COME HOME MY CHILD Come see Jesus standing with his arms open wide.

He beckons to you “Come home my child, I will show you the biggest party you have ever seen; You will be so much happier than you have ever been. I came to give you an abundant life, There will be no more toiling and no more strife, I am the shepherd who cares for His flock, Come my child place your feet upon the rock. Don’t you know I want you to be part of my bride, Come now and walk with me and in me abide, I want you to know you can be at peace, For my love for you will never cease. On the cross I paid the price for your sins, Don’t you know my blood can wash away your sins? I long for you to come to me in true repentance, My desire is for you to know real forgiveness. So come my child and enter right into my rest, I love you and I long for you to experience life at best, My dear friend, won’t you come and follow me? The true meaning of life I want you to see. My child I see your hurts, I see all your pain, I long to heal and restore your life again, Every tear, every hurt I will wipe away, Oh how I long for you to come to me today. My dear child I love when you lend an ear towards me. I love to hear your voice cry my name in moments of need, So come now and pay attention to this precious gospel seed. I want you to know me as Saviour and Lord, come home to me.”

Love from, Jesus
Copyright ©2008 Irene McGough Disciples of Jesus Ministry

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