By Mohammad Agus Salim El Bahri

English as international language has realized people as a vital medium of communication. In international congress and gatherings, English is more often used than any other language. Nowadays, Globalization era has been in our surrounding, we must be brave to face it. The role of foreign language has been important at the time, especially English language as international language. We are encountered with condition that force us to be more transparant in understanding what is taking place on the other side of the earth. We are competition with the fast growing technology, while the distance among the countries is practically gone. There is nearly boundless relationship between two countries, what is happening now at one place in this world will be heard and known in seconds by the other people in far away of place. It means that we are facing hard competition and we may not left behind. The development technology right now, on the way. It can influence on human life at all sectors. Information technology has been used from education sector until business, many information of intellectual, practical, technical, and entertainment are promoted on electronic audio visual as on television, radio, and internet. Television as one of a prove of modern technology has given many advantages for human life. By watching television people can know everything about news, entertainments, etc in far away of place. And television has become an effective medium to transfer knowledge, information, and culture, habit even life style. Most people in our environment think that development technology has brought more negative effect than the positive one, such as – television, internet, and VCD/DVD player. Through this paper the writer wants to tell the readers to


see the positive side of watching television in learning English There are many benefits that can be achieved through watching movie. The first, watching is something enjoyable, moreover if we understand about it. by watching people can know the current things. English movie are very develop nowadays and known in Indonesia because of the effect of globalization era on information sector. The second, watching English movie is very advantages for English students, not only as something enjoyable but also as motivation to learn English. Finally, the students can also learn a lot of things from watching English movie such as – pronunciation, vocabulary, style, intonation even western culture, habit etc. A. Definition 1. Pronunciation As human being, we always get in touch with other people such as- our parent, friends, teachers and any body else wherever and whenever even foreigners. But how we do it? Surely, we carry it out by speaking, what sort of tools do we use to speak? to answer this question, every body is bound to know it obviously that we use language to speak and in speaking, we need the way of word or language is usually spoken that is called pronunciation, there are many definition of pronunciation : According to Professor Sir Randolph Quirk (1987; 830) in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English said that: “Pronunciation is the way in which a language or particular word is pronounced “ And according to As Hornby (2005; 928) in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English said that: “Pronunciation is way in which a language is spoken “ While in (021206): “Pronunciation is a word can be spoken in different ways by various individuals or groups, depending on many factors, such as the


time in which they grew up, the area in which they grew up, the area in which they now live, their social class and their education” Based on the definitions above, it can be concluded that pronunciation is a sound of a word or language in which the society are usually used as tool of communication. According to J.D.O.Connor (1967:6-7) in Better English Pronunciation said that: In one sense there are as many different kinds of English as there are speakers of it ; no two people speak exactly alike- we can always differences between them-and the pronunciation of English varies a great deal in different geographical area. Based on the statement above, it can be concluded that the differences of English pronunciation can be caused by the habit where the people live or geographical area. The fact that we always find when foreigners are speaking in English, they have different pronunciation, intonation and etc. the listeners can predict where they come from. We can know them how they speak, either Australian, British or American. In communication, we must always pay attention the aspect of pronunciation: sound, stress, rhythm, and intonation. So, pronunciation is used to more clearly communication or conversation. A speaker knows how to pronounce the sound correctly. For incorrect pronunciation makes the listeners boring, unpleasant feeling, not interested. It might cause also loosing the listener’s attention. 2. English movie Movie is one of entertainment which can not be separated in our life now. It is also become a medium to describe about human life and all aspect of problem; it can be retell a story or event in the last time. By watching movie, we can know about habit, culture or language in the world. Many people spend their time in front of television just to watch movie, entertainment, news etc. The reality, movie has great influence on


audiences’ life. Because movie is universal form for communication. In this chapter, the writer will explain about English movie. Before it, it will be explained about movie. There are many definition of movie: According to Professor Sir Randolph Quirk (1987; 380) in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English said that: “Movie is a story, play etc recorded on film to be show in the cinema, on television etc” While in film. (021206) “Film is a form of entertainment that enacts a story by a sequence of image giving the illusion of continuous movement “ According to As Hornby (1995; 434) in Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary of Current English, said that: “Film is a story etc recorded as set of moving pictures to be shown on television or at the cinema “. Based on the definitions, it can be concluded movie is a story etc recorded which is done by people and to be presented on television or at the cinema. So, English movie is a story of western life (European or American) which has been presented on television or at the cinema and become entertainment. Television as media to present the movie has many functions, according to Dr. Oemar Hamalik, which is rewritten by Drs. Darwanto, SS. In Televisi Sebagai Media Pendidikan (2007; 125) said that function of television as learning media: 1. The character of television are real and direct 2. Television can be enlarge class observation 3. Television can be re-create all the last event 4. Television gives anything 5. Television makes interested, not only children but also all people. 6. Television helps to teachers.


7. Television brings all sources in society into the class room. Based on the function of television as learning media, it can be concluded that television can give solution in lack of teachers, learning room and books. As we know in Indonesia, some of television has presented English programs as broadcasting, news and movie. Their aim to give education and information by English language. So, the audiences are used to hearing and watching English language as one of public communication in the world. Learning through television has many advantages. The first, the audiences can learn knowledge which has been good design. The second, it can increase children’s appreciation. According Oemar Hamalik in Media Pendidikan which is rewritten by Drs. Darwanto, SS. In Televisi Sebagai Media Pendidikan. (2007; 126) said that: “A communication, television is unique in its ability to bring many other sides in class room. Every audio visual help we have known can be carried by television, motion pictures, film strip, slide (particularly to provides setting for dramatic production ), recording, drawings, maps, and countless other instructional device more over it given school opportunity to present fresh, original, creative illustration produced in the living present” Based on Oemar Hamalik’s opinion, it can concluded that television as learning media , so the students can learn any things through television program, specially education program. According to Drs. Darwanto, SS (2007; 131). In Televisi Sebagai Media Pendidikan said that the effects of television to student are: 1. Television can influence on the children / students to learn knowledge based on their thinking. 2. Television helps to students to understand about anything that has never done before.


3. Television







circumstance 4. Television as leading spirit to children to be scientist. In this era, television has been mass media, because in sort time, the role of television has influence on the way of people’s thinking; include public opinion to interest industrial products. Be caused the programs on television more interest, so many people spend their time to watch it. Finally, television will influence on audience’s attitude, behavior, and the way of thinking. The functions of mass media include television according to Dr. Harold D. Laswell (2007; 32-33) in Televise Sebagai Media Pendidikan said there are many main function of mass media: a. b. c. The surveillance of the environment. The correlation of the parts of society in responding to the environment. The transmission of the social heritage from one generation to the next. (Harold, D. Laswell, 1948; 38) Based on Dr. Harold D. Laswell, it can be concluded that the function of mass media are: a. Mass media as giving information about something unusual on public. b. Mass media to do selection, evaluation and interpretation from information. c. Mass media as media to convey moral value and heritage from one generation to the next generation. It means mass media as educational function. While according to Charles R. Wright (2007; 33) in Televisi Sebagai Media Pendidikan said: “Communicative act primarily intended for amusement irrespective of any instrumental effects the might have “(Charles R. Wright, 1959; 38 in Mass Communication A Sociological Perspective)


It means mass media as entertainment, be caused of it people read newspaper, listening radio and watching television. According to Wilbur Schramm (2007; 33) in Televisi Sebagai Media Pendidikan said mass media as promotion media: “To sell goods for us” Based on those opinion above, Drs. Darwanto, S.S (2007; 34) in Televisi Sebagai Media Pendidikan, concluded that mass media has function. They are: a. As news and providing information media b. As educational media c. As entertainment media d. As promotion media Television as entertainment, educational and information media has influenced on society life. They get many things such as – habit, culture, knowledge, style etc. As audience is easy to imitate what they hear and watch. In this case, English movie has important role to teach audiences how to pronounce the language or word correctly. By watching English movie are expected to students to imitate what the actors or actress said and increasing into their vocabulary and know how to pronounce correctly. 3. Habit As human being, we always find diversity of culture, habit, character, behavior and language. Diversity makes us know how to adapt and makes relationship with other people. The important thing in diversity how to respect each other and mutual understanding. Everyone has difference habit; it is easy to makes social conflict. If there are not mutual understanding and tolerance each other. One of the ways to get mutual understanding by learning a habit in environment, such as - daily language which is used as tool of communication. Habit


can be caused by environment, life style, etc. in this chapter there are many definition of habit: According to Professor Sir Rondolph (1987; 469) in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English said that: “ habit is a tendency to be have in particular way or particular thing, especially regularly and repeatedly over a long period “. While in (120107) a. A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition. b. An established disposition of mind or character. According to As Hornby (1995; 533) in Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary said that: “Habit is a thing that person does often and almost without thinking” While in (120107) “A prevailing disposition or character of person’s thought and feeling: mental make up” Based on the definitions, it can be concluded that habit is all activities that done repeatedly for a long time without thinking. According to J.D.O.Connor (1967; 01) in Better English pronunciation said that: “Language starts with the ear. When a baby stars to talk he does it by hearing the sound his mother makes and imitating them “. So, it can be concluded that Language is habit: a. Speaking is mouth-action: so, you must use your mouth. b. Reading is mouth and eye-action: so, you must use your mouth. c. Listening is ear-action: so, you must use your ear. d. Writing is hand-action: so, must use your action. Someone can speak depend on hearing, but just hearing, it is not


enough, she or he must listen to it, and it is not for the meaning but for the sound of it. It means that language is habit. Make it habit, she or he will get it. If she or he wants to speak fluently she or he must has habit in speaking. Speaking is mouth-action, being fussy will make better in speaking. It is also needed more practice and a great deal of patience in learning English as foreign language. Environment has important role to be success in learning language, because a good environment is not a luxury, but a necessity. It means that learning language needs a habit in environment. So, to success in learning language, we must live in area in which the language is used. B. Function Language is very important for human life. English language is one of the tools of communication in international community. Therefore, English is needed here because not only English is used to communicate in international community, but also the fact that this language is mostly needed in transferring the knowledge of modern technology, scientific publications, books, newspaper and magazine. In learning a language especially in conversation, it is needed a good pronunciation. In the other word, a good pronunciation will influence on a good conversation. Learning English needs some goods ways to understand more easily. There are many ways to study English; one of the ways is by watching English movie. It is necessity to consider the role of watching English movie. By watching English movie, the student does not only get an entertainment, but also can learn English language. More than that, English movie is able to make the situation enjoyable, pleasurable, and interesting. Watching English movie will be an effective medium to encourage the students in learning English especially in conversation with right pronunciation. According to Hudoro Sumeto, MBA (2003; 35) in Kiat Menguasai


Bahasa Asing, said that: “The role of radio and television are also very importance in learning foreign language. Because by listening and watching television, we are used to hearing pronunciation and speaking from foreign language which we learn. We can hear news or film which are presented by both of them. In listening or watching, we learn to understand what the people said and also increase vocabulary “. According to J.D.O.Connor (1967; 05) in better English pronunciation said that: “Films or radio programs have the disadvantages that you can not stop them and ask for something to be repeated. Gramophone records do not have this advantage. With gramophone records you can repeat any part of the text as you need, and you must do this : it is much better for you ear if you listen to the same passage six times than if you listen to six different passage; be careful – listen closely each time, don’t relax after two or three hearings, try to keep your ears as closely concentrated on the sound of the passage at the sixth hearing as at the first. In this way you will build up a store of sound-memory which will form a firm base for you performance “. The role of listening conversation in learning language, either through television, radio, tape recorder, movie or other tool is very importance for audience’s memory. By listening native speaker, we used to with vocabulary pronunciation, intonation and also grammatical of sentence. So, the audiences are expected to imitate what the native speaker said. Reference lists: Connor J.D.O “Better English Pronunciation“Cambridge at the University Press 1967 Darwanto, SS, Drs “Televisi Sebagai Media Pendidikan “Pustaka Pelajar, Yogyakarta, 2007 Harnby As “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English “Oxford University press, 1995


Sir Randolph Quirk Professor “Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English “Longman Group UK Limited, 1987 Sumeto, Hudoro, MBA. “Kiat Menguasai Bahasa Asing “Puspa Swara, Anggota Ikapi Jakarta, 2003 Presented by MOHAMMAD AGUS SALIM EL BAHRI Now, he is studying at Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University of Yogyakarta Indonesia. He comes from Madura Island East Java Indonesia

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