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ARBOUR DAY PLANTING KAREHANA PARK 2012 Friday, 1 June 2012, the day while cool was fine

e and ideal for the planned Arbour Day planting at the Cluny Road entrance to the Karehana Park. Photo 1 The entrance at the start of Photo 1
Start of the Day

The first on site were Tim, Johnny & Seamus from PCC Garden Maintenance with the delivery of 300 selected shrubs and plants. Photo 2 Photo 2 The delivery team PCC team delivering plants

They also supplied the standard tools of trade and during the morning were available to dig holes and provide advice.

Photo 3 The tools wanting for the plans and planters!

Photo 4 Lynda K arrives with tape measure and planting plan

The Karehana Refurbishment project is supported by Porirua City Council and the Plimmerton Community. Donations for Pavers in the Park is a critical factor if the project

is to be completed and Roger J was on hand to shows details of the pavers and the layout of the pathway and of course look for other donors.

Photo 5 Roger J set up his sales table while in the background plants are set out to plan.

The Kids in Charge (KICs) are year 4-8 students at Plimmerton School who have been elected by fellow students to this leadership project, Lisa C and Emma C are the teachers involved in the project with Lisa and a number of parents arriving accompanying the KICs; Harry (President), Maggie (Vice President). Buddy, Alexandra, Cassia, Annabell, Bianca, Sam, Bailey, Georgia, Goldie, Ella, Jacob, Stella, Madison, Molly, Evie, Ana, Ella, Jack, Nathan, Allie, Zane and Katie to start the planting. We will be putting up photos of the KICs, in action, up on the PRA website but just need to clear the photos with Plimmerton School first. Also included in the photos are those of the KICs with our Mayor, who got down to planting as well. By lunchtime all 300 plants had been planted. The PCC will be mulching the planted area and a number of local residents will be taking time to mow and clean up the area.

Photos 6 & 7 End of the day

Take a stroll down to have a look at the end result. The next phase will be the start of the pathway.