Test of Admin, British Tutorials 1. What is “JUMBO BATCH” in British Tutorials ?

How many Hours does a student study in such a batch ?

2. What is the % of service tax to be paid to the govt. on tuition fee paid by student to British Tutorials A. 10.3 % 3. B 12.03 % C.None of them

How much cost of study material deducted from total tuition fee received from any student before calculating the service tax ?

4.What is the fee of IELTS exam of IDP or British Council ? Can it be paid in cash at the exam centre ?

5.What is the fee for following : a. Super Batch (IELTS)___________________ b.Moderate batch (IELTS)_____________________ c.A-Z batch (IELTS)________________________ d. Super Batch (Spoken English)______________________ e. Moderate batch (Spoken English)_________________________ f. A-Z batch (Spoken English)_________________________ 6.How much fee is charged from any BT student for extension in IELTS for 1 month and spoken English for 1 month ? _________________________________________and________________________________________ 7.Where are 2 copies of bank deposited cash slips to be pasted or filed? _original receipt ____________________________________copy____________________________________ 8. Can we use whitener to correct mistakes on cash book , admission books etc Yes/No.If Not then how should the mistakes be corrected ?

9. 12.What is bank vouchers file ? 11.Is the coaching fee refundable which has been taken from the student once ? Is the fee transferable to other student? 10. Name the competitors of British Tutorials ? A_______________b_________________c__________________________d__________________ E___________________f___________________g___________________________ . What is Bills paid by cash file ? Does one such file contain records of one month only?Yes /No Explain.

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