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panasonic tvm manual

panasonic tvm manual


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panasonic tvm manual
panasonic tvm manual

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Published by: ghost on Jan 04, 2008
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Automatically calls a preprogrammed telephone number or beeper (pager) number when subscribers
have new messages. New messages will be automatically played back when the subscriber answers
the call. When a beeper (pager) is called, the subscriber must call the VPS and log in to his or her
mailbox to listen to the messages. Notification can be scheduled either for a maximum of 2 times
during any 24 hour period.


Notification can be sent for all messages, or for only urgent messages depending on the
preprogrammed "Notification Type". When set to "Only Urgent Messages", the device is called
whenever an urgent message is recorded in the mailbox.

Subscribers can programme a maximum of 3 telephones or beepers (pagers) for use with this
feature. The VPS will recall the preprogrammed telephone a specified number of times if the call
is not answered. If the first device cannot be called, the second (then third) device will be called.

Programming Manual References

2.1.4 Notification Parameters

"Message Waiting Notification" in 2.5.4 Parameters

2.2 System Features

Feature Manual


Feature Manual References

3.2.3 Setting Up Message Waiting Notification

Subscriber's Manual References

5.8 Message Waiting Notification

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