Before producing chloroform, please have the following items ready: Bleach Pure acetone Ice Glass container

(prefer to use a transparent one, easy to observe chemical react ion) Funnel How To Make Chloroform - Procedure: Put as much ice as possible in the glass container. Ice will act as a coolant w hile bleach reacts with acetone in the latter steps. Pour some bleach in the glass container, i.e. 500 ml. Pour some acetone in the glass container with an acetone to bleach proportion 1: 50, i.e. 10 ml. When chemical reaction occurs, heat increases drastically. Ice needs to be adde d as required to keep temperature low and avoid overheat. Allow the chemical reaction to last for at least 20 minutes. Must stand by to o bserve the course. Once reaction settled, chloroform forms as a white powder residue at the bottom. Carefully pour the solution out of the glass container. Make sure chloroform st ays in the glass container. Use funnel to extract the chloroform powder from the glass container. Chloroform powder must store in a dark brown glass container. It s not recommende d to store more than one week. Also avoid contact the container with sunlight. During prolonged storage in the presence of oxygen, chloroform converts slowly to phosgene. Note: This article is only for academic exchange. Improperly producing and han dling chloroform at home will cause fatal consequence.

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