Wars to Elections
a future

By C.E.Walker

“The 14th letter + 9th x 2 links beginning and end of (CLUE:”
(from May 1990)

01020304050607080910111213141516171819202122 ::::::::.:.:::::::::::::::::::::::.:.:::.:. (C L U E:N I A G A(e)R A C D R O F N I X I N) ::::::::.:.:::::::::::::::::::::::.:.:::.:. 22212019181716151413121110090807060504030201

(CLUE: Did You Lie For Me?)
quotes & clues are from a personals ad on the following page:


A War Scenario
By C.E.Walker

On February 19, 1990 an episode of “Star Trek: the next generation” called,
“Yesterday’s Enterprise” premiered on the Fox network. The fact that it aired on President’s Day inspired an ad encoded with ‘90s President Bush (41), and his son Bush (43), 22 yrs younger; as a 22-year leap of ‘Enterprise-C’ results in ‘Enterprise-D’ being caught-up in a war that wasn’t supposed to happen… …Eventually a figure from the past, “Richard”, the second in command of “C” is sent back to prevent the 22-year war.

The ad depicted on the right is
written in a poetic, metaphoric style, and designed to be quite relevant to both of the Bush presidencies.
Published in the News Gazette on May 16, 1990, it predicts the second Bush presidency 10 years before it happened, while also providing archetypal hints about other pivotal events that occur between the beginning and end of the presidency.

As the first half of the ad flirts with the phonetic repetition of the number 4 it also hints at Four Former presidents figuratively written in reverse, as seen in the first clue. Only one (Ford) is spelled out literally… It’s akkey word at the end of 3 Presidencies (Lincoln, Kennedy, Nixon) and so far 2 wars (Civil, & Vietnam), periods of social change.

The latter half of the ad reveals a kind of poetry that most will find extremely descriptive of the stage that was set for the ’04 and ’08 Presidential Elections… …Can you see the patterns? Will history again echo these archetypal scenarios?

“Because of my research I’m convinced that the famed “Bible Code” would not exist if not for the ‘archetypal resonance’ that is also the basis for the ‘PI to PY’ classifieds.” — personal log, June 11, 1997 —
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p.3 Feb.–Nov. 2008

‘90s newspaper Ad uses Poetry to Predict an historic Election

See the ad on page 2, just one of many such ads that are part of a longterm experiment with repeated positive results, each more stunning than the last. The object is to test the existence of a phenomenon called morphic resonance; “an influence of similar things on subsequent similar things”. Every phase of the experiment records how archetypal structure plays a role by enhancing the effect, as does the temporal discontinuity caused by certain celestial events.
By C.E.Walker


Word has circulated throughout the Champaign-Urbana area about an ad (page 2) that predicts repeating scenarios… Much of the talk and speculation is about how this odd classifieds ad suggests a 6th day in the same poetic context where it uses “Li - J” and “J - Ly” to hint at the month of July. There is also talk of how the ad’s phonetic echoes of the number 4 (Fore, Forty, and Four) somehow allude to election ’04, or perhaps even the election of the 44th President.
While such speculation might seem misguided, it is actually not without merit, because certain poetic elements of the ad do seem to come together in events at particular points in time as related to the archetypal theme and certain celestial events; for example, the current president, George W. Bush was in fact born on the exact date that is suggested by the above referenced ad, which also hints at his second-term ( “he’ll come 2, you’ll see” ) 14 years in advance. The ad is encoded with as many answers as it poses questions, yet until 2004 I kept most of it to myself during this last 18 years to avert any long-term experimenter effects. Still, while the President’s birthday is July 6th it became clear that such an effect had become less of an issue since this date’s predicted impact regarding the ‘04 election turned out to be correct. After this year’s Nov. 4th election you’ll start to recognize this as a decoder text, like others on my blog at http://cewtip.blogspot.com. You can find my e-mail under the 1990s ad on page 2... Meanwhile, perhaps you’ll also bear witness as events unfold between now and early November, an echo of a new presidency. About the ad, please realize that the word ‘Ford’ is also a metaphor for a president who shares “a common heritage” (birth name / birthplace) with each of 2 men whose initials are clues underlined on the cover page (p.1)… With its final clue, “For M” I wanted to dedicate the ad to these true heroes of the past. After all, it was always based on patterns of karma, a kind of Rosetta Stone in time:


‘Did You Lie For Me? 4
(from May 1990 ad)
there Li-J, son of Ge, in a space-time long before U & me, in a space Ge made in 5 days + 1, there Li-J on day number 1. though Ge be the father of the USA he still sent his son 2 show US the way. perhaps you ask, “is it Ge, or ge? but time will come, 4U will see. about 2 rise 4U & me, * there J-Ly-4 day number 3. in a time Ge made in 3 days + 3, now Lives-J; he’ll come 2, you’ll see.

a Karmic Rosetta Stone in Time
By C.E.Walker********************************************

Repeating Scenarios of a Primordial Language:

John McCain was born on August 29th.

Obama shares a common heritage with M.