God at work in Molochansk.

My dear friends, I am excited to share with you, about wonderful experience we had today. This Sunday 8 people were baptized, 3 of them, young people and let me introduce them. Nastya – few days ago we were not sure, that she will have a baptism, Nastya took a discipleship course before the baptism, and at the last moment her parents forbid her to have it. It is not surprising; many people still have “Orthodox” background, thinking that our church is not true. When Nastya shared it with us, we began to pray more intensively for the right solution. We did not want Nastya to disobey her parents. And answer arrived immediately. Mother of another girl, who applied for the baptism, visited Nasty’s parents, and insisted to visit pastor. Nastyas mother, talked to pastor Jacob, and to make this story short, Nastya mother agreed for the baptism. It is even hard to explain the joy, and shining face of her after the baptism. We praise God and rejoice for the new members of our family. Vika, - you may remember this face from my previous newsletters. When Vika repented, her mother immediately forbid her to attend all our church activities. A school psychologist had many conversations trying to convince her, that she chooses not a right way in her life. But Vika was strong, I remember, many time her in tears, when she did not have understanding around her parents and old friends. But situation changed completely recently, Vikas mother now attend church, and began to read a Bible. We rejoice with Vika, for her step of commitment. By the way, it was Vikas mother, who insisted Nastays mother to talk to pastor.

Katya,- first joined us, after the English camp in 2009, from that time she was on of the most faithfull visitors of the church and youth programs. She went through many difficulties as well with her parents, but Prays God, they allowed her to take a baptism. I know this girls for many years, we could observe their growth and failures. Sometimes we did not know how to reflect on some situations in their lifes. Only through the prayer. We are sure, many more temptations are on their way. But the fact, they choose a church as a refuge is very encouraging. Nastya, Katya, and Vika are involved in camps, and Sunday school ministries. We strongly belive, that young people grow, when they do something. We are glad that their family and friends came for the baptism cerimony, for some of them it was first time when they came to the church. But still every story is a little Gods mirracle. Let me introduse another group of young people. This 4 ladies are staying in the church, in our “Mercy house”. We provide full care for them till they die. And we are happy to inform you, that many of them usually die in the Lord. Difficult, but wondefull ministry. We are very happy to see fruits of our ministry. Sometimes, we are discouraged, and tired, but today it was a great day of joy. We are thanksfull for your prayers, and partnership with us in some of the projects. May God richly bless you, and us as we seve Him, for His glory.

In Christ, directors of the youth ministry in Molochansk, Andrei and Julia Utkin’s

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