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SAP Best Practices Overview En

SAP Best Practices Overview En

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Published by: Kuntal Pharas on Jun 07, 2012
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SAP Best Practices

Prepackaged Industry & Cross-Industry Know-How

Jumpstart your Implementations with SAP Best Practices


Best Practices Overview

2.Implementation Approach 3.Tools 4.Success

and Summary

Adjustments within project Adjustments within project SAP Best Practices Standard System Standard System Traditional project © 2012 SAP AG.Introduction to SAP Best Practices SAP Best Practices are packages that provide preconfigured business processes and project accelerators to streamline customer implementations. With SAP Best Practices 3 . All rights reserved.

4 .What makes SAP Best Practices “Best”? SAP and partner experiences contribute to enhancing SAP Best Practices  Over 35 years of experience.000 implementations © 2012 SAP AG. and input from companies of all sizes Over 36 SAP Partners contribute to direct development focused on efficiency and validity   Over 40. design. All rights reserved.

SAP Best Practices are used for a variety of projects Microvertical SAP Business All-in-One  SAP Best Practices packages provide a solid foundation for rapid development of microvertical solutions Prototype / Proof of concept  Quickly preview and understand SAP applications and processes Reference System  Quickly set up and accelerate blueprinting and solution scope definition Starting Point   Meet an average of 30% to 80% of midsize company requirements Add additional requirements as needed throughout the project Subsidiary Rollout  Accelerate rollout of SAP to subsidiaries in different regions or industries © 2012 SAP AG. 5 . All rights reserved.

SAP Best Practices – enabling small & midsize enterprises as a key element of SAP Business All-in-One Industry Solutions Partners Single Business Application covering small business fundamentals Complete. 6 . All rights reserved. Adaptable on-demand business solution Configurable and Extensible on-premise business solution with deep industry best practices SAP Best Practices Accelerated by © 2012 SAP AG.

What‟s Included: SAP Best Practices deliver documentation and preconfiguration Complete documentation and preconfiguration are included in every SAP Best Practices package Contents include: Documentation Scenario overviews Business process documentation Quick Guide for prerequisites and guided activation of settings Configuration Guide Training material Preconfiguration Preconfiguration settings Sample master data Configuration documentation Automation tools Print forms User roles to leverage new SAP NetWeaver Business client Documentation Download Business documentation. documentation templates. All rights reserved. technical documentation. refer to the Quick Guide document for more details © 2012 SAP AG. and conversion forms Note: Technical Download Configuration settings Automation tools Refined Print Forms and Reports … provided in an SAP Add-On Some SAP Best Practices are delivered as a documentation download only. 7 .

Tools 4.Implementation Approach 3.Agenda 1.SAP Best Practices Overview 2.Success and Summary .

Adapt & Enhance Adapt and enhance the system to meet customer or microvertical requirements © 2012 SAP AG. 9 . All rights reserved. Refine Identify and add other requirements on top of SAP Best Practices preconfigured scenarios 5. review or test the scenarios using the Business Process Documentation 4. Activate Upload and activate the preconfigured scenarios or manually configure the system. Install Install SAP applications and required notes 3.Using SAP Best Practices involves five basic steps 1. Review & Download Review SAP Best Practices documentation and scenario scope to select the appropriate deployment scenarios on the SAP Help Portal. then download your selected package 2.

Turn SAP Best Practices into a Live System SAP Best Practices Add-On ■ Identify required scope ■ Pick and choose scenarios ■ Train the project team ■ Understand the business flow Activate all scenarios Prototype Activate selected scenarios DEV QAS SAP Best Practices are the foundation for the entire duration of your implementation project 10 PROD © 2012 SAP AG. . All rights reserved.

Tools 4.Implementation Approach 3.Success and Summary .Agenda 1.SAP Best Practices Overview 2.

12 .IMPLEMENT . All rights reserved.Solution Builder Simplified path to activate SAP Best Practices SCOPE ADAPT ACTIVATE  Graphical scenario selection  Standard scope templates delivered by SAP Best Practices  Easy enhancements with further templates  Graphical adaptation of enterprise structure  Personalization of master data  Automated installation of selected scenarios with personalized data  Improved performance and usability © 2012 SAP AG.

access to logs  Building block assignment.g. All rights reserved.Solution Builder Components + basic functionality Solution Builder Solution Builder  Manages different solution or package scopes  Graphical scoping engine  Organizational structure composer and personalization  Application area editor + assignment Implementation Assistant  Manages and monitors implementation of a solution/package (scenario based). pricing parameters) Building Block Builder  Creation of building blocks  Insertion of different task types for implementation activities  Maintenance of installation data © 2012 SAP AG. 13 . maintenance of information on scenario level/scenario edit view (e.

Implementation Approach 3.Tools 4.SAP Best Practices Overview 2.Agenda 1.Success and Summary .

com  SAP Solutions and Services: SAP Business All in One®. Indonesia  Industry: CPG  Products and Services: Baked Goods  Employees: 760  Web Site: www. increasing revenues and IT strategy we reap from SAP will be significant and bring Nippon Indosari to a new level of success” Alex Honki Project Manager PT Nippon Indosari Corp.sariroti.  Pre-configured solution made the implementation faster Full integration of supply chain and use of a full range of logical and analytical capabilities Information is accurate. All rights reserved. reliable and available in real-time Enabled more analytics for decision making Implementation was completed in 20 weeks   © 2012 SAP AG. 15 .PT Nippon Indosari selects SAP Best Practices Based Package QUICK FACTS PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo  Location: Bekasi. SAP Best Practices  Partner: Metrodata e-Bisnis Challenges and Opportunities    Why SAP  Business Process integration and efficiency Management reporting Database centralized  Objectives    Strong references with similar projects and SAP’s reputation in the consumer goods industry SAP offers the rich functionality that can address the full range of business processes Streamline business processes and increase productivity Make the business more transparent Develop a system that can scale with the company Benefits   Implementation Highlights “The benefits in terms of lowering costs.

weg. 16 . Only minor modifications were necessary to complete the system configuration.” Fernando Lima Project Manager WEG Nantong The SAP Best Practices package enabled the customer to have a prototype within a very short time.net  SAP Solutions and Services: SAP ERP®. All rights reserved.WEG China selects SAP Best Practices Based Package QUICK FACTS WEG China  Location: Nantong. China  Industry: IM&C  Products and Services: Motors  Employees: 600  Web Site: www. Implementation Highlights  Implementation completed in 3 months © 2012 SAP AG. SAP Best Practices  Partner: hartung:consult Challenges and Opportunities   Why SAP    Users were not using any ERP solution prior to SAP Very short implementation period Market expertise Availability of a SAP Best Practice package Company’s headquarter is implementing SAP Objectives   Rapid SAP Implementation Provide all business departments with an integrated application Benefits   Use best industry practices  “We would never have expected that it is possible to implement a full scale SAP solution in such a short time.

br SAP® Solutions and Services: Business All-In-One. robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) Support to quickly deploy business operations and processes The implementation has provided Cereal Comercio with total control of purchasing. production control and associated costs Proven.com. to the completion of the sales process. Cereal has developed “the inventory/cash flow”.” Evaristo Jr. a new way to asses the impact of goods movement in relation to the financial timeline. CEO Cereal Comerico    Full implementation in less than 8 weeks Total initial cost below US$ 200K More than 90% SAP Best Practice Baseline Brasil used out of the box  © 2012 SAP AG. Mill products Products and Services: Soy and Derivates. SAP Best Practices Partner: Inove Soluções SAP®   Transparency of the business’ cash flow Financial controls and reporting Inventor control.Cereal Comércio selects SAP® Best Practices Based Package QUICK FACTS Cereal Comércio  Challenges and Opportunities  Why SAP   Location: Rio Verde-GO. The project challenge of going from „Zero„ to Live in less than 8 weeks was completed by our Partner.grupocereal. Warehouse services Revenue: US$100 million Employees: 100 Web Site: www. Benefits  Objectives     Achieve operational excellence Improve operational efficiency Reduce cost and improve productivity Better reporting and analytics  Implementation Highlights “The SAP Best Practices based solution has proven to be the fastest way to address our business issues. Brazil        Industry: Consumer products. 17 . production. Inove Soluções with excellent results. Cash flow – in addition to the standard cash flow feature in SAP. inventory. sales and finance SAP solution supports every stage of manufacturing and distribution processes from goods receipt through production. All rights reserved.

o.o. Lack of executive visibility Financial controls and reporting Accessibility of the right data at a given moment     Objectives    Improve operational efficiency Improve customer relationships Respond rapidly to changing business requirements Industry specific best practices built-in Proven. 18 .” Marko Podgornik Managing director Mikro+Polo d.Mikro+Polo d. medicine and calibration laboratory products Revenue: €10. All rights reserved.o.o. robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) Ability to tailor the final solution to growing or changing business needs Support for localized/country specific business practices Centralized data management and reporting Fully-integrated business system Benefits    Implementation Highlights  “We chose itelligence„s itWholesale solution because we were determined to get an information system that will     support and automate our business processes to the highest level possible. selects SAP® Best Practices Based Package QUICK FACTS Mikro+Polo d.o. SAP was chosen based on that.mikro-polo.si SAP® Solutions and Services: SAP® Business All-In-One solution. Full scope implementation completed in 23 weeks Use of implementation tools Accelerated system and user documentation Expedited customer learning Reduced the number of consulting days required © 2012 SAP AG. SAP Best Practices package Partner: itelligence d.o.o. due to the outstanding references and for being the system of choice of our most important customers and suppliers.o. Slovenia Industry: Wholesale Products and Services: engineering.    Challenges and Opportunities    Why SAP     Location: Maribor.3 million Employees: 70 Web Site: www.

that could scale to meet future needs Med-Health Companies. a leading medical products distributor. needed to ramp their systems with extensive functionality tailored for Pharmaceutical and Wholesale Distribution Management. All rights reserved. 19 . adopted SAP All-in-One solution implemented by Ki Solutions Med-Health.Customer Success . to go-live with their web based distribution business for medical supplies Rapid deployment within 10 weeks with very limited staff to sustain operations SAP All-in-One solution based on SAP Best Practices with industry standard infrastructure helped establish credibility with customers and partners © 2012 SAP AG.Med-Health Companies Rapid deployment within 10 weeks using SAP Best Practices-based SAP Business All-in-One solution Selected industry best practices.

a leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing.Polyglass Cost-effective deployment for midsize company using SAP Best Practices-based SAP Business All-in-One solution “Laying a foundation for future innovations that will follow” Andy Hastings. implemented SAP All-in-One partner solution EDGETM from Technology Solutions Company (TSC) Polyglass was looking to apply for ISO certification and was interested in a solution that would address the detailed documentation and business process procedure requirements. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. USA POLYGLASS. COO. Cost-effective deployment time-line met expectations Extensive documentation of business process and procedures to support ISO certification 20 . SAP All-in-One was the only solution that could deliver these requirements on time and within budget.Customer Success .

 Reduce total implementation time by an average of 32%. deliver a 72% match to customer requirements1 SCM. SRM ERP Cost Reduction ( in 1000 Euros) 3345 195 2250 436 400 65 30 15 “Without SAP Best Practices. 2004 study of SAP Best Practices by Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences 21 2A © 2012 SAP AG. ERP SCM. the project would have been more complex. SRM CRM/BI PLM IT 0 15 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 150 375 Time Reduction (person hours) 1045 Meeting customer needs:  On average.”2 1Results PLM IT CRM/BI n = 51 Median Arithmetic Mean 1000 2000 3000 4000 0 of a 2006 . The overall project was speedier.  Reduce consulting and customer project resources by an average of 50%.2007 SAP survey among customers who incorporated SAP Best Practices in their implementation projects. .Worldwide studies have proven the value of SAP Best Practices Implementation Acceleration:  Average implementation time was 4. All rights reserved.2 months for over 20 sample projects in US and Latin America in 2006.

content. fully-documented prototype in only a few days right out of the box Improve Project Performance and Customer Understanding Use SAP Best Practices as an integrated tool for evaluation. training. and implementation © 2012 SAP AG.SAP Best Practices Foundation for your success in the midmarket     Packages Tailored to Meet Midmarket Needs Sound foundation for preconfigured. and methodology to reduce costs compared to traditional approaches Prepackaged Business Expertise Reusable documentation and configuration which can be adapted to specific needs Create or Extend Your Business Solutions Use the fully documented implementation procedure including the automation and personalization tools as the basis to create your own SAP Business All-in-One solution   Build a Working Prototype Have a working. ready-to-use business scenarios based on SAP‟s deep industry experience Rapid Implementation and Reduced Costs Tools. All rights reserved. 22 .

sap.sap.sap. All rights reserved.com/bestpractices © 2012 SAP AG.Public SAP Best Practices – http://help.com/baio SAP Best Practices – http://service.com/businessallinone SAP Best Practices – http://www.com/bestpractices SAP Service Marketplace – Partnes and Customers only SAP Business All-in-One – http://service.sap.com/bestpractices SAP Best Practices Portfolio – Availability SAP Help Portal .Where to Find More Details SAP Public Website SAP Business All-in-One – http://www. 23 .sap.

Thank you! SAP Best Practices SAP AG businessallinone@sap. 24 .com © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

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