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Caryn Lombardo Tanja Chepurko Nokchachom Cheskhun Wei Long April 23, 2012 Eurocompetence II Prof.

Mark Rutke

Abstract Presentation to highschool students

Pop Culture, Eurovision and Europe
Our group is going to explore the famous Eurovision Song Festival and its relation to European identity through so-called pop culture. We are going to explore whether this festival is an essential link to promoting European-ness among the general public and how it does so through its established traditions as well as the impact of this event.We will also analyze whether or not it is a catalyst for establishing which nations are considered European and which are outside the European realm. Our task is to give a 30 minute presentation (roughly 7-8 minutes each) to young people to cultivate and promote the awareness and nurture feelings of European-ness, as is in accordance to our curriculum. The presentation of our part will be broken down into the following sections: Brief history of pop culture How does it work? Case study: Eurovision Song Festival Symptoms of globalization on Europe through the Eurovision song festival Then we will bring the class to the final discussion: What do you consider European? What do you consider [insert country here]? Which connection do you feel more? Do you feel an attraction to Europe or your own nation? Should we have more European-wise festivals like this one? Are there more similar festivals in Europe? Can you think of any? Why is the case of the Eurovision Song Festival important to European identity? Is it successful in bringing the participating cultures together and blending them to make a more European culture?