Assessment Subjective: “Mataas yung BP ko? May sakit nab a sa puso kapag ganun?” as verbalized by the patient.

Objectives: >BP: 180/70 >Interest for information about health >Willing ti identify the risk factors of Hypertension >Asks different ways to control Hypertension.

Nursing Diagnosis Knowledge Deficit: Nature of complications of hypertension and management regimen related to lack of information as evidenced by request of information.

Planning STG: After 4 hours of nursing interventions the patient verbalizes understanding of the disease, long term effect on health when not managed and patient describes selfhelp activities to be followed. LTG: After 1 week of nursing intervention the patient is able to monitor itself for hypertension and its management.

Nursing Intervention Independent: >Encourage questions about disease and prescribed treatments. For patient to understand more of the disease and the choice of treatment. >Involve support persons. So they can effectively provide support upon discharge. >Plan stages of teaching by: -nature of disease -risk factors -Relaxation techniques to combat stress, which can influence physiological responses that aggriviate hypertension. -Role of physical exercise in weight loss and normal blood flow for avoidance and prevention of

Evaluation After 4 hours of nursing intervention the patient was able to verbalize the nature of disease and its managements.

For patient to have sense of control and seek medical attention in her BP abnormalities. -Signs and symptoms to be reported to physician(chest pain. headaches and dizziness). edema. Teaching in stages provides smooth and easy understanding for patient. . >teach patient to take own blood pressure as possible.hyperlipidemia.

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