Projects Awarded Funding by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Governing Board, June 7, 2012 25 projects, $4,573,007 All

projects are funded by California Proposition 84, the Safe Drinking Water Bond Act of 2006.
County Butte Butte Calaveras SNC ID 471 474 651 Organization Butte County Fire Safe Council Butte County Fire Safe Council California Department of Parks and Recreation Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District (HLVRCD) Lassen County Fire Safe Council, Inc. Pit Resource Conservation District Lassen County Fire Safe Council, Inc. Yosemite-Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development Council Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Ranger District Sierra Freepackers Unit- Backcountry Project Title Forbestown Fuel Break – Phases 3&5 Little Butte Creek Forest Health Project North Grove Forest Restoration Project Diamond Mountain Forest & Meadow Restoration Amount Awarded Contact Information $187,100.00 Calli-Jane Burch (530) 8770984 $84,000.00 Calli-Jane Burch (530) 8770984 $349,008.00 Liz Steller (209) 536-5932 $273,735.00 Leslie Woods (530) 257-7271 Project Type Fuels Reduction Fuels Reduction Site Improvement/Restoration Site Improvement/Restoration



Lassen Lassen

494 463

Lassen, Plumas Madera

497 608

Little Valley Forest and Meadow Watershed Restoration Project Kramer Ranch Forest and Meadow Watershed Restoration Project Clear Creek Forest and Meadow Watershed Restoration Project Upper Chiquito Creek Meadow Restoration Project

$349,800.00 Thomas W. Esgate (530)3100146 $349,692.00 Thomas W. Esgate (530)3100146 $349,650.00 Thomas W. Esgate (530)3100146 $40,147.42 Steve Haze (559) 855-5840

Meadow Restoration Site Improvement/Restoration Meadow Restoration Meadow Restoration



Nelder Grove Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project Kelty Meadow Campground Restoration and Facilities

$299,510.34 Luz Vasquez (559) 877-2218 $11,775.00 Joyce Granger (559) 283-4058

Fuels Reduction



Meadow Restoration

Horsemen of California Mono 520 USDA - Forest Service, Inyo National Forest Bear Yuba Land Trust

Improvement Project June Loop Fuels Reduction Project Woodpecker Preserve Forest Restoration Project Truckee – Boca Musk Thistle Attack Project $327,500.00 Ed Armenta (760) 873-2400 $76,315.00 Marty Coleman-Hunt (530) 2725994 $33,867.44 Joanne Roubique (530) 5873558 Fuels Reduction

Nevada Nevada

631 512

Nevada Placer Placer

656 619 488

USDA Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest – Truckee Ranger District CA State Parks, Sierra Union Hill Fuels Reduction Project District Northstar Fire Dept Northstar Fuels Site Management/Maintenance 2 Placer Land Trust Harvego Bear River Preserve Improved Forest Management Implementation Project City of Auburn Fire Department Placer County Department of Agriculture USDA Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest Plumas County Fire Safe Council Feather River Resource American River Canyon Shaded Fuel Break Placer County Department of Agriculture A-Rated Noxious Weed Eradication in the Sierra Nevada Weed Treatment on the Westside of the Tahoe NF La Porte Rd II HFR Heart K Forest Health Project

Site Improvement/Restoration Invasive Species Removal

$150,000.00 Dan Lubin (530) 272-0298 $112,967.56 Joe Barron (530) 562-1212 $300,000.00 Jeff Darlington (530) 887-9222

Fuels Reduction Fuels Reduction Fuels Reduction

Placer Placer

567 535

$146,690.00 Mark D'Ambrogi (530) 823-4211 Fuels Reduction $60,000.00 Ed King (530) 889-7372 Site Improvement/Restoration

Placer, Nevada, Sierra Plumas Plumas


$40,000.00 Genice Froehlich (530) 4786583 $143,000.00 Jerry Hurley (530) 82-4705 $232,750.00 Phil Noia (530) 283-7512

Invasive Species Removal Site Improvement/Restoration Site Improvement/Restoration

458 556

Conservation District Plumas, Sierra Shasta 509 Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District California Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection Inyo National Forest Yuba County Public Works Department Carman Creek Watershed Forest Ecosystem Health Improvement Project LDSF Fuelbreak/Flat Top Biomass Ground Hog Meadow Watershed Restoration Project Fuel Reduction Along County Roads $350,000.00 Gale Dupree (530) 993-6051 $90,000.00 Dave Lovless (530) 225-2505 $71,500.00 Todd Ellsworth (760) 873-2547 $144,000.00 Michael Lee (530) 749-5420 Meadow Restoration


Fuels Reduction

Tulare Yuba

614 453

Meadow Restoration Fuels Reduction

Total Award


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