Ehsan Bashari February 23rd 2012

*Violence is the best force for change*
In the past few millennium’s most or almost all major changes have been influenced by one force or another. Being economic change, governmental change (that usually causes major rebellions and or revulsion's), or even societal change. These changes occur because the human instinct has a natural fear against physical threats, or pain, which allows violence to be the key to getting point of views across and change to occur almost instantaneously. Usually violence as a role for change gets major results when more than one individual addresses the need for change. An example being the genocide in which Hitler put his people through during his rule over Germany (not saying it was a good change). Hitler addressed the issue to the German citizens that the Jewish people were the leading cause to WWI and of their incompetence for war aiding efforts. His form of violent force caused substantial change as his intentions to removing the Jewish people prospered. Another example being the Bolshevik revolution, or the Russian revolution, that took place during 1917. Before the Bolshevik revolution, Russia was a monarchy whose economy and society were seen as flawed or not see at all in Europe. By WWII, the Soviet Union was a major power for the industrial economy and a society that was seen radically different from it once was before 1917. This “rapid” change was made possible by a violent revolution and the determination in which Stalin pushed for in order to get change after the revolution ended. During this revolution many died as troops would commonly open fire on the citizens. There are pages of lists for evidence that shows how violence is the best force for “real” change. Other big examples that speak for themselves would be the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Violence will always and has always been the key to change. This won’t change now, nor will it change ever, as long as humans have a sense of fear towards pain; violence will be the best force for change. As Gandhi’ once said “It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put a cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence”

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