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Currency or Current

Currency: refers to a generally accepted medium of exchange Currrent: something that flows, as a stream. As the Lord of Spirits has a flow or medium of exchange called the Holy Spirit, likewise Lucifer or the spirit of this world has what is known as money. It is said that: “money is the root of all evil“, and this applies appropriately to the ruler of this dimension in this time, which is satan. As Yahweh communicates with us with love, and a oneness through the Holy Spirit from Heaven. Satan communicates through this medium using the banking system, or federal reserve. We see that the actions of this federal reserve, as it takes its toll on the freedoms and liberties of this country through what is known as debt. This being the total opposite of liberation and freedom established through the love and oneness of the Holy Spirit. Where the one represents oneness, the other represents separation, isolation and confusion. The characteristics of energy or power are established in both. If one is connected for example to the physical currency of this world, one is considered more powerful given the amount of money one has. Also in the realm of money, it is a selfishness, as those involved do not want to share. Unlike the current of the oneness of the Holy spirit which is to uplift and dispense to a variety and inexhaustible flow. The Holy Spirit is of love, peace, and Justice. The other of Hate. This is where satan attempts to amass control through evolution. Not the evolution of just that which is created by Yahweh, also the evolution from the physical monies, to that which is electrometric and cannot be seen or control except by those in charge of the money. He devises a plan by which at anytime, he can cut off the flow of currency, thereby affecting the lives of those that believe in the life within the flow. This the great illusion, as there is no life in the flow of satan, only a temporary illusion of life. As it is not eternal but only of this time. So, as Yahweh has a spirit of communicating, likewise satan created a mode of communication. Where Yahweh guides, satan’s current misguides. Where Yahweh is to help, satan is to hurt. For those that rely on this currency, which will not exist past this realm, they will be lost souls. As there is not documentation that exists which establishes that anyone has taken any of satan’s currency beyond this realm. However, we see time after time, the current of Yahweh into this realm from Heaven. Therefore, the stream of Yahweh is continuous and flows in both directions. While when observed, the currency of satan is not a flow at all. We can see that as it relates to this matter that I am currently involved in the currency blinds and diminishes the reason of man. As we can see, the currency causes the violations of law. As the current is not pure, it is polluted with hate, jealousy, envy and strife. This currency brings about discrimination, racism, bigotry. It impairs the knowledge of those that are handlers of this currency. They use it as a means of control, of which they have none in the passage of time through eternity. It is not permanent this currency they possess. In this they find thier freedom. This is nothing, as the Holy Spirit is the only currency that matters. If one was to

ask of when this currency was imparted upon me, I can recount from the age of two, as I was given such conscience from the time I stopped from my mother’s breast. It is overflowing as the knowledge it brings was tremendous from the age of three and continues until this day. The only need for the currency of this realm is for the possession of marijuana and solitude to commune more with the Holy Spirit in peace and not for the cares of this world which are of folly. For the Marijuana and the praise are created for the edification and oneness of which the creator intended and not for vain, and selfish desires. For I have no desire for the things of this world. If it were not for the Will of the creator, I would have no need to be present in this realm. It is not of a care of mine to be 23 years or one more day, as I pray for the creator to take me up as Enoch or Ezekiel so I can be at all times with the father in The Kingdom. The currency of satan actually makes ignorant the minds of man for they cannot calculate one plus one, even if you gave them the answer of two. They have Caucasian currency and then they have African currency valued at differing rates. There is no consistency in the current and it being corrupt, it fluctuates without scale, or notice, only to whims of those placed in charge of it by whom they pay homage. Beware however, what I speak of is true and my time represents the coming of the beginning of the end. For when my time is concluded in this realm, it will be representative of the beginning of end. For the awtuhm is the end of the beginning and the winter the beginning of the end. Just as Yahweh brought up Ramses to bring him down for an example before Moses and his forsake. For when one asks for the freedom to flow with Yahweh, it should not be taken likely for the creator through the Holy Spirit is connected. Whoa, unto those that attempt to break such a current. It is far more substantial than any current of man that serves the ruler of this world. Likewise this governor is brought up as an example in this time. Those things suffered by Ramses and Egypt happened so people could see what greatness is and isn’t. Likewise, this will happen the same if heed is not taken. For those that attempt at preventing the current of praise to the father which is in the Kingdom of Heaven must pay the uttermost far thing. It is they whom will be placed in The Book of Death. For I will place them there in my writings of which have begun. So, as they whom carry out wickedness believe that they are able to bind such believers in Yahweh, it is they which will be bound to and within the Book of Death, of which Justice will pass such upon them. It will be the Holy Spirit and the Saints which will bring this into remembrance to those as they are cast into the lake. As it will be their belief in the caste, and separation characteristic of their currency which will follow into eternity with them. Their currency is not a pleasing and acceptable offering to the creator. As they will be guilty of attempting to fraudulently influence the scales of Justice. To this, I will give account as witness, as the spirit of my Lord is upon me in this time and for all time. Praise be unto the Almighty, Lord of the Spirits for Yahweh and Yahweh alone is worthy of praise. Nothing Else.

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