checked * Feature to automatically resize Subtitle and OSD fonts is now option .avi -> Movie. but fully supported only on Windows Vista) + Playlist and Media library can now be skinned .added option to choose settings folder .x.removed unnecessary shell extension .fixed problems with some rar archives . also when second(third..taskbar button will stay hidden if minimized to tray .945 * Movies with more parts will be now automatically added to playlist.950 + Added support for YUV mixing mode for VMR7 and VMR9 renderers + Added 'Time/Length(%)' OSD option + It's now possible to assign different icons for associated extension s. VMR9 and EVR video renderer * Subtile (and OSD) font is now automatically resized with different r esolutions * On Vista skins are now in user home folder * DVD won't be automatically resumed anymore. if you wish to have all files in BSplayer installation folder then j ust copy/create file BSplayer.some other bug fixes and improvements Version 2.x:PORT)) .if movie is playing it won't be interrupted anymore when CD/DVD is i nserted . Movie.942 . also custom icons are supported + Folders can now also be dragged to playlist + Added option to close file when 'Stop' button is pressed * Improved overlay handling under Vista OS.CD3. date.Some other changes and bug fixes Version 2.) + Added basic support for EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) available on W indows Vista + Added options to set alpha blending for main and video window (works on Windows 2000+. now it can show time.sometimes when multiple files were selected they would play one by o ne instead being added to playlist.11.20.avi.Version 2.Some other changes and bug fixes Version 2. so you can start from be gining .some other changes and bug fixes Version 2.. .CD2.948 + Subtitles are now supported in DVD mode (any subtitle can be loaded just as with normal video files) + New subtitle module for VMR7.13. .some other bug fixes and changes Version 2.16.Some Vista compatibility fixes ..941 * all configuration files will now be saved in common folder. by default configuration files are in Application Data folder (C:\Do cuments and Settings\<username>\Application Data\BSplayer). fixed .some fixes with VobSub subtitles .940 + updated 'Show movie time' OSD function.12.Some fixes for capture devices (mainly cameras) .) part is open (for ex.xml there and all configuration files will be save d in installation folder + added 'Jump to file' option + added experimental support for IPTV (multicast MPEG2 TS streams (udp ://@x.21.

fixed skin bug.some other bug fixes Version 1. + updated SDK. some streams didn't work .some fixes with tuner/capture.828 .fixed problem with flipped video with some codec/files .some Vobsub fixes with HDTV content .seeking with external vbr mp3 files is now working .00. capture can now be paused and resumed without st opping + VobSub subtitles can now be resized .some subtitle fixes .some podcast fixes . 'Title' font couldn't be set .826 .some other bug fixes + DVD subtitles can now be switched on/off + tv.some other internal changes and bug fixes Version 2.37.embedded vobsub subtitles are now properly disabled.829 .fixed broken 'multiple instances' option . window was always at 0x0 .video window border is now 'normal' again .won't crash anymore with mkv files and disabled subtitles . wrong name displayed after capture et .EQ balance is now remembered . artist.minimize button on default skin.when borderless window option was selected.explorer shell items are now properly translated when language is ch anged .fixed bug with task bar (was sometimes visible in full screen) .. also fixed cras h when vobsub subtitles were disabled . album items + it's now possible to play files from uncompressed rar archives + added support for drag & drop whole directory (all items in director y are added to playlist) Version 2.config file is now saved in user home directory .937 Version 1.mp3 shoutcast won't be in use anymore when file is closed .38.drag & drop now works for Unicode files .VobSub subtitles can now be moved .audio files won't be restarted anymore after resolution change .939 .radio.some VobSub subtitles were not displayed.podcast items can now be edited + added option to optimize library database + added option to delete unused genre. it was not properly saved .all characters are now allowed for file extensions . fixed .fixed problem with playlist. fixed . fixed .10.length for vbr mp3 files is now properly reported ..fixed problem with YV12 color space ('strange' colors) . EV_KEY_PRESS event can now be used in plugins + improved for utf8 encoding in external ssa subtitles .movie multiple items from explorer should work now .some fixes for WMV files encoded with screen encoder Version 1. fixed .mute button wasn't working in full screen skins.fixed problem with aspect ratio in play list . will now minimize all windows .with some files there was no audio if EQ was enabled.some fixes for frame capture .39.fixed problem with resetting aspect ratio when movie was paused .mouse cursor now changes when over DVD menu .

in frame step mode aspect ratio won't change anymore . no direct support for menus and other features yet . fixed .(skin) "Exit Full Screen" action wasn't working. if movie was playing skin was not insta lled .fixed bug in 'advanced graph building mode'..36.some bugs with .fixed crash when close or minimize button was clicked .player will now stay in desktop mode after movie is finished .more compatible with real alternative .819 .35.pan scan was not remembered properly.fixed problems with some VobSub subtitles .fixed some problems with file association .tray icon wasn't properly updated.external subtitles will now work when embedded are present .partial support for Unicode file names .Added 'always on top' option for control window .files that are still recording or downloading will now be reopened a t the end.pan scan settings are now remembered .825 .option to set separate volume for audio streams (if all are enabled) was broken.shutdown option was broken.some other bug fixes and changes Version 1. last line was not displ ayed .some changes to be more compatible with new DivX 6 Media Format. so w hen one file is opened all files will be added to playlist and you can quickly v iew next or previous with 'Next' and 'Previous' shortcuts .(skin) mute button was updated only if it was defined last. fixed .31.reorganized rendering modes .(skin) Status text was truncated to 9 pixel in full screen skins. fixed .fixed bug with skin install.improved handling of corrupted and incomplete avi files .{Y:x} tag is now properly supported in mdvd subtitles .added option to add all files in current directory to playlist.better support for locked files (files that are still downloading) .ar command line option was broken.fixed bug with subtitles in TMPlayer format.better support for haali media splitter. player crashed if DivX 6 was installed and 'Support decoding of Generic MPEG-4 video' in DivX decoder w as disabled Version 1.added basic support for VMR7 .30. fixed .added option to extend video to defined height (useful for putting s ubtitles under the movie) .c. fixed .fixed CDDB problem .more compatible with Haali splitter .added native support for VobSub subtitles (no need for VSFilter).player will now come to foreground when new movie is started . ex ternal and embedded are supported . fixed .823 .22. fixed . . fi xed .some other changes and bug fixes Version 1.some other bug fixes Version 1.815 .. so playback will continue .fixed problem with desktop mode when icons were hidden . audio stream switching will work now .bsi files fixed .some other bug fixes Version 1.818 .

dat and improved filter management a lot. by index and iso-6392 language code (language code only for mkv files) + added option to set default audio stream for every item in playlist Version 1. fixed . '.1.some subtitle bugs fixes + added MPEG audio channel selection * movie window position saving is now optional * some VMR9 changes Version 1. last line was still visible.when subtitles was turned off. you can also register . added more strict checking.'-ar' command line options was broken. fixed . unregister filters and set merit from BSplayer + added support for Audio CDs and CDDB + added option to set default audio stream.some other bug fixes Version 1.custom aspect ratio settings were lost after restart.some changes in subtitle loading.'-pan' command line options was broken.fixed problem with playlist 'randomize' function . fixed .previous state (full screen or not) is now remembered when switching desktop mode on/off ..some other bug fixes and internal changes + added more friendly interface to bspfilters.fixed problem when 'always on top' was enabled and 'boss' key was co nfigured to minimize player (it wasn't possible to click anywhere except BSPlaye r tray icon) . so sub title for another movie shouldn't be loaded anymore .fixed some problems with external audio files.fixed bug in skin engine. fixed . fixed .. problems with full screen mode on secondary monitor .fixed problems with some skins in old format ('unsupported skin form at' message) . VSFilter and similar filters will now be loaded (optional).fixed problem with smooth scroll (BSplayer enabled it at start) . when video was w/o au dio stream . by index and iso-6392 lang uage code (language code only for mkv files) + added option to define more subtitle paths.fixed some problems with subtitles.01.fixed bug with VMR9 renderless mode.subtitle names are now properly shown in AVI files with embedded sub titles .when 'desktop mode' was used double click on tray icon would turn it off.when changing skins volume was displayed as 0.814 .fixed some problems with mpeg2 files .fixed bug with playlist when realative paths were used .fixed problem with full screen skins in old format. path can also be relativ e (ex. it 's now possible to define black list (filters in black list won't loaded). last line was still visible in s ome cases after subtitles were turned off . movie time wasn' t displayed .02.fixed -nsub command line option. was working properly only for curre nt file .fixed problem with LIGOS MPEG2 decoders .EQ preamp value is now remembered .812 . white list (only filters in white list will be used). fixed .\subtitles') + added option to set default subtitle. it's als o possible to define which filter will be used for playing specified media type. some skins were not properly loaded .811 .

810 .\filters directory + added option to open locked (in use) files + subtitle position will now also work when 'Draw subtitles to overlay surface option is checked' + Subtitle language for subtitles in Matroska files is now properly di splayed Version 1. fixed . subtitles are now s upported with VMR 9 + it's now possible to define every shortcut as global + added 'movie mode' function (M). should be fixed now . embeded subtitles were still loaded.Fixed problem with Matroska files with only audio streams .809 .Fixed problem with freezing when seeking .808 .Selected audio output device will now be remembered when switching a udio streams .fixed some problems with OGM files (crash if subtitles were disabled ) . fixed Version 1. fixed . it will put movie at top.00. subtitles at bottom and enable pan-scan as needed Version 1.ini shutdown option wasn't working. position wasn't remembered.dat will now be loaded even if other l ibraries are required (for ex.If video window was left on secondary monitor and in full screen mod e.subtitle time correction was broken.fixed problem with aspect ratio when window was moved to other monit or .dll).subtitle time correction was broken.fixed problem with LPCM audio in VOB files .ax require xvidcore. just put them all in .00.fixed bug with resolution switching in full screen mode .fixed problem with DV Type 1 files .OSD position wasn't working when option 'Draw OSD messages to overla y' was checked.Sometimes audio stream names with Ogg files was corrupted.fixed freezing problem with some skins under Windows 98 * filters defined in bspfilters.. also base skin have n ow full screen skin + added font smoothing option for subtitles + added 'boss' button function + added VMR9 renderless mode and subtitle support.some workarounds for problem with Norton antivirus . fixed . fix ed .Matroska chapters will now be loaded in bsi files .fixed some bugs with ini/bsi files .Fixed %FR tag in capture format .some other bug fixes * autoplay option is now acting as in previous versions * full screen skin can now be on top and stream names in Matroska files are now properly displayed .chapters from ini files should now be read like in 0. fixed . fixed . fixed .AC3 filter will be visible now in filter list . xvid.fixed strange bug with playlist in Win 9x (explorer or any other pro gram crashed when playlist was open) . fixed .Last subtitle line was still displayed after switching subtitles off .Fixed inc/dec postprocessing shortcut for ffdshow .00.Movie length was displayed as 0 after stop. fixed .if subtitles were disabled.8xx versions .Sometimes skin would revert back to base skin.shortcut for EQ wasn't working.

ini/.Fixed '-stime=x' command line option .If 'Auto load any subtitles in current directory' option was checked and subtitle directory was set. first subtitle in this directory was loaded for every movie.If OSD was disabled in Overlay mode and certain function was used (f or ex.CD2. fixed .When -fs command line option was used.Fixed problems with big AVI files.Fixed broken shortcut for skins .Fixed some bugs with loading subtitles.WinLIRC IP and port wasn't remembered.Some other bug fixes and changes * Player will now use different settings file for every user (BSPlayer .avi) + Added option to disable history (recent files) + Added basic support for SSA subtitles (bold. second parameter (subtitles to load) was ign ored . description is in file . underline.bsi files .Fixes/changes with OGM subtitles and audio stream switching/support . fixed .Fixed filter property pages.Fixed resource leak in subtitle displaying routine (fixes 'Canvas do es not allow drawing errors') .Sometimes window will go behind taskbar and wasn't visible.00.Subtitle position wasn't always remebered. fixed .Fixed another problem with audio streams in OGM files .USERNAME.It should run from CD now with . Movie. sometimes wrong subtitle was loaded Version 1.txt + It's now possible to use text from language file for button descript ions in skin. italic.Fixed RGB overlay. wasn't working for audio files . after un-pause it would continue at random position . if movie was paused and then 'fra me step' function was used.\doc\cm dline.ini/. movie length was displayed twice .806 .\skins\Base\skin.'Clear history' should work now .Fixed bug in 'Jump to time' dialog.Fixed shutdown problem.ini for example + Movies with more parts will be now automatically added to playlist.Fixed bookmark editor .Fixed command line bug.Fixed jump to time option.CD1.Fixed subtitle StartTime bug in .bsi files . fixed .04.xml) * Changed audio stream switching.Some other fixes with ini/bsi files . 'Change aspect ratio') picture disappeared. fi xed .Fixed some problems with AVI files >= 2GB . look in . when first part is open (for ex.2004 Update . computer didn't power off .Some fixes for systems with large fonts .ini. multiple audio streams should be now detected for any file + Added some new command line options.avi -> Movie.. mouse pointer didn't hide.Full screen skin is now displayed on right monitor . fixed . sometimes wrong time was displayed . RGB overlay was never used even if it was selecte d . font name and color codes are currently supported) + Added option to split subtitle line if it's too long + Added anamophic aspect ratio + It's now possible to set default Aspect and Pan-scan settings for it ems added to playlist 30.Fixed some problems with subtitles in OGG files .

with AVIMux GUI) + Added option to choose file name in 'Export bookmarks' dialog + Added support for multiple audio streams in MPEG files + It's now possible to assign double click to actions + Added option to load custom fonts for skins (look in .Fixed some problems with multi monitors .Audio output device selection wasn't remembered. it now shows time and % instead of only % * In Win9x window moving should be more smooth (like in 0. f ixed .sub.Winamp DSP plugins didn't load if audio stream was changed.Fixed bug with subtitles in Matroska files (part of previous subtitl e was visible) . position wasn't remem bered. fixed .Fixed -asX command line option ..sub. didn't add custom defined extensio n.) * Support for subtitles in OGG files is back.Fixed bug with Overlay mixer (black screen) .00. fixed .* * * + Some other bug fixes Config file won't be overwritten when installing new version Remember last movie position options now works Bookmarks files are now compatible with old bookmark files Added option to use or ignore display extension sequence in MPEG fil es Version 1. you can assign mouse wheel to resize window in windowed mode and to change volume in full screen mode + Added option to assign two keys to every action + Added fast forward and fast rewind options . also subtitles in Matros ka files are suppported now (UTF8) + It's now possible to assign different keys for full screen and windo wed mode for ex. fixed .Some other bug fixes * Changed subtitle loading rules.00.Fixed bug with VMR9 and Windows Media files .803 .'Add directory' playlist command.Support for subtitles in OGM files was broken.If for ex. 2nd movie_en.805 .86 versions) + Added support for (SRT) subtitles embeded in AVI files (created for ex.Broken audio stream switching..If mouse button was assigned to some action it didn't always work. fixed .Fixed problem with volume and track button in some skins Also plugin for old skins is included so all old skins should work n ow. . fixed Version 1.Mouse cursor sometimes didn't dissapear in full screen mode.Fixed some bugs with OGM files .Fixed some problems with frame capture .ini file for syntax) Version 1.804 .Fixed bug with 'scrambled' subtitles and OSD when 'Draw to overlay s urface' option was enabled * In full screen skins when you move mouse over seek bar.sub. fixed .If video window was left on secondary monitor. 3rd movie_xx.Fixed problem with taskbar . now subtitle with the same name as m ovie will be always loaded first (movie.\Base\skin.00. fixed . second audio stream was choosen and next movie has only o ne audio stream there was no sound. fixed .avi -> 1st movie.

contrast.496 Subtitles can now be dragged to player like movie files Improved mp3 playback Added option to listen icecast/shoutcast (MP3 only) streams It's now possible to play incomplete AVI files Some subtitle fixes 'Fixed' volume setting Some other bugs fixed Version 0.86. it won't cr ash anymore if it's changed again Problems with subtitles in ogg files fixed Still some problems with <b>.Version 1.<u> tags in SRT subtitles Version 0.493 Added some more skin actions (look in .sourceforge.86.00. you have to install Gabest Matroska sourc e filter (http://prdownloads. new system.. if supported by hardware Fixed some problems with subtiles Fixed problem with some MPEG2 decoders (Unknown file format error.497 Fixed crash when MP3 was paused Support for Matroska 14.501 Version 0.492 Added 'Process priority' option Added options to jump forward/backward for x seconds (customizable) In chapter viewer it's now possible to select (highlight) chapter with .499 Added option to keep original video size in full screen Improved multimonitor support Added support for VMR9 (Video Mixing Renderer 9)...494 DivX networks changed interface again Added option to disable YV12 format Few other bugs fixed Version 0.86.800 Version 0..).fixed.86. move up/down s ubtitles and inc/dec brightness Added option to shutdown computer at the end of the movie Video window will now always stay resized to saved size (if this optio n is enabled) Added option to draw OSD messages to overlay surface (so it will be vi sible on TV) also added new shortcut to show movie time Support for font styles in . subtitles not suppor ted yet It's now possible to assign actions to mouse buttons and mouse subtitles improved Fixed bug with -nsub command line options Added one more icon for file types and tray Some others bugs fixed Version 0.\doc\skin_actions.) Version 0.<i>. all sort of combinations also supoported Added code to convert captured image from YUV to RGB color space.498 Added option and shortcuts for setting hardware color controls (bright ness.85. it's should work on all graphics card now (you must enable this option) Added option to allow multiple instances Some fixes to resolution changes Some other bug fixes Version 0.86.txt) Added options/shortcuts for inc/dec subtitle font size.86.

85.ini(*.x.84.0.84. fixed Fixed bug with subtitles in OGG files.481 Add address and port option for WinLIRC Fixed crash with some subttiles Fixed problem with MPEG files (file was not closed properly) Fixed bug with .bsi) files with any name on hard dri ves Fixed some problems with chapter viewer Version 0.84.475 Fixed another chapter bug Added Borderless option Added option to always start movie in full screen mode Version 0.\sdk folder Version 0.487 Fixed some bugs with chapters Fixed bug with subtitles in OGM files (subtitles were displayed only f or first 3 min) Version subtitles Added shortucts for cycling video streams Directory for captured frames can now be customized Version 0.11.85.x.<u>.484 Fixed bug with frame stepping with some files Fixed bug with not hidding mouse pointer When switching audio streams dedynamic filter was not loaded. ffdshow filters) Temporary disabled Equalizer Some internal changes Version 0.Prev/Next chapter shortucts and go to this chapter.486 Fixed problem with 'scrambled' subtitles when second movie was started Updated for DivX 5.85.dat) files Fixed problems with Elecard MPEG decoder Intervideo AC3 settings were not saved under Win 2k/XP.85.490 Version 0.ini 'Audio=A' option Version 0.488 Added options (and shortcuts) to increase/decrease playback rate Added shortcuts for setting post processing level (for DivX 4.84.85. 5.474 Fixed bug with VideoCD(. fixed DivX 4 decoder shouldn't have flipped picture in RGB mode anymore Player will now search for . Added shprtcut to go to highlighted chapter. fixed All problems with chapters should be fixed .84. subtitles should now work w/o n eed for Subtitle Mixer filter Added support for chapters in OGG files Improved Winamp DSP plugin support.<i>) in .84.476 Outline font was sometimes turned off when changing subtitles and 'Dra w to overlay surface' option was enabled Some more chapter bugs fixed Version 0.479 Added support for multiple audio streams in OGG files Version 0.2 Version 0. all DSP plugins should work now Added tray icon (it will appear when you hide main window) Screen saver will be now deactivated only when movie is playing Player can now be controlled with windows messages. see files in .473 Sometimes next/prev CD wasn't properly recognized. DivX 3. U sefull for remote controls Added option to close movie at stop Added shortcut for 'Close file' Added support for font styles (<b>.

but don't remember what.sam file Version 0.460 Keys can now be redefined . Main window is now minized when in desktop mode 'Auto select' option now always puts subtitles under movie in full scr een mode Fixed bug with uncompressed movies Version 0.84. Version 0. 'Audio' and 'DefaultSub' line will be ignored after switch to 2nd (3rd. Added 'frame step' function. fi xed.h tml) Now it stays in Desktop mode when new file is opened. will now also show Title.ini files both [Chapters] and [ChaptersX] sections will be recogni zed Added shortcuts to change VobSub delay and speed from player Version 0..ini file must be now on every CD (see ini_files. Copyright for AVI files It's now possible to select which filter will be used for playback loo k at bspfilters. currenty only forward Video info.ASX files When enabled 'Draw subtitles to Overlay surface' option and subtitles was manually loaded.bsi) file with the same name as the one on first CD.472 Frame stepping improved. right click would crash player. fixed When enabled 'Draw subtitles to Overlay surface' option and audio stre am was changed player crashed.ini (...84. .84..ini and .\filters\ directory Improved WinLIRC config. MDVD codes are now also supported if 'Draw subtitles to overlay surfac e' option is checked Drag & drop now works for .lng) All DirectShow filters should be now in . font was reset to default.84. it's now also possible to step backward.84.) CD.ini fi les Chapters handling fixed and improved.. so it will keep settings from previous CD.x codec In .html) Skins: Fixed problem with vertical buttons and transparency Added option for full screen skin It's now possible to translate Key definitions text (see English.468 INI: Added option Audio=A (Play all audio streams together) to .Version 0. player will now ask for cor rect CD if youu choose chapter that is not on current CD (see . When no chapters were defined. Author.462 Fixed propblem with some . Fixed subtitle loading bug with absolute path.461 INI system changes. but only to the point where movie was paused Fixed some bugs in frame capture Fixed 'jumpy frames' bug when seeking with DivX 4.bsi files too.\doc\ini_files.470 INI: Now it will only look for . now you can just press key on remote and play er will remember it Fixed aspect ratios with MPEG1 files Fixed bug with subtitles background color Some other stuff. when movie is paused and seek forward key is pressed(key 'Right' by default) player will step one frame. fixed Version 0.84.

new shortcuts Ctrl+Z/B . -ar=16:9) Improved multi audio stream support.5 keys on numeric keyboard in full scr een mode) 'Progressive rendering' option is back Added support for DivX 4 Added support for Dedynamic filter Added option to draw subtitles to Overlay surface (usefull for Matrox users) Added support for RGB overlays Added support for subtitles in AVI files (created with SubMux) Added comamnd line option for setting Aspect ratio (ex. Improved support for external audio files.All actions can be assigned to WinLIRC buttons Added shortcuts for cycling between audio streams and subtitles Added option to set volume for every audio stream separately Audio stream names are now taken form . now almost every player command can have it's ow n button Finnaly fixed annoying bug.ini file<br> Added option for outline font Added support for .ini file fixes.ini options AudioName.. so you can simply click on th . StartTime.bsi extension. Shift+Z/B . when external audio file was loaded Some . Contrast. you can also use Ctrl/Shift with muse and next/prev buttons Added color controls (Brightnes.ini files have now also .8. all stremas can also be played together.6.ini f ile .. there were problems if player was not run under Administrator account Fixed bug with seeking.html) Fixed bug when sometimes movie framerate was reported incorrect Sometimes in full screen mode some programs (ICQ. where DivX 3 settings was set to 0 Player is now compatible with NT 4 Decoder filters can now be dynamically loaded Some other changes and bug fixes Version 0. now you can add more than o ne file and also choose which one should play Subtitle font can now be anti-aliased OSD font can now be changed Limited multi-monitor support Some INI files fixes and additions Some skins additions.AVI file or . fixed ..Prev/Next CD.) for MPEG4 files Added option to remember all settings for every movie played Added option to auto show main window on mouse move Added Desktop mode option Added over-scan option (4.2. now all paths are relative to location of . Version 0.84 New rendering engine More subtitle format supported and added support for MDVD control code s Added support for Winamp DSP plugins Added support for chapters and movies on 2 or more CDs.. now you can choose which streams should play..) was still on top.833 Added option to remember last movie played Fixed bug with Win 2k.DefaultSub (look in .asx playlists New .Prev/Next chapter.\doc\ini_fi les.

bsz).http://home.83 Added Option for external audio file Added 'Save as' option Added better WinLIRC configuration Added option to switch between time and frames Added option to change resolution when switching to full screen mode Added option to 'scroll' video in Pan scan mode (middle mouse button) Added bookmarks Video can now be resized in full screen mode (+/. look at file and run everything Some other bug fixes Version 0. . only worked if both streams was the same bitrate.821 Fixed bug with ..ini files More than 2 audio streams supported Version 0. Some other changes and bug fixes Version 0.bsz file to inst all skin Added support for WinLIRC Infrared Remote Control . . also Micr oDVD ini files are supported (minimal) Added checking for vertical-blank interval should fix "tearing" effect visible during high motion scenes Added option to switch to specified display mode on startup Added option to specify subtitles directory Added support for overlay (bugs!) Command line additions and changes.. closing player.keys) Added shortcuts for aspect ratios Shift+1/2/3 for Org/16:9/4:3 and A f or cycling through all aspect ratios Fixed some bugs with subtitles. player crashed if wasn't already started Fixed bug with multichannel AVI files.fixed Fixed bug with seeking if Overlay was selected Some other bug fixes Version 0. now original mode is restored at e xit Fixed some bugs with language files Fixed Enqueue in BSPlayer. see About Some improvements to playlist Movie can now be paused and resumed with mouse click on the window Fixed bug with resolution changing. stereo/mono.jtan.ini for example.82 Added support for zipped skins (.c om/~jim/winlirc/ Added support for AVI files with AC3 stream and InterVideo Audio decod er Added support for multichannel AVI files and Semi's DirectSound 3D fil ter Added support for ini files. when switching full screen. more than 2 lines are supported now Some ini file fixes Some other bug fixes and additions Version 0. just click on ..-) settings Added "shadow" effect option for subtitles Fixed "freezing" problems.823 Added option to save AC3 and DivX .832 Fixed not playing OpenDivX files bug Version 0.831 Improved bookmarks and added bookmarks editor Added recent file list Added EQ (DirectX 8 required) Fixed resize bug in fullscreen Sometimes not all audio streams were find .

Some other fixes and changes Version 0. mainly visible if you turn on TV o ut on some cards Version 0.6 Added support for SubRip and Subviewer subtitle format Playlist support Added filter properties option More colors to choose for subtitles Some other requested features Fixed few bugs Some internal changes Version 0.3) and resizing movie (+/-) Added 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio option Subtitle font. shortcuts P .63 Fixed bug with resolution changing.200% zoom (1..optional Skin fixes and additions Fixed bug.71 Mouse cursor now hidden in full screen mode Added 'Enqueue in BSPlayer' shell extension Playlist improved Some other fixes and added features Version 0. is now remebered .original size and Shift+P .100.81 Added custom aspect ratios Volume can be set with left/middle mouse button+wheel or just wheel in full screen Added 'repeat all' option Updated language file Fixed problems with 'Pause' mode Skin fixes and additions Some other changes and bug fixes Version 0.current window size. including full screen Added option to choose between transparent subtitles and subtitles wit h background Added Mute option Added Jump to time option Fixed few bugs Version 0.can improve playback on some comp uters Fixed bug with large fonts and some other bugs . if movie width was more then current screen resolution Fixed problem with some subtitles. custom pan-scan..52 Added 'subtitle time correction'.62 Added command line support for subtitles Added repeat option Version 0. sometimes lost sync Some other changes and bug fixes A lot of internal changes and added code so probably some new bugs Version 0.7 Improved skin support. now skins can be any shape. size and transparen t Frame capture added.2. use ctrl + left/right for large step s and shift + left/right for small Added Alway on top option Added progressive rendering option .8 Supported AVI files with 2 audio streams (experimental) Multilanguage support Now you can resize movie with mouse wheel Added shortcuts fot 50.61 Fixed bug with playlist Version 0.

Support Micro-DVD subtitle format. Only warning message. -fs is for full screen and is optional. Some new features. font.3 All problems with subtiles color. subtitles and full screen. Stop(C). A few bug fixes. Basic skin support.\skins\base\ for example. position.5 Added 'Custom Pan&Scan' option.2 A lot of bugs fixed and a few features added. forward.. Pause(V) Version 0. Version will be back in next version.3 Does not use windows media player control anymore. Drag & drop support. This will change in next versions. Added option for registering file types. volume. Resolution changing still doesn't work as it should. Version 0.. Simple command line support (many req): bplay "Movie Name. Look in . will be corrected in 0.avi" -fs . Version 0.51 Fixed stupid bug with new option.1 released (first public release) . Added option to use alternate disectshow filter for DivX -> improved D ivX playback on slower computers (Thanks to Erzig for help on this).1 BSplayer v 0. useful for movies with black bars on the top and bottom. support for SubRip format (.4 A few bugs fixed.New shortcuts for Play(X). Version 0. Keyboard shortcuts for backward. Added option to load subtitles from any directory.41 Fixed bug with skins..4(?) For now I use SAMI captioning of windows media player control. Too many changes too list Version 0. Version 0. will be corrected in 0. if hardware isn't capable of bliting and stretch ing.

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