What Have I Done For My Family Today?
I. Have I Kept In Touch? • Have I written, called or visited an Elder or older member of my family; especially one who is infirm, or housebound? • Have I sent a Thank you Note to a family member who has shown kindness for me or a member of my family?

• Have I made an effort to know and communicate with a branch of the family with which I am not very familiar? • Have I encouraged and/or assisted my young children in doing any of the above? •• Do they know who the family Elders are? •• Are they aware of uncles, aunts, cousins who do not live in the immediate area? •• Are they aware of and interact with relatives in the area?

II. How Have I Contributed to Past or Future Reunions in Any of The Following Ways? • Suggest a reunion theme? • Volunteer for a committee or assist with a reunion activity? • Offering to be available at the next reunion to assist as needed? (Registration desk, hospitality services, usher, photographer, etc.?) • Have I sent some memorabilia to “The Burnette Trunk” for the Archives? • Have I paid my reunion fee for the current year? III. How Have I Contributed to the Family Newsletter? • • • • • Have I sent information to the Burnett(e) Bugle of events and activities occurring in my family? Have I written an article for the newsletter? Have I interviewed an older family member of my immediate or extended family for the Oral History Archives? Have I suggested new areas of information to be covered in the newsletter? Have I sent a change of address, telephone number or e-mail to the newsletter editor? Whatever you do, it is a gift to your family.

What Have I Done For My Family Today? .

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