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( Menggunakan elemen DEMONSTRASI )
1. Tema Pelajaran / Topik World of stories: animals sounds
( Lesson Theme / Topic )

Students should be able to:
1. Listen to and discriminate the sounds of animals
2. Objektif Pembelajaran
2. Identify the sounds produce by animals
( Learning Objectives )

By the end of lesson the students should be able to:-
3. Hasil Pembelajaran 1. Listen to and discriminate the sounds of animals
( Learning Outcomes ) 2. Identify the sounds produce by animals

4. Penilaian / Refleksi 1. Have the pupils been exposed to the basic skills of ICT.
(Eval 2. Has the content been well prepared?
uation / Reflection)

5. Peruntukan Masa 1 hour
( Time Allocation)

6. Ciri-Ciri Kelas
(Class Characteristics)

a) Tingkatan / Tahun Year 2
( Form / Year )

b) Pengetahuan Sedia Students have heard the sounds produce by animals.
( Prior Knowledge )

This plan covers the subject matter, techniques and methodology of
7. Liputan Kurikulum
teaching and evaluation on the topic as well reflection on the
( Curriculum Coverage )
techniques and methodology of teaching.

Booking of ICT laboratory and the related materials
Some pictures of animals, cassette on sounds of animals,
8. Persediaan Guru MS Power Point presentation slides and Word Documents(Hyperlinked)
( Teacher’s preparation ) and worksheets.

1. Using the internet to search for the sounds that animals make. To
9. Penerapan TMK download pictures from the given URL
( ICT Integration ) 2. Copy the relevant pictures and paste them in the words
3. Save the informations in the diskette.

1. Ensure the LAN and internet are functioning for students to
access the related data.

10. Persediaan TMK 2. PowerPoint Presentation slides as teaching aid to demonstrate
( ICT Preparation ) the animals

3. Lists of related URL.