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A Call for World Prayer to Heal Mother Earth

A Call for World Prayer to Heal Mother Earth

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Published by: monasha on Jun 08, 2012
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A Call For World Prayer To Heal Mother Earth On March 17, 18 & 19

Please read this entire message and pass it along to everyone in your contacts please. Post this on FaceBook, Twitter, your blog and all those wonderful places. This is very important and your help is greatly appreciated. It is pretty obvious that our Mother Earth is not very happy with us right now. You need not be a psychic, a genius or even a scientist to see that Mother Earth is trying to tell us something.

Our planet is going through a shift and we can see this by just looking at all the major catastrophic events that have been occurring for the past few years. Starting with the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and now in Japan that have been the most devastating quakes that we have ever seen. Tsunami's? I know in the 40 years of my life I don't ever remember hearing about Tsunami's hitting and now you hear about then a little too often. Mother Earth is sick and we all need to come together as one and pray for our planet and the our fellow brothers and sisters.

On Saturday March 19 we will experience an extreme moon. What this means is that the moon will be closer to the Earth then it has been in almost 20 years. There are rumors all over the net with conflicting details of what this actually could mean. We have this extreme moon along with several other planetary influences going on between now and December 21, 2012 that has many worried it could end up being a very bad thing and the possible end of the world as we know it. If you actually listen to the experts and see the obvious evidence it could also lead you to believe the same thing may soon happen.

Well I believe there is still some hope and I believe prayer is a very powerful tool. With this Extreme moon coming up I feel it makes for the perfect time to begin this mission. Many ancient, and even current, spiritual people believe that the full moon is the most powerful time to conduct prayer or ritual. It has to do with the powerful energy of the full moon. Each one of us beings put off an energy and it is up to us to control that energy into positive and not negative. Together if we can get the entire planet to stop, think and pray at the same exact time it will create a powerful healing energy that our mother earth is in desperate need for. If we do not do something we may all regret it when it is too late.

including those in the Japan disaster. Thank you for your participation and for spreading this all over the net. The prayer will continue at the same times on Friday March 18th and Saturday March 19th . With the final prayer on Saturday at 9pm Eastern time. . It does not matter what your beliefs are or what religion you follow. We hope that you will join millions of others around the world to help bring healing to our mother Earth. if any. The magic power of three will also help in making this prayer more effective. The second prayer will be at 3pm Eastern time and the final prayer for March 17 will be at 9pm Eastern time. The world prayer will take place for three days and for three times each day with a total of 9 prayers. You can use the prayer below or one of your own. You may also change the one below to your liking. You can say your prayer in any way you see fit. We hope that you will at least do one prayer time per day for a total of 3. If possible we ask that you also pray for three minutes on each of the dates and times.So I beg you to please share this with everyone you know and plan to take just a few minutes during any or all of the following dates and times. and for peace throughout the world. We will begin with the first prayer at 9am Eastern Time Thursday March 17th. Just as long as you can say a prayer to help the planet Earth and all of humanity. Please check your area & time zone for the correct time. We understand that not everyone will be able to do the prayer each time and that is why we are doing a total of 9 prayers. It is preferred that you use the native prayer but any prayer will help our Mother Earth. Pray for peace and pray that there is hope to change before it is too late. You can say any prayer you want or you can read the Native prayer below. We just ask that you include sending love & light to our Mother Earth and all of our brothers and sisters of the planet. This could really help more then any of us could possible imagine.

With tears in my eyes and an ancient song from my heart I pray. To the four powers of Creation.9am . I come before you in a humble manner and offer you love & peace.9am . May there be Beauty below me. families. To the Grandmother Moon. crawl. All those who walk. To the Grandfather Sun. I thank you lord & I thank you Mother Earth.6pm Friday March 18 .9pm Saturday March 19 . To the good spirits that exist in every part of Creation. and swim. May there be Beauty all around me. To the Mother Earth. And to my ancestors.9am .Dates & Times Of Prayer Thursday March 17 . I ask that this world be filled with Peace.9pm Eastern Times West Coast -6am.12pm . Love. Amen . and the brothers and sisters who are in Japan & throughout our planet. and friends. I ask that the Mother Earth be healed as the same with humankind. May there be Beauty above me. I pray for the ones who are sick on drugs and alcohol and for those who are now homeless and forlorn.3pm .9pm The Prayer For Mother Earth O Great Creator. May there be good health and healing for this our Mother Earth.3pm .3pm . May there be Beauty in me. I pray for my relations in Nature. and Beauty. fly. I also pray for peace among the four races of humankind. Seen and unseen. I ask that you bless our elders and children.

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