Chen Taiji Fan

1. Begin 2. Embrace the moon against the chest 3. Black dragon strikes with tail 4. Protect the knees 5. Black dragon strikes with tail
Arms left, then right

6. Wave flag left and right 7. Peacock opens its tail 8. Big peng opens its wings 9. Three circles round the sun 10. Immortal points the way 11. Split the mountain (fan should be centre front) Step right with left foot, fan round head, lift right knee, step down and close fan. Step forward (left) with left leg and open fan. Left hand face height, palm out. Repeat 180. 11. Phoenix spreads wings
Turn 90 right, right toe in. Step into –

12. Immortal points the way 13. Green dragon comes out of water 14. White crane spreads wings 15. Golden rooster stands on one leg 16. Big peng closes wings
Fan closed. Turn right foot in, move right arm to left, move left slightly left.

17. Concealed punch 18.
Left hand on ribs

19. White crane spreads wings
Turn left foot in and face front – white crane

20. End

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