BALI RIVER TUBING The Bali River Tubing stands proud as Adventure Company, providing the most com

prehensive Adventure & Relaxing to all levels. BALI RIVER TUBING Welcome to th e Bali river tubing adventure tour at Pakerisan river Tampaksiring Bali Bali Ri ver Tubing Adventur Trip held on Pakerisan River at Tampaksiring Regency, part o f Gianyar BALI, the Beautiful River and Original Waterfall offering to your Cli ent 1,5 Hour TUBING Trip , Through 4,5 kilometers of 7 exiting class II + rapid, the Natural on Pakerisan River, Our Staff fully Understand and Familiar with Hospitality Industry, they will work and presented The Comprehensive Safety and Services. Have a Great TUBING , Bali River Tubing Trips Available All Year Arou nd! ADDRESS Bali River Tubing Jl. Anyelir X No.3, Batubulan Gianyar - Bali [p] +62 361 292 363 [e] [w]

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