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Unified Platform Supports Smooth Evolution
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Residential FTTC/FTTC overlay
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Four “ONE”:
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Full Service

One box, providing various access tech: POTS/ADSL2+/VDSL2/GPON/P2P One node, integrating access & aggregation One platform, fitting in multi scenarios : FTTCo/FTTC/FTTB/FTTH One network, accessing full service: Residential/ Business/ Mobile Backhaul

Structural TCO Cut Down!
HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 2

EPON.. DSL HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. P2P.Access network series . LTD.GPON OLT/MSAN MDU MA5620 MA5600T MA5626 MA5603T MA5612 Ultra Broadband Design • 2T-bps backplane • Non-block switch • 1:128 splitter ratio Unified Optical Access platform: GPON. • Green Design • Plug & Play Huawei Confidential .

LTD. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 300mm slim design  2*SCU slot. Huawei Confidential S300+MA5603T H×W×D (mm): 1250×850×450 mm . • Scalable Uplink Bandwidth to Nx10GE. 2*GIU         slots 64*16 ADSL2+ 48/64*16 VDSL2 16*16 G. 300mm slim design  2 *SCU slots.. • Non-Blocking Architecture.SHDSL 64*6 POTS 32*6 ISDN BRA 32*2 ISDN PRA 48*6 P2P GE 8*6 GPON H×W×D (mm): 2200×600×300 Outdoor Cabinets: D500+MA5600T H×W×D (mm): 1550×1550×550 mm • Services cards of MA5600T/MA5603T are compatible. 16/14*Service slots. 2*GIU slots         64*6 ADSL2+ 48/64*6 VDSL2 16*6 G.MA560xT Series Products Overview MA5600T  High-Capacity  10U height  GE/10GE uplink/cascading  21 /19inch frame. 6*Service slots.SHDSL 64*16 POTS 32*16 ISDN BRA 32*2 ISDN PRA 48*16 P2P GE 8*16 GPON Indoor Racks: MA5603T  Medium-Capacity  6U height  GPON/GE/10GE uplink/cascading  19 inch frame.

MA5600T Service Shelf Description(19‖ IEC) Fan tray Power board GIU uplink board Item Dimensions (W x D x H.8 mm x 441. with mounting brackets) Mounting bracket Dimensions (W x D x H.6 mm x 275..7 mm GPIO Max Capacity 112 Remark P2P FE/GE POTS ADSL2+ VDSL2 SHDSL 672 896 896 672 224 Without SPL Without SPL    High-capacity OLT/P2P MSAN IPDSLAM HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. without mounting brackets) Main control board Service board Access Type GPON Specification 482.7 mm 442 mm x 275. Huawei Confidential Page 5 . LTD.8 mm x 441.

bis. Medium capacity DSLAM or voice AG application using 48G switch fabric.SHDSL. power module and environment monitoring module Software and hardware are compatible with MA5600T; Supports MA5600T main control card and service card: 64/32 POTS. 48/24 VDSL2. can’t support BITS interface card BIUA MA5603T • Marketing Proposition – – – Series MA5600T portfolio. 2 main control modules and 6 service cards three sub-slots for uplink interface (GIU). 64 ADSL2+. 16 G. G. mixing with xDSL. LTD.bis and POTS. 4 GPON.. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Medium capacity GPON OLT application using 400G switch fabric.MA5603T Medium Capacity OLT/DSLAM • MA5603T Specification – – – – – 5U height. Huawei Confidential Page 6 . 16 P2P fiber Eth.SHDSL.

dedicated HUAWEI ASIC.. it simply provide a new optical module instead of replacing board. fully compatible with G. can coexist on the same board.  Power consumption 55w per board HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. offering advanced features and performance.984. Huawei Confidential Page 7 .8 Ports GPON Board GPBD with SFP 8 PON per slot SFP Max number of customer up to 16k  128 users per GPON port  8 GPON port per board  16 slots per OLT Customer of one OLT: 128*8*16 =16384 GPON MAC chipset.  Flexible: For different Class C+/B+ optical module. LTD..x.  Fault isolated: Replacing fault optical module do not affect service on other ports . Highlight for SFP :  Cost efficient: As one PON optical transceiver fail.

. Huawei Confidential Page 8 .Full-scale security assurance for full service User Security • User authorization by SN+PW • Support PITP. LTD. DHCP option 82 • Support 802.1x -based user authentication Service Security •User isolation base on L2 • ACL access control • MAC address filter • MAC address binding • IP address binding Billing System PORTAL App Server IN IP core network Access Security Boundary OLT GPON Line Security • AES-128 encryption for downstream data • Remote ONT management ONT ONT OLT Network Security • Anti – MAC spoofing • Anti – IP spoofing • Anti – DOS attack • Anti – ICMP/IP attack • Anti – Eavesdropping HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

LTD. SBU.Multiple Service Solution Based on GPON HSI TL1/CORBA /API FE HDTV Carrier’s OSS ONT IPTV / CATV Server NMS FTTH Phone HG OLT MDU GPON GE/ 10GE Internet HSI TV Phone Phone TV Modem FTTC IAD MDU/DSLAM Splitter POTS IP Core FTTB AAA Server Softswitch HSI CPE   ODN NSP ASP/ISP End-to-End multi-play solution based on GPON access platform . MDU for various application scenarios Huawei Confidential HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. .. The architecture is based on TR101 standard 。 Series Terminals: SFU.

.Key Points of Full Service Access Business Access Reliability Mobile Backhaul Reliability Bandwidth& capacity Bandwidth& capacity Bandwidth and Reliability are both business and mobile concerned Bandwidth &Capacity is one of advantage of PON Reliability should be concerned Network reliability include between OLT and ONT and OLT uplink Security Assurance include service and user etc 50ms interruption: invisible to all applications 200ms interruption: no impact to all applications 500ms interruption: massive consumer complain on IPTV quality and VoIP quality. Huawei Confidential . customer churn HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.

switching time 1-2s  VRRP+BFD: HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.High Reliability Network Topology Solution Scene A Link Aggregation Scene B RSTP B RSTP Scene A Link Aggregation Scene Metro Core NE40E Metro Core Scene C VRRP Scene C VRRP Metro Core NE40E NE40E NE40E NE40E LAG LAG MSTP RSTP MSTP RSTP VRRP VRRP VRRP VRRP X X OLT 1 OLT n OLT OLT HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. improve LACP. and OLT. switching time 1-2s HUAWEI LAN switch HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. switching time less than 200ms accelerate switching time up to 100ms support dual homing protect.. LTD. OLT OLT  LAG/LACP:  LACP+:  VRRP: between TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD... LTD. Huawei Confidential .

.High Reliability between PON OLT and ONT OLT ONT Splitter ONT Splitter 50m s OLT Scenario 1:no protection,for home  Low cost Scenario 2:TypeB,for business  Protect trunk fiber and PON line card  Middle cost OLT ONT Splitter Router ONT Splitter OLT Scenario 3:TypeB dual home, for disaster recovery “smoking hole”  Protect trunk fiber and OLT  Middle cost. and cost efficiency HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 12 . ODN complex Scenario 4:dual ONT protect, for VIP customer.  E2E Protect  High cost Active path Backup path For mostly protect scenario. such as bank. gov. TypeB is enough.

even less than 100m Active path OLT Backup path Splitter ONU  Switching time within 50ms  Fast ranging technology  The first to provide carrier-class in industry 50ms 2 to 20 km less 200m  Type B solution aim at protecting trunk fiber cable from being cut off and service board failure. LTD.Huawei enhanced type B solution—50ms Switching TypeB application scenario:   More faults at feeder fiber: distance of 2-20km. OLT supports protection group not only between 2 PON ports in same service board but also between ports in different service boards.. 10-100 times the distance of distribution fiber Less faults at distribution fiber: unprotected fiber only 100~200m.   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. OLT supports automatic or manual switchover when detect active line failure. Huawei Confidential Page 13 .

3-Layer Redundancy Ensures Always-on-line LAG(LACP):200ms protection MSTP Ring: 1s.. LTD. TDM-like OLT OLT OLT OLT OLT OLT Type B+ Dual CO homing Type C E2E Redundancy OLT Access Layer 50m s Active path Backup path OLT 50m s Splitter Full Redundancy OLT Equipment Layer Dual Power Supply Card Dual Main Control Card Dual Uplink Interface Card HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential . RRPP Ring: 50ms VRRP Dual homing 100ms Network Layer MSTP LAG VRRP RRPP VRRP X X OLT Normal Type B: 50ms.

. Five NBI performance FTP Service TL1. 200% efficiency Alarm CORBA. XML HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. one key operation Software upgrading 5 NB-interface.Easy Operation: OSS Integration& ISSU In Service Software Upgrading. Huawei Confidential Page 15 .1 month fast integration. SNMP Test MML Successfully interconnected with 100+operators. LTD. XML Inventory TL1.

Huawei Confidential .. LTD. IGMP packets per second: 800    To download a 12.2GB film:  If bandwidth is 1Mbps: download time = 27 hours If bandwidth is 50Mbps: download time = 32 mins ONT ONT ONT   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Powerful Capability for Better HDTV Service Multicast Capability 8K multicast subscribers 4K multicast programs 2k concurrent multicast programs Multicast Server Ch1 Ch2 Ch4000 OSS NMS Multicast stream IGMP Process point …    Ch1 Ch2 … IP Core SCU Ch4000 GPON OLT GPON High Performance GE 20G OPGD SCU 20G Bandwidth Capability 2.5G GE DSLAM  Distributed IGMP packets process Distributed replication IGMP fast leave Fast channel zapping: 50ms.

LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 17 .GPON: ONT solution for CATV –IPTV Migration HSI OLT Internet IP CORE WDM Coupler CATV ONT with RF OLT CATV CATV broadcast broadcast network network Coupler transmitter Optical Splitter Home gateway VOIP STB IPTV CATV Signal can be coupled with GPON signal after amplification by EDFA RF overlay E2E Solution Huawei’s RF overlay OLT-ONT E2E solution helps MSO realize perfect migration from CATV to IPTV 1550nm wavelength is adopted for CATV in the GPON system The ONT receives the CATV signal and provides it through RF interface Supports IGMP protocol for IPTV service HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..

Multi Levels QOS for Multi-play PC RSP 1 HDTV FE / RF ONT MA5600T VoIP Splitter Video Internet IP network RSP 2 Phone GPON POTS VoIP Video Internet Service card HSI stream IPTV stream VoIP stream HSI stream IPTV stream VoIP stream User 1 Service (HSI) Uplink card (SPUA) PORT Service2 (IPTV) User 2 Service3 (Voice) CAR bases on service stream CAR bases on user CAR bases on service (SVLAN) CAR bases on Ethernet port HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential .. LTD.

network simplified. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. GE/FE compatible. • 768 GE per shelf. with CSFP (single fiber bi-directional) or SFP. Huawei Confidential . high density solution for P2P and cascading • OLT also works as aggregation node.Aggregation OLT with High Density GE Card GE P2P RG VoIP IPTV HSI MA5600T GE LAG 4*10GE IP Network xDSL modem DSLAM DSLAM HSI STP/RSTP/ MSTP MSAN VoIP IPTV DSLAM • 48 GE card OPGD: ultra-high bandwidth for access. connecting to BRAS directly.. LTD. LAN switch saved.

Huawei Confidential Page 20 .MxU Series Product Capacity LAN xDSL MA5616 Cascade Leased Line Cable Cabinet 512L S300(Sealed) 2~3 pcs 5616 MA5631 256L MA5616 Modular 128L •2GPON/2GE •256POTS/64LAN •2GPON/2GE •4EOC( HomePlug AV ) MA5616 Modular •2GPON/2GE •256POTS/128AD/192VD/64G. LTD. wallmounted) 1pcs 5616 MA5612 Modular 48L •2GPON/2GE •48POTS/24FE(2GE)/16E1/1RF HG7022 MA5662 •2GE/1GPON+1GE /48VDSL2 MA5612 Modular •2GPON/2GE •48POTS/24FE(2GE)/16E1/RF •2RF / 2FE HG7042 •2RF / 4FE S50(Sealed) 1pcs MA562x/5612 Or half MA5616 24L MA562x Pizza Box •2GPON/2GE •8/16/24FE+8/16/24POTS •PD POE/POE 4GE+4FE MA5628 Pizza Box MA5652 •2GPON/2GE •8/16/24VDSL2 •2GPON/2GE •4GE/FE+4E1 Notes: Blue font part is updated in R309C00&R308C02 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. SHDSL/32ISDN •16GE+16FE P2P •128 A+P Combo MA5621 •2GPON/2GE •4GE/FE+4RS232/485 •70 ℃ / 1U / 10” S100(Sealed..

Global Portfolio of ONT 2011 Following are main stream products not including regional or customized products HG8010 Data SFU 1×GE HG8240 Voice SFU 2×POTS 4×GE 1×POTS 1×GE HG8242 2×POTS 4×GE 1×RF HG8110 HG8245 2×POTS 4×GE 1×USB WIFI(11b/g/n) HG8247 2×POTS 4×GE 1×USB WIFI(11b/g/n) 1×RF HGU HG8447 4×POTS 4×GE 1×USB WIFI(11b/g/n) 1×RF HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 21 .

Huawei Confidential Page 22 . WLAN SSID-1~4 binding to specific WAN for forwarding according to config. • Routing WAN can act as default route for unbound LAN/WLAN Data SFU Voice SFU Bridge WAN Routing WAN (Internet) Routing WAN (VOIP) Routing WAN (IPTV) Routing WAN (TR-069) OK OK OK HGU OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK PON Bridge WAN Routing WAN (VOIP) Routing Routing WAN WAN (TR-069) (Internet) IPTV PC1 PC2 PC3 WLAN SSID-1 Terminals should connect to designated port HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..LAN-WAN Binding Based Policy Routing Easy Deployment: Simple Services Provision Services/Management Network IPTV NGN ACS Metro Network Physical/Logical Subnet for Different Services OLT ONT • Up to 4 WANs (Routing or Bridge) • Should provide IP Address for routing WAN via PPPoE/DHCP/Static • Bridge WAN supports Internet/IPTV or their combination • Routing WAN support Internet/IPTV/VOIP/TR069 or their combination • LAN1~4. LTD.

the relevant components can go to “sleep mode” or “shutdown mode” Page 23 Huawei Confidential . System Control.Dynamic Adjustment of Power Consumption Green Running: Decrease 25%~50% Power Consumption Utility Powering Mode Normal State Power Saving State Battery Powering Mode ② Power Saving State The Principle Adjust the working mode of specific hardware components according to relevant services: Voice. Remote Management.. CATV. LAN. WIFI. LTD. When service is disabled/idle. USB. the relevant components can go to “sleep mode” or “shutdown mode” HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. ① ① Power Saving When Service Idle Active Mode ② Power Saving When Service Disabled/Idle Active Mode Idle Mode Idle Mode Disabled Mode When service is idle.

―10G PON Ready‖: How to Migrate Smooth & Seamless migration from GPON to NG-PON ONT OLT GPON 1490nm GPON DS/US: 1490nm/1310nm ONT ONT OLT GPON 1490nm ONT ONT ONT GPON card 10G GPON card 10G GPON 1577nm ONT Now OLT Ready GPON ONT 10G PON DS/US: 1577nm/1270nm Future ONT ONT 10 GPON ONT ODN Ready Reusing ODN network With multiple wavelength OLT To ODF GPON ONT Ready Built-in WBF (Wavelength Block Filter) WBF GPON ONT 10G GPON ONT Compatible with 10G GPON G P O N 10 G P O N OLT ONT ONT × × GPON WBF W D M 10G GPON ONT Reuse 40G/slot 10G existed ODN 10G GPON wavelength ONT integrated GPON Compatible chassis passive WDM Multiplex 10G GPON WBF currently 10G Integrated with GPON wavelength GPON ONT GPON WBF in the future HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential . LTD..

power budget  Other format possible: CDM & OFDM • WDM PON  1G per user.. . LTD. virtual point-to-point  Challenges: low cost colorless ONU  Huawei is developing 1. Nx10G up  Challenges: low cost transceivers. tree topology.FSAN NG-PON2 • 40G TDM PONs:  40G down.25Gb/sx16ch WDM PON prototype Central Office ONU WDM PON Cabinet AWG Residential Business Cellular & WiFi/WiMax OLT Remote Node Huawei Confidential Page 25 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 26 .Our Vision of FTTX Solution  Full Service FTTX Solution   Converged network for Fixed and Mobile Broadband Enhancement for Business Access  Flat Network Architecture   Smooth evolution & phased migration Structural savings in TCO  Responsive E2E FTTX solution   Further strengthen E2E FTTX solutions Responsive support in ONT & ODN  Continuous Technology Leadership   Continuous R&D for FTTX solution enhancement Key components self-designed Committed to Support Operator with: Comprehensive FTTX and Long Term R&D Support HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

60% human resource saved. Maintenance + 100% increasing with Full-Service 40% reducing by Automation Resident (FTTHome) Enterprise (FTTOffice) Base Station (FTTMobile) • Zero-Touch deployment and provision • No site operating. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Summarize: Taking Full Advantage of Optical Access 1→3 Full Service 1. Configuration 2. FTTM GPON OLT 3→1 Automation Revenue Cost 1.. Provisioning 3. LTD. FTTO 3. FTTH 2. Huawei Confidential Page 27 .

. All Rights Reserved. and is subject to change or withdrawal according to specific customer requirements and conditions. Ltd.huawei.com Copyright©2008 Huawei Technologies Co. The information contained in this document is for reference purpose only.Thank you www..

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