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Anthology of Critical Thomist Juris Vol II

Anthology of Critical Thomist Juris Vol II

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Published by Anthony Fejfar

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Published by: Anthony Fejfar on Dec 31, 2008
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The Bible and Social Justice

By Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Social Justice is not communism, neither is it unregulated

capitalism. Social Justice is the point of view that we have an obligation to

help the “little guy,” the poor, the homeless, the oppressed, the sick, the

mentally ill, even the working poor. Social Justice believes in helping

others. Social Justice is a religious attitude that God demands that we help

those in need and that God valued this more than religious rituals, often

empty religious rituals. This is the message of the Bible found in the book

of Isaiah.

In Isaiah, Chapter 58 God makes it clear that we are to help others,

especially those in need, and we are to avoid empty religious rituals. God,

in the person of Isaiah, criticizes Israel, in the modern context the United

States of America for having an empty prayer life and not helping others.

God refuses to help those who fast and afflict themselves in religious self

sacrifice, when those very same persons are selfish, vindictive employers.

God says that He does not want penance, He does not want the

kind of humility where a “man bows his head like a reed.” Instead God


wants the following:

“releasing those bound unjustly”

“untying the thongs of the yoke [of the employee]”

“setting free the oppressed”

“breaking the yoke [of injustice]”

“Sharing your bread with the hungry”

“sheltering the oppressed and the homeless”

“Clothing the naked”

“not turning your back on your own [friends and family]”

Isaiah Ch. 58, verses 6 and 7, New American Bible.

Those who promote and follow Social Justice are rewarded by God.

If you follow and promote Social Justice:

Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,

and your wound shall be quickly healed;

Your vindication shall go before you,

and the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.

Isaiah Ch. 58, verse 8, New American Bible.


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