Bob Menendez: A Mediocre Senator

January 2006 Today

% Increase

Unemployment: 4.7% 8.2% 74% 2 3 Debt: $8.1 Trillion $15.7 Trillion 93% Gallon of Gas: $2.33 $3.58 53%

¹Bureau of Labor and Statistics. ²Monthly Statement of Public Debt, U.S. Treasury, 31 January 2006. ³The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It, U.S. Treasury, Accessed 4 June 2012. 4 CNN, ‘Turmoil abroad pushing up gas prices,’ 23 January 2006. 5AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, Accessed 4 June 2012

The Kyrillos Jobs Tour
Charting a new course for job creation and a better economy.

✔ Restore Fiscal Responsibility. ✔ Reform the Tax Code to Make America Competitive Again. ✔ Reduce Job-Killing Regulations ✔ Build a Competitive Workforce ✔ Restore America’s Place as the Home of Innovation.

Coming Soon to a Job-Creator Near You.

It Began with the New Jersey Comeback
✔ Balanced 2 budgets ✔ Capped property taxes ✔ Reformed New Jersey’s pension system ✔ Made New Jersey a better place to do business

Now it’s time for the American comeback.

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