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Mattamayura Projects & Community Involvement List - June 2012

Community building & Maintenance Create structure for monthly+ meetings of the Kula to practice and share 1 yr plan create guidelines for easy communication for social gatherings keep up with fun events--facilitate casual social gatherings as a group and hang out time (tea, potlucks, dancing, park days, hikes, festivals, dinner parties, night life etc.) Media & Technology Build the Mattamayura Online Institute July 27 promo video for crowd funding sample lesson - audio mastering sample lesson - video filming/editing Sept 15 deadline for additional 20 lesson plans (basic audio & video production) Edit existing HOR videos for resale (cut out all logistical information, leaving only course content) Maintenance of existing Websites, building new pages as events are created Finances/Accounting/Documents/Legal Non-profit status as Religious organization complete Organizing Document outline remaining steps Creating structure for finances and accounting, payroll etc. Creating Business Model 1-2-5-10 yr plans expansion to multiple teachers, staff, living space, long term curriculum Assistant Duties email sorting/organizing for Hareesh (he has too many emails to keep up with) marketing/FB random errands/projects each week assisting Hareesh and/or Cristina Products development and distribution of a small line of products consistent visual aesthetic for dvd HOR Letter press book Paraa Letterpress 'Broadside' mp3/download cards / cd Key Sanskrit Terms for Yoga Teachings Guided Tour of Mantra What is Liberation? Other workshop talks? Fliers for future events Take-home gift for retreat guests Mailings/online sales distribution

Retreat Planning Prepare for upcoming retreats -- logistical and material preparations & mailings create beautiful packet for guests Work Opportunities for Deeper Studies FOT Practice manual Visualization practice animations for Mattamayura Online HOR video editing