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ERDT Brochure

ERDT Brochure

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Published by: Chesca Laguna on Jun 07, 2012
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Deadlines for Submission of Application Form: Second Semester AY 2008-2009 March 26, 2009 - DLSU May 30, 2009 - MIT April 30, 2009 - UPD/UPLB/ADMU/CLSU/ MSU-IIT/USC The awardee shall be selected based on the following criteria: 1. 2. 3. 4. Documents submitted Interview Admission in the Graduate School of the identified ERDT Consortium University Approval of the DOST Secretary

The list of awardees as approved and announced by the DOST Secretary is final and unappealable.

MS Tuition and other school fees Research Grant to be released directly to the university Book Allowance Thesis/Dissertation Allowance Stipend Transportation Allowance Actual P200,000 P400,000 PHD

1. 2. 3. The scholarship award shall be for full-time studies, i.e. 2 years for the Master’s program and 3 years for the Doctoral program. Awardees shall execute a Scholarship Agreement with the ERDT Consortium University. Evaluation of the academic performance of the scholar based on established policies shall be done to determine the scholarship status every semester or term. A service obligation to be rendered in the Philippines shall be required of the scholars after finishing the MS/PhD degree, i.e. one year for every year of scholarship. Refund of scholarship grant with interest for non-completion of the graduate program and failure to comply with the service obligation.

P5,000/ semester P30,000 P15,000/ mo. P10,000/ yr.

P5,000/ semester P60,000


5. P23,000/ mo. P10,000/ yr.


work. Environmental Eng.: (044) 456-5190 (0917) 4084106 reneagulto@yahoo. Implementation of research agenda aligned to the National Science and Technology Plan (NSTP) and Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) 2. Computer Eng. Pag-Asa D. Mechanical Eng. Electronics & Communications Eng. Electrical Eng.. Civil Eng. 401 or 402 Tel. Computer Eng. PTRI Bldg. Upgrading of engineering colleges 6.. shall implement a graduate scholarship program for priority engineering courses and related fields.. Certificate of Admission in the Graduate School of the ERDT identified university* 11. Co-Maker Statement* WHERE TO SECURE/FILE APPLICATION SCIENCE EDUCATION INSTITUTE (SEI) 3rd Floor. PhD Computer Science Agricultural Engineering Chemical Eng. Beth Salazar Trunkline: (632) 981-8500 loc. Metro Manila Tel.com Tel. Medical Certificate 5. Ireneo C.. Materials Science & Eng. describing what you intend to do (e. not more than 1000 words.ph Central Luzon State University Dr. Taguig City.. For PhD applicants. No. be in good health 5.edu.: (063) 223-2351 coe-evp@sulat. 10. Banacia Trunkline: (032) 344-3801 loc. Bicutan... This shall be in the form of local master’s and doctoral scholarships.: (632) 9260703 Fax: (632) 926-1351 gradengg@up... Mechanical Eng... Mining Eng.. Environmental Eng. Catherine Manuela Ramos Trunkline: (632) 426-6001 loc..    MIT QUALIFICATIONS FOR MASTER’S DEGREE/ DOCTORAL DEGREE SCHOLARSHIPS MSU-IIT Civil Eng. Engineering Electronics & Communications Eng. Electrical Eng. No. Materials Science and Eng. Electronics & Communications Eng.edu.. Mechanical Eng.ph Mapua Institute of Technology Ms.. Materials Science and Eng.. Accessible graduate education 5..ph. Remote Sensing/Geo Informatics Civil Eng.. Villanueva Tel. Attainment of a critical mass of MS and PhD graduates (RSE’s) 3. describing current work or a project (or research) that you worked on and your contribution towards the completion of the project. not more than 500 words.msuiit.engg... Rosie Ann Pascual Trunkline: (632) 247-5000 loc. through the Science Education Institute (SEI). Electronics & Communications Eng. Environmental Eng.. 3106 Tel. Birth Certificate (Original NSO copy and photocopy) 7. v i s it i ng professorship grants and research enrichment program made possible through the funding support from President Gloria MacapagalArroyo. 2104 Tel. Upgrading of the qualifications of practicing engineers 4. Computer Science. 9. Water Resources Agricultural Engineering Agrometeorology Chemical Eng. have a BS/MS degree in engineering or related field 2.. Computer Science. Agulto Tel.. Metallurgical Eng. 3. Industrial Eng. Environmental Computer Science. Industrial Eng. No.. UP Diliman   Agricultural Engineering UP Los Baños USC Application form can also be downloaded at the websites of the ERDT Consortium Universities and DOST-SEI. Chemical Eng. Civil Eng.. Civil Eng..) after earning your graduate degree. Materials Science and Eng.ph University of the Philippines Diliman Ms.  The applicant must 1. Alberto S. be a Filipino citizen 4. www. 8. 2. Mechanical Eng. a narrative describing your intended research area. Computer Science.ph ERDT CONSORTIUM UNIVERSITY OF CHOICE  Ateneo de Manila University Ms. have passed the admission requirements for graduate studies at any of the ERDT consortium universities..g.... (049) 536-8745 or (049)536-2686 University of San Carlos Engr. No.. Civil Eng.d octor ate s ch o lar s h i p s .. Electrical Eng. Elepano arnold_elepano@yahoo. Arnold R. Remote Sensing/Geo Informatics. Mechanical Eng. etc. DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED 1. 5638 Fax: (632) 426-5436 ecce@admu. Nos. foreign doctorate and p ost . NBI Clearance 6. Energy Eng.ENGINEERING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOR TECHNOLOGY (ERDT) HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Effective SY 2008-2009.ph University of the Philippines Los Baños Dr. A narrative.: (632) 527-3681 racpascual@mapua. Materials Science and Eng. Electronics Engineering Agricultural Engineering Chemical Eng. Electrical Eng.science-scholarships. business.edu. A narrative.edu. No. the ERDT Consortium Universities in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Accomplished Information Sheet Photocopy of Official Transcript of Records Recommendation letter from 3 past professors or supervisors 4. Computer Eng.: (032) 346-0351  * must be submitted as requirements in the awarding of the ERDT scholarships OBJECTIVES 1.. Chemical Eng. Environmental Eng.. Gaspillo Trunkline: (632) 524-4611 loc. Lynne Serrano or Ms. Industrial Eng.. Dr. Energy Eng. Eliseo P. not be more than 45 years old at the time of application 3.com De La Salle University Dr.. Environmental Eng... Industrial Eng. Civil Eng. 200 Fax: (632) 524-0563 gaspillop@dlsu. 837-1333 / 839-0083 Fax : 839-0086 Website :http://www...edu.up.. Industrial Eng... Manufacturing Eng...ph Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Tech. Development of a culture of R&D STUDY PLACEMENT & PRIORITY S&T COURSES UNIVERSITY ADMU CLSU DLSU MS Computer Science. .edu. Electrical Eng. No. Approved program of study* 12. Mechanical Eng.

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