Launching RealEstate AgentGroupCoaahing Agreement Contactlnformation

Company: Mailing Address: City:

ZipCode: Referred By:

Direct Iine: Em a il: Website: Pleose rcod ond initiol upon your opprovoL I understand the LaunchinS Estate that Real AgentGroup CoachinS is a groupcoaching Call program phoneconference, by occurring weekly eachmonthfor 45 minutes one (1) hour,except to on national holidays/weekends in which case benotified l'll thatthere beno callthat will weeK no ano make call. up lfurther understand agree and that the costofthis pro8ram S50per month,due on the first is payment charged my creditcard.I mayremove of eachftonth, andwill be set up asa recurfing and to myselffrom program anytime, writing, the at in before nextbilling the cycle thefirst(1'r)ofthe on month.lf lchooseto femovemyselfafterabillingcycle, payments any madewill not be returned. lagreeto be responsible my participation. for I agree keepthe confidences the peopleandinformation provided the progra to of in m.

lunderstand thattestimonials examples arenot intended represent guarantee and used to or that Iwillachieve same similar the or results. | understand agree and that the Coach reserves rightto removeme from the program any the at time. PrintName:




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Dana Whittakcr Busincss& Lii.e Coaching

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