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Aprender Ingles

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3 Pillars

OpenEnglish 2011

Aprender Ingles 3 Pilares

1. Innovative Content Instead of making you memorize long lists of vocabulary and grammar rules, Open English allows you to live the language through hundreds of engaging video and audio lessons, worksheets and interactive environments. Our convenient study tools give you the resources you need to learn English on the go.

OpenEnglish 2011

Aprender Ingles Online

2. Live Classes with American Teachers Certified native-speaking teachers lead small groups of students in real-time using virtual online classrooms. Classes focus on pronunciation and conversation skills, and have a fun and low-pressure environment. Live classes are the core of your success at Open English. Classes start every hour on the hour, allowing you to have unlimited access for the 12-month duration of the course.

OpenEnglish 2011

Aprender Ingles en linea

3. Motivators and Guides At Open English, you never have to feel like you are taking your course all alone. From the moment you sign up, you will receive a personal advisor, your partner on your path to fluency. They design a study plan for you by customizing your course and making recommendations based on your goals and interests. Your advisor provides the "human touch" and motivation that raises the Open English experience above any other school. other online courses.

OpenEnglish 2011

Fluidez Garantizada

Fluency Guaranteed Does Open English work? Yes, and to prove it, we have a Fluency Guarantee. When you complete our six academic checkpoints, you will receive our internationally recognized Fluency Certificate and be ready to take standardized tests such as the TOEFL, TOEIC, and ILETS.

OpenEnglish 2011