January  5,  2012     Dear  Sam,     I  have  read  the  letter  that  you  posted  recently  on  Facebook,  and

 have  decided  I  must   write  to  you.  Perhaps  you  find  it  confusing  and  discouraging  that  while  you  have   done  your  best  to  show  repentance  and  to  follow  biblical  process  regarding  your  fall,   you  are  met  with  such  resistance  from  former  fellow-­‐soldiers  in  the  Lord’s  work.   None  of  us  have  written  comments  of  encouragement  or  delight  in  your  plans  to  re-­‐ launch  yourself  in  ministry,  and  no  one  is  “liking”  your  letter.  You  may  feel  that  we   are  being  unreasonable  and  even  graceless  in  our  approach.  I  know  that  the  silence   is  hurtful,  but  it  is  all  that  many  of  us  feel  we  can  offer.  However,  as  you  declare   repeatedly  that  you  want  so  much  to  follow  the  will  of  God,  I  am  writing  to  you  to   attempt  to  help  you  understand  the  resistance  and  hesitance  I  and  many  others  feel.   You  have  written,  “Hypocrisy  is  an  unpardonable  sin.”  I  have  been  silent  all  of  these   months,  but  in  light  of  your  words,  and  in  light  of  the  fact  that  you  seem  determined   to  launch  yourself  into  ministry  again,  I  cannot  hold  my  peace  any  longer.  Know  that   I  write  to  you,  not  for  the  purpose  of  wounding,  but  of  healing.  I  pray  for  you  and   your  family  every  day,  and  I  do  not  take  lightly  the  responsibility  of  lifting  you  and   your  future  up  before  the  Lord.  But  I  have  come  to  the  conclusion  that  I  cannot  just   pray  for  you.  I  must  share  with  you  what  is  upon  my  heart.  As  Jesus  spoke  to  the   Pharisees,  there  were  tears  in  His  voice.  But  He  continued  to  rebuke  them,  only   becoming  more  direct  as  time  went  on  in  His  ministry.  This  was  not  because  He  was   becoming  angry  with  them,  but  because  He  knew  they  were  advancing  in  their  sin   against  the  Holy  Spirit—pushing  away  the  voice  of  conviction—and  He  must  do   something  desperate  to  get  their  attention.  Those  who  will  not  be  molded  must  be   broken.  I  pray  this  is  not  the  case  in  your  situation.  So  I  write  to  you  as  a  friend,  with   earnest  intention  to  reach  your  heart.  I  hope  that  you  will  prayerfully  consider  my   words.   You  may  know  that  I  did  two  seminar  presentations  on  sexual  addiction  at  GYC  this   year,  as  well  as  one  on  healing  from  sexual  abuse.  As  this  is  an  area  in  which  I  deal   with  many  people  on  an  ongoing  basis,  I  have  felt  more  and  more  compelled  to  put   together  a  presentation  to  reach  those  who  I  cannot  speak  with  personally.  I  spoke   directly  to  the  issues  involving  your  situation,  though  I  did  not  use  your  name.  I  felt   that  by  your  persistent  determination  to  exalt  yourself  to  the  position  of  spiritual   advisor  to  others,  when  you  have  completely  disqualified  yourself  for  it,  you  had   forced  me  to  do  so.   The  heart  of  my  presentation  on  sexual  addiction  was  the  allegory  of  the  plant.  I   used  two  plants  in  particular,  the  dandelion  and  the  bamboo,  to  illustrate  sexual   addiction.  In  my  seminar  I  explained  that  the  power  of  these  plants  lies  in  their  root   system,  and  that  by  the  time  a  sexual  addiction  is  manifested  by  outward  behaviors,  

it  is  already  deeply  rooted  in  other  sins  of  the  soul.  This  is  a  fact,  and  one  that  you   must  realize  yourself,  as  you  examine  your  own  life.  I  don’t  have  to  hear  a  story  to   know  that  there  was  a  long  process  that  led  to  your  fall.  You  have  attempted  to  paint   yourself  as  a  mighty  spiritual  warrior  who  made  a  mistake  because  he  was  in  a  “far   country”  and  who  did  not  have  enough  safeguards  in  place.  This  is  a  boldfaced  lie.   You  and  I  both  know  that  this  is  not  the  first  time  you  have  done  such  a  thing.  It  is   only  the  first  time  you  have  been  caught,  and  if  you  had  not  been  confronted  with   the  undeniable  truth  about  what  you  had  done,  you  would  not  have  voluntarily   come  forward.  Yet  you  have  artfully  worded  your  confessions  to  make  it  appear  that   you  did  so  voluntarily.  When  you  realized  that  the  facts  were  coming  to  light,  that   this  had  happened  in  January  and  you  had  not  confessed  for  many  months,  you   adjusted  your  confessions.  I  watched  the  progression  of  your  testimony  over  the   months,  and  you  have  evidenced  clearly  what  spirit  is  behind  your  efforts.  You   cannot  let  go  of  the  spotlight,  of  your  identity  as  a  spiritual  advisor  and  one  who  can   be  trusted  and  admired.  So  you  pretend  that  there  was  not  deep  spiritual  decay  in   your  heart  leading  up  to  this  event.  But  as  a  counselor  and  a  Christian,  I  know  what   happens  first.  The  hollow,  rotten  center  of  the  mighty  oak  is  only  revealed  when  it   falls,  but  the  decay  has  been  going  on  for  years  before  the  fall.  So  it  is  in  the  area  of   sexual  sin  especially.  When  a  man  knows  just  what  tremendous  issues  are  at  stake   and  goes  forward  with  his  lustful  actions  anyway,  one  can  know  that  this  was  not   the  beginning.  For  you  to  do  such  a  high-­‐risk  act,  there  have  been  many   comparatively  low-­‐risk  acts  already  done.  Whether  that  was  pornography  or  a   prostitute  in  Amsterdam,  I  don’t  know.  But  you  know.  And  you  have  determinedly   pressed  forward  with  your  pretense  of  holiness,  giving  your  followers  the  illusion   that  you  are  still  worthy  of  trust.  Nothing  could  be  farther  from  the  truth.   As  you  probably  know,  for  many  months  I  have  been  in  touch  with  the  young  lady   with  whom  you  were  sinfully  involved.  Since  I  do  not  know  if  this  email  will  be  seen   by  someone  other  than  yourself,  I  am  going  to  refer  to  her  as  Nandipa  (pseudonym)   I  have  developed  a  friendship  with  her,  and  am  deeply  moved  by  her  anguish  as  she   has  dealt  with  the  consequences  of  your  actions.  This  is  part  of  the  reason  I  feel  so   strongly  that  I  must  write  to  you.  You  seem  determined  to  promote  yourself  as  one   “qualified  for  ministry”  by  your  fall,  and  I  feel  very  strongly  that  under  the   circumstances,  nothing  can  be  farther  from  the  truth.  If  falling  into  sin  is  a   prerequisite  for  being  able  to  minister  to  sinners,  Jesus  Himself  was  not  qualified.   I  know  that  you  have  sought  to  find  forgiveness,  and  perhaps  you  feel  that  you  have   obtained  the  forgiveness  and  healing  needed  from  God.  One  might  feel,  “What  more   can  I  do?”  Confession,  repentance  and  bitter  time  of  reflection  have  all  been  a  part  of   the  last  few  months  for  you.  Now  you  may  not  be  able  to  understand  why  your   fellow  leaders  and  partners  in  ministry  feel  that  this  is  not  enough.  I  can  understand   why  you  might  think  that  you  are  now  qualified  to  minister  again.   However,  there  is  a  sin  for  which  there  is  no  forgiveness.  It  is  not  adultery,  of  course,   but  as  stated  in  Matthew  12:31,  “the  blasphemy  against  the  Spirit  will  not  be  

forgiven  men.”  I  know  that  I  am  not  explaining  something  to  you  that  you  do  not   know,  so  please  bear  with  me  and  listen  to  what  I  am  saying  about  this  sin.   The  sin  against  the  Holy  Spirit  is  the  sin  which  Satan  himself  commits.  It  is  the  sin   the  Pharisees  committed.  What  do  they  have  in  common?  Simply  put,  they  were   skilled  at  denial—lying  to  themselves.  Even  now,  though  Satan  knows  that  Jesus  is   coming  to  defeat  him,  and  that  he  can  do  nothing  to  stop  God  from  winning,  he  lives   in  continual  defiance,  determined  to  win  the  great  controversy  though  he  knows  he   cannot.  Though  he  stood  in  the  presence  of  the  Father,  and  knew  His  character  of   love  as  perhaps  no  other  angel  did,  Ellen  White  says  Satan  hates  the  concept  of  self-­‐ sacrificing  love.  “Its  very  existence  he  denies.”  Though  he  knows  that  God  is  love,  he   is  spending  every  moment  of  his  life  attempting  to  disprove  it.  In  a  word,  he  is  lying   to  himself.  This  is  why  he  is  known  as  “the  father  of  lies.”  This  is  one  manifestation  of   the  sin  against  the  Holy  Spirit—choosing  what  we  want  to  believe,  and  convincing   ourselves  of  it.   When  you  first  submitted  your  written  resignation,  accompanied  by  your   explanation  of  events,  I  read  it  and  immediately  said  to  Alan,  “He’s  not  telling  the   truth.”  As  a  Biblical  counselor,  I  deal  with  many  people  who  struggle  with  addictions,   especially  sexual  ones.  I  am  well  aware  of  the  process  that  leads  to  an  event  such  as   yours.  Perhaps  a  person  who  is  ignorant  of  this  process  would  believe  the   explanation,  “I  took  precautions,  but  I  did  not  take  enough,”  and  “it  was  the  sin  of  a   moment.”  However,  you  and  I  both  know  better.  There  was  a  long  process  that  led  to   such  an  event.  No  one  ends  up  in  bed  with  a  person  who  is  not  their  spouse  on  an   impulse.  This  is  true  a  hundred  times  over  in  this  particular  situation.   If  you  were  on  the  tenth  floor  of  a  building  and  you  climbed  into  the  elevator  and   pressed  the  right  button,  you  could  be  transported  in  a  matter  of  seconds  to  the   bottom  floor.  However,  this  is  not  how  adultery  happens.  The  process  leading  to   adultery  is  not  an  instantaneous  event,  but  a  step-­‐by-­‐step  descent,  a  persistent   pushing  away  of  the  voice  of  the  Holy  Spirit.  This  is  why  adultery  is  sufficient  to   break  even  the  sacred  marriage  vow.   Before  one  engages  in  such  a  high-­‐risk  sin  (risking  your  own  life,  your  wife’s  life,   your  ministry,  reputation,  and  family),  there  are  a  thousand  second  looks  at  low   necklines  or  high  hemlines,  or  fantasies,  or  episodes  of  viewing  pornography,  or   trips  to  the  hotel  desk  to  pay  cash  to  watch  a  movie  that  you  do  not  want  to  be   recorded  on  your  bill.  No  earnest  Christian  young  man  ends  up  in  the  back  seat  of  a   car  with  his  girlfriend  without  first  pushing  away  the  voice  of  conscience,   rationalizing  many  times,  “It’s  okay  to  go  sit  in  a  deserted  parking  lot  alone  in  the   dark,  because  we  would  never…”   You  and  I  both  know  this—there  is  a  process  that  leads  to  an  adulterous  event.   When  a  mighty-­‐looking  tree  falls  in  a  storm,  we  are  shocked  to  see  the  hollow   rottenness  that  has  consumed  the  inside  of  the  tree.  It  looked  fine  until  it  fell.  But   there  was  a  long  process  that  led  to  that  fall.  Adulterous  behavior,  the  fall  of  the  tree,   is  the  RESULT,  not  the  impulsive  event,  of  a  long  process  of  spiritual  decay.  And  

anyone  experienced  in  marriage  and  ministry  should  be  well  aware  of  this  lengthy   process  of  spiritual  rotting.   In  your  confession  and  resignation  you  sought  to  make  it  appear  that  you  were  a   spiritually  solid  person  who  had  had  a  momentary  fall  because  of  exhaustion,  being   in  a  “far  country”  and  not  having  enough  safeguards  in  place.  Then  you  made  it   appear  that  you  had  voluntarily,  immediately  come  forward  with  this  confession,   out  of  the  conviction  of  your  heart  and  the  earnest  desire  to  do  right  and  only  right.   Because  of  the  way  you  worded  your  confession,  I  knew  immediately  that  you  were   not  being  honest  about  what  had  happened.   Contrast  this,  if  you  will,  with  what  could  have  happened.  Suppose  that  you  had   made  the  mistake  of  committing  adultery,  but  had  immediately  sent  the  girl  away,   called  your  wife  and  called  or  written  to  Jay  and  resigned.  What  if  you  had   immediately  admitted  that  there  had  been  a  long  process  of  spiritual  decay  going  on   in  your  life,  which  had  culminated  in  an  act  that  you  had  never  dreamed  you  could   be  capable  of  doing?  What  if  you  had  immediately,  in  tears  of  repentance,  sent   Nandipa  away  and  called  the  chaplain  to  counsel  her  and  support  her?  While  these   actions  could  not  have  undone  the  damage  that  had  been  done,  they  would  have   altered  the  situation  completely  by  showing  us  that  while  you  had  allowed  a  long   process  of  decay  to  happen,  you  were  listening  to  the  voice  of  the  Holy  Spirit  and   were  determined  to  turn  around,  to  no  longer  live  the  life  of  a  hypocrite.  For  as  you   state  yourself,  “Hypocrisy  is  an  unpardonable  sin.”   You  know  the  difference  between  this  scenario  and  what  actually  happened.  It  is  so   evident.  Contrast  your  integrity  with  the  integrity  of  Sebastien  in  confessing  his   crime.  You  knew  what  he  should  do—tell  the  truth—and  you  told  him  so.  And  you   also  knew  what  you  should  do—tell  the  truth.  The  argument  that  you  could  not  tell   your  wife  because  of  her  health  is  meaningless  to  me.  If  you  had  been  thinking  of  her   health  you  would  not  have  had  sex  with  a  girl  who  you  KNOW  has  been  sexually   active  in  the  past,  and  who  is  in  a  country  where  the  HIV  rate  is  commonly  one  in   three!  If  you  had  not  been  caught,  I  strongly  doubt  you  would  have  ever  told  your   wife.  It  also  begs  the  question  of  your  history.  Is  this  the  first  time  you  have  done   something  like  this?  As  a  counselor,  I  don't  even  have  to  ask.  I  know.  No  one  does   what  you  did  to  Nandipa  as  a  first-­‐time  offense.   What  you  have  done  is  not  like  the  sin  of  Peter  in  denying  Christ.  Rather,  it  is  like  the   sin  of  Achan.  You  covered  your  sin  until  there  was  no  further  opportunity  to  cover  it.   For  this  reason,  you  can  no  longer  be  trusted.  I  fear  that  the  rut  of  self-­‐deception,  of   living  a  lie  and  pretending  all  is  well  spiritually  when  it  is  not,  is  so  deep  in  your   mind  that  you  will  fall  into  it  naturally  and  not  even  realize  it.   You  have  felt  that  you  were  like  Mary  Magdalene,  who  had  fallen  into  great  sin,  but   was  deeply  repentant  and  ready  to  be  used  by  God.  However,  a  deeper  look  at  your   actions  shows  you  rather  to  resemble  Simon  the  leper.  You  have  referred  to  your   adulterous  sin  as  “not  even  a  fall—just  a  little  slip.”  You  have  not  been  the  victim,   but  the  predator—the  one  who  persistently  pursued  a  vulnerable  girl,  and  used  her  

body  repeatedly  to  satisfy  your  lustful  desires—despite  her  protests.  Then  you  have   referred  to  her  as  a  “desperate  woman,”  when  the  truth  was,  she  only  went  with  you   to  the  hotel  because  you  had  organized  it  with  the  chaplain  and  she  believed  she   would  stay  in  his  company  the  entire  time.  Then  you  paid  her  like  a  prostitute  and   sent  her  on  her  way  with  your  “inspirational  materials.”   However,  perhaps  the  height  of  evidence  of  your  sin  against  the  Holy  Spirit  is  your   deliberate  attempt  to  become  a  “father  figure”  to  this  girl  who  you  had  already   deeply  wounded.  In  doing  so,  you  gave  evidence  that  you  did  not  actually  feel  defiled   by  your  sin,  or  at  best  thought  you  could  atone  for  it  by  becoming  her  spiritual  guide.   The  best  I  can  think  is  that  you  thought  you  could  perhaps  help  her  through  the   damage  you  had  done.  But  the  reality  is  probably  that  much  of  what  motivated  you   was  the  fear  that  she  would  tell  others  what  you  had  done.   If  you  had  told  the  truth  immediately  and  gone  to  others  to  help  you  to  untangle  the   deep-­‐seated  web  of  self-­‐deception  and  fake  spirituality,  perhaps  you  could  have   been  reinstated  in  ministry  someday.  Perhaps  there  would  have  been  some  way  we   could  have  trusted  you.  But  as  if  you  have  not  given  us  enough  reason  to  doubt  your   credibility,  now  you  begin  to  promote  ideas  such  as  that  a  man  does  not  need  to   confess  even  to  his  own  wife  if  he  has  violated  his  vows  to  her.  Furthermore,  you   have  been  heard  to  declare  that  this  was  not  even  adultery,  because  it  was  not   premeditated.  (As  if  one  can  keep  a  girl  in  his  room  overnight  and  wake  her  up  at  5   am  and  have  sex  with  her  again,  without  it  being  premeditated.)   If  Herman  Cain  had  attempted  to  convince  even  the  non-­‐religious  American  public   of  such  ludicrous  ideas,  he  would  have  been  laughed  off  the  stage.  Do  you  mean  to   say  that  those  adulterers  who  are  the  best  liars  can  be  spared  the  discomfort  that   others  who  are  not  so  good  at  it  must  be  forced  to  face?  That  a  wife’s  only  safety  is  to   ASK  her  husband  every  time  he  comes  home  from  a  trip,  if  he  has  been  faithful  to   her?  What  would  you  have  said  if  your  wife  had  asked  you  such  a  question?   I  do  not  even  know  how  to  describe  to  you  how  profoundly  this  gives  evidence  that   you  cannot  be  trusted.  If  you  are  so  deeply  self-­‐deceived  as  to  actually  be  able  to   persuade  yourself  of  these  things,  you  cannot  possibly  be  trusted  to  safely  guide   others  in  the  paths  of  righteousness.  You  confessed  because  you  had  been  caught,   and  knew  there  was  no  way  to  conceal  what  you  had  done  any  more.  This  is   sufficient  by  itself  to  show  that  you  have  no  right  to  be  respected  as  a  spiritual   leader  again.   The  reason  this  is  so  alarming  to  me  is  that  this  is  a  powerful,  compelling  evidence   that  you  have  been  committing  the  sin  against  the  Holy  Spirit.  The  unpardonable  sin   is  simply  this:  rationalizing  away  the  voice  of  your  conscience.  Had  you  not  already   seared  your  conscience  terribly,  you  would  have  been  instantly  overcome  with   intense  grief  and  horror  at  what  you  had  done  to  Nandipa  Instead,  you  kept  her  in   your  room  overnight.  The  fact  that  you  did  this,  and  that  you  were  then  capable  of   getting  up  and  preaching  in  following  weeks,  that  you  could  go  home  and  live  a  lie   before  your  wife  (letting  her  believe  that  you  are  a  faithful  husband  when  you  are  

not),  that  you  could  have  the  gall  to  encourage  this  girl  to  look  to  you  as  a  father   figure,  to  call  you  Daddy,  is  inconceivable  to  me.   Your  sin  against  the  Holy  Spirit  had  obviously  grown  to  massive  proportions  even   before  this  happened.  But  to  continue  to  live  a  lie,  pretending  to  be  a  spiritual  giant   and  cultivating  the  admiration  of  your  “fans”  for  months,  is  the  surest  evidence  to   me  that  you  are  totally  disqualified  for  spiritual  leadership  or  ministry.  To  have   hardened  yourself  thus  into  the  sin  against  the  Holy  Spirit  will  take  a  significant   amount  of  time,  and  intense  confrontation  with  the  Word  of  God,  to  heal.  It  is  not   sufficient  for  you  to  simply  attempt  to  heal  by  yourself—you  need  someone  else  to   assist  you  in  confronting  your  self-­‐deception.  And  even  if  you  are  ever  restored  to   having  a  sensitive  conscience,  to  put  you  into  a  position  of  influence  again  is  too   great  a  risk  of  young  people’s  lives.   From  reading  the  chapters  of  your  book  that  you  have  sent  around  to  various  people,   it  is  evident  that  you  have  painted  this  situation  as  a  consensual  sexual  encounter.   You  have  called  it  an  “affair.”  I  would  like  to  defend  you  by  saying  that  perhaps  you   do  not  understand  that  in  English,  this  word  “affair”  is  used  only  to  refer  to   consensual,  romantic  relationships.  However,  I  think  you  are  aware  of  this.  However,   due  to  the  obvious  sin  against  the  Holy  Spirit  that  you  had  committed,  you  were  able   to  convince  yourself  that  you  could  repair  the  damage  done  to  Nandipa  by  becoming   a  father  figure  to  her.  In  fact,  it  seems  that  you  have  convinced  yourself  that  she   actually  wanted  you  to  have  sex  with  her!  This  was  not  the  case.  Can  you  actually   say  that  you  did  not  see  the  tears  flowing  down  her  cheeks,  and  did  not  hear  her   protests  and  her  asking  you  if  God  allowed  you  to  do  this?     What  you  have  done  is  a  crime.  Others  who  have  done  exactly  the  same  thing  are   sitting  in  prison.  To  have  then  cultivated  a  close  relationship  with  her  as  a  “daddy”   only  made  it  an  emotionally  incestuous  and  exponentially  more  damaging  to  her.  It   is  also  one  of  the  strongest  evidences  of  the  advanced  state  of  your  sin  against  the   Holy  Spirit.     I  ask  you  to  prayerfully  search  your  heart  and  consider  what  I  am  saying.  You  have   lied  to  yourself,  convincing  yourself  that  this  was  not  a  great  fall,  only  a  “little  slip.”   You  have  lied  to  yourself  by  calling  yourself  an  eagle,  and  declaring  yourself  to  still   be  an  eagle,  still  a  man  of  excellence,  despite  this  series  of  unspeakably  horrible  acts.   First,  you  raped  (I  know  this  is  a  strong  word,  but  I  believe  it  reflects  her  testimony)   a  young  woman,  a  brand-­‐new  Christian  and  Adventist.  Then  when  she  confronted   you  about  this  horrific  crime,  you  manipulated  her  emotionally,  attempting  to   silence  your  conscience  by  repairing  the  damage  you  had  done  and  becoming  her   “daddy”—thus  creating  a  relationship  even  more  damaging  because  you  were  even   further  warping  her  perspective  of  the  love  of  God  the  Father.  Finally,  you  have  lied   to  the  world,  painting  yourself  as  a  mighty  spiritual  giant  who  slipped  up  for  a   moment  with  a  “desperate  woman”  but  immediately  repented  and  publicly   confessed.  What  would  your  friends  and  eager  disciples  think  if  you  had  the  moral   integrity  to  admit  that  you  kept  her  there  all  night  and  woke  her  up  to  have  sex  with  

her  again?  What  about  your  repeated  attempts  to  get  her  to  undress  (either  to   shower  or  put  on  a  t-­‐shirt)  before  you  just  finally  did  as  you  pleased?   You  have  attempted  to  silence  the  voice  of  conviction,  rationalizing  and   procrastinating  about  repentance  and  only  confessing  when  you  had  no  other   option.  Now  you  even  go  so  far  as  to  promote  the  idea  that  a  man  who  does  such  a   thing  does  not  have  to  admit  or  apologize  to  anyone  except  God  and  the  person  with   whom  he  has  had  sex.  This  declaration  of  yours,  all  by  itself,  tells  me  far  more  than  I   ever  wanted  to  know  about  the  steps  you  already  took  before  that  night.   I  know  this  has  been  a  hard  letter  to  read.  It  would  be  a  very  different  letter  if  I  knew   you  were  not  considering  returning  to  public  ministry  and  promoting  your  version   of  how  to  deal  with  adultery.  I  have  had  to  write  so  strongly  because  I  believe  you   are  in  grave  danger  of  pushing  away  the  pleading  of  the  Holy  Spirit  and  convincing   not  only  yourself  but  others  of  a  deadly  lie.  I  urge  you  to  take  time  to  heal  and  to   deal  with  the  deeper  root  issues  rather  than  serving  up  the  superficial  answers   given  in  your  book.  I  pray  that  you  will  not  take  my  words  lightly,  but  will   prayerfully  allow  God  to  do  what  He  needs  to  do  to  rectify  this  situation  so  that  you   may  yet  be  saved,  and  some  good  may  come  from  this  situation.   I  know  what  I  have  written  is  painful.  I  pray  that  the  knife  brings  the  deep-­‐seated   infection  to  the  surface,  that  you  may  find  healing  in  Christ.     Your  friend,     Nicole