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Brad_YatesOvercoming Negative Childhood Programming With Tapping

Brad_YatesOvercoming Negative Childhood Programming With Tapping

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2012 Tapping World Summit - Brad Yates

Jessica: Three letters make up two simple words: I am. What we attach to these two little words impacts our entire life. We are ruled by our identity, by the beliefs we have about who we really are and what we’re capable of. Any major shift needs to begin with a shift in how we view ourselves. In this interview, you’ll discover the often unconscious way we look at ourselves, how it’s been impacting our life, and how to take on our true identity in order to build a life that we desire. To show us the way, we are speaking to Brad Yates from bradyates.net. Brad is known internationally for his creative use of tapping. Brad has worked with a diverse group of clients from CEOs to professional and NCAA athletes. Brad is also the author of the best-selling children’s book The Wizard’s Wish, the co-author of the best seller Freedom at Your Fingertips and also a featured expert in the film The Tapping Solution. It is always such a pleasure to speak with him. Welcome, Brad. Brad: Jessica: Brad: Thank you, Jessica. It’s always a pleasure to speak with you as well. Brad, I’d love to start off by hearing your description of identity and how it impacts our lives. As you said, the words “I am.” When we say, “I am,” we’re always selfidentifying ourselves. There are so many different ways that we do it. We say, “I am my race, I am my gender, I am my political affiliation.” There’s a lot of ways that we classify ourselves in terms of those things. Then, there are all these ways that we classify ourselves with behavior such as, “I am lazy,” or “I am hard working,” or I’m this or I’m that. As opposed to recognizing that we have behaviors, we tend to see ourselves as being that. Depending on what we put after the words, “I am,” it can be very empowering, but more often than not with so many people, it’s very limiting. We create our lives based on how we see ourselves. We have to be careful. We can look around and we can see what we’re creating and say, “Okay, how am I identifying myself?” Very often, we’ll identify ourselves based on our circumstances, when in fact it’s our circumstances that are created by how we’ve been identifying ourselves. Jessica: That makes a lot of sense. Brad, I can imagine that if we just stopped someone on the street and we asked them what their identity was, they wouldn’t be able to answer that question. For
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or lower middle class. There’s something that seems somehow more socially acceptable to say.” We start to then be able to see not who we really are. I’m unworthy of love. I believe in afraid. Brad. They’ll just say. they’ll just say. I’m curious.” or “I’m unhealthy.” whatever that might be.Brad Yates someone who’s asking themselves this for the first time. You can look at your financial status and say. someone could be very capable when it comes to their health and fitness. Then they might start to look at the simplest things. how do we really begin to uncover the way that we’re viewing ourselves? Brad: If you use the word: “How do you identify yourself. Jessica: Interesting. “I’m lazy. but who we’ve been thinking that we were. what are some of the destructive identities that are really important to bring up and work on? Certainly the most destructive ones are about. and things like that.2012 Tapping World Summit . Whether it’s the sort of person who achieves great success or the sort of person who meets people easily. You can look into your surroundings. but at a very unconscious level so that we don’t notice it.” it might take people aback. your environment – and again. I think that lazy is just a way that we excuse or cover up something that we’re afraid to do.” We can look at our physical wellbeing and say. I’m just not that way. I don’t believe in lazy.” Jessica: Right. who we’ve been convinced that we are by what other people have said. or very wealthy. by what people have told us about where we came from. or poor. “Well. I’ll hear people say that a lot. well. “You know.” even though we know that it’s not a positive term. I’m healthy. “Oh. apparently I’ve been identifying myself as middle class. but your circumstances are created by how you’ve been defining yourself. Is that a sign that they have powerful identities in certain areas and some destructive identities in others? Brad: © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 2 of 17 . “Okay. Do you find that people have different identities depending on what area of their life they’re focusing on? For example. and all these different ways that we’ve come up with these ideas about who we think we are. Sometimes it’s not even a definite thing. like gender and race. but when it comes to their finances maybe that area of their life is a mess.” or “I’m not like that. it’s not that your circumstances that define you. What are some answers? When you really start working with a client and start to realize what their identity is. Rather than actually put a name to it.” “I’m lazy” is one that you’ll hear a lot of people say. I’m just that way. I’m unlovable. “I’m not worthy.

Being leads to doing.” They’re trying to change their actions without even addressing who they are. So often. We can even identify ourselves in different situations in the same area. because the changes that we’re trying to make seem to be incongruent with who we’ve identified ourselves as. “I’m shy. If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting. and they’re not going to stick.” that means I’m a successful person in what I set out to do.” So. There’s the continuum that’s been said of “Thoughts leads to feelings. then if we say.” But their health may be in ruins.” which is basically the same thing as being.” or whatever. there are some times when we give ourselves a little bit of freedom from our limiting beliefs about ourselves. lead to results. and that’s how we identify ourselves. “Well. lead to actions. I’m going to have to work harder. but actually before we do that I want to ask you – I know that you work with a lot of clients. doing and having. and in our society we’re so programmed to think of success in terms of financial wealth. in order to make more money. We’re never going to outperform our identity. We want to be able to identify ourselves as successful across the board. it’s going to be very hard to get apples. so someone might have a lot of money and we’ll identify them as successful. people are trying to change the doing because they want to change what they’re having. We tend to identify ourselves in different compartments. leads to having. “Okay. who we think we are. in order to get this result I’m going to have to take this action. They’re uncomfortable. and yet in other situations they’re very gregarious and very outgoing and it’s like.2012 Tapping World Summit . and still identifying as successful.” and in certain areas. How have you seen this type of work benefit someone’s life? Why is this something that everyone that’s listening should really take the time to do? Because our identity is the starting point for what we create in our lives. That’s why it’s hard for us to stick to New Year’s resolutions. I’d love to jump into a process. certain social situations that will very much be the truth. if you want to change the fruits. Brad: © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 3 of 17 . Their relationships may be non-existent or awful. “What? I thought you said you were shy. then you need to change the roots. in the whole of who I am in all these different areas. If you want to get apples out of life and you’re identifying yourself as a cherry tree. in order to do this or that. “I am successful.Brad Yates Brad: Very much so. I’m going to have to work longer. “Oh. The actions that we’re trying to take are completely foreign. Jessica: Brad. that’s a very successful person. When I say. Someone will say. If we think of ourselves as lazy. They know.

about changing your identity. If someone has identified themselves as not being healthy or. Yeah.” whether it’s being unhealthy or being shy or something like that. that’s my identity. First. I can imagine if someone’s struggling with weight loss. so the actual execution of it – if it happens at all – is going to be so uncomfortable that I’m not going to stick with it for very long. Jessica: Brad: Jessica: Brad: Jessica: Brad: I love this idea. Wonderful. what I’d love to start with is: there’s a part of us that is very attached to our identity. it doesn’t come easy to me. I’ve already set up pain. do some work on this area. right? Exactly. maybe the first round is on being willing to let go of this attachment to who we’ve been with these limiting beliefs. So if we see that – Jessica: I’d love an actual example. That makes sense. Take a deep breath.2012 Tapping World Summit .” because with chronic issues and sometimes life-long issues. something that you know isn’t working for you. Excellent. I’m not naturally fit. where should they start? Actually.Brad Yates We’re trying to do things that we believe are against our nature. this is a great place to start. “Well. All right. Absolutely. It’s like. it’s like. “I don’t just enjoy exercising. Think about some identity. I’d love to jump into a tapping process. some way that you’ve been identifying yourself that you’ve had a hard time letting go of.” so that’s the identity that stops them from doing things. Yeah. If you’re resistant to tapping. I’m ready to tap when you are. or might be of “I’m not athletic. Sometimes – and you probably know this – when we’re working with someone to clear an issue. close your eyes. It’s like a prep round. one of the fears is: “Who will I be without this issue.” If I identify myself as someone who doesn’t enjoy exercising. Just the thought of it is going to be painful. then their identity might be of someone who’s overweight. then if my goal is to now work out three times a week. Brad: Jessica: Brad: © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 4 of 17 . If someone wants to really focus on their identity. “Who am I if I’m not that anymore?” So.

They’re very uncomfortable Page 5 of 17 © 2012 The Tapping Solution . Even though this is who I am. It’s who I’ve always been And you can’t change me. This is who I am. I’m assuming you’ll be my echo voice here. EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: This is who I am. I choose to love and accept myself. To get different results And those actions Seem very foreign to me. Even though this is who I am. honor and accept myself And anyone else Who has helped to convince me that this is who I am. Take another deep breath. If you want to be more successful and make more phone calls.2012 Tapping World Summit . KARATE CHOP: Even though this is who I am. I choose to love and honor myself. I choose to deeply and completely Love. I’m not sure I’m willing to change that.Brad Yates If you want to have a healthier body and you know you need to exercise. Jessica. As Popeye would say I am what I am And I can’t change that. Jessica: Brad: Yeah. then maybe it’s identifying yourself as someone who doesn’t like to exercise. just allow yourself to be aware of some of the ways that you’ve identified yourself that you can see are no longer working for you. I’ll be tapping along. Some things that I might need to do. Event though this is who I am. But there are some things that I want to change. and you identify yourself as someone who’s shy and afraid of people. Take full responsibility for your own well being. Excellent – and everyone else just tap along and repeat along with Jessica. I’m afraid to change that. Of course.

Am I really that stuck? All these limitations that I’m claiming. I’m clearing that fear. Brad. Hold it.2012 Tapping World Summit . Yeah. yeah. Clearing it all the way back through my past. Can you hear it? I can. Maybe I could see myself. Let me just give it a second. Okay. I’m going to stop one second because I have an ambulance going by. And I’m moving through that fear. Unfortunately. Maybe I’m not who I said I was. Clearing this need. Clearing it at a cellular level. Can we do – I think we are on the collarbone point.Brad Yates CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: Jessica: Brad: Jessica: Brad: Jessica: For the person who I say that I am. I can’t control New York City. Okay. Maybe I could see myself As the sort of person Who actually enjoys taking these actions. Yeah. it just passed. Yeah. Says who. Jessica. It’s a little hard. Maybe I’m so much more. Page 6 of 17 Brad: Jessica: Brad: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: © 2012 The Tapping Solution . Are they truly genetic? Are they things that I really can’t change? And maybe I can be willing to change. I wish I could. okay. Maybe these limiting beliefs Don’t have to be there. give me one second more. And maybe that idea scares the heck out of me. Did you lose – Okay. And I’m always going to be uncomfortable doing those things.

or the complaints. For someone who wants to do this by themselves. Take a deep breath. but when someone needs to do tapping by themselves and they’re new. I’m mixing athletic metaphors here. that would give folks a little more energetic leeway to look at this issue of identifying themselves. one of the questions I often hear. I’m allowing myself To be willing To maybe reinvent myself. Jessica: That was a very. Sometimes it’s more effective than other times. People will hopefully get the point.” Page 7 of 17 © 2012 The Tapping Solution . So much more is possible for me. “There’s no bad tapping. Hopefully. That’s the great thing about tapping. Jessica: Brad: I like that. I’m clearing what keeps me stuck. You’ll get better and better at it. what advice do you have for them? Brad: The advice is: just do it. You can’t look at. Some people want me to be who I’ve been. very powerful round. We are going to provide transcripts and the tapping within the workbook.Brad Yates UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: Brad: To hang on to this limited version of myself. is that people feel like they’re not saying the right words. I’m capable of so much more. Jack Nicholas and say. is that it’s always working. When you go out there on the first time on the golf course and you hit the ball. “Well.2012 Tapping World Summit . Anything you do is going to have some effect. but don’t wait until you can hit a 350 yard line drive. As the person I most wish to be. I choose to give them someone better. mind and spirit.” You just get out and start. So I’m setting myself free In body. but Jack Canfield would say. say. Letting go of the fear That would be betraying anyone. you’re going to be able to hit the ball and you’re going to be able to move it down the course. You’re obviously a master with words. they’re not doing it right. I can’t golf like him so I’m never going to pick up a golf club.

If someone is focusing on this – my hope is that through the call people have already started to realize or get an idea of what could be identity. it was amazing how my comprehension of things improved. what do you do with that information? Brad: Jessica: Brad: Jessica: One of the ways you can do it is you can take whatever that identity is: say. What’s really interesting about this. Let’s get focused really on this identity. It’s going to be beneficial even there. Brad: © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 8 of 17 .” or “I’m shy. I certainly didn’t – the first time I took a workshop on EFT and started tapping. but you have to start with where you’re at. Yeah.Brad Yates Any tapping you’re doing is going to help. Once you have an identity that you describe yourself with. thank you for that tip.” I’m lazy. so I had an identity that I just wasn’t very smart or I didn’t pick things up easily. It develops. or great. just tapping and saying whatever comes to mind is going to start to provide some benefit. The tapping works. is that most people don’t realize that their identity is a belief. and about identity. I know you’re not lazy. Just starting. It’s approved.2012 Tapping World Summit . I’ve done a lot of tapping on identity. “I’m lazy. all these words started flowing out of my mouth. so let go of the idea of needing to be perfect at it the first time. or even feel a need to be proficient. It’s just the reality of the situation is what a lot of people say. Jessica: Yes. Brad: Jessica: Yeah. The moment I got rid of that belief. Most of the time they think it’s a fact. Say. “I’m lazy.” and then go ahead and say it out loud. Then rate it on a scale of zero to ten as to how true that feels. I’ve talked about it before. and you’ll get better and better. I wasn’t very good at school. because my mom would probably tell you that I was pretty lazy as a kid. You’ll become freer and freer. Thanks for that. how even I started to read faster and I really saw the benefits of that.

” and as you clear any discomfort that you might be holding onto about that. “I’m lazy. little by little it starts to be like. what we do is we pinpoint our identity. and you begin to tap just talking about the belief. “I’m not smart. so there’s something to tap on. That feeling: “Yes. because when you state that. Brad: Brad: Jessica: Brad: © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 9 of 17 .” or “I’m not smart enough. “Okay.” Okay. that identity that we’ve been using. Once we have that evidence. then you probably don’t need to go through all these other things. okay. Our clean surface knows that we are unique expressions of divine light. It’s like if you spill something on your counter and you’re cleaning it up with a sponge.” do you find that just by stating the belief and tapping that the belief begins to lose its power? It certainly can.” and as long as we’re tapping we’re cleaning up whatever is there. we’re fantastic. it doesn’t really matter what you’re saying or if you’re saying anything. Einstein flunked in a math class. “I’m not smart.Brad Yates Jessica: When you begin to pinpoint your belief and you measure how you feel and it feels true. “Okay. I got a C on a test. You can take that belief and say. Eventually you’re going to get back down to the clean surface. We can also write down things. yes.” and rate that on a scale of zero to ten. and then in the process just thinking about how I’ve used that to determine that I’m not smart and realizing – well. Definitely tapping is most effective when we are specific. Obviously. You might take that first. Do we go through those experiences one by one? You can certainly do that.2012 Tapping World Summit . that discomfort is going to come up in the energy system. just saying. what? Who says I’m not smart?” We can take that expression. Jessica: When we begin to do this by ourselves. say that we have a few different experiences. defend in court this idea that you are not smart. getting a C does not mean I’m not smart. What is the incriminating against ourselves? The incriminating evidence. I like to use the analogy of being in court and you’re presenting the case. this is the way it is. We’re brilliant.” and what’s your evidence? You bring out the big box of evidence: “Well. whatever mess is there. If we’re saying this negative belief about ourselves and we’re tapping. “Wait.” or “I can’t do this. It’s like. If it’s come down to a zero. I got that C on that math test. then go back and say. Then we ask ourselves what thoughts or beliefs or experiences are evidence to that.” See if that number’s come down. Even though I got a C on this test. We’re amazing.

you’re not going to suddenly become bad with money. Jessica: Brad: Do you pick the one event that has the most emotional intensity? Yeah. “I am not financially savvy or financially smart.” Close your eyes. or any of those experiences.” and their finances are a big issue.” and then you take five hours trying to decide which one to tap when in 20 minutes you could have tapped on all of them. take a deep breath. don’t worry about getting it right. Just looking at your financial situation. If you feel you are good with money. Again. Again. Jessica: Brad: That’s good to know. and start tapping that stuff out. You’re not going to lose your skill. Brad: Jessica: Yeah. we always clean down to the clean surface. © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 10 of 17 Brad: . I can hear people going. clean up any messes there. or losing an apartment. Can we just do some tapping so we get an idea of how this works on something that’s a bit more specific? Absolutely. “I don’t want to say I’m not good with money. Even if you do. I’d love to do an example. There are some people that say. “Oh I have to find the exact one to tap on first. Whatever comes up – tapping can be done so quickly compared to so many other processes that – don’t worry about. One thing that comes to mind is the identity that people have around their finances and money. you don’t have to tap along with this. or even the bank account. Maybe the evidence would be a bankruptcy.” or something like that. Jessica: Brad: Jessica: Just go for it. when we’re cleaning. “I first started deciding that I wasn’t smart in the third grade. I would take the one that has the most charge.2012 Tapping World Summit .Brad Yates Sometimes you pull that one lynch pin and everything drops out. Just go for it. Maybe the one that is the earliest. The belief – I’ve heard it worded this way so many times is: “I’m not good with money.” We’re just going to clear. Let’s pretend that we’re working with someone that has that identity.

Brad Yates So say. Notice what physical sensations might come up. Even though I’m not good with money I choose to love and honor myself. Go ahead and rate that on a scale of zero to ten. That sinks for me. There is so much proof of this. I’m just not good with money. And there ain’t nothing I can do about it. I didn’t decide then and there. And even though I’m not good with money I choose to deeply and completely Love. And that’s just the way it is. and notice what evidence might come up. EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: I’m not good with money. here’s the proof.” or whatever the evidence is. “I’m not good with money. I’m just not good with money.2012 Tapping World Summit . Page 11 of 17 © 2012 The Tapping Solution . honor and accept myself And all the people Who convinced me that this was true.” or “I went overdrawn on my account this month. We won’t go and pick things out in particular. And I fell down. I lost my house. Anyone could look at my finances And know that I am no good with money. I’ve got bad money genes. “Well. But what can I do? It’s in my DNA. KARATE CHOP: Even though I’m not good with money I choose to love and accept myself.” Jessica: Brad: I’m not good with money. And what if there were? Because when I was a baby And I was first learning to walk. Notice what feelings might be there. You can allow yourself to be aware of. Even though I’m not good with money And this is so obviously the truth. because this will be somewhat global the way we’ll start here.

I could be very good with money. And gave up. I’m clearing the reasons that stop me from that. I could be very smart with money. And it doesn’t have to be that way. © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 12 of 17 . There are so many things I do today. Jessica: I’m not good with money. mind and spirit. Maybe the problem with my finances Isn’t that I’m not good with money. And if I really examined my life I’ve probably done well with money at different times. That I wasn’t good at at one point. But I didn’t give up.2012 Tapping World Summit . But that I’ve decided I wasn’t good with money.Brad Yates TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: Brad: I’m just not good with walking. I’m going to say again: I’m not good with money. And I can learn to be better. I refuse to give up on myself. It causes all kinds of trouble. I can find evidence That I’m not that bad with money after all. I choose to be really good with money. Things that I don’t even need to think about. And that’s the way it’s always going to be. I couldn’t even talk at one point. All these fears about being good with money. Maybe I have some negative ideas About people who are good with money. And it causes pain. All these reasons That I may not have wanted to be good with money. I’m not stuck with being this way. And I’m clearing those. Take a deep breath. I choose to know I’m capable of that In body.

and rate that on a scale of zero to ten. I love that.” and recognizing. I’m sure.Brad Yates Brad: Then rate that again. “I am ‘this’. You could just simply say things like. If we have cleared the identity that’s hurting us and we really want to step into something more powerful and more supportive to help us get the life that we want. that was a really powerful round. Jessica: Brad. but it doesn’t mean that I’m stuck being no good at money. I am courageous. Thank you for that. You can even – I like to do positive tapping on a lot of things and say. achieve our goals. what is a process that we can do to really elicit those stronger identities? Brad: This is the great thing. “Even though I lost my house.” We can also take a role model. I certainly mean no disrespect.” whatever it is that the new identity that you want. I love that metaphor about the walking. Brad. It could be a super hero: some kind of icon. We can say. start tapping. I love using that analogy. like learning to talk (or whatever) that hopefully that person can apply.” whatever this trait is or whatever this adjective is that I wish to apply to myself. It’s reinventing ourselves and saying. some kind of ideal of the identity that you’d like to have.2012 Tapping World Summit .” Absolutely. “Okay. you could look at a particular athlete. what’s the identity that I would like to have? Who would I like to be?” There are different ways to do it. “I choose to be this. You could look at somebody who is very successful in your line of work. Jessica: © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 13 of 17 . and hopefully that number’s come down. on “I choose to see myself as. It may be a matter of going in and taking specific things of. There are plenty of other situations.” or “I am a workout friend.” We could even do a round on that. Jessica: That would be fantastic. There are some other tools that you teach that I find really fascinating around identity. It’s so true. “Wow this person is really good at such-and-such. and I’m always worried because I know that sometime there’s going to be someone on the line listening who is for some reason unable to walk. I am. Yeah. Then say. I may have made some mistakes and there may have been some situations that seemed outside my control. To whatever extent it’s not there. You could create an iconic person. “Okay. if I’m not stuck with the identity that I’ve had.” If you’re trying to improve your sports. “I’m really good with money.

Jessica: Brad: Well said.” We want to address that. while we were doing the tapping before.” If we’re using broad enough strokes we’re going to clean up the spill as well as the areas that are already cleaned. I missed it because I didn’t address it. don’t do that. When it comes to tapping.” – again. to go back to the analogy of wiping up a spill on the counter. The black and white “do this. we start to become aware of some of those specifics that we might not have been aware of before. you must never. © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 14 of 17 . I do have a question about that. “even though I’m this. when should we begin to bring in affirmations.” and again. is peeling the layers of an onion. Then you turn around it’s like. again. especially those who read about the Law of Attraction or about the power of affirmations. We do want to zoom in on those things that we can identify. Sometimes we can get caught up in trying to find something that’s specific if we’re not aware of it. and to some extent we are addressing it if we just go in saying. clean counter. I like it. you would start moving into some more empowering beliefs and some positive statements. The great thing about the tapping. you can’t do an effective job of cleaning up the spill if you’re pretending there’s no spill there because you’re very likely going to be wiping in some area where it’s clean already. We want to get started tapping on whatever is present. and is there a time when it’s a little too soon? Brad: Jessica: Brad: I’m not really big on rules. There are things that are more effective. or even though I feel bad. that spill is still there. “Oh. then why don’t we just go right into the tapping.Brad Yates Before we go into that tapping. As we start doing it and shifting the energy. there’s no bad tapping. and we go looking for so long that we never get started tapping. Maybe it’s something you already say about yourself and would like to enhance that feeling. “clean counter. “You should never focus on what’s there.” It’s like. they really want to jump and start right away with those affirmations. With that. You mentioned some. When someone is tapping on their own – I know a lot of people. I know that a lot of people get scared off from tapping because so often it is the negative statement. Pick an adjective or a quality that you would love to say about yourself.2012 Tapping World Summit .

I choose to be joyful. if you choose to use a different word. Rate that on a scale of zero to ten. I choose to be joyful.” and “determined. “Why can’t I say that that’s who I am? Why do I doubt that?” Just allow yourself to be aware of those thoughts and feelings to be cleared in this round or to be aware of so that if further tapping is necessary. And I can only imagine What kind of life I can create If I’m choosing to be joy So I choose to be joy. “I am joyful. KARATE CHOP: I choose to see myself as joyful. To the extent that it might not be a ten. And I choose to love and honor myself. I like words like “capable. honor and accept myself And everybody else Because it would bring me joy to do so. To be a huge part of my identity Because it feels really good. When people talk about me Page 15 of 17 © 2012 The Tapping Solution . We’ll see how the other ones get folded in there. Okay. And I choose to deeply and completely Love.” I don’t know if we can mix those all in together. Say.” Jessica: Brad: I am joyful. or you can be thinking about a different quality while we say “joyful.” and “centered. So for everyone. close your eyes.” because I love joy. ask yourself. For everyone listening.” as well as “joyful.” However you want to do it. We’ll take one of those. Notice what feelings come up. I choose to be joyful.2012 Tapping World Summit . I’m going to take the word “joyful. you can do that as well. And I choose to love and accept myself. Take a deep breath.Brad Yates Jessica: Brad: Jessica: Brad: Let’s see. EB: SE: UE: I choose to be joyful. then you can pick those out and tap on them specifically. I choose for joy.

Than as the opposite. because we’re running overtime. I choose to know That joy is part of my true nature. And I’m just accepting the fact I am joyful. I’ll edit this. Clearing any doubts. I am wonderful. but do you think we could end with: I am so many wonderful things? Page 16 of 17 © 2012 The Tapping Solution . And I’m using them to my advantage. And I’m clearing any hesitation about that. I’m using those powerful two words I am. we have to wrap up.Brad Yates UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: EB: SE: UE: UN: CH: CB: UA: TH: Jessica: I’d love for them to say Oh. Clearing any need to hold myself back. I’m just going to say it. And I’m willing to accept All the consequences of being joyful. And as I’m allowing myself to accept joy I’m allowing myself to clear the way To identify myself In all kinds of other positive ways.2012 Tapping World Summit . Brad. Clearing any arguments against this. I am joyful. Clearing any reasons Why I shouldn’t identify myself as joyful. I’d love to be identified by joy And I choose to allow that. I am so many wonderful things. I’m allowing myself to be joy. I am joyful. that person is really joyful. I am capable. I might as well resign myself to the fact. It’s just the way I am. I am determined. I am joyful. I’m allowing myself to be joyful. It would make much more sense To identify myself as joyful.

Brad: My pleasure. Brad. It really always is such a pleasure. I want to thank you again.2012 Tapping World Summit . all of this we’re going to have in the workbook as well as the transcripts for the tapping that you just did. Thanks everyone. thank you so much.Brad Yates Brad: Jessica: Brad: Absolutely. so do you want to just say. Okay. Thank you for helping us identify how wonderful and joyful we all really are. what a wonderful way to wrap up. thank you for the opportunity. Now take a deep breath. © 2012 The Tapping Solution Page 17 of 17 . Jessica: I love it. Again. You gave us some great tips. Okay. And just get over yourself and accept the facts. “Take a deep breath?” Sure.

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