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Worst Intersections Ever

Worst Intersections Ever

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Published by Sara Slapp
The world's worst intersections, compiled for your viewing pleasure.
The world's worst intersections, compiled for your viewing pleasure.

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Published by: Sara Slapp on Jun 07, 2012
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Worst. Intersections. Ever.

You’ll look at your daily commute in a whole different light after seeing some of these bad boys…

Think your drive to work is bad in the morning? Well, unless it involves one of the following, chances are it isn’t the world’s worst.  A guide to the world’s most confusing (and frustrating!) intersections.


First up, we’ve got this. Definitely not one for those prone to vertigo…
Image via Curious Read

China’s spiral bridge approach.

Phew! This one isn’t the prettiest from an aerial standpoint. You can definitely appreciate the difficulty you’d have navigating it though…

Image via Curious Read

Taganskaya Square, Moscow

The Place de l’Etoile which goes around the Arc De Triomphe in Paris may be picturesque, but it’d be a nightmare to drive!
Image by Wikipedia user Arpingstone

The Arc De Triomphe

All I’m going to say is try getting from A to B here. The picture says enough!

Image from Google Maps

More Shanghai madness

The UK doesn’t get off by any stretch of the imagination, this one is so complicated that it needs its own guide…

Swindon’s magic roundabout!

Proving that America always does it as well as anyone else, here’s this ladder-like intersection from Chicago

Image by Curious Read


This intersection is made super complicated by the unique pedestrian crossing. Getting through that without breaking your windshield might be easier said than done!

Image by Seabaryo/Flickr

Criss crossing in Tapei

Just looking at this interchange in New Jersey is enough to give me a sore head. Wouldn’t want to drive it!

Image from Google Maps

Newark Airport Interchange

This one in Atlanta looks more like a spider’s web than a stretch of road.

Image by Google Maps

Tom Moreland Interchange

We’ll end it on the original spaghetti junction – the UK’s Gravely Hill Interchange.

Gravelly Hill Interchange

Picture from the British Highways Agency

See? That daily grind isn’t so bad after all, right?

The end.

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