The Amigo I’m a terrible Brussels resident: I don’t like beer, I only like chocolate made from hooves

and brown food colouring, the kind we have to call “chocolate flavoured” now, and (whisper it) I don’t like waffles. I especially never liked Brussels waffles, those gigantic rectangular ones, which have always seemed to me to be little more than a corrugated cardboard excuse to eat whipped cream and chocolate sauce. But now, finally, I ‘get’ the Brussels waffle, and my conversion came courtesy of the Amigo Hotel, just a waffle’s throw from the Grand Place. The hotel, located in a 16th century former prison, is one of a number offering ‘Brusselicious Breakfasts’ this year: a selection of local and regional specialities designed to celebrate Brussels’ 2012 festival of food. I thought the Amigo would be a good bet because the hotel wears its Belgian credentials proudly; there are Marcolini chocolates in all the rooms, TinTin themed weekends, and a Delvaux suite fitted out by the Belgian luxury leathers manufacturer. As predicted, they’ve taken the Belgian breakfast brief very seriously: there’s Ardennes ham and pâté, Chimay and Baylli cheeses and a traditional ‘tarte aux sucre’, a thin, short pastry base filled with caramelised brown sugar and cream (hello, diabetes, my old friend). Even the Belberry jams are local. Then there are those waffles. Martha Stewart tried an Amigo waffle when she came to Belgium, apparently, and I doubt she was disappointed. Mine was served warm, crisp on the outside, soft and springy within, with a subtle flavour of fresh yeast. I would happily have had a second and I’ve never said that about a waffle, ever. Perhaps my residence permit is safe for another year?

Hotel Amigo 1 Rue de l’Amigo (0) 2547 4747 Breakfast €30 for non-residents

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