Answer key Look ahead X Unit 1

Stage 1 Getting started B. accept any possible answer Vocabulary and Pronunciation B. 1. quay 2. hatchery 3. vineyard 4. cannery 5. apiary 6. resort 7. bakery 8. orchard 9. dockyard 10. cemetery C. 1. 16 March 2. Botanic 3. famous 4. first 5. lovely 6. had 7. met 8. did 9. explained 10. next 11. European 12. Interesting 13. Then Find out: 1. A trip 2. On Friday, 16 March by bus 3. At 10. o’clock 4. A, Mrs. Nina 5. Complete the following sentences  First, we went to the odd tropical plants  Then, we looked at all the lovely plants  After that, we went to a little spot near the Raffles cemetery and had morning tea. Next, we did some sketching  Then, we went to the orchid’s section

Finally, we got on the bus and returned to school.

Get it Right. A. 1. getting on 2. finished 3. late 4. heard 5. told 6. a pleasure 7. looking 8. yesterday 9. comfortable 10. pleased Find out: 1. Situation 1 at the cafeteria. Situation 2 in the banquet room 2. five 3. No, She didn’t. 4. She is in a party 5. How do you do? B. Accept any possible answer 1. fine 2. hello 3. bye 4. bye 5. O.k. bye 6. good night 7. bye 8. how do you do 9. bye C Accept any possible answer 1. O.K see you in the evening 2. I hope you’ll be fine. Take care of yourself 3. all right, I got to go now. 4. I am sorry but I got to leave now. It’s nice to meet you 5. O.k. then. May be we can drink a cup of coffee another time? 6. it’s really nice to see you again. But I got to do something 7. I am sorry but I have to leave now. I have an appointment at 9.30 p.m. 8. All right. See u tomorrow

D. Conversation 1 a. at the tea plantation b. yes c. beautiful Conversation 2 a. a man and a woman/ lovers b. expressing boredom Conversation 3 a. a river b. disappointment E. Accept any possible answer Example Dialog 1 A : Oh, I am so bored. I have lots of homework. I need to fresh my mind. B : That’s o.k just take a rest. But, don’t forget to do your homework Dialog 2 A : Gosh, I’m so idiot. I have failed the driving test three times B : Why don’t you try it once again. Don’t be upset A : Yeaah..I am fed up now

F. Accept any possible answer  That’s too bad  It’s a great disappointment  Oh, No!  I must say I’m really disappointed G. Find out: a. 1. F 2. T 3. F b. 1. memories 2. suburb 3. childhood c. 1. fall, She broken her hand

2. hit 3. do to her? He liked hitting and pulling her head 4. the friendship with Giant-O, After she hit him over the head with her bag d. Yes, I was fighting with a boy. (accept any possible answer) H. 1. In a classroom Students: Good morning sir Student 1: I’m afraid I forget Student 2: I never forget 2. Mother: Do you remember what day is today? 3.Tina’s father Father: Do you remember the phone number of Intan travel agent? Tina: I forget I. A: the first chief editor of Jakarta Post A: He paased away on Saturday Sept 9, 2006 B: God Almighty Bless and keep him A: go to the funeral ceremony B: Tanah Kusir Cemetery, South Jakarta Moving Forward A. 1. months ago 2. along the coast road 3. earthquake 4. It was a nightmare. Find out: 1. the speaker 2. along the coast road 3. At first, he thought that his tire had gone flat 4. The rocks came tumbling across the road and he had abandoned the car. 5. He got back to town and saw nothing left 6. The last one 7. to tell his past experience 8. to show that it happened in the past 9. A nightmare B. 1. Lorna Luft 2. in 1991 3. Kevin did her make-up for photo shoots. They spent together in her bathroom. He taught her how to do her own make0up. They laughed together. 4. Give comment to Kevyn

5. 6. 7. 8.

a magnificent artist, great honor, a magnificent human being, had, was, introduced, hit, did, spent, told, were, made, asked, used, etc. Yes yes

Hand in hand A. 1. was 2. got 3. was 4. came 5. saw 6. was 7. tried 8. stopped and 9. felt Show it off Accept any possible answer Stage 2 B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. decreased increased dropped declined revival

C. Accept any possible answer D. Accept any possible answer E. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. died was died had battled reached founded

Find out: 1. 55 2. 5 years 3. John Cumming

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

1974 3, Johnny Ramone, Joey Ramone, DeeDee Ramone on Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from The Jakarta Post, Friday, September 17,2004 it tells about the past of Johnny Ramone

Grammar Action A 1. What score did she get? She got an E 2. What did they talk about? It was budget 3. Where did she lose the purse? She lost it in the bookstore 4. What did she type? she typed letters 5. What did you do? I watched TV 6. When did he come? He came at eight 7. Was the theatre good? Yes, it was good 8. Why did Tina sold the car? She needed some money B. 1. Did they eat something? Yes, they had sandwich for their breakfast 2. What subject did she teach? She taught English 3. What did he buy? He bought a T-shirt 4. What were they talking about? They were playing games 5. What did she write? His phone number 6. What did they eat? They ate some pizza 7. Did they chase a thief? Yes, they chased a thief. C. 1. he 2. his 3. he 4. he 5. he 6. they 7. they E. 1. toyshop, Valentine’s day, teenage nieces, lovely nieces, girl toys, doll houses, teddy bear dolls, toys for girls, barbie dolls 2. bookshop, birthday, 10-years-old nephews, handsome nephews, children’s books, story books, adventure books, adventure stories. F. accept any possible answer 1. When 2. then 3. next 4. then 5. lastly

G. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Is Professor Blunt working for The Queen of England? The British Prime Minister met the German Foreign Minister for talks Is lake Geneva near Mount Blanc On Sunday, we’re going to the Museum of Natural History Is Indra Chinese of Japanese? The suggestion was made by President Sukarno and behalf of his family.

Moving Forward A. 1. an artist 2. Malaga, Spain 1881 3. because of his paintings 4. past tense 5. 4 based on the years 6. He was one of the most outstanding and important artists of the 1900’s 7. Orientation and vents 8. yes 9. painted 10. modern art, outstanding artists, art teacher, traditional style, Blue Period, three musicians, etc. B. Text 1 Orientation MONPELLIER: A dutch tourist who drunkenly tried to pet a circus lion in its cage in southeren France was nursing a wounded hand and neck on Tuesday after being scratched in return, police said. Events: The unnamed 21-year-old woman was lucky to be only slightly injured in the accident, which occurred late Sunday after she and her friends went up to the cage following an evening of drinking in a campsite in the town of Vacquires, officer said. She had stuck… Reorientation The tourist was taken to hospital in Monpellier Text 2 Orientation SINGAPORE: A sex change…for males Events The problems…female gender Reorientation Distric Jugde …ketamine

Hand in Hand A. 1. paperback 2. modern short stories 3. life story 4. two years ago 5. emerged 6. into pieces 7. stapled 8. bound 9. face 10. salesgirl 11. tag 12. displayed 13. comfortable 14. air-conditioner 15. one day 16. spotted 17. flipped 18. finally 19. birthday present 20. at first 21. then 22. a few months 23. collect dust 24. a year later 25. careful 26. everywhere 27. soon 28. wrinkles 29. stained 30. unpleasant 31. worn 32. dustbin 33. heartbroken 34. death 35. incinerator B. accept any possible answer Show it off accept any possible answer

Unit 2 A. 1. famous 2. monster 3. ordered 4. craftsman 5. labyrinth 6. escape 7. fixed 8. behind 9. excited 10. flew 11. melted Find out: 1. a craftsman from Athens 2. He was ordered to build a labyrinth in order to house the monster 3. Daedalus escaped through the air by using wings fixed to his body with wax. 4. his son. He flew too high. As he flew nearer to the sun, the wax got melted 5. Yes. It’s funny B. 1. strange 2. fighting 3. monster 4. Greek 5. myth 6. prince 7. Athens 8. a half bull 9. a half man 10. killed Get it Right A. 1. in class 2. teacher 3. students 4. telling a story 5. Look Students what I’ve got here. B. 1. tell a story 2. yes 3. Do you want me to tell you a story about “Theseus and the Minotaur”, darling?

C. Accept any possible answer Conversation 1 1. excuse me 2. look 3. Sorry to bother you. Do you have… Conversation 2  Hey  I see  Tell me more about it  Mmm…  Was the war successful?  great  Oh!  That’s a good story D. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. thanks and you hope at 7. p.m. will have the No, I ‘m afraid I can’t Yes

Find out  Fun Island  Puppet show  Geppeto’s house  April 23rd  Supermall  April 21st  11.00 E        Pinocchio Pinocchio, Evil Fox Meeting my teacher at 9 a.m. Theater with my classmates Lunch with Geppeto and going to the doctor at 8 p.m Playing volleyball Pinocchio

Evil Fox

Cultural Awareness Find out 1. Germans, Italians 2. The British assume that the widespread understanding of their language meant a corresponding understanding of English customs. 3. it’s bad 4. be on time Grammar Action Accept any possible answer 1. The Giant-O 2. A red Ferrari 3. Mr. Smith 4. the outstanding artist 5. the capital city of Indonesia 6. a white parrot 7. a folktale, has really good story 8. a comedy, get high rating Get it Right A. Accept any possible answer B. Find out: 1. an Indian 2. he was to lazy to change the water in the barrel where he kept the pet 3. He tought his fish to live without water 4. to show how the fish walked 5. The fish can live without water but he died because he couldn’t swim 6. A Poor Fish 7. Yes C. Accept any possible answer D. 1. Dear 2. death 3. Please 4. help Expression of sympathy: I share the grief that you are going through at this moment and convey my heartfelt condolences.

E. Accept any possible answer

Moving Forward A. 1. who were involved in the story, when and where 2. a problem arises and followed by other problems 3. solution to the problem B. Find out: 1. Batara Kala, Batara Surya and Batara Chandara 2. Java 3. complete a) He flew into paradise and stole some of the water b) Both of them reported what Batara did to Batara Vishnu c) Batara Surya and Batara Chandra could escape from Batara kala’s troath because he no longer had a body. 4. happy 5. yes. It’s interesting Hand in hand A. 1. Paul Bunyan was the biggest… 2. When Paul Bunyan… 3. One day, during… 4. Well, babe got… B     In order to escape, Daedalus made wings from feathers, wax and thread. Using the wings, Daedalus and Icarius flew from Crete. However, Icarius flew too close to the sun, so that, the wax melted and he plunged. Minos the pursued them to Sicily. At last, Daedalus took revenge and killed the wicked King with scalding put in a special constructed bathtub

Show it off Accept any possible answer Stage 2 Getting started A. 1. she wanted a small child 2. she went to witch 3. a little girl which was as big as the woman’s thumb

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

in kitchen table old toad to make her the wife of her son no singing move husband croaked bank, stream, matter shame, stalk, leaf

Grammar in Action A. 1. “Do I have to listen to that song again?”Adam asked,” I don’t like it!” 2. Bill said, “Don’t wait up for me. I’ll be home late”. 3. “Read the last two chapters in your books,” the instructor said. 4. The secretary said, “Please have a seat in the waiting room”. 5. “Do you want to see the new horror film?”, Max asked. 6. “I can’t decide which pair of shoes to buy”, Pat said. 7. “There aren’t enough seats for me in this row,” Cyrus said,” Maybe I’ll just move to the last row”. B. 1. He said that she was so ugly 2. They told that she had only got two legs 3. They said that she had no feeling at all 4. He said that you were far too ugly to live with me 5. She said that whether you could spare her some food 6. The mouse said to come in and get warm. He had got plenty of food in his pantry. C. 1. who 2. who 3. who 4. whom 5. who 6. who 7. whose D. 1. Dr. Johnson whose house was quite near often met his friends in the Queen Club 2. Is that the new station which you point out to me last week? 3. Beethoven whom the music you are listening was one of the world’s finest composer 4. Elephants which never forget live more than a hundred years 5. The glass which you are drinking from hasn’t been washed

E. 1. 2. 3. 4. Thinking feeling saw, look said

F. Accept any possible answer 2. She talked to me for two hours 3. A difficult lesson ended after Mrs. Neneng explained it in the last hour. 4. They built the house together in the middle of forest when the sun came up 5. Her work began in Swiss in winter season. Moving Forward A. accept any possible answer B. Find out 1. in a field, one sunny morning 2. the fly and the bull 3. the fly was too proud of himself 4. he buzzed the bull 5. the bull ignored him 6. Don’t be arrogant 7. fable C. 1. distant 2. inn 3. knocked 4. unlocked 5. odd 6. unlock 7. strange 8. coin 9. slit 10. greedy 11. requested 12. obliged Find out 1. humans 2. the traveler and the inn keeper 3. he needed rest, food and shelter 4. he wanted to stay in inn

5. 6. 7. 8.

he was too greedy he asked some coins to unlock the door help others moral story

D. Find out 1. Roro Jongrang and Bandung Bondowoso 2. He wanted to marry her 3. She didn’t want to marry him because he had killed his father 4. She asked him to build one thousands temples on one night 5. sad ending 6. past tense 7. once, one day Hand in Hand Accept any possible answer Resolution: Then, her mother made a contest for the three girls. She requested that the girl made a gift for the young shepherd Complication: The girls were competing to be his wife. The first girl made her a beautiful dress. The second girl bought him a big and expensive towel. Meanwhile, the third girl gave her lovely pet, Lassie to accompany his duty. Resolution The young shepherd then decided to marry the last girl because she had given her most precious thing. Finally, they got married and live happily ever after. Show it off Accept any possible answer Unit 3 Getting Started A. 3-1-2-4-5 Get it Right B. Accept any possible answer 1. Would you like an apple Sir? Thank you. I would. 2. Want some? yap 3. Sis, cookies? No thanks. I’m on diet 4. Would you like a cup of tea Mr. Clarkley? D. Accept any possible answer

Situation 1 You : Hi, guys. What’s up. Take a seat.Would you like something to drink? Tea, coffee or syrup? A : I want a glass of syrup B : No…I don’t You : How about mineral water? B : Yes… C : and I a cup of tea You : Guys, you like pepperoni pizza? A,B,C : yes… Situation 2 A : Good morning, Mrs. Diana Mrs. Diana (grandma): Yes, just come in. C has said that you are visiting him. He is buying a book for a while. Just wait for him. Would you like something to drink? A cup of tea and some cookies? A : I’ll take a cup of tea. That’s enough. Cultural Awareness Find out 1. tea 2. at any time of day 3. in Japan 4. in the late afternoon 5. drink tea and eat some cakes/cookies and little sandwiches 6. They make it in teapots. In summer, they drink iced tea or drink it from cans. E. 1. way 2. one 3. 50 4. ¼ 5. tablespoons 6. pepper 7. to make 8. pan 9. crack 10. fork 11. after that 12. stir 13. then 14. browns 15. plate Find out: 1. a frying pan, a fork, a whisk, a spatula, a cheese grater and a bowl and a plate.

2. one egg, 50 grams of cheese, ¼ cup of milk, three tablespoons of cooking oil, a pinch of salt and some pepper. 3. eight steps approximately 4. on TV, cooking session. 5. He was speaking directly while making the omelet 6. Spoken, yes 7. procedure 8. mothers, cooks, chefs F. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. blender bottle opener frying pan rice cooker knife funnel toaster teapot

Grammar in action A.  cook: memasak  roast: memanggang  broil: memanggang  fry: menggoreng  boil: merebus/mendidih  simmer: mendidihkan  steam: mengukus  heat: memanaskan  grind: menggiling  knead: mengadoni  mince: memotong tipis-tipis  sieve: menyaring  sort: menyortir  pick: membului  skim: menyendoki sesuatu darim adonan  serve: menyajikan  scald: mencuci dengan air mendidih  stir over: mengaduk  slice: memotong tipis-tipis  chop: memotong, membelah  mash: melunakkan  pou: menuangkan  fill: mengisi

                              

fold: melipat roll: menggulung mix: mencampur add: menambahkkan braise: memasak presto shred: memarut drain: mengeringkan melt: melelehkan baste: menyirami remove: menghilangkan divide: memisahkan shell: menguliti sprinkle: menaburkan weigh: menimbang sift: mengayaki beat: memukuli smoke: mengasapi seed: membuang biji scale: menyisiki garnish: menghias toss: menggoyang-goyang top: melapisi bagian atas crush: mremukkan wrap: membungkus cut: memoptong cut inti chunks: memotong kecil-kecil cut crowise: memotong sial take aside: memilah let it cool: mendinginkan cut into length: memotong panjang cut into dices: memotong menjadi dadu

B. Accept any possible answer How to boil an egg 1. first 2. then 3. next 4. then 5. remember 6. Finally How to make instant fried noodles 1. first of all 2. then

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

don’t forget after then next finally remember to

Arrangement: B-D-A-E-C The goal: to cook rice Materials: some rice and water Steps: First, wash some rice in cold water. Like this. Second, put the rice with some water in a pot. Then, boil and cool it slowly for about 20 minutes. (After 20 minutes) See, there is no more water now. After that, put the rice to the simmer and steam it for about 45 minutes. Now, the rice is ready to be served. Find out: 1. it tells about how to cook rice 2. in a recipe 3. cook, mother 4. it shows how to do things 5. rice and water 6. pot, stove 7. five Hand in hand A. Accept any possible answer Well, my friends, Have you ever eaten a sandwich? All right, Uhm ..... do you know how to make a tomato sandwich ? No? Would you like me to tell it for you ? Okey. Here we go. Listen to me. To make a tomato sandwich, you need some lettuces, some loaves of bread and uhm… beef what else ....? Oh, yeah, sausages.and don’t forget the tomatoes. Now, to make a tomato sandwich , first, fry the beef. Let it becomes this. Then, let it cool. After that, put the lettuces above the brad. Then, put the cooked-beef on top of the lettuce. See like this. Don’t forget to put the tomatoes. Now, you can deserve a tomato sandwich. B. Accept any possible answer Show it off Accept any possible answer

Stage 2 Getting started A. Find out: 1. hotel, inn, motel 2. no, you should check out by 12.00 noon 3. take all the belongings and leave the key at the front desk. 4. in cashier desk 5. no, I can’t 6. pull the fire alarm 7. to stop burning B. Accept any possible answer e.g. Date: June 4, 2007 Account number: 999-67235577 Account Type: saving Amount Rp 1000000 Words: one million dollars Teller signature:Deposit’s signature: C. Accept any possible answer D. 4-5-1-2-3 Grammar in Action A. 1. Go to sleep. I’m not sleepy yet 2. Get out of my money 3. Smile. I’ll take your picture 4. Take a piece of paper. We’re having a test today 5. Be careful. The street is crowded 6. Don’t litter this area B. Accept any possible answer C. 1.     at the park bank library mall, department store, hospital

  2.

in park, office, hotel forest    to tell that the machine is broken to warn the people that the floor is wet to warn about the dog Don’t feed the animals Be quiet please No smoking Turn off your cell phone No smoking

3. a) b) c) d) e)

D. Positive command 1. Take off 2. Turn on 3. go 4. wake 5. Take 6. Stay 7. tell 8. turn off 9. wear/use 10. Bring Negative command 1. Don’t make 2. Don’t be 3. Don’t take 4. Don’t talk 5. Don’t be 6. Don’t talk 7. Don’t waste your time 8. Don’t forget to turn off 9. Don’t sleep 10. Don’t be E. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. F 1. must 2. must put take them put Take care, mix top serve

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

mustn’t mustn’t mustn’t mustn’t must

G Accept any possible answer Complete  I think it’s about 2 weeks  Can I borrow you car?  Yes, but remember. You mustn’t let the tires get flat, leave it unlocked and leave it under the sun.  O.k. I’ll remebr  Now, here’s hwat you have to do: Check the oil and water everyday  Keep it clean and drive it carefully. Remember that! H. 1. First 2. Second 3. Third 4. Fourth 5. One 6. Then 7. First 8. Then 9. Next 10. Finally Moving Forward Find out 1. how to play the hole game 2. 2 3. one marble for one person 4. six 5. The person flicking the last marble into the hole wins and gets to keep both marbles. Hand in hand A How to cross the street safely There’s more to pedestrian safety than looking both ways. These guidelines follow the recommendations of the National Highway. Traffic Safety Administration chooses a corner where cars tend to slow down the most. When crossing the street, look to your left and to your right and to your left again. Before crossing the street, continue looking to the side as you proceed. Once you have determined that you can cross the street safely, obey

crossing signals. Do not start to cross until the walk sign appears but if you have already started to cross the street, get to the other side as quickly as possible. Remain alert to drivers’ lights, engine noises and other indications of on coming cars both before and as you cross the street. B Goal: How to cross the street safely Steps:  When crossing the street, look to your left and to your right and to your left again  Before crossing the street, continue looking to the side as you proceed.  Once you have determined that you can cross the street safely, obey crossing signals.  Do not start to cross until the walk sign appears but if you have already started to cross the street, get to the other side as quickly as possible  Remain alert to drivers’ lights, engine noises and other indications of on coming cars both before and as you cross the street. C 1. locate 2. remove 3. Take 4. remove 5. pump 6. put 7. Take 8. rub 9. rub 10. spread 11. press down 12. escape 13. pump 14. riding Show it off Accept any possible answer Unit 4 Stage 1 Getting started Find out: 1. she probably felt upset 2. her books were wet 3. to refuse the offer Grammar in Action A.

Column A  direct speech  present tense Column B  indirect Speech  past tense  there are some introductory verbs B. 1. She asked me fiercely what the smile was for and whether something was funny 2. He said that I seemed prettier when I was angry 3. She said that I was crazy 4. She said that she knew that she was crazy but she asked me whether I knew who made her crazy and who made her like that. 5. She said firmly that I did it 6. She said that she had never seen me cry before 7. She said that she didn’t mean to hurt me 8. He said that she knew that I was a nice girl. He told me to stop crying. 9. She said that we could meet again at school the next day 10. Lina told me to wait for minute. C. 1. 2. 3. 4. don’t: do not, can’t: cannot, don’t : do not let’s: let us don’t : do not can’t: cannot, something is, the speech of Lina shouldn’t: should not It’s: it is, doesn’t: does not 5. haven’t: have not, I’m: I am 6. What’s: what is I’m: I am haven’t: have not I’d: I would 7. Jim’s watch: the watch of Jim Get It Right B. Conversation 1 1. at their house, no 2. by phone → No. thank you Conversation 2 3. on the road 4. no, the first speaker asks some information to the second speaker and the language used is formal. →Thanks anyway Conversation 3 5. at the hospital/house

6. yes →Thank you, Thanks Bill. No, thanks Conversation 4 7. refusing the offer → No, thank you. Conversation 5 8. refusing the offer → thanks anyway Conversation 6 → All right. I won’t miss it. Thank you Moving Forward A. accept any possible answer B. Find out 1. love story 2. Yes. It shows the content of the story 3. Using direct speech 4. school and home 5. Yustita, Iwan and Elsa 6. love 7. interesting 8. yes. No 9. the character of the story C. Accept any possible answer The story begins when Lucy told Yustita That Elsa was falling in love wioth Iwan. Everyone in the school had known about it except Yustita. Yustita thought thatElsa was a calm girl and she was worried with the response of Iwan. The conflict arouse when Elsa asked Yutita to give a private letter to Iwan. Yet, Iwan didn’t answer the letter. Yustita found the reason why Iwan did not answer Elsa’s letter. He was falling in love with her. He’s waiting for her answer. Then, she was confused what she had to say to Elsa her best-friend Hand in hand Accept any possible answer Show it off Accept any possible answer Stage 2 Getting started Describe character → Accept any possible answer Find out:

1. courteous >< rude 2. cheerful >< boring 3. trustworthy >< untrustworthy 4. hardworking >< lazy 5. interesting >< dull 6. bold >< timid 7. careful >< careless 8. kind >< cruel 9. lively >< miserable 10. reliable >< unreliable Grammar in Action A. 1. I 2. I 3. It 4. I 5. mine 6. I 7. her 8. she 9. her 10. it 11. her 12. she 13. me 14. she 15. she 16. I 17. her 18. she 19. I 20. her 21. me 22. them B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I my her she she she she me her

10. her 11. she 12. her C. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. D. 1. asked, drove, were, was, looked 2. exclaimed, met, was, looked, were, told, left 3. took, got, knocked, heard, fell, held, asked Get it Right Accept any possible answer 1. Creating an orientation of the story e.g. the orientation for the topic of first love Do you remember you first love? What is that? Can you forget it? no. I won’t I would never forget it. He was the first one who came into my heart. He had gone away and disappeared. But now, why he came back… 2. Creating an ending of a story a) stating your own feeling/opinion b) a happy ending c) an unexpected feeling d) a sad ending e) re-emphasizing the main idea Moving Forward A. Find out 1. about lovers 2. to buy a chain for Jim’s watch 3. to buy a jeweled-comb for his wife 4. No, because Della cut her hair and Jim sold his watch 5. The gifts show their love 6. happy. Both of then know that they love each other 7. yes. It’s a good story B. rushed looked sighed hit needed cried sat happened

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. C.

long hair, a gold pocket watch sold her hair he wanted to buy a jeweled-comb for his wife Oh, Jim don’t look at me like that,. It will grow again, sure it will He had sold his watch

1. love story 2. yes. The gifts were the symbol of their love 3. describing the setting 4. in New York 5. The coming of New Year’s day 6. Yes 7. Della and Jim 8. The characters of the story represent the idea of the writer 9. about two lovers 10. exciting 11. in the story, Della sold her long hair and Jim sold his watch. The gifts then became useless but it showed that they loved each other 12. the problems were not solved 13. yes, no 14. observer 15. orientation 16. 2 17. resolution Complete the table Resolution: She sold her hair for $ 15 and used the money to buy a chain for Jim’s watch. Complication: Jim wanted to buy a jeweled-hair comb for his long hair wife Resolution: Della said that it would grow again Complication: Jim opened the present that Della gave and felt surprise Hand in hand A. 1-2-7-9-4-10-3-8-5-6 Find out: 1. a poor apartment 2. She was one of those pretty and charming girl but she got married to a lowly-paid clerk 3. at the party 4. Frau had to get 18,000 francs his father left 5. Matilda: beautiful, self-important Frau: patient, tolerant, wise

B &C&D Accept any possible answer Show it off Accept any possible answer Unit 5 Stage 1 Getting started A. 1. beak 2. feather 3. wings 4. legs 5. claw 6. tail 7. tail 8. mouth 9. whiskers 10. fur 11. paws 12. scales 13. pectoral fin 14. gill 15. pelvic pin 16. caudal fin B. Dog, cat, snail, tortoise, rabbit, hen C. Find out 1. a dog 2. a male dog 3. his fur is grayish-white his ears are small his mouth is cone-shaped His paws are strong 4. He can do many things such as sitting down and is treated well Grammar in Action A. 1. 2. Tweety looks bigger 3. Mary has a flower on her head 4. BB’s hooked beak looks so powerful

5. BB’s has white fur 6. BB’s feathered crest appears colorful and stiff 7. Granky is a funny rabbit that has two long ears B. accept any possible answer C. 1. is 2. named 3. was 4. is 5. is 6. are 7. is 8. are 9. is 10. feels 11. looks 12. follows Moving Forward A. 1. beautiful 2. native 3. powerful 4. clever 5. speech 6. whistles 7. cheerful 8. amusing 9. wonderful 10. finish Find out: 1. It’s a cockatoo 2. BB has a stiff feathered crest and powerful hooked beak. 3. BB is a clever cockatoo. She is clever at mimicking a human’s speech. 4. two ears of corn every day 5. BB is originally native to Philippines 6. Her body size lies between 30 and 32 centimeters. 7. to describe BB B. 1. 2. 3. 4. telling the topic BB 30-32 cm singing

5. no closing Hand in Hand Accept any possible answer Show it off Accept any possible answer Stage 2 Getting started A. 1. toe 2. knee 3. hip 4. leg 5. head 6. back 7. shoulder 8. foot 9. chest 10. arm 11. elbow 12. finger 13. hand 14. neck 1. hair 2. forehead 3. eyebrows 4. eye 5. eyelashes 6. ear 7. nose 8. freckles 9. lips 10. mouth 11. teeth 12. tongue 13. cheek 14. chin 15. jaw


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. C. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

describing someone’s girlfriend Lizzy She is slim, not to tall, not too short. Her hair is short and wavy At first, He’s curious and wondered about the personality. Ted’s girlfriend. Yes George’s mom to introduce Lizzy to her Jakarta her aunt The comic strip. You can see the mimic

Get it Right B. Accept any possible answer  Big nose  Blue eyes  Green eyes  Black hair  Short hair  Curly hair  Chubby cheeks  Thick eyebrows  Dimpled cheeks D. Accept any possible answer 2. clean-shaven chin 3. a good shaped body 4. middle-aged 5. wavy-hair 6. blonde-hair, pitched black-hair E. Roni has brown skin and short-black hair. He is tall. His nose is pointed. His eyes are big. His eyebrows are thick. He’s handsome

F. Accept any possible answer Liu Ching Hai is a new chef of Shanghai Place, a famous restaurant fro Dim Sum. He started his career at 15. He has experienced in cook for more than 20 years. In 1989 he won the Best Culinary Skill Award organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Association

G. 1. lazy 2. stingy 3. Unfriendly 4. strict 5. unimaginative 6. genuine/true 7. loyal 8. friendly 9. unreliable 10. tidy 11. idiot/stupid 12. impatient 13. miserly 14. charitable 15. unemotional H. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I. 1. Henry Positive traits: energetic, always get things done, listen to other people, responsible Negative traits: like cheating, Stingy. 2. Dessy Ratna Positive traits: smart Negative: arrogant, bad-tempered, not helpful K. Accept any possible answer e.g. Rudi is a good-looking boy who always wears expensive clothes. He likes to wear jeans and Italian shoes. He has short curly hair and slanted black. He is about average height and is not overweight. Everybody likes him because he has a very nice personality. Get It Right A. c a f i e g d h b

1. 2. 3. 4.

lovely Thank you. look nice good aunt

B. Accept any possible answer Cultural Awareness Find out 1. good aunt When they made good things 2. pleased→ Accept any possible answer 3. yes. It shows your attention to the person →Accept any possible answer. Moving Forward A. 1. Debby Putti 2. mode 3. She won the competition of Teenage Model 2005 and YTV Jrang Jreng 2004 4. brown-skinned 5. easy going 6. (+) cheerful, humorous, creative (-) short-temper B. The identification:  Dian, a three-year-old girl Description:  She is 3 years old  She has short curly hair and dimples when she smiles  She was last seen wearing a white shirt and red shorts Hand in hand Accept any possible answer Show it off Accept any possible answer Unit 6 Stage 1 Getting Started A. Accept any possible answer B.

1. Mahakam 2. Mall 3. best 4. too big 5. yard 6. canteen 7. basketball field 8. laboratories 9. two-stair-classroom 10. the canteen C. near, large, favorite D. Accept any possible answer Get it Right A. 1. f 2. a 3. g 4. e 5. d 6. i 7. b 8. c B. Find out: 1. Hutabarat’s school 2. The oldest one in the district. It has 24 classes and five canteens 3. five canteens. Each canteen has the same size, his classroom. They also have the same color but they sell different food. 4. Speech Function/ Expressions Gambits 1. greeting Morning 2. Asking for information Could you tell me.. 3. Giving information You know my school… 4. Right or Wrong Right 5. Guessing I think… C. 1. No. she doesn’t. It’s the first time Menur meet Mr. Billy 2. Menur is a student of Mahesa Institute. Mr. Billy is a hotel manager from America 3. They are in Yogya

4. They are talking about Mr. billy impressions of Indonesia 5. He thinks that Indonesia is a beautiful country. He likes the people who are friendly and the spicy food. 6. He dislikes driving in Indonesia because he thinks that many of bikers are crazy D. Breaking in Excuse me… Interrupting Would you mind if I ask you a few questions? Personal Opinions Wow Great , That sounds perfect I don’t like…

Grammar in Action A. 1. I like the people 2. I think Indonesia is a beautiful country 3. I don’t really like driving in Indonesia B. Accept any possible answer e.g.  A big balck board  24 brown tables  A comfortable classroom C. Accept any possible answer E. Find out 1. They are talking about finding a place by map 2. they are looking for Darwin 3. She thought that it was in North 4. Darwin is somewhere in the Northern Territory. It faces the Pacific Ocean F. 1. Katherine 2. Darwin 3. located in Southern 4. Great Barrier Reef

5. Northern Territory. G 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. H. 1. am 2. visit 3. am 4. stand 5. take 6. am 7. am 8. am 9. am 10. am 11. is 12. is I. Accept any possible answer Student 1: it’s amazing island Student 1: it’s about two hours Student 1: the view is magnificient and the people are friendly J. Accept any possible answer Get It Right A. Accept any possible answer B. Accept any possible answer Mr. Jackson: Congratulation Mr. Sunton : Thank you Mr. Jackson: I must congratulate you for your success Mr. Sunton : Thank you is belongs consist is has live

Find out 1. the opening of new branch office 2. Mr &Mrs. Frank Jackson 3. Mr. Sunton 4. The opening of new branch General Merchantille 5. at 300,Victoria Street, London E.C at 7p.m. on Thursday, 1st April 2007 6. Evening dress 7. belum D. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 4 5 3 1 2 6

Moving Forward A. 1. island 2. apartments 3. spaces 4. district 5. buildings 6. houses 7. unique 8. antique 9. colonial 10. famous Find out 1. Singapore 2. 3 million people 3. beautiful city lots of parks and a very clean city 4. In Chinatown, rows of Old Shop 5. most of the goods are duty free 6. yes 7. a tropical climate with nice weather in both dry and rainy seasons 8. to describe Singapore B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. going tell me beautiful shopping took

6. reasonable 7. listen Find out: 1. Singapore 2. very enthusiastic Hand in Hand B. Find out 1. along the Thames River 2. about seven million 3. warm 4. cold 5. belum 6. to describe London

C. Accept any possible answer Show it off Accept any possible answer Stage 2 Getting started Find out 1. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia It is centrally located in the country on the northwest coast of Java island at the mouth of Ciliwung River. It dominates Indonesia’s administrative, economy, cultural activities and is a major commercial and transportation hub within Asia The climate is hot and humid year-round 2. Glodok is a banking retail and residentaial neighborhood with a large Chinese population. 3. in Merdeka Square 4. to describe Jakarta 5. no. it is the identification Grammar in Action A. Accept any possible answer 2. is higher in 2007 than in 1960s 3. worse than 1960s 4. from in 1960s 5. is not similar to the 1960s 6. morepopulation than in 1960s

7. best town in Indonesia 8. like 9. worse and worse 10. is the best B. 1. – 2. Coal is no longer used since the use of petroleum 3. This ancient royal building was built in the early of 19th century 4. The St. Paul Church was partly burned in the Greaat fire of London during 1666 5. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by an atomic Bomb in World War II 6. People wonder whether they will live on the moon by the end of the next century 7. London is situated in southeastern England along the Thames River 8. The river flows from the west city through the east 9. These ships bring all kinds of goods for London markets 10. At the corner of Hyde Park, anyone is free to stand up and tell his ideas to passers-by C. 2. Jakarta,called Daerah khusus Ibukota Jakarta Raya, has a total area of 661 km. 3. The large urban area known as Jabotabek has grown into the adjacent province of West Java 4. Kota located in the South of Sunda Kelapa, is the city’s oldest commercial area. 5. The new buildings were built to replace older buildings destroyed in World War II. 6. Annual culture events, held in the city hall from July to September, have been a tradition for more than a hundred years. 7. The hotel facing forward the snowy mountain is a five-star hotel. 8. The room which having sea views are expensive 9. The tree growing in front of my house is Flamboyant tree. 10. The star shining the brightest at night is called the North Star. D. 2. A five-shelf cupboard 3. A ten-floor apartment 4. A four-door car 5. A city hall 6. A physic laboratory 7. A 10.000seat hall 8. A five- billion-dollar project 9. A policemen station 10. A two-bedroom condominium E. 1. Early in the Seventh Century King George I of England gave the London company the right to settle in North America.

2. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the settlers established Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent British settlement on this continent. 3. In 1619 a ship owned by Holland brought the first Africans to English colonies in America. 4. In 19682 William Penn and a group of Quakers (member of Holland society) established the city of Philadelphia on the Delaware River. 5. The Pilgrims, a group of English Puritans who disagreed with the Church of England, landed in North of Virginia at Cape Cod in 1620. Moving Forward A. Find out 1. Borobudur 2. to describe Borobudur 3. in the 19th Century 4. It is old amazing building, which was excavated in the early 20th Century. 5. Borobudur influenced by Gupta architecture of India is constructed on a hill 46 m (150 ft) high consists of eight-step like stone terraces, one on top of the other. The first terrace are square and surrounded by walls adorned with Buddhist sculpture in bas-relief (par 3-7) 6. Yes. It is still exist now B. Find out 1. Purna Bakti Pertiwi Museum 2. Purna Bakti Pertiwi Museum 3. The function of Purna Bakti Pertiwi Museum 4. 3 5. the function of booklet 6. accept any possible answer Hand in hand Accept any possible answer Show it off Accept any possible answer Unit 7 Stage 1 A. Accept any possible answer B. 1. evidence 2. sailors 3. entire 4. journalist 5. explosion 6. accident

7. disaster 8. explosion 9. remove 10. secrecy 11. describe 12. accident Find out 1. Yelena Vazrshavskya 2. 10 3. a nuclear catastrophe 4. Yelena Vazrshavskya 5. at the naval base of Shkotovo 22, near Vladivostock. 6. it occurred 13 months before the Chernobyl disaster, spread radioactive fallout. 7. Yes 8. 600 tons 9. A great disaster Get it Right B.  Open the interview Good afternoon  Ask for the information How are you feeling at this moment? Are you feeling better now? What happened then? C. Accept any possible answer Reporter: What about your feeling now? Yelena: …I am afraid too Yelena: Yes. I’ve figured it out before I spoke to the people. You just got to the right things to do. Reporter: It’s really great seeing you. I hope I can be like you one day. D. Accept any possible answer e.g. A: Good afternoon Nia Ramadhani. Could we have an interview now? B: Yes, but I only have 15 minutes. Is it OK? A: Yes, I just like to confirm about the news B: What news? A: Did you break up with Bams? B: Oh, no…that’s only gossip. We’re fine now. We’re just busy at the moment. A: O.k. then. Can I ask you another questions? B: Oh, sorry I got to go now. Tha’s my car A: O.k. thank you Nia.

B: bye E. Accept any possible answer 1. Tejo: are you joking? Tejo: No, I don’t believe it. 2. Maya: are you serious? Maya: Oh, I don’t believe it 3. Hendra: That’s not true Hendra: Are you kidding? F. 1. Two vehicles collide on a high way near the Red Sea port of Jeddah. 2. Accident happened when a vehicle carrying 14 Yemenis and two Saudis tried to avoid a police check point by going around 3. Around 4,000 people die each year in road accidents in Saudi Arabia. 4. The accidents happen due to recklessness. G. Find out 1. the news 2. because they are not discipline on the street. 3. Santi 4. to tell surprising news and the response. H. drug: substance given as medicine change: replace charge: ask money for something trafficking: illegal trade offense: underwent: had something happen to you confirmed: proved to be true pleaded: offered an argument guilty: ashamed of wrong action I Accept any possible answer Cultural Awareness Find out: 1. to attract reader 2. on the first page of newspaper 3. It is written in special sense and different grammatical rules. 4. accept any possible answer Moving Forward

A. 1. Thursday 2. victims 3. incident 4. captain 5. crewman 6. were found 7. earlier 8. Saturday 9. sank 10. bad weather 11. searching 12. passenger Find out: 1. 16 2. on Friday last week 3. the SAR team 4. Aris Triono, the captain of the Amami Cargo ship, Yakub, a crewman, and Suharto, a passenger 5. on Thursday’ 6. bad weather 7. the missing passengers and the bad weather 8. - A ship sank in Banda Aceh due to bad weather on Friday last week. - two victims were saved by the SAR team on Saturday - The SAR team is still; searching for ten crewmembers and a passenger B. 1. readers, listeners, events, interesting 2. 1,2 3. 3 4. comment Hand in hand A. 1. Recent heavy rain in Bengkulu province has reduced the number of fires in the province to six points from 21 in June. 2. “The rain here over the last few day is due to the change in climate in South Asian countries that has caused flooding in, for example, Benggala, India. The change in climate in India has also affected Bengkulu’s climate,”said Soegito. 3. Soegito, the head of Bengkulu forestry office, said on Saturday that the rain which fell during the dry season this year, was unexpected. Newsworthy event: Recent.. Background event: the rain… Source: Soegito

B.     who has been sentenced 15-year jail in an island prison, on Thursday. banned her visit after hearing with members of legislative. visited Tommy and stayed for 2 days. graft and order for murder of a judge.

Show it off Accept any possible answer Stage 2 Getting Started A. 1. d 2. c 3. b 4. e 5. a B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. editorial human interest fiction headline caricature criticism advertisement report

C. Find out 1. Earthquake Jolts Japan Capital 2. earthquake in Japan 3. A slight earthquake jolted the Japanese capital last night but authorities said there were no immediate reports casualties or damage. 4. no 5. a spokesman for the Japan meteorological agency. 6. Residents of central Tokyo said the tremor was the strongest in several months in the capital. 7. yes D. Accept any possible answer E. 2. The election was won by a surprise candidate 3. A pop star was mobbed by fans at airport

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

The local residents were afraid of eruption. The police was investigating a suspect. Krisdayanti was successful in her concert Miss World was visiting an orphanage The President will inspect the damage roads.

F. Accept any possible answer G. 2. 3. 4. 5. H. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. New govt ties to improve Australia Minister wants to make sports an industry Minister plants on economic differ Russian woman lands on moon Everest bid by Japanese woman A bomb was exploded in central London The Prime Minister promised to support Europe Tsunami attack Aceh badly The President leads the peace movement.

Grammar in Action A. 1. was made, were held 2. was destroyed 3. is known 4. is called 5. are ordered 6. were packed 7. was put B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The village was severely damaged by a terrible tornado The statue was carefully observed by the historians. The whole town was completely swept away the whole town. Her wedding gown will be beautifully designed by Itang Yunaz His was brutally abused by the husband.

C. Saying verb : said Action Verb : killed D. 1. 2. 3. 4. Even though he desperately wanted to, the little boy didn’t take the chocolate. While Sara was getting ready for bed, she heard someone fire a gun. Because Budi is only seven years old, he cannot vote yet Unless the company sells more car next year, it is going to go broke.

5. Although he had good grades and several accommodations, Ben did not get accepted by the university. E. 1. He told The Jakarta Post on Friday 2. Head of the distribution agency, Benyamin Davnie, was quoted by Tempo news on Sunday. 3. One of the Albert’s cousin, Yulianto, told The Jakarta Post. 4. He looks very positive on the decision. Muhammad told the associated press. Moving Forward A. Newsworthy event: the event in a summary form Background event: the elaboration of what happened and the cause Sources: comments by participants, witnesses, and authorities experts involved in the event. B. 1. He repeatedly struck his Indonesian maid 2. A supervisor was in jailed because he hit Indonesian maid with a television remote. 3. First, he began striking Winarti. after she started working for him. Second, he hit her on the head with TV set’s remote control. On one occasion, he punched her on the back after accusing her day of dreaming. 4. The man was unhappy with her work. 5. S.S. Dhillion, Shafiq’s lawyer. He said his client lost his ‘better senses’ when he saw his daughter’s face covered as she lay in bed. C. Newsworthy: The Singapore government… Background: the target came… The source: Singapore government… Find out: 1. to double the size of the country’s media, design and art industries to six percent of the economy by 2012 2. they want the country to move away from its stuffy, rule-bound image and embrace more creativity as it seeks ways to sustain its economic growth. 3. Lee Boon Yang Hand in Hand Accept any possible answer Show it off Accept any possible

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