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Back to Back Order Cycle

Back to Back Order Cycle

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Published by Sudipto Biswas

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Published by: Sudipto Biswas on Jun 07, 2012
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CREATION OF MASTER ITEM Inventory > Master Item

Define a Order Transaction type Enter a Sales Order Header status – Enter

Line status – enter Header Status – Booked Line Status.Supply Eligible .

From Action – Progress Order .

Status will change to –External Req. Requested From purchase Run Request – requisition import .

Review the Request OutPut Order line status .External Req Open .

Find the Requisition no – .

Purchasing > Autocreate .

Find the po no like you Requisition no Approve the po .

Order line status – PO Open Make Receipt of Po .

After Receive Order line status will chane to Awaiting Shipping Now process the order .

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