The Significance of Discussions on The Crack Propagation The life of structural components may be governed by the sub-critical

crack propagation.

Fatigue Crack Propagation
Fracture Control of Steel Structures 2003 Chitoshi Miki Lecture #6

1. Crack Propagation Tests

1. Crack Propagation Tests




Crack Size-Number of Load Cycles
ƒ¢Ð Crack Length, a

Crack Size-Number of Load Cycles
l3 ƒ¢Ð Crack Length, a



l2 l1


For the same length 3 •„ƒ¢Ð 2 •„ƒ¢Ð 1

For the same ƒ¢Ð l3 •„ l2 •„ l1 Number of Cycles, N

Number of Cycles, N

0 Log (da/dN) da m m = C (∆K ) − (∆K th ) dN ( ) eff ƒÐ ƒÐ ƒÐ Crack Closure ƒÐ max eff ƒ¢Ð min Time Log ƒ¢ Kth Log ƒ¢ K ƒ¢ K .Application of Stress Intensity Factor Range. ƒ¢ K Plastic Zone Development at Crack Tip ƒ¢ K ‡@ Log (da/dN) da m = C (∆K ) dN by Paris and Erdogan Time Log ƒ¢ K Plastic Zone Development at Crack Tip ƒ¢ K Plastic Zone Development at Crack Tip ‡A Time Crack Propagation Threshold. ƒ¢ Kth Effective Stress Range.5 R=0 eff R=-1. ƒ¢Ð R=0.

ƒ¢ Keff da m = C (∆K eff ) dN K Kmax ƒ¢ Keff Fatigue Crack Closure Plasticity-induced Closure Roughness-induced Closure Oxide-induced Closure No Closure: Welded Joints because of tensile residual stress Log (da/dN) Kmin Crack Closure Kop Time Log ƒ¢ Keff Variation of Fatigue Crack Growth Fatigue Striations Constant Loading R≥0 R<0 TEM SEM Random Loading TEM Ductile and Brittle Striations Ductile Striations Change of Fracture Surface Appearance TEM Brittle Striations TEM .Effective Stress Intensity Factor Range.

7 ×10 −11 2.5 ×10 −11 2.2.9 da f (∆K ) da OK m = C (∆K ) Conservative Estimation dN .0 1.75 2.75 2. da/dN-K for Fatigue Propagation Life Prediction Fatigue Propagation Life Initial Crack Size Fatigue Propagation Life Prediction JSSC ai da m m = C (∆K ) − (∆K th ) dN C Conservative Mean m ( ) ƒ¢ Kth Final Crack Size a f da = f (∆K ) dN N=∫ ai al 2.

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