He's just not that into you...

Written By Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein Based on the book By Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo

July 20, 2007

EXT. PARK - DAY We float down through a serene, leafy park to the children's play area. There, in the sandbox, a BEAUTIFUL FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL plays among a group of kids. GIGI (V.O.) I have a theory about how this all started... A SIX YEAR OLD BOY approaches. He watches the little girl for a moment as she gently shapes her sand castle. And then - out of nowhere - THE LITTLE BOY PUSHES THE LITTLE GIRL DOWN. LITTLE GIRL Why did you do that? LITTLE BOY Because you smell like dog poo. Some of the other kids SNICKER at this brilliant oneliner. Our little girl's face turns red. LITTLE BOY (CONT'D) You're so stupid just like dog poo! You're made of poo! And then, just to punctuate, he JUMPS ON THE SANDCASTLE, smashing it. Finally, our little girl starts to CRY. INT. KITCHEN - DAY Our beautiful girl sits at a kitchen table with her MOM. She can only get out one syllable between big, wet sobs. Made. (SOB) LITTLE GIRL Of. (SOB) Dog. (SOB) Poo.

MOM Honey, do you know why that little boy did those things? And said those things? The little girl shakes her head no. MOM (CONT'D) Because he LIKES YOU. FREEZE FRAME ON OUR LITTLE GIRL'S FACE - TRYING TO PROCESS THIS.




GIGI (V.O.) Uh - excuse me -- but what - the - HELL? Where did that rumor start? Because moms have been spreading it for years. BACK TO THE SCENE - THE MOM CONTINUES... MOM That little boy is doing those terrible things because he HAS A CRUSH ON YOU. We see our little girl take this in, like she is just now beginning to understand the ways of the world. GIGI (V.O.) Do you understand what this means? We are all encouraged to believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk -- that means he likes you. Sure, that's a lesson that might serve us as five year olds, but many of us keep believing this advice well into adulthood. INT. DORM ROOM - NIGHT A CUTE COLLEGE GIRL sits CRYING in front of her ANSWERING MACHINE, as her ROOMMATE looks on. GIGI (V.O.) Then, as we get older, we carry on this tradition of misreading the signals men send by encouraging our friends to do the same... The machine evilly flashes 0 in the NEW MESSAGES window. ROOMMATE #1 That Phi Delt so obviously liked you. I’m sure he just lost your number. INT. HIGH RISE OFFICE - DAY A HOT EXECUTIVE WOMAN stands in the office hallway, watching a SEXY MALE COLLEAGUE walk by. He does not give her a second glance. Her FEMALE SECRETARY looks on. SECRETARY He's not asking you out because he's intimidated by your professional success and emotional maturity.


smeared mascara. TOKYO GIRL #1 (SUBTITLE) Shigeru's inability to commit clearly stems from his failure to properly imprint on his mother during breast feeding.DAY TWO HIPSTER JAPANESE GIRLS making their way through a crowded Tokyo department store. It’s because he’s just getting out of a serious relationship. Or was eaten by a giraffe.O. He likes you TOO much. INT.) Why do we say this stuff to each other? Why do we tell each other these lies? (MORE) 3 . You're TOO pretty and awesome.DAY TWO MIDDLE AGED WOMEN work out on ellipticals. EXT.DAY A PRETTY YOUNG WOMAN weaves BANANA LEAVES with a FRIEND. CUTE TWENTYSOMETHING #1 Here's the problem. can't handle it. etc. INT. MIDDLE AGED WOMAN #1 Trust me. BURGER KING .7/20/7 3. GYM . didn't get enough approval from his father. puffy eyes. INT.DAY TWO FEMALE CASHIERS WORK SIDE BY SIDE.NIGHT A BUNCH OF TWENTY-SOMETHINGS sipping cocktails. BAR . GIGI (V. It's because he's never had a serious relationship. CASHIER #1 Trust me. One of them is CRYING . INT. FRENCH POLYNESIA . Or He This last part seems to cheer up the pretty woman. JAPANESE DEPARTMENT STORE . FRIEND (SUBTITLE) I'm sure he forgot your hut number.

INT. CONOR My thoughts exactly. Gigi sips her drink. I ummm Their WAITRESS appears. sits in a booth at a hip Mt. Janine told me you're a real estate agent. 4 . pretty and approachable. AND THEN THE TITLE FADES UP: 4.. and it's too hard.NIGHT GIGI. GIGI I wonder why Janine never thought of introducing us before? CONOR Yeah. GIGI So just like on frisbees and notepads? Conor laughs.she's doing well. GIGI So.O. cute but holding onto his frat boy roots.) (CONT'D) Is it possible that it's because we're too scared. CONOR You got it.7/20/7 GIGI (V. Gigi smiles -. and looks at Conor. BREWER'S ART .not one of the cheesy ones who puts his headshot on bus benches and grocery carts. But don't worry . WAITRESS You guys ready for another round? Conor looks to Gigi. They sip their near empty cocktails.. to say the one obvious truth that's staring everyone in the face? THE SCREEN GOES BLACK. CONOR Yeah. cutting him off. GIGI Much classier. Vernon date spot with CONOR. HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. I don't know.

smiling. CONOR Sure.. But I mean. CONOR It was really nice meeting you. GIGI Well.NIGHT Gigi and Conor HUG outside the restaurant. She turns around to look. BREWER'S ART .7/20/7 5..we . She sneaks another look over her shoulder to see Conor. Conor considers this for a LONG MOMENT. GIGI 5 . and sees Conor TAKE HIS CELL PHONE OUT OF HIS POCKET. GIGI (CONT'D) Hey. if you have to get going I totally . Gigi trails off. Gigi breathes a SIGH of relief. I had a really nice time.speak. clearly flattered that Conor remembered her order. CONOR (CONT'D) You had Ketel and soda. CONOR You want one more? GIGI Only if you do. GIGI (CONT'D) And I think he might me leaving me a message at home as . OK. Conor. One more. B-bye. It's an eternity. We can see on Gigi's face that she knows that the outcome of this date hangs in the balance. He's cute. EXT. Umm. I think it went well. She scoots a little closer to him. Gigi TAKES HER CELL OUT OF HER PURSE and dials. it's me. Gigi waves flirtatiously and walks away. right? Gigi NODS and SMILES. Yeah.

They share a smile. Thank you.he's BEN. As Anna gets to the checkout. ANNA (CONT'D) You've only got one thing.a SIX PACK OF SIERRA NEVADA. 6 . hot in an earthy sort of way. She looks at what he's got . mid-step.. THE IMAGE CONOR . BEN Do you want to go ahead? Hmm? Go ahead? BEN You've only got two things. CONOR Hey. SLIDES OVER TO FIND: Then. He steps aside to let her go.also in FREEZE FRAME. ANNA (into phone) Hey.7/20/7 6.I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you. there's one person ahead of her. ANNA Conor. heads down the aisle. She holds her cell phone in one hand . EDDIE'S OF ROLAND PARK GROCERY . ANNA ANNA (into phone) Hold on. We FREEZE FRAME ON GIGI. INT. So. BEN Well.a BOTTLED WATER and a BAG OF SOY NUTS in the other.. And I'm still mulling over a gum purchase. He looks back to see her . good looking and supremely likeable. The image UNFREEZES and we continue with Conor as he DIALS HIS CELL PHONE.. that's so nice. it's me.SAME ANNA.. let me call you right back. She smiles. technically it's six.

She looks like she's about to burst. finally finding what he was looking for. He turns and rifles through a stack of papers. What? EMOTIONLESS CASHIER Our "Sizzlin' Summer” promotion. I just deposited money today. Really? Is that sad? 7 ANNA BEN . There's no way EMOTIONLESS CASHIER It's not that. Seriously. ANNA I swear to god. Let me check something.7/20/7 7.he swipes it. She hangs up the phone and moves past Ben. ANNA Come on. You’re ANNA EMOTIONLESS CASHIER The cashier reaches under the register and pulls out an IGLOO COOLER and hands it to Anna. Ben can't tell if she's kidding.they SHARE ANOTHER LOOK. our 1000th customer in June. As he rings them up she looks back at Ben . ANNA Are you kidding? EMOTIONLESS CASHIER Do I have that kind of manner? A joking manner? Anna looks to Ben. She hands the cashier her ATM card . EMOTIONLESS CASHIER (CONT'D) Congratulations. hands her things to the EMOTIONLESS CASHIER. Oh my word. this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. She BEAMS. You won.

7/20/7 8. did you? Nope. Fine. it's . BEN Yes.charming. CONOR Shit.NIGHT Conor enters his apartment. Then - Anna smiles wide. Conor returns from the kitchen with a beer. watching TV. Conor heads for the kitchen. ANNA Wait. you did. I didn't win at all. Congratulations. NATIONAL BREWERY LOFTS ." ALEX How long ago? 8 ALEX . You were here first. I can't accept this. and turns back. CONOR You didn’t hear the phone ring. ANNA Thank you SO MUCH. INT. were meant to have that cooler. ALEX sits on the couch You ALEX How was the date? CONOR You know. CONOR (CONT'D) Why are you here? ALEX My cable’s out. Hey. BEN No. Anna gave me the "I'll call you right back. Trust me . Anna throws her arms around him and hugs him. admiring her cooler. no.it's fate. Ben can't help but laugh.

" ALEX Sounds foolproof. CUT TO: CLOSE ON: A CELL PHONE. presses IGNORE and stashes it in her purse. Conor pulls off his jacket and tosses it next to a box which contains about 50 FRISBEES. dude. 22 minutes.SAME We TILT up to find Anna and Ben.7/20/7 9. CONOR (CONT'D) I know.'cause I'll be sleeping. Sorry. At 9:30 PM? ALEX Genius. 9 . ANNA What was I saying? BEN I think you were telling me how you don't want to be like your mom and wake up and realize you didn't pursue your dreams. Alex winces. Anna looks at her phone. On each frisbee: A LARGE PICTURE OF CONOR. IT READS "CONOR CALLING" EXT. EDDIE'S OF ROLAND PARK . Because then I can say: "In case you were going to call me back don't . ALEX CONOR CONOR It is genius. Sorry. CONOR Do I call back? Alex shrugs. I'll call back and say that I'm going to bed. WITH HIS PHONE NUMBER AND THE TITLE: CONOR BARRY REAL ESTATE AGENT Conor dials his cell phone as he heads back to his room.

a bit embarrassed. and joins NEIL. There's a guy at my firm who has exclusively music clients. He looks at it. BEN It's OK. They shake hands awkwardly 10 . who's behind the wheel.7/20/7 10. I might even be able to help you out. and laughs. contemplating. bag in hand.CONTINUOUS Ben gets in the car. Look. She writes down her number. OK. this. INT. She takes one ANNA Was I? Little intense for grocery store chatter. ANNA That would be . arty and kind looking. FROM INSIDE A CAR PARKED AT THE STORE: We see Anna and Ben talking. I bet you're allowed to do that. Ben opens his GUM and offers Anna a piece. Ben considers this. He doesn't take it. Right. and Ben HEADS TOWARDS US.amazing. ANNA Do you want to give me your card? That's legit. CAR . like my savior? What are you - Anna digs through her purse to find a piece of paper. I don't do ANNA Don't do what? Help struggling singers? BEN Help hot Pilates instructing singers who happen to be very charming. and holds it out to him. Anna takes the slip of paper and puts it away. OK. 40. BEN I'm married. Sorry. BEN I guess that would be OK.

NEIL You want some tea or something? BETH It was my baby sister. Yeah right. Nice art. Hey.7/20/7 11.a cool place to live. BETH Neil gets up again. WESTSIDE LOFT . Just drive. She's getting 11 . smirk growing. babe. NEIL You here? BEN (CONT'D) It doesn't NEIL We PAN over to a couch . NEIL Everything OK? Yeah.NIGHT Neil walks into a vast space. NEIL So. She's got her hair in a messy bun. Neil starts the car and they pull away. Neil looks at him. INT. BETH Just got off the phone. who was that? BEN A prospective client. And sees that the TV is off. He joins her on the couch. BEN I can talk to a woman Neil. watching TV. married.where BETH is wrapped in a throw blanket. a cozy yet architectural look . Hey honey. have to be like that.

NEIL (CONT'D) Going against nature is like that cat who started nursing that monkey. you think it's great that they're getting married. I've always liked that Devon guy. BETH Do you think it's great? Yeah. BETH Yeah. BETH So. babe. NEIL I actually think the odds of having a successful relationship increase by not getting married. Beth manages a weak smile. He sits back down.I love you and we don't need a marriage certificate to legitimize our relationship. I know.7/20/7 12. 12 BETH BETH NEIL NEIL . Yeah. Right. puts his arms around her. We're just two people who aren't married. Look at my parents all marriage got them was thirty two years of misery and joint checking. but you never feel like we're going against nature or something by not getting married? No. NEIL That's great. NEIL Like I've always told you . Beth looks at him. I get that. That's really great. She doesn't look that happy. NEIL Lemme get you some tea.

straightens it a tad. Right. so clearly he hasn't called. JANINE (CONT'D) Maybe he's away on business. really. but quickly dries her tears. And now he's like the world's best husband. JANINE OK. INT. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE . Staying in town is his business. That happens all the time. let me tell you . Beth starts to CRY. GIGI This is all your fault.until we find JANINE stepping into the hallway. Gigi manages a small smile.SAME We make our way through rooms with plastic covering the doorways . Gigi slams it closed. Really? Yes. and forces herself to pull it together. Gigi shakes her head.7/20/7 13. JANINE (CONT'D) Look. She checks herself in a vintage mirror. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE . then heads down the stairs to find GIGI.after the first time I went out with Ben.MORNING A brick row house in an up and coming neighborhood clearly under massive renovation. What? Why? 13 JANINE JANINE GIGI JANINE . ELEVEN DAYS. he didn't call me for eleven days. EXT. on her cell phone. He exits. GIGI He sells real estate. In Baltimore. Janine ponders this.

I do my due diligence. FADE TO CHAPTER CARD: . GIGI You set me up with him. JANINE (CONT'D) Seriously.IF HE'S NOT CALLING YOU AMBER. All I know about Conor is he sold us this house.panic seeping in. don't.I weigh pros and cons. JANINE No . When I do a set up . GIGI He sold you a house in the ghetto.and who is AT& f'ing T to take that away from me? (MORE) 14 . That's not a set up. He'll call. stop.. Gigi peers out the window. Maybe I should do a little drive-by? JANINE Please. Janine stops her. pretty if a little thick in the middle.my duty even to call him and hang up several thousand times. Total invasion of my personal freedom. I mean.." Gigi makes a move for the phone. When a guy doesn’t call me. calling and hanging up is an age old expression of love and frustration and too many wine coolers .7/20/7 14.you asked if I knew any guys and I gave Conor your number. AMBER Caller ID was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. it is my right . sits in the courtyard of an office park in her work clothes. Or at least until his mother shouts at me in Albanian and blows a police whistle into the phone. GIGI He said he always hangs at Red Maple after work. JANINE It's a neighborhood "in transition. Off Gigi .

GIGI Mom. An ARM SHOOTS out of the shower and grabs it from the sink.as her CELL PHONE lies in full view on her mat. Gigi is in her cubicle. sits on Gigi's desk. I mean.7/20/7 AMBER (CONT'D) Next thing you know.DAY A typical. 15 . I gotta call you back. blaring “Where Is Your Heart” by Kelly Clarkson until his new stupid girlfriend comes outside and threatens to scratch my eyes out with her acrylics. He's gonna call. co-worker. outer offices for management. STUDENTS obediently doing The Mermaid. INT. a girl deserves freedom of expression. or at the beginning? End. this was at the end of the date.does it matter? JANINE Yeah. her CELL PHONE right next to her head. "Nice meeting you" at the beginning of the date is normal. GIGI Why . Walled off cubicles for the junior execs. JANINE So. GIGI Maybe it was at the beginning. "Nice meeting you" at the end could be a blow off. JANINE Then that's fine. we now learn. corporate style office. GIGI'S APARTMENT .NIGHT Gigi lays in bed. INT. someone is going to ban me from sitting in my car in front of a guy’s house.BATHROOM . and closes again. One eye POPS OPEN. Janine. curtain pulled.DAY 15. INT. her friend and.NIGHT Shower is on. Pilates class. MCCORMICK SPICES CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS . GIGI'S APARTMENT . checks the phone. GYM . We finally land on Gigi's mat: Gigi manages to twist herself into a passable Mermaid . A CELL PHONE RINGS.BEDROOM . right? INT. We pan down the row of mats.

the flavor expert. GIGI I can't remember.who may or may not be the guy of my dreams . was nice to meet me. BETH Remember the days when you guys at least pretended to be working when I came in? Beth heads to her office. GIGI Or maybe it was at the end.7/20/7 16.was it "nice meeting you" or "nice to meet you"? Shit. It's just been a little hard to focus on my article about the two sets of twins in market research. when the guy . JANINE "Nice to meet you" is OK. clearly organized. listening. Or maybe it JANINE Wait . flips open her notebook: JANINE Beckon the baking to begin! McCormick. 16 . how's the press release? Janine. Janine and Gigi follow. Beth looks at Gigi. more sympathetic friend than boss. "Nice meeting you" is like "Do you want your receipt in the bag?" The girls look up to find BETH standing there. (to Gigi) Where are we with the company newsletter? GIGI I am so almost done with that. BETH Maybe a shade heavy on the alliteration but otherwise good.refuses to call me. introduces five fun filled flavors that will definitely delight dessert divas! Gigi stifles a laugh. BETH (CONT'D) Janine.

panicked. This is Gigi. JANINE Your notes. I mean how stupid is it that a gal has got to wait for a guy's call anyway.she's no help.7/20/7 17. Why should you have to wait for him to get off his ass? INT. helpless) Well. Janine gives her a thumbs up. GIGI (CONT’D) (clearly ad-libbing) I mean. call me.but women practically have penises now. right? (looks to Janine. she seems confused. we're all equal. Janine looks . I just thought.more women are accepted into law school now than men. I hadn't heard from you and. MCCORMICK SPICES CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS . picks up the office phone and dials. JANINE Pretty standard. She turns to Janine. There are no rules anymore. It's Gigi. right? Gigi laughs. mouthing "What does this say?".DAY Gigi sits at her desk. Janine standing by her side. Call me. after my first date with Neil. Gigi takes a deep breath. I called him. 17 Yes! . BETH Look. GIGI It's ringing. GIGI (listening to receiver) Voicemail. GIGI (reading off her paper) Hey. Conor.it's all under control. Gigi nods . and we do better in those police simulations where you can mistakenly shoot innocent people (rifles through the pages) . She's got a few sheets of paper on her desk. right? More than equal -.I mean I don't know if you saw that Dateline . but as she looks back to the notes.

I'll call you back.OFFICE . JANINE He's totally gonna call.7/20/7 18. Then she feigns disinterest in the phone. BLACK CLAD HOSTESS as we wind through the throng of stylish twentysomethings at the bar to: INT. She hangs up. SCENEY restaurant/bar . unsure. WHAT? GIGI How can there be no dial tone? She frantically jiggles the cord. Then. A look of DETERMINATION crosses her face. Conor never called. INT. then hears something. Finally. GIGI'S APARTMENT . She dials. RED MAPLE .LATER Gigi stares at the PHONE.SAME A busy kitchen. It still doesn't ring. RED MAPLE . she picks up the receiver to listen for a dial tone. stares at the phone again. and heads out the door. rifling through some papers.SAME ALEX sits at a small. (beat. Pick up if you want to stop me. from the doorway: Knock knock. Gigi hurriedly hangs up. INT. GIGI (CONT'D) Janine. then really fast) Alright-I'm-interpreting-your-silence-as tacit-compliance-bye.with a giant red Japanese maple growing behind the bar (thus the name). Off the kitchen a door leads to: INT.KITCHEN . It's me. Gigi hangs up. She looks to Janine. 18 KELLI ANN . GIGI (CONT'D) Mom? Is that you? I can't talk now. RED MAPLE . We follow a THIN. And PANICS. Don't worry.NIGHT A CROWDED. cluttered desk. so I'm on the precipice of staging a casual run-in at Red Maple.

I even have to man the bar . But we're way understaffed tonight .fun.. 19 . backs up. KELLI ANN (flirting) I figured it was no coincidence.we could. you know. ALEX Yeah. She makes her way in. ALEX I know. She leaves. Alex looks up to see KELLI ANN ... Alex keeps working. KELLI ANN (CONT’D) I had fun the other night.I was thinking. She leans against the desk. She tries to hide it.wait. She Alex exhales. was that nice? KELLI ANN Anyway . Kelli Ann .. KELLI ANN We're good. Hey. Alex can feel her eyes on him. Same shift again. standing in the doorway.Red Maple's hot hostess. puts on a smile. Alex stops what he's doing. ALEX Look.. goes back to work. KELLI ANN Here we are. Kelli Ann laughs. Kelli Ann stands there.7/20/7 19.what happened between us the other night was .and that's why I scheduled you. ALEX I make the schedule. ALEX (CONT’D) Are we good here? Kelli Ann's face goes flush. No. It's amazing where 10 shots of Patron will get you.. He goes back to work. So. maybe tonight after work. To work. looks up at her. So. frozen. then thinks .

7/20/7 20. She tries to move toward the bar as she's met by Kelli Ann. Kelli Ann approaches. KELLI ANN Sorry. 20 . For dinner? KELLI ANN A guy. INT.LATER In the back doorway leading to the alley. ALEX TYRONE Gigi continues to scan the place. trying to squeeze through. who grabs a few menus and slaps on a smile. and ACCIDENTALLY (ON PURPOSE) SHOULDER BLOCKS ALEX. Ugh. Tyrone laughs as Alex shakes his head. He and Tyrone share a look. searching for Conor. He turns around to see what happened. RED MAPLE .no Conor. who smokes a cigarette he holds just outside the doorway. I know. not happy. HARD. He has to take a step to catch his balance. Gigi finishes her visual tour of the room . KELLI ANN Are you joining us for dinner or GIGI I'm meeting someone.HOSTESS STAND Gigi enters slowly. Dude. looking around. 18. Alex stands chatting with TYRONE. INT. RED MAPLE . Why? GIGI Hmmmm? Nothing. GIGI I'm meeting someone. not paying attention. KELLI ANN I believe you mentioned that. but Kelli Ann keeps walking eyes front. a busboy.

Oh. ALEX Got a hot date? Alex. 21 . GIGI Oh. approaches. Alex takes her in. ALEX What can I get you? GIGI Oh. yeah -ALEX Conor's not coming in tonight. KELLI ANN That's a great idea. that's OK. AT THE BAR Gigi grabs a stool with a good view of the door. I'm meeting someone. now behind the bar. Kelli Ann takes her place behind the GIGI I don't know if you'd call it hot -. Gigi walks off. kind of a wide interpretation of the word "meeting"ALEX Because I could just call him -Alex reaches for the phone.Conor Barry? Gigi is busted. GIGI I'm gonna wait at the bar. yeah? She's clearly nervous. Did he forget he was supposed to meet you? GIGI See when I said "meeting someone" I guess that was kind of a broad term. hostess stand. uhh.I mean this guy Conor and I have only been out the one time so -ALEX Wait .7/20/7 21.

He left this. I had to return this . ALEX Dr. And then takes the PEN. And I just. and inspects it. looking quite frazzled . She is panicking. GIGI Then who's his dentist? ALEX 22 .. Gigi looks at Alex for a long moment. I mean. had to return his -Gigi frantically searches her coat pockets .I don't know. and finally folds.in the area so I figured I'd just swing by and see if he was around . amused. Oh. So. anything . I'm gonna go. Child and Geriatric Dentistry.I thought if I ran into him. GIGI Look. GIGI NO! I mean.. Conor and I went out last week. ALEX That's not even his dentist. totally unnecessary. GIGI (CONT'D) Pen.uhhh --Alex waits.7/20/7 22. Alex looks at her holding her pen.you know (conspiratorially to Alex) -. I thought I should really return it before he . GIGI I'm Gigi. looking at Gigi.pen.searching for something. Alex looks at her skeptically. I'm not gonna judge about what may or may not be important to someone. GIGI (CONT'D) I uhh.and decides to go with it.and finally fishes out A PEN.and softens. really? My dad.because . She looks at it .Adult. Frankel . I actually was just ..freaks out. Gigi struggles to get out quickly..

then like a year later she ran into him -ALEX Your friend Terri's an idiot. ALEX Look. It's how we do it. Alex is totaling receipts . Gigi SMILES and sits back down. GIGI (hopeful) He said it was nice meeting me. so I'm just gonna be honest . GIGI But maybe he called me and I didn't get the message. Lemme buy you a drink. or was out of town. or was hit by a cab. you seem like a cool girl.hang out for a second.Conor is never going to call you. Over a week went by and he didn't call. Or maybe he lost my number.7/20/7 23. ALEX Or maybe he just didn't call because he has no interest in seeing you again. INT.and Gigi is still nursing a drink. The bar is nearly empty. Just . GIGI Yeah but my friend Terri once went out with this guy who never called and she totally wrote him off . RED MAPLE . GIGI Oh really? How do you know? ALEX Because I'm a guy.NIGHT It's late. ALEX I don't care if he said you were his favorite female since his mommy and Joanie Cunningham. or his grandma died. ALEX Hey. the exception. And she's 23 .

No exceptions. GIGI Why are you telling me all of this? Aren't these man-secrets . Always. And the rule is . I do it early and I do it often.if a guy is treating you like he doesn't give a shit . GIGI But what if I'm the exception? ALEX You're not. You've given me a lot to think about. JANINE Everything OK? GIGI I was up all night. MCCORMICK SPICES CORP. JANINE Please say you were working on the newsletter.carrying a MESSY HANDFUL OF PAPERS. Gigi smiles at him. OK. he doesn't want to call you. with crazy hair and wearing the last outfit we saw her in.like why men need to watch televised golf? Alex LAUGHS. You looked like you could really use the help. HQ . 24 .7/20/7 24. ALEX I don't know. Trust me . I know what blowing off a woman looks like.he doesn't.if a guy doesn't call you.DAY Gigi comes in . You're the rule. INT. Really? GIGI Always? ALEX Yeah. GIGI Thank you. Gigi thinks this over.

yet I continued to stalk him for most of 1998.because the rule is that most guys who cheat on you up front don't really care about you very much. Gigi consults her crumpled pieces of paper. Anyway. who broke up with me every Friday so he could have his weekends free. He only used me for rides. It's basically done. Not the rule. GIGI Sure. the drummer who lived in his storage space. I was so delusional about our relationship that I referred to him as my husband to random people like my dental hygenist. the point is Anastasia is the exception. GIGI Exhibit A: Chad. Remember when I went out with that notary public? And he cheated on me? And then Anastasia from upstairs told us that story about how her boyfriend cheated on her at the beginning . (MORE) 25 BETH .but then he totally changed and they're married and crazy in love. BETH I thought that guy was a process server. BETH Please come in my office before the others see that you have mini muffin stuck in your hair. GIGI No. Okay. important.. INT.BETH'S OFFICE .DAY Gigi paces in front of Beth's desk. MCCORMICK SPICES CORP.7/20/7 25. We have to stop listening to these stories .. GIGI I think I figured it out. Then there was Don. notary. But this is JANINE What's happening with your hair? Beth comes out of her office and looks at Gigi. HQ .

you know. Beth is serious. What is my problem? 26 . BETH OK. and then he finally married her -. But that's the exception. Gigi sits down.we're the rule.like Neil . GIGI No. sit in side by side pedicure chairs. I keep trying to force myself to picture him in some church saying vows to some woman. So let me see if I understand. INT. beautiful but doesn't know it.are never getting married. too. I was just talking. Gigi freezes. ANNA It is impossible not to like this guy. knowing it's about her. tries to backtrack.for seven years without getting married .like me .7/20/7 GIGI (CONT'D) And all my friends would tell me stories about how things might work out with these dipshits because they knew someone who knew someone who dated a dipshit just like mine. Anna holds a BUSINESS CARD. but I literally could not stop myself from liking him. Off Beth. And we're not the exception . No. ANNA I realize that. This has absolutely nothing to do with you. no. That's not what I'm saying.that's the exception. about me. no. and that girl ended up getting married and living happily ever after. But Beth has been listening. and then he tells me he's married. And the rule is that guys . 26. MARY But he's married. What you're saying is that when people tell me about some girl they know who dated a guy for thirteen years.EVENING Anna and MARY. and even that doesn't cool it off. SASSY NAILS . Specifically.who are with girls . You'd think I'd be pissed. I'm pretty sure he was heavily flirting with me outside Eddie's. spent.

Ben. I mean.. I should go. CONOR I am so psyched that you called. It’s just . goes in a private corner. She hangs up. I just. I was just taking you up on your offer. Take care.. And he told my dad he just had never felt anything like it before. Anna. So. Finally. Hey. MARY OK.over coffee? Anna waits for a response.STUNNED.I can’t Anna.7/20/7 27. 27 .I don’t know. and dials her cell phone. I'm calling him. BEN (O. There was this guy who worked in my dad's printing business. And then he meets this woman at some church event. Hey. and he's been with this other woman for 22 years and they are blissfully happy.but you already married someone else? Are you supposed to pass them by? ANNA You're right. On the other end she hears some rustling. Her eyes sting. You said you might know someone who could help me out and I thought we could discuss it -.) What's up? ANNA Well. ANNA (CONT'D) This is Anna Marks. I mean. NATIONAL BREWERY LOFTS . she looks at her cell phone and dials again.NIGHT Conor opens the door to find Anna standing there.S.S. what if you meet the love of your life . Anna pulls her feet out of the pedicure bath. bleached out photos of nails and HOLDS BACK THE TEARS. he had finally met the love of his life.) Look. She can't face Mary so she just stares at weird. You seem great. INT. BEN (O. definitely awkwardness. he divorced his wife. Married for fifteen years to a nice lady. Anna takes this in . some silence.

Conor smiles. INT. CONOR You’re sexy. happy for any compliment. funny or cute. Very sexy. and ushers her inside. NATIONAL BREWERY LOFTS .7/20/7 28. ANNA ANNA CONOR Give me the categories again. OK. Cute and sexy are in the looks column. which am I? CONOR What was I again? ANNA Smart and cute. ANNA Well. ANNA There are four. smart. 28 . No one wants to be in all one column. Or Bill Clinton is sexy and smart. ANNA No. Sexy. He rubs her feet as they talk. Like Sarah Jessica Parker is funny and sexy. Cool. CONOR I love that you are hot for Clinton. feet in Conor’s lap. Your turn. And each person can only be two.NIGHT Anna is stretched out with a wine glass in hand. She bangs him on the head with a pillow. you know. CONOR I had sort of given up on you when you didn't call me back the other night. And cute. OK. I was just thinking about you. Conor buys it. ANNA So.

and moves to Conor.I’m fried.stop. pulls him in for a nice. But just . Conor reluctantly follows her to the door. I better go. Especially sexy. alright? Sure. She looks at him. ANNA You’re the best. Is that ANNA I know. you could just stay here tonight. Anna sits up. NEIL Hey babe. and leaves. 29 . Anna smiles and gets up. is this straight? BETH Why are you hanging that? NEIL I told you I'd do it weeks ago. But you’re so obviously all four. She KISSES HIM ON THE LIPS. I sound like a jackass if I say you’re all four. CONOR Of course.NIGHT Beth opens the door to find NEIL. What? CONOR (CONT’D) It’s been a while. Anna gives him a knowing look. I mean. INT.7/20/7 29. don't like it there? You BETH I love it there. smiles. It’s just . CONOR Well. WESTSIDE LOFT . ANNA (CONT'D) CONOR Oh. standing on the couch in his socks. long HUG. OK. hanging a PAINTING.

NEIL It was just . you can't keep being nice to me and I can't keep pretending like this is something that it's not. You know me. BETH (CONT'D) Is that funny? No. but . Beth tries to hold back her tears. He hops down off the couch and goes to her.it totally looks like a sagging boob. isn't it? I didn't see it before. We've been together over seven years. NEIL Honey. Beth is silent. Neil looks stunned. NEIL It's the image. BETH I want you stop doing anything nice.I was just-- BETH See. Bullshit. NEIL (CONT'D) You want me to take it down? No. Neil laughs.7/20/7 30.you're right . You either want to marry me or you don't. NEIL Or there is the possibility that I just don't really believe in the concept of BETH BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! Bullshit for every woman who's been told by some guy that he doesn't believe in marriage just to see him turn around eight months later and marry some twenty four year old girl he met at the gym. where is all this coming from? 30 . NEIL Is this a trick? BETH No. I need you to stop being nice to me unless you're gonna marry me after.

wanting to take a year off.DAY Ben. And giving it a fun name that you can put on t-shirts. He asked me to marry him on the phone. BETH (CONT'D) I can't do this anymore. smiles) I left him. But now I'm going to --Neil looks at her. because he's just so different and cool like that. IF HE'S NOT MARRYING YOU AMY sits with a sleeping baby in her arms. possibly robbing her of the ability to bear children. our married guy from the grocery store. BETH From the place that I have been hiding from you for the last five years because I didn't want to seem demanding. 31 .BEDROOM ." Isn't that a cute name? Let me explain the concept: it involves dating a girl from the time she's thirty two to the time she's thirty nine. my favorite part is. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE . and then. BETH (CONT'D) Are you ever going to marry me? Beth looks at Neil. She walks out of the room. but he did buy himself a ring because isn't that so hilarious and cool that the guy is wearing the ring? Then. Said he'd eventually get me a ring. AMY I was with Damon for six years. or clingy or psycho or whatever... and introduced the idea of a "relation vacation. I stayed with him even after he took back his proposal. painful SILENCE. which he didn't.7/20/7 31. She looks at him. sits on the floor in a barely furnished room. after all that. (looks at the baby. FADE TO CHAPTER CARD: . INT. and dials his cell. So I never ask. There is a long.

Anna. take care. BEN I'm not smoking. Ben puts his arm around Janine. Maybe you can come by the office this week or something. I just .you scared me. Why? JANINE She sits down next to him. instead of worrying about things that aren't happening? Janine contentedly curls up to Ben. Okay. JANINE Are you smoking again? No. Ben hangs up. BEN Everything's fine. But I offered to help you with your career. and pulls her close. Hey. BEN Shit . And STARES INTO SPACE until THE DOOR OPENS TO REVEAL: JANINE. And Ben's WIFE. and I don't see why I can't do that.I was thinking maybe pink? 32 . Look.it took me by surprise. Gigi's co-worker. BEN Why? JANINE Well . JANINE I don't know . how -Ben is CLEARLY STARTLED. Bye. right? So. JANINE Is everything OK? Yeah. This is Ben. I know it's been a little while since you called. BEN Hey.you get jumpy when you smoke. why don't we worry about what color we're gonna paint this room. sweetie. looks at him intently. Janine looks at him. So.7/20/7 32. give me a call.

He gets it. I know I promised we'd wait to talk about it Ben looks at her. early thirties. She lets him. Ben LAUGHS. and we don't even have drywall. squeezed in among the after work crowd. Pink? BEN Seriously? JANINE Well. BEN I think we're almost ready to start talking about it. JARRAD Well. BEN You've already created the perfect family in this house. I guess I have to get back to the office.7/20/7 33. Janine smiles CONTENTEDLY. we could paint one room pink and one blue just in case. INT. But I mean. ladies. BEN You sure we're ready for this now? JANINE No.EVENING Packed. snuggled against him. Ben looks at her and LAUGHS. JARRAD. JANINE I'm sorry. at some point. chats amiably with Gigi. PORTER'S . Janine gives Ben a knowing look. GIGI You go back to the office after happy hour? What's happy about that? 33 . Federal Hill happy hour bar scene. I mean. Gigi and Janine stand. JANINE I've always liked the name Gisele.

Janine and Gigi melt. GIGI Do JARRAD GIGI So. We'll get in touch.you did it again. Gigi hands him her card with lightning speed. and then we can skip all the nonsense. JARRAD And here's my info. Very vague.7/20/7 34. Jarrad hands Gigi HIS CARD as well. wait -. GIGI Ooopsie .we'll talk. you have a card? Of course. He starts to head over to his BUDDIES. JARRAD 34 . He tries to take off again. What? GIGI You said you’d love to call me. I met you. but then you said "look forward to hearing from you. Gigi is confused. Jarrad just gives her a blank stare. Gigi. You know what? Why don’t we just say that you'll call me.how are we doing this? Are you hearing from me or am I getting a call? Jarrad turns back. JARRAD (CONT'D) So. JARRAD (CONT'D) Look forward to hearing from you. I’d love to call you sometime." See how that’s kinda confusing? JARRAD Look .

All gay. The elevator opens . GIGI He was cute. If he wants to see JANINE Wow.he'll call.and in walks Mary.7/20/7 35. Off Gigi. So? Mary looks at them.BRUCE. NATHAN. GIGI He was just -. enjoying their impatience. full of optimism. Was he hot? No. sipping her drink. me . He takes off.SHE IS THE ONLY WOMAN WHO WORKS HERE. MARY He asked me out. One thing becomes glaringly clear . GIGI (CONT'D) Or I guess I could just call you -JARRAD Goodbye. She gets to her desk and is descended upon by . BALTIMORE BLADE . The girls watch him.TEARS HIS BUSINESS CARD IN TWO. INT. cheerful as always. BRUCE 35 . Gigi looks at the name on the card . JANINE (CONT'D) Wait .what are you doing? GIGI I'm not calling him. and JOSHUA. that guy Alex really made an impression on you. smiling.DAY The offices of Baltimore's gay weekly paper. All mid-20's.JARRAD MONTROSE and then . Gigi.right. JANINE Please don't cyber-stalk him. We follow her down the hall as she ad-libs hellos to her co-workers.

LIGHT ST. People don't just meet organically anymore.7/20/7 36.I update my profile. The guys all look skeptical. She smiles at the guys . Mary's NATHAN 36 . Oh my god! Well He emailed? Umm - NATHAN He called? MARY JOSHUA MARY BRUCE What? Did he travel by carriage and leave his calling card with your lady in waiting? MARY He MySpaced me.DAY Conor sits on a bench. INTERCUT WITH EXT. That's just how it is. I don't go get a new haircut . The guys look at her. Ouch. My slutty sister says MySpace is the new booty call.they disperse as she picks up. NEWSPAPER folded open on his lap. PHONE RINGS. .this is Mary. If I want to make myself more attractive to the opposite sex. what am I supposed to do? Things have changed. MARY Well. MARY (CONT'D) Ad sales . starting to understand. MARY (CONT'D) Back to work. JOSHUA I don't know.



CONOR Hey, it's Conor. Anna's - uh - friend. Or whatever. Hey. MARY So, did you see it?

CONOR I'm not sure about this. MARY You gotta trust me. It's a burgeoning market. You're gonna make a fortune. Conor looks at the paper. CONOR Yeah. I hope so. But, like - did you have to put me on the page with the massage ads? MARY It was either that or on the page with the personals. I made a call. CONOR OK. You're right. to Anna lately? Hey, have you talked


Under which is a picture of Conor, standing in front of a brick Tudor, a SOLD SIGN proudly displayed. In the background - TWO MEN look lovingly at their new home. INT. POTOMAC HOUSE - DINING ROOM - DAY PAIGE, blonde and angelic, looks on as LAURA, CATHERINE, and Beth pull on matching coral dresses. CATHERINE I do not understand how you got mom to sew all of these in two weeks. PAIGE She wanted to do it.




LAURA Mom told me she felt like an old Indonesian lady in a sweatshop. PAIGE No, she didn't. BETH Why again do you need to get married so fast? CATHERINE You're so pregnant. PAIGE I'm not pregnant. CATHERINE Chug a beer, then. I want to see you chug a beer. PAIGE We're in love, you assholes. That's what people do when they're in love - they get married. Everyone FREEZES. And looks at BETH. Big silence.

PAIGE (CONT'D) Bethie, you know I didn't mean -It's OK. anyway. BETH Neil and I are actually - done -

This is clearly news. CATHERINE Why didn't you tell us? told us. You should have

LAURA You have to come over and have dinner with me and Steven and the kids tonight, OK? You can even stay over if you want. CATHERINE Why would she want to hang out with us and our husbands? Seriously, Beth, isn't that exactly what you want to avoid right now? But before Beth can even answer -38



PAIGE You know what - if being in the wedding is too painfulBETH You guys, it's cool. I'm fine. lost a little time. Big deal. So I

Beth grabs her purse and starts for the door. CATHERINE So not a big deal. You're still really young.

So young.


LAURA Everything you learned in that relationship is just gonna make the next one so much stronger. Exactly. Beth exits, still wearing a half-sewn bridesmaid's dress. LAURA She wasted so much time. CATHERINE I knew he was never gonna propose. Shit. The girls nod in agreement. INT. LAW OFFICE - DAY Ben sits behind his desk, sifting through a pile of papers. We PAN around to Anna sitting across from him. BEN I know it's here somewhere. I spoke to George Lane in music, and he gave me this whole list of references for you. It's cool. it. ANNA You can call me when you find PAIGE BETH


I know. ANNA (CONT'D) Why are you married. ANNA 40 . ANNA (CONT'D) You're obviously too good of a guy. Why? It'll be good for me. Really? BEN You're a dick if you date a girl for too long. He looks at her. we got married. Seriously? ANNA You just caved? BEN It's complicated. Tell me how you decided that you could not be without this other woman. Shit I don't know. She gave me an ultimatum: we get married or we break up. again? Ben LAUGHS. BEN I swear I didn't lure you here under false pretenses. BEN We'd been together since college. and then you're an asshole for marrying her before you're ready. He looks up at her and smiles. But you marry her.7/20/7 40. They share a LONG LOOK. So. ANNA (CONT'D) Seriously. ANNA But a girl can dream. and don't marry her.

and heads out the side door of the house to a STORAGE AREA. staring at the card. where she sees her CHERRY WOOD DINING TABLE covered in a THICK LAYER OF DUST. and hope I help in some small way with your career. then heads back inside. CIGARETTE BUTTS. AN EMPTY PACK OF AMERICAN SPIRITS. BEN (CONT'D) You're really hot and I'm obviously attracted to you. and be happy about that. but I guess the best I can do is eventually find this piece of paper. and call you. Gigi sits. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE . The name on the card is JARRAD MONTROSE. She peeks into the dining room. Janine grabs a TARP. She stares at them for a moment. And again. Finally.OFFICE . Nothing. STORAGE AREA . . GIGI'S APARTMENT .AN ALUMINUM FOIL ASHTRAY. INTERCUT WITH: INT. INT. next to a folding chair . and dials. picks it up. INT. she grabs the receiver.DAY CLOSE ON: A TORN BUSINESS CARD. 41 Alex sits in his office. GIGI Hi. when she sees. She reaches for the phone. I THOUGHT WE TALKED ABOUT TARPING THE FURNITURE.DAY There are cans of paint. Still nothing. JAVIER! She waits for a response. some tarps. So Janine drops her work things. Anna takes this in.DAY Janine walks in from work to her construction site home. this is Gigi.DAY He talks into his CELL. on a window ledge. She starts to brush JANINE JANINE (CONT'D) JAVIER. EXT.7/20/7 41. TAPED BACK TOGETHER. RED MAPLE . bags of cement. and then thinks the better of it. the dust off with her hands.

but then gave me his card and -ALEX He's not interested.dentist pen. Gigi? GIGI Gigi Phillips.7/20/7 42.I thought you had some really good insights the other night and -..he said the only thing happy about this hour is you. I know. GIGI No. Right. This is about (she looks at the card) . I just . You have a sec? Okay. GIGI You don't even know if he called -Did he? GIGI No. maybe I need to be harsh -.. he says he's going to call.Jarrad. (MORE) 42 ALEX ALEX ALEX ALEX .Conor is never going to be interested in you.umm . GIGI I'm really sorry to bug you. But the thing is. GIGI He may have used some derivative of that.I had a question. So. I had the . GIGI So I meet him at happy hour and he was completely charming -ALEX Lemme guess . ALEX Okay. I honestly think he's expecting my call.

do you hear the connotations? He. 43 .this is jacked. he will see you. GIGI What happened? ALEX As it turned out.S. Tyrone appears in Alex's doorway. That's cute.) (CONT'D) ALEX If a guy gives you his phone number. I once called 55 Lauren Bell's until I got the right one. instead of taking yours. he's not interested. GIGI He took mine first. 43. TYRONE Alex . ALEX Not.this shirt is WHITE! Tyrone points to a VERY SMALL WHITE INSIGNIA on an otherwise BLACK SHIRT. Alex shuts the door on him. ALEX Just trying to help. but then he -ALEX And. Interested. The hostess is giving me shit for not wearing a white shirt -. GIGI Again with the sensitivity. her ass looked really huge in daylight. if a guy wants to see you. GIGI Is it your sensitivity that makes you so popular with women? ALEX Don't call him. Is. (O. TYRONE This shit is white.7/20/7 GIGI (CONT'D) He said "Look forward to hearing from you" and not "Look forward to talking to you." I mean. He doesn't like you.

you always say that and I always get you something. CONOR (CONT'D) Nice. we widen to reveal: Anna and Conor siting at a cheap picnic table in a tiny backyard. ANNA It's no big deal.put on my favorite. MAYA (CONT'D) Did Anna ever tell you I knew Tim Buckley? No. 44 . Anna grabs a GIFT from her bag . Gigi hangs up.BACKYARD . I know. Anna takes the album and heads through the screen door. across from MAYA .Anna's mom. MAYA Oh sweetie .TIM BUCKLEY'S STARSAILOR. EXT. re-tears up Jarrad's card. CONOR She did not. Maya takes a BIG SIP OF WINE (not her first) as she tears open the gift. What is it? Maya shows him the album . As the candles are blown out. GIGI Thanks. which is clearly a RECORD ALBUM. As Maya refills her glass from a BOTTLE OF WINE.hands it to her mom. ANNA Mom . CONOR MAYA MAYA Here . You didn't.DAY CLOSE ON: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM written across a CAKE.you didn't have to get me anything. Tim Buckley. DUNDALK HOME .7/20/7 44.

Hell's Kitchen. The resemblance to Anna is scary. Harry Nilsson. My lips may be a bit fuller. Anna goes inside. so.pleadingly. you know. MAYA We met at a coffee shop in 1971.. in her early twenties. 45 . INSERT: MAYA.. puts out her cigarette as Anna returns with A PICTURE.I don’t think so MAYA Sweetie go get that picture .. (to Conor) Have you seen the pictures of me from when I was Anna’s age? CONOR Umm . MAYA (CONT'D) Of course.. takes a sip. Black and white somewhere in New York. She hands it to Conor. MAYA (CONT’D) Go. I knew them all. Graham Parsons. She leans back.7/20/7 45. I was with Anna’s father at the time. But he had this big mop of hair and these eyes that just looked past you and through you and into you all at the same time. Maya looks to Conor. MAYA (CONT’D) You’ll see ... "Song to the Siren" plays as Anna returns to the table.another opportunity missed. please MAYA It’s the truth. Maya pulls out a cigarette and lights it. Complete interest and disinterest.we look strikingly similar.you know the one Anna just looks at her . ANNA Mom. Robert Plant. Your mother’s asking you to do something for her on her birthday. but. It was amazing. I had no idea who he was.

You CONOR Are you kidding? I like your mom. Wow.cool's not always what you're looking for in a mom. Anna and I met at a restaurant.unbelievable. because. not a coffee shop. well . Conor smiles. MAYA That’s sweet.NIGHT Anna and Conor walk to the front door of her apartment. ANNA'S APARTMENT BUILDING . But if we’re comparing stories (indicating with her glass) She’s no me . Maya stands up. CONOR So. MAYA So that’s what we’re dealing with here. With that. I mean. EXT. MAYA (CONT’D) Anyone need a refill? Anna looks to Conor apologetically. CONOR That’s . you want another -. Maya heads inside. then back up to Anna. But it's awkward.and you’re no Tim Buckley. CONOR That’s funny. but. ANNA Yeah.foot rub? He's trying. make it so much easier. cool. I guess I kinda did.still He looks from Maya to Anna. Conor looks down at the picture. 46 She's . Imagine meeting someone who looks like that in a coffee shop. for reference. That serves coffee... So. ANNA Thanks again for coming with me.7/20/7 46. He just smiles. understanding.

FADE TO CHAPTER CARD:. I guess the trick is. ANNA Ugh.7/20/7 47. And if after a month .but trying a smidge too hard .you were warned. OK? She gives him a KISS. Alex heads to the fridge. A girl will never sleep with you if: she calls you cuddly or dependable.NIGHT Alex knocks and opens the door in one motion. talks to the camera as he drives his Ford Explorer. I'm just beat. CONOR I'd be into that.goatee.but I'm just saying . INT. So. etc.S.) 47 . NATIONAL BREWERY LOFTS .two months at the very outside . how to spot this girl early . ALEX Hey dude . of course. her name is Amber or Christine.she's not sleeping with you. she pops a zit in front of you. leather cord necklace he bought in Cancun. she takes a dump in your bathroom or she takes home leftovers in dates 1-3. and goes inside. CONOR (O. opens it and looks in.so you don't waste the one to seven weeks waiting to find out that it's never gonna happen. Anna gives him a smile.you here? Yep. she's sleeping with you. TRENT If a girl is into you. I wanna put on sweats and get in bed. He's cute . ANNA I'll call you tomorrow. she does not like you. I've got some signs about how to spot this girl gleaned from my own experience. opens her front door. I know it's not scientific ... early 30s.IF HE/SHE'S NOT SLEEPING WITH YOU TRENT.

and you're already seeing a girl who won't sleep with you . Nice. by becoming "gay adjacent". Need I ask? CONOR It's for work. you know. You dress like that . I'm trying to expand my client base.. ALEX CONOR ALEX ALEX Or. SHINY SHIRT and EVEN TIGHTER. He's wearing a REALLY TIGHT. It’s just..) It’s not that she won’t sleep with me douchebag..um. CONOR (O. shuts the fridge and turns to find Conor standing there. VERY BLUE JEANS. she.S... Wanna beer? He pulls TWO BEERS out. ALEX By pretending you're gay? No.I think maybe you can pull it off. This may be too much. ALEX I don't know. 48 .I have slept with her..7/20/7 48. Conor grabs the beer and opens it. Conor heads back toward his room. ALEX (CONT'D) Or an apple martini? Funny. in real estate terms. CONOR By being more gay friendly. CONOR I may have to use that. CONOR (CONT'D) I'm gonna try something else.

GREGORY We're kissing right now. deftly. Gigi is making out with GREGORY. 49 Gigi pulls away . ALEX I think you're gonna have to beat 'em away with a stick . 30s. ALEX Won’t sleep with you anymore. But next time. As they start kissing again GREGORY Well. CONOR Pretty much. GIGI I know. (re: his new outfit) So. Conor reappears. Conor rolls his eyes and heads back into his room. laughs to himself and takes another sip of beer. framed Orioles jersey .NIGHT Leather couch. FELL'S POINT CONDO .so I'll be out of touch for a bit. INT. what do you think? Alex gives him the once over. GIGI Who would have thought that a random girl from Pilates would fix me up with such a good kisser? GREGORY Back at you sister. Umm. The second date kiss is way more intimate. yeah. sexy man. Gregory starts pulling off Gigi's top.typical bachelor pad. They make out some more. I'm going out of town tomorrow .7/20/7 49. Alex GIGI I can't wait to kiss you again. now wearing A FRENCH CONNECTION TYPE TIGHT T-SHIRT AND BLACK JEANS. Gigi beams.you hot.

The PHONE RINGS. so he's gonna be out of touch.BATHROOM . GIGI But maybe he is going out of town.NIGHT Too Gigi dials her CELL as she goes through Gregory's bathroom cabinets.. Yup. sorry to bug you again. Alex grabs it. INTERCUT WITH: INT.PG stuff and then he mentions he's going out of town. FELLS POINT CONDO .7/20/7 50. GIGI Would you excuse me a quick second? many diet cokes. question.S.. GIGI Hey. Run. ALEX'S APARTMENT . GIGI Where are you going out of town to again? Pittsburgh.) ALEX 50 . GIGI I'm making out with a guy . ALEX To where? The Arab Emirates? Where is he going that he has to be out of touch? Gigi opens the bathroom door and SHOUTS down the hall. INT.NIGHT Alex is also mid-makeout on his leather couch with a HOT WOMAN. GREGORY (O. Gigi makes a beeline down the hall. babe? Alex walks into the hallway. Quick ALEX ALEX (to his hot lady) Would you excuse me a second.

Yeah? ALEX Yeah. Bill. Gigi smiles. as a sweaty Ben approaches. Alex LAUGHS.decides to APPLY THEM. BEN So. etc. I don't know why I'm saying this but I actually think I know a nice guy who you might like. We'll all meet for a drink .yeah. But I'd really take my time.it'll be good. He's a friend of my brother's. ANNA You came to my class. 51 . do I now? What GIGI ALEX ALEX GIGI ALEX You gotta come out eventually. Pittsburgh. ALEX OK.7/20/7 51. Run. GIGI So. GIGI There's not going to be anyone left. GYM . we ran into each other. He hangs up. INT. Gigi finds some Crest Whitestrips and with determination . GIGI So. I'm in his bathroom right now.EVENING Anna's rolling up mats. now what? I'm just supposed to run from every guy who doesn't like me? Uhh . Let him sweat.

Ben follows. ANNA Totally. BEN I didn't know it was your class. BEN Thank you. Anna LAUGHS. Am I supposed to not be friends with a guy just because he's married. A couple of innocent folks . As Anna picks up her bag and walks past him Wanna swim? Ben watches her go. GYM POOL . Exactly. ANNA Because you said not to call back if it was my class.NIGHT Big indoor pool. Which it was.why can't we be friends? Am I not allowed to make friends anymore? Am I not allowed to be friends with hot people? What kind of reverse prejudice is that? ANNA I hear you. INT. BEN But you didn't call me back. Anna opens ANNA BEN I was just thinking . the door with a KEY. not sure she's serious.by happenstance . Clearly closed.7/20/7 52.doing their daily workout near one another. ANNA You called and asked me. Ben recommits. lights off. BEN We ran into each other. and happens to have this insane smile and this ass that makes me want to dry hump? 52 .

.NIGHT Ben comes in the front door. talks about a dry hump. BEN Different how? JANINE I don't know. She does not look happy. Janine sits on the couch flipping through a magazine. friends. ANNA You can just watch. right? Totally.KITCHEN . Anna sits at the edge of the pool. And. Anna LAUGHS. ANNA So. INT. OK. Anna pulls off her top. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE . slides into the pool. JANINE Honey . drops his gym bag. totally naked. BEN You may be the best friend I've ever had.7/20/7 53. 53 BEN I don't trust myself. ANNA You wanna come in? I'm sorry. ANNA Classy. He leans in to kiss her on the cheek. BEN A girl who And with that. and then dunks her head under the water. BEN I think I just fell in love. Ben pulls back smoothly. And then her sweats. He does.you smell different. right? BEN Classy is lame.

Off Janine. wanting to believe him.DOCK . JANINE Maybe it's the ashtray and cigarettes I found. And you are really freaking out. Ben walks away. NEIL emerges . unsure. In the side yard. What part of "my dad died of lung cancer" is hard for you to wrap your brain around? What? BEN JANINE Do not lie to me.DAY Ben walks to a boat at the end of the dock. Leave our jobs. Ah. yes. 54 . Please. BEN Honey. BEN Are you serious? We have like eight thousand undocumented workers in this house daily. I think the renovation is getting to you because nothing is going on. How come you never invited me out before? NEIL Well. NEIL My first visitor.for our retirement. possibly unshowered. and you automatically assume they're mine? Well. He stands. this was supposed to be just for Beth and I . Ben. She looks at him. Take off. He tries to coolly meet her gaze. JANINE EXT.relax. I'm not lying. Just please .unshaven. BEN This boat is sick.7/20/7 54. BALTIMORE YACHT CLUB . Sell the house. You find cigarettes. BEN Well that's an odd thing to say. before deciding to KNOCK on the side of the boat.

away from Ben. I didn't. steps on to the boat. Neil switches to his left hand. NEIL (re: cigarette) Sorry. BEN Pretty much. Neil is clearly having a tough time. NEIL So Janine sent you to check on me? Yeah. BEN NEIL Any message from Beth? Ben shakes his head no. EXT. steering it out into the bay. NEIL Her sister's what? Wedding. Shit. Ben stands across from him.. did I? 55 . Ben doesn't know what to say. so..DAY CLOSE ON: A cigarette being lit.7/20/7 55. BEN No. Where are my manners? Permission to board granted. NEIL You said funeral. Neil seems disappointed. looking on. BEN I think she's been busy getting ready for her sister's funeral though. WIDEN to reveal Neil smoking on the upper deck of his boat. It's OK. I say? BEN Her sister's wedding. They're silent for a second. INNER HARBOR . NEIL (CONT'D) Sorry. What did Neil is now LAUGHING HARD. Ben smiles. I'll show you around.

And that's when we see . BO BROOKS CRAB HOUSE . smiles. COUSIN (CONT'D) So. NEIL Right. The others at the table turn to look at her. Neil LAUGHS HARDER. SMACKING a crab with a mallet.there seems to be a party and SPEECH underway. Neil takes a drag and looks out over the harbor. curious. BEN I love Janine. there are going to be hearts breaking all over the world. COUSIN Now. I forgot. INT. her sister Beth is still on the market. Really? BEN Why not? That's what women do. 56 BEN BEN . That's how Janine got you to bite the bullet. HARD. NEIL Do you regret it? No. I never thought Beth would give me an ultimatum. Neil looks at Ben. Beth's sister. Even Ben sees the humor. Paige. keep in mind. NEIL The marriage thing is weird. annoyed. man. AND LOUD. NEIL So you're happy? You'd say you're happily married? Ben looks at Neil as if he's crazy. I know when my cousin Paige says those vows tomorrow. Yup.NIGHT We PAN down one of the long tables to find Beth.7/20/7 56.

KEN (CONT'D) Bethie. and that's what I've always thought was so great about you. 60s. KEN Honey. You were nine. your cousin Jay has always been a jackass. Time to eat. you'll get married a little bit later than some people. wrote away for information. So enjoy the crab. I know. Why not? 57 BETH . Beth goes white. Big deal.when he sees Beth trying to make a sneaky exit. You never did things the way everyone else did. and I'm the only one not married. BETH I'm your oldest daughter. it's the crab's hepatopancreas. Ken laughs and puts his arm around Beth. but she's still got a lot of miles left in her. COUSIN (CONT'D) Sure. KEN So. look. The cousin WINKS at Beth. Bethie. KEN OK . He starts to return to his table . nearly tramples guests to grab the mic.that's enough of the speeches. you borrowed my New York Times. Mixed reaction from the crowd as Ken puts the mic down. When everyone else was just going to camp at the Y. But don't stay on the lot too long. or next year's models will -KEN MURPHY. BETH And even he's married. You never did anything the way every one else did it. If this was Fiddler on the Roof you'd have to sacrifice me or something. she's an older model. then got accepted on your own. And the yellow stuff is not hot mustard. He catches up to her. found some arts camp in the Berkshires.7/20/7 57.

prepare myself mentally.NIGHT Gigi sits sipping a drink. ALEX Sorry I'm late. FRAZIER'S ON THE AVENUE . I know. They HUG. KEN It's true. and I'll say what I want. KEN Because that's you. GIGI That's OK. when Alex comes in the door and goes directly to her table. INT. ALEX (CONT'D) Can't wait to hear that story about the molars. That's why you're my BETH I don't think you're supposed to say that. I don't give a shit. favorite daughter. remind myself not to tell the story about my molars -ALEX He's not coming. KEN Well. Alex motions to the WAITRESS to bring them another round.7/20/7 58. though. I'm retired. though. I like a little time before a blind date . I'll say it into the mic if you want -That's OK. alone. Beth's eyes go WIDE. GIGI How can he already not like me? BETH BETH 58 .

Watch -As if on cue. Tom Cruise Guy sees. but I meant Tuesday. He's not. GIGI Awesome. I see this stuff go down every night.she's probably meeting her soul mate as we speak. She's interested. hard." GIGI Maybe there isn't. ALEX Actually. I manage a restaurant. I can. You need a spark. ALEX I screwed up. He can buy her drinks all night. but doesn't acknowledge. Alex looks smug. GIGI You cannot tell from a cursory glance that he's not interested. Tom Cruise Guy BANGS his elbow into the GIRL. I told Bill it was Thursday. Nope. you have a gift.7/20/7 59. GIGI How do you know? ALEX See the guy trying to work the Tom Cruise thing. 59 .then observe the SCENE AT THE BAR. GIGI Man. They toast . ALEX And check out droopy dawg on her other side. causing her to spill her drink. Gigi is disappointed. ALEX ALEX The "spark" thing is bullshit. The waitress drops off their drinks. and she'll insist there's no "spark. The GIRL is standing between TWO GUYS. I'm stuck here with a guy who can't distinguish Tuesday from Thursday and meanwhile this girl (motions to GIRL at the bar) .

when you were stalking Conor that night . even though the date was just kind of mediocre? OK. You gotta be more like me . or on phone bills.were you obsessing about him calling for days.if a girl likes me great. You love it. Maybe. You all thrive on it because you all love drama." And you all buy it. you thrive on drama. ALEX And let me guess . if not. because you love the drama of not knowing whether you'll make it? She's busted. They continue drinking and observing the scene. GIGI ALEX See. Thanks. there are plenty more like her probably with smaller pores and bigger implants. ALEX Guys invented the "spark" so they could not call and treat you kind of bad and keep you guessing. GIGI That's beautiful. GIGI Why are you sharing all this inside dating information with me again? 60 ALEX GIGI GIGI . Yeah. I don't. and then convince you that the anxiety and fear that it creates in you is actually a "spark. Really? GIGI Enlighten me.7/20/7 60. ALEX Really? So you don't wait until the last minute on deadlines.

She's inspecting the crown molding. JANINE He does good work. her contractor. do you think you could give me an honest answer? I think so. You do? ALEX I like you. Alex smiles at her. GIGI Again with the sensitivity.smoking. Yes. Javier. I like you. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE . Because I think some of your guys have been .7/20/7 61. JANINE Javier. Gigi can't help but smile back. They're kinda pathetic . GIGI ALEX Don't start doodling my name on your binder. 61 JAVIER JAVIER JANINE He looks back at her. I dunno. with JAVIER (40. Yes.so you want to cheer them up.MORNING Janine walks down the hallway. Janine stops and looks at Javier. if I asked you an honest question. JANINE Good. JAVIER He's very good. JAVIER . INT. like I like basset hounds. stocky). I just mean. JANINE It looks good.

JAVIER (very softly) That's a lot of prepositions. My guys don't smoke on the job site. Javier. JANINE Are you sure your guys aren't sneaking around here? And smoking? And lying to me? And -. JAVIER It seemed like a statement. To my face. Under my roof. is there? IS THERE? I mean. Janine looks at Javier. Because I can't have someone lying to me.have your guys been smoking or not? JAVIER No. Oh.smoking? She's starting to freak Javier out. JAVIER I'm pretty sure. Janine does not hear him.. JANINE (CONT'D) JAVIER Is that the question? Yes..7/20/7 62. we made promises to one another -62 . On my time. They're all good guys. Javier? It's awkwardly silent. JANINE JANINE The question part was implied JAVIER I didn't really hear it in the inflectionJANINE Javier . JANINE I need you to be honest with me. and barrels on JANINE I mean. there is no reason for that kind of dishonesty. ma'am.

He gestures to a guest book on the kitchen island .opening closets. I know. VERNON ROW HOUSE . ANNA Gotta run. Yes. The house is TEEMING WITH GAY COUPLES . You're like the Liza Minelli of real estate. Which is like making promises to each other. CONOR Your friend Mary's a genius. great. we had a contract. wearing a toned down version of his "gay friendly" clothes. Conor comes into to frame. 63 . we're good here. Conor joins her. admiring floors. look great. JANINE (CONT’D) But. MT.what the hell is she talking about? JANINE (CONT'D) What I mean is. right? Blank stare from Javier. Javier starts to leave.DAY TWO WELL BUILT MEN (SKIP and LARRY) sip from bottles of Volvic water as they wander through a kitchen. CONOR Hello.next to which Anna stands. INT. my name is Conor. right? JAVIER Maybe I should just get back to work. JANINE (CONT'D) The molding really does Javier gives a forced smile. Okay. Fine. Please sign in whenever you get a chance. munching on complimentary cookies.7/20/7 63. ANNA This is insane. inspecting the cabinetry. Me and you? Janine slaps on a smile. JANINE Good idea. Alright. and heads back to work. Javier looks at her .

CONOR I just . CONOR You got a class? Uh. Conor tries to play it off. Skip and Larry look at him sympathetically.so he just ends up grabbing her. no. it wasn’t all the time. I don’t know why I said that. she leaves cute messages . I mean. isn't she? CONOR I'm not sure I get your meaning. but Anna's not ready for it .all the time. But she still calls. what is she doing? 64 . Larry grabs a plate. Conor goes in for a HUG. looks around the room. she sleeps on my couch. But it did happen . she stops by. that’s not true.7/20/7 64.but it never goes ANYWHERE. have a cookie. it stops. I'm dying. CONOR See you later? Skip and Larry move closer. It's written all over your puppy dog face.I know I’m not making this up. she wants a massage. LARRY It's obvious. She leaves. out of nowhere. I cannot read her signals . LARRY Here. And then. decides not to fight it. It's awkward. We used to sleep together . Literally. Sure. What? SKIP She's holding out on you. CONOR (CONT'D) ANNA Just some stuff. She won't sleep with you.I have no idea what she's doing.at all. CONOR It's killing me. Conor looks at them. Well.

So the next time you're in the position . Like . That's no help at all. SKIP It's that simple. LARRY Honestly . two (he looks away) No. concerned. Three SKIP Here's "I don't want to sleep with you.it's on. SKIP That sounds like felonious advice. two. break their gaze. Gay signals have nothing to do with straight signals. Skip looks at Larry. She clearly likes you .that's it.I can tell you this. 65 . CONOR You're right. LARRY You're right. LARRY One. Gay or straight.we may not have the best insight. Thanks for playing. SKIP He's right. He looks at Larry. seconds or more . take maybe for an answer. Move along.don't take no for an answer.maybe she just wants you to be a man and do something. Larry meets his gaze. Let me rephrase. Don't Conor takes this in .7/20/7 65. Larry looks back at him. They don't LARRY One.here's "I want to sleep with you". three . you're not going to get anywhere by being inactive.that's not a bad idea. LARRY But listen ." Skip look at Larry again.

in a robe. all the time. BEN This is bad. What? Shit. ANNA Stop.7/20/7 66. He's not smiling. Anna BEAMS. ANNA First of all. INT. ANNA'S APARTMENT . She joins him in bed. ANNA BEN BEN (CONT'D) I'm lying here watching you and I seriously have never felt this way before. one. Ben watches her. Anna walks in from the bathroom. What? BEN I am so into you. BEN What's second of all? I'm just 66 . Why stop? She looks at Ben.NIGHT Cute studio apartment. I mean. I have to forcibly make my brain stop thinking about you. And Ben is in the bed. Wait. ANNA Stuff like what? BEN Like having sex with women who are not my wife. ANNA BEN Because I don't do stuff like this. I'm not women. He waits.

BEN I have to tell her. As Ben pulls her to him. she lets a smile take hold. 60's. They look at each other for a LONG MOMENT.I can't stop thinking about you. But if she wasn’t. with a kind but very wise face. standing in front of a posh Upper East Side building. FADE TO CHAPTER CARD: . (MORE) 67 . ANNA Second of all . ANNA You know what's best. BEN I thought second of all was going to make me feel better. LOUIS Here’s the thing . ANNA I don't want to push you to -BEN I want to be with you..7/20/7 67.my daughter is happily married with kids and running a tanning salon on Staten Island. talks to the camera in his FORMAL DOORMAN attire. What? BEN I have to tell her. Anna thinks. Anna's eyes light up.IF HE'S MARRIED ANNA LOUIS. ANNA I didn't have a second of all. I’d tell her the same thing I’d like to tell a lot of the girls that come in and out of this building on the arm of a married guy. but she tries to cover.. either. And I can't do that if I'm lying to her.

MARY This is crazy. ANNA I'm not picking out china patterns or anything .he won’t. cash. Remember Becca. Some guy waits on her at Bennigan's . ANNA You're totally right. ANNA No. in sweats and Ugg boots and dirty hair. ANNA (CONT'D) He's kind of leaving his wife for me. I can't believe he's gonna leave his wife for you. 68. And he can't really explore what we could be if he's lying to her.he's a good guy. I wanna tell these young ladies. Mary looks at her.7/20/7 LOUIS (CONT'D) And here is that advice --. Is this crazy? This is totally crazy. Think to the future. MARY It can happen. He's just . Not for me. my sister's friend.by the end of the night they both knew they had found the one. annuities.DAY Mary and Anna. Don’t settle for flowers and a shopping spree at Bendel’s. We barely know each other. INT. Because I guarantee you . he's not leaving his wife for me. both load their carts with cheap beauty products. We all know that none of these guys is gonna leave his society wife and let her keep half the money and the classic eight on Park Avenue.but I've never felt anything like this before. a deed in your name. RITE AID . And that’s the best fatherly advice I can give. as long as you only have the guy for a finite period of time -get something that can last. So. MARY I don't know. 68 .get stocks.



ANNA Well, what about texter? MARY Texter has yet to make any verbal contact. I mean, this guy could have had surgery that left him without a voice box, breathing through a stoma, and I'd never know because I never actually hear his voice. ANNA I doubt he has a stoma MARY That's not the point. The point is - I can't text. I'm not charming via text. My sarcasm doesn't come through, I can't type fast enough on the little phone keyboard -ANNA So don't text. MARY It's not just texting. It's email and voicemail and snail mail ANNA That's just mail MARY Whatever. None of it's working. I've had a guy leave a voicemail for me at work, and then I call him back at home, and he emails me to my Blackberry, and then I text him to his cell and then he emails me to my home account from the plane phone -- and it just totally gets out of hand. I miss the days where you had one phone number with one answering machine that housed one cassette tape and either the cassette tape had a message from the guy or it didn't. That's it. Now you have to go around checking all your portals and get rejected by seven different technologies. It's exhausting. Anna, who is trying a different shade of nail polish on each finger, calmly looks up at Mary. ANNA So what about the singer guy? 69




MARY Yeah, I like him.

ANNA That's great. Totally. MARY I felt like we connected.

INT. GIGI'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Gigi sits on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, eating graham crackers and watching SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL on TV. The phone RINGS. Hello. INTERCUT WITH: INT. RED MAPLE - OFFICE - NIGHT Even in the office we can hear the din of the bar scene. Oh, hey. ALEX You're home. GIGI

GIGI Where am I supposed to be? Out. ALEX It's Saturday night.

GIGI You won't let me go out with guys who don't like me. It's kind of limiting. ALEX I was just calling to let you know - I'm having a party at my place next weekend. You should come. Gigi considers this. GIGI I don't know. Won't Conor be there? Might be kinda awkward. ALEX He's in DC for the weekend at some real estate conference. But there's gonna be a bunch of single guys.




GIGI So I will have plenty of chances to be awkward. Thank god. ALEX Don't worry. I'll be there. you through it. Gigi smiles. GIGI So, the party - is it like a big party, more of a mellow hang or -A CRASH outside Alex's office. ALEX Yeah, OK. Gotta go - I think someone just dropped 84 wine glasses. Gigi hangs up, and goes back to watching her movie. CLOSE ON: The TV screen as Mary Stuart Masterson (as WATTS) and Eric Stoltz (as KEITH) hang out in a garage. WATTS Amanda Jones is no minor leaguer who’ll be swept off her feet at the touch of your amateur lips. KEITH I think I can handle it. WATTS It’s cool. I was just gonna work on it with you but - if you’re comfortable...great. Wait. KEITH How do you work on it? I mean, pretend I'll talk

WATTS Pretend I’m a girl, OK? I’m her...Amanda.

Gigi sits up. A light bulb has gone off. As she watches Keith and Watts kiss on screen, a smile crosses her face. INT. MCCORMICK SPICES CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS - DAY Gigi blows in, dumps her things and turns to Janine:


GIGI He's into me.he's into me. He's Watts. (she hugs Gigi) Who's this now? GIGI Alex.so who's Amanda Jones? GIGI I guess Conor at first. I knew there had to be a reason he was spending all that time with you. But that's not the point. isn't Mary Stuart Masterson Watts? Yes. JANINE Wait . JANINE Awesome. JANINE So. why aren't you Watts? GIGI I'm Eric Stoltz. point is -. but really she's in love with Eric Stoltz herself. JANINE Wait. 72 . I knew it. What? GIGI From Some Kind of Wonderful.7/20/7 72. It's totally clear to me now. JANINE GIGI JANINE The JANINE You know. What? GIGI Alex is Watts because Watts helps Eric Stoltz go on a date with Amanda Jones. Now men in general.

GIGI Right? And then the next time I called he was with a woman . about the signs.unless there's something going on.really? GIGI He shows up .without this fictitious Bill character . I mean.like when I first called he said "Good to hear from you" JANINE Totally good sign." JANINE A guy does not leave a woman .to talk to another woman . GIGI At first they were small .7/20/7 73. JANINE Oooh. Janine rolls her chair up to Gigi's computer screen. GIGI I know! It's so obvious now -. gimme the signs. And talked to me for a while. He so likes you. JANINE You know it was a woman? GIGI He called her "babe. JANINE You're right.and the two of us basically have a date. I love to hear Janine rolls her chair closer to Gigi's desk.but he still took the call. please . JANINE Wait . GIGI I know! And it gets more obvious. 73 .there was no guy he was going to fix me up with.there are so many signs. The fix up was him. And then he calls me to invite me to a party at his place.

While holding coffee. Mary hits the SPEAKERPHONE button. Mary is clearly charmed. Nathan hands her the phone. Mary cradles the receiver with her shoulder and dials. YOUR SOUL-UTION (O. Did I tell you he was singer? Just call.we only met for coffee last night. Mary. INT. NAME:"YOUR SOUL-UTION" AGE: 29 FROM: FUNKYTOWN FRIENDS : 1282 MARY There's no way he's already called .DAY Mary sits at her desk. The other guys shush him. On speaker. JANINE (CONT'D) Let's look up places for your destination wedding. Mary. all looking at her computer screen. MARY And he told me he had a gig last night. surrounded by her gays. my Maaary.S. Kinda like having coffee. Gigi laughs but doesn't fight as Janine starts searching.I've always wanted to go there. so he probably got in real late. BALTIMORE BLADE OFFICES . NATHAN Just call your voice mail. JOSHUA BRUCE Oh NATHAN I just got hard. The gays all SWOON. in a sexy voice) Maaaary. CLOSE ON: SEX: MALE They are A MYSPACE PAGE.) (SINGING. I mean we video iChatted. 74 . Mary.7/20/7 74. Would you guys wanna do Napa Valley . Maaaary.

Finally. Just wanted to -oh shit. We pull back to reveal Ben and Janine. That one. JANINE JANINE That one isn't real hardwood floor? BEN No. Bye. Jenny.) Hey Mary.at like one one hundredth of the cost. Janine considers this.S. AUTOMATED VOICE ALL MESSAGES DELETED. Mary BEAMS. from speakerphone) Jeeeeny. ANOTHER BEEP. YOUR SOUL-UTION (CONT'D) Hey Jenny.) (SINGING. Amazing. followed by a dial tone. Then.what number did I call? SOME RUSTLING NOISES. she POINTS to one of them. But it looks exactly the same . as Janine really studies the two pieces of wood. No. INT. BEEP. They all head wordlessly back to work. call me back.S. . Mary basks in the attention. it's Jude. Jenny. So. YOUR SOUL-UTION (O. Just wanted to tell you again how special it was to meet you. Mary stares at the phone . Jenny. it's Jude. and a HANG UP. Jeeeeny. in the wide aisle of Home Depot.then pushes a BUTTON. BRUCE He'll sing to your babies. YOUR SOUL-UTION (O. 75 .DAY CLOSE ON: TWO SEEMINGLY IDENTICAL PLANKS OF WOOD. BEN That's the laminate. All heads whip around at stare at the SPEAKER PHONE. HOME DEPOT .7/20/7 75.

tell people what you really are. fused to the ground. BEN I don't think it's pretending -Ben is making light. Ben just stands there. JANINE It's a lie. Just be up front . doesn't say anything. right. JANINE BEN (CONT'D) 76 . then don't try to look like wood. Finally: BEN I slept with someone. If you're not wood. She doesn't turn to face him. His cheeks start to burn. Ben takes this in. But Janine is all business. JANINE It's OK. I -I heard you. BEN But you can't even tell the difference. You're totally BEN You're right. JANINE That's not the point. Maybe we should look at the grills and come back. Total silence. JANINE I still wanna go with the real wood. BEN Then what's the point? JANINE I just don't like the way it's pretending to be wood.7/20/7 76. I'm sorry. Janine stops. As she starts to steer their giant cart away.

BEN I'm so sorry.YOU . Janine turns to Ben. JANINE EXCUSE ME? And now you want to move out? You're like . I talked to Neil. I'm sorry. FUMING. I just assumed that you wouldn't want me to -JANINE We're not going to deal with this? We're not going to figure out a way to work through this? 77 . JANINE And it's you that's been smoking.leaving me? Ben looks confused. and he said I could stay on his boat for a while if -Now Janine's eyes go wide with disbelief. JANINE I KNEW IT. isn't it? What? BEN Why does that matter? She is IRATE. too. BEN No. BEN I haven't. JANINE HAVE . Janine just STARES AT HIM.7/20/7 77.BEEN . No. BEN (CONT'D) Look.what . JANINE (CONT'D) You tell me this in Home Depot because you know how I hate a public scene. but is trying to roll with it. NO.SMOKING? No. BEN That is not why I I knew it. You asshole.

DAY A lavish reception. Beth forces a smile as she processes with Buddy who stops to piss on a chair leg. Yep. OK. confused . INT. Then Beth's sister. 40s. BETH Oh. JANINE Is that what you want? BEN (almost a whisper) No. She heads down the aisle with the cart. processes down the aisle with her husband. I'd been lobbying for weeks to be seated next to her single sister.that didn't go how he thought it would. a 12 year old CHOCOLATE LAB. BETH JANINE 78 . DAN I've heard a lot about you from Paige. STEVEN. Dan looks over at Beth's place card. wearing a coral bow tie. Ben follows. you would want me -. Laura. The procession of a wedding has just begun. Beth's sister Catherine and her husband GEORGE are next. GRAMERCY MANSION . EXT. yeah? So you are (looks at his placecard) Dan. Big smiles all around.7/20/7 78. Then Beth appears at the end of the aisle with her escort .BUDDY. GRAMERCY MANSION . BEN I just assumed that once I told you. TWO ADORABLE FLOWER GIRLS start things off. Beth is not happy. Beth takes her seat next to DAN.out. DAN You must be Beth.DAY The lush grounds surrounding a beautiful turn-of-thecentury mansion.

7/20/7 79. NATHAN It makes your breath stink. near the Chex Mix. But I didn't know if that would fit on a card. NATHAN I'm sorry. Gigi stands. Hmmm? DAN Well. and grabs for the wine. sort of. INT. I made out with a guy after eating like a bag of the stuff. So Gigi continues absently and compulsively shoving handfuls of Chex Mix into her mouth. GIGI Thanks for the tip. 79 GIGI BETH So I have a BETH DAN . He said my breath smelled like trout. She tries smiling at a TALL GIRL. I'm actually a wiccan. Pardon? Gigi looks up to see Nathan and Bruce . Uh. who ignores her.Mary's gay coworkers who are now decked out in full-on Saturday night gay mode . I learned the hard way.mediocre food but decent alcohol. And that guy I made out with was a total asshole. Beth slaps on a fake smile. somewhat uncomfortably. magickal name. ALEX'S APARTMENT . NATHAN Chex Mix.NIGHT A PARTY is in full swing. That was rude.standing next to her. Really? DAN It's Brother Phoenix East-Horse. Typical affair for someone in their late 20's . Gigi puts her handful of Chex Mix back.

I'm Nathan. NATHAN How do you know Alex? GIGI I hope .when you don't know if you're a date . GIGI He didn't really say. GIGI How do you guys know Alex? BRUCE We don't. BRUCE You want me to smell you? don't smell like trout.7/20/7 80. Gigi LAUGHS. She reflexively GRABS FOR THE CHEX MIX and starts gorging on it again. Nathan stops her. I mean . or like his date? BRUCE I hate that . GIGI I'm good. Gigi smiles in recognition. a look of DOUBT sweeps across Gigi's face. GIGI (CONT'D) But I'm sure I'm more than just a guest. Our friend Mary heard about it from some guy named Conor. NATHAN So.there have been signs. or if you're like co-hosting or if you should stay til the end to have alone time -Suddenly. Thanks.so you don't know if you should bring a friend.I mean I'm pretty sure something is about to happen between us. NATHAN This is Bruce. 80 . Gigi. you're here as like a guest. I'm sure you She cups her hand and surreptitiously checks her breath.

gross. Beth swats Dominic on the arm. The bride.7/20/7 81. TERRIFYING GRAY. Take a mint. You guys were together for like ten years. near the band. DOMINIC So. Everyone has stopped dancing. Cool. Paige. Gigi looks at him gratefully. The dance floor is crowded. INT.NIGHT Dinner is over. a long time. is out there. BETH But yes. 50s and fat. where's Neil? BETH We actually broke up. HE HAS FALLEN TO HIS KNEES. GRAMERCY MANSION . They are looking to the floor. huh? then we could maybe -BETH Eeew Dominic. NATHAN GIGI They continue to dance. DOMINIC No way. Cuz 81 . Beth pushes her way through to seeHER DAD. He reaches in his pocket. DOMINIC Too bad cousins can't marry. Thank you. AND HIS FACE IS TURNING AN ASHY. Beth's dad gives Beth a wink as she heads onto to the dance floor with DOMINIC. and he laughs. though. BRUCE I did get a slight waft of trout. And then they are distracted by a COMMOTION ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Beth's dad is dancing with her mom. Seven. HE'S CLUTCHING HIS CHEST.

on to Alex's scam.NIGHT The place is packed. GIGI Right. But it looks like the food could use some refreshing -He looks at the FOOD TABLE. ALEX'S APARTMENT .co-hosting? Gigi LOOKS ELATED. Alex looks CONFUSED. Gigi turns to him and smiles. INT. 82 . Gigi is smashed into a hallway. Everything is empty. I still think you guys would hit it off. (air quotes) "Bill". Alex doesn't know how to take that.too bad Bill couldn't make it. ALEX Are any guys hitting on you? Do you need me to evaluate their level of interest? GIGI They were gay. ALEX Anyway . trying to look relaxed. Gigi smiles knowingly . ALEX Well . ALEX I had no idea it would be such a madhouse. Even I know that their level of interest was probably low. kind of like --. just refill the chips and stuff? GIGI You mean. Oh OK.7/20/7 82. ALEX (CONT'D) Would you mind helping? I mean. GIGI Great party.I'm on my way to put out some more liquor. Alex comes up behind her. Hey.

mixing up some DIP. and starts emptying Gigi's dip into the bowl. He walks away. She stops at the food table. I was like "Let's do it. INT. Gigi is THROWN. INT. ALEX'S APARTMENT . he's talking to friends. passing them off to various people as she walks. Gigi watches with interest. 83 . PARTY-GOER #1 Really great party. very much at home.KITCHEN . GIGI Anytime. rearranges a few bowls.A LITTLE LATER Gigi is in the kitchen.A LITTLE LATER The party is now even more crowded. GIGI Thanks. Gigi weaves her way through the crowd. TALL GIRL (CONT'D) Thanks for mixing that up. When Alex said he wanted to have a party. An attractive TALL GIRL enters the kitchen. She smiles and gives a THUMBS UP. fridge. TALL GIRL No. Uhh. She's deftly holding SIX DRINKS. and starts LOOKING IN THE CUPBOARDS." PARTY-GOER #2 Thanks so much for having us. and grabs it. OK. She CATCHES ALEX'S EYE across the room. I got it. She chats with a couple of PARTY-GOERS. No problem. She brings the bowl over to the counter. He gives an awkward thumbs up back and returns to his conversation. ALEX'S APARTMENT . GIGI (CONT'D) Can I help you find something? The Tall Girl finds a BOWL in the cabinet. ALEX The chips are on top of the Gigi smiles BIG.7/20/7 83. that's OK.

7/20/7 84.the crowd is definitely thinning. ALEX Knock yourselves out. not pleased.could use a little more dill. Gigi spots Alex in the kitchen and makes a beeline. Then. the TALL GIRL emerges. Alex looks mystified. INT. But I thought I'd stick around. ALEX'S APARTMENT .LATER Bruce and Nathan wave to Gigi as they leave. and chips.it's been a good party. TALL GIRL I got it. 84 . TALL GIRL Alex. Then the Tall Girl deftly grabs the dip. The Tall Girl tastes the dip. The tall girl shoots Gigi a dirty look as she grabs a trash bag. GIGI That's sweet of you. too. Thanks for getting it started. ALEX I guess people had fun. so I'll take care of it. Alex looks at the toaster oven and laughs. People are getting coats . GIGI TALL GIRL (CONT'D) Hmmm . What? TALL GIRL Alex asked me to get the dip together. Gigi grabs one. Gigi's face grows red. and heads back out to the party. GIGI When someone's underwear ends up in your toaster oven . No. you want me to start cleaning up? Gigi STARES DAGGERS AT HER. Gigi looks to the confused party-goers.

Gigi stands there awkwardly. finally alone with Alex.except the TALL GIRL and ALEX. and heads out.you know -I mean it's past three and -YES!! TALL GIRL Suck it! Alex tosses down his controller. maybe I should just -.but I really gotta get to bed. Gigi. Gigi flinches. Gigi enters from the kitchen. Everyone's gone . The tall girl and Alex do not look up from the game. sits next to him on the couch. ALEX'S APARTMENT . She looks around. Man. ALEX Thanks for staying and helping clean up . ALEX You are sensational. That was cheesy. umm . The Tall Girl gives Alex a hug. Gigi suppresses a SMILE. who sit on the couch playing a NBA LIVE on the XBOX.7/20/7 85. The tall girl beams. I TALL GIRL Did you say it's past three? gotta go. GIGI I think I've rounded up the last of the beer bottles. GIGI (CONT'D) Well. GIGI (CONT'D) So. INT.what game is this? They ignore her. It's awkward.STILL LATER It is really late. They're silent for a moment. good at this. 85 I'm not ALEX . GIGI Is that an invitation? What? GIGI I'm sorry.

I knew it.. ALEX And why would you think that. GIGI (CONT'D) I knew it. Really? ALEX Like what? GIGI ALEX This time he stops her.. Yes! Alex looks a little afraid. and starts to KISS HIM. REALLY KISS HIM.before Alex knows what's happening. But then -. HE WILL ASK YOU OUT. ALEX What are you talking about? What have I been saying since I met you? If a guy wants to date you HE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. The best relationships grow out of friendships. She looks breathless. She goes in to kiss him again.what? Ummmm... we're at least on the track. Gigi is LUNGING at him. Alex is not pleased. ALEX Now you and I are in a relationship? GIGI Well..signs. I felt something. She puts his face in her hands. Finally. Gigi pulls away.you know . exactly? GIGI Because there were . Alex gets up off the couch. DID I ASK YOU OUT? 86 . I'd say if we're not at relationship station--ship. GIGI (CONT'D) GIGI Ummm . You talked to me even when you were with a girl.it was good to hear from me. Wait .7/20/7 86. She trails off.

BEDROOM . and then finally DIALS. and maybe I even thrive on the drama of it all-but at least that means I still care.NIGHT Gigi looks at the phone. take each little thing a guy does and twist it into something else -Gigi stands there. embarrassed. ALEX Why do women do this? Why do they build this stuff up in their minds. Gigi grabs her bag. GIGI I'd rather be like that .but I know I'm a lot closer to finding someone than you are. but you don't fall in love that way. taking Alex's berating. GIGI (CONT’D) I may do a lot of stupid shit . Gigi turns and heads out the door. ALEX GIGI (softly) 87 . Alex. Excuse me? GIGI Maybe I dissect each little thing. No. INT.7/20/7 87. You haven't won. You think you've won because women are expendable to you? Sure. you don't get hurt or make an ass of yourself that way. ALEX Why would you do this? GIGI I thought you were Watts. GIGI'S APARTMENT . Alex doesn't even hear her.than like you. and put myself out there too much. either. You're alone.

snaps off the light. Less of that cardboardy brown stuff. BETH You want anything else? KEN Yeah. BETH It's not gonna work this time. 88 . More regular people food. lays on the bed. lies in bed. OK? I know this isn't the first time this has happened. Beth clears his breakfast dishes off of the bed. POTOMAC HOUSE . but you're also the prettiest? So much better looking than those other dogs. BETH The cardboardy brown stuff is called whole grain bread.this one wasn't about whether he liked me. But I Beth takes his dirty dishes and heads for the door. I'm sorry it's so late. appreciate the effort. and books surrounding him. I just really liked him. GIGI Hey Janine. it's just .7/20/7 88. KEN Did I tell you that you're not only my favorite daughter. in a Notre Dame sweatshirt. INT. with a wry smile. KEN Maybe you could just fry me up a couple sausage links? BETH People who have just had heart attacks generally are not advised to eat animal fat. Beth's dad. stuffed in synthetic casings.don't start picking out your bridesmaid dress. Seriously. Gigi hangs up.DAY Ken Murphy. but I just . with papers. Ken looks at her.

7/20/7 89. He has an old BOBBY DARIN tune BLARING. and DEVON. BETH I finally got mom to lay down in the spare room. and sees her sisters Laura and Catherine at the kitchen table.LIVING ROOM . POTOMAC HOUSE . STEVEN (CONT'D) And a little plate of cold cuts if there are any left? Beth just keeps on walking. POTOMAC HOUSE . Laura's husband.SAME Beth walks by Paige. intently watching the golf channel.DEN . surrounded by a mess of VINYL RECORDS.KITCHEN . BETH Turn it the fuck down. Grab me a beer if you're going that way? Beth rolls her eyes. POTOMAC HOUSE . Beth sets the dishes down in a precarious pile of other dishes. STEVEN Hey. Paige's new husband.SAME Beth hauls the dishes downstairs and through the den where Steven. is on the couch. INT. so after I tackle some of these dishes. DEVON You think your dad really wants to hang on to all this vinyl? My collection could use a bunch of these. My mom is finally taking a nap. stunned. All we have left to eat is some old jelly and ramen noodles. on the floor. on the couch. maybe we can go to the store. BETH You might wanna kill the volume just a smidge. Both Devon and Paige look at her. INT. INT. Beth. (MORE) 89 . Our new brother is trying to co-opt dad's property before he's even dead.SAME The kitchen is a total MESS.

he's upstairs watching 'Oprah After The Show'. across from Gigi.him? JANINE Gigi.you have us. That takes courage. Janine fiddles with a TILE SAMPLE.DAY Janine sits at Beth's desk. GIGI Do you know who it is? JANINE (shaking her head "no") It doesn't matter. It's OK. Beth looks up. He didn't wait to get caught. BETH (CONT'D) It's all gonna be OK. She's CRYING SOFTLY.7/20/7 BETH (CONT'D) And Laura. CATHERINE But he's always been . 90. BETH What about your husband? is he? CATHERINE Playing ultimate frisbee. He's not just some guy that didn't call me back. who has her head in her hands. INT. MCCORMICK SPICES CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS . GIGI So are you going to . 90 . LAURA And second of all . And he did admit it to me. Laura is pointing to Catherine.the one who's there for me. Where the hell His team may The DISHES crash in the sink. he's my husband.leave . your husband would really like a beer to go with his fifth consecutive hour of the golf channel. CATHERINE What am I gonna do without dad? BETH First of all. Beth rolls her eyes. who stares at her in disbelief. make the quarterfinals.

changed. It's OK. JANINE It is. Janine looks at Gigi. What? GIGI GIGI GIGI I know 91 . I didn't mean that. I gotta tell Javier.this is not your fault.7/20/7 91. I forced him into getting married. the tears come. I've . GIGI Lots of couples got through lulls. what did I expect him to do? GIGI I don't think that's really -She looks down at the TILE in her hand. Alex was not just some guy. I used to be fun. He wasn't ready. What? JANINE I'm willing to accept my responsibility in this. JANINE This is too small. JANINE It's my fault. you know. JANINE We never have sex anymore. Realistically. A BEAT. JANINE (CONT'D) I'm sorry. I was fun when we met. Gigi is clearly STUNG. GIGI Janine . JANINE No. We never have sex. GIGI You're still fun.

ANNA Oh my god.. It wasn’t until he died that I found out about the property he owned with his Austrian mistress. Cheated on me with my sister . JANINE This tile. I poured over his phone records. some mind games . a personal day. I found him in bed with his big breasted secretary when I came home early from the Maldives. So unoriginal.is me. oh my god.. Ben smoothly EXTRICATES his hand from Anna's. had him followed on countless occasions . BEN It was all you.some intrigue. FADE TO CARD: . INT. it made me feel sorry for him.though my sister’s two year old eventually gave them up. I gotta go. oh my god. He nods to 92 . babe. oh my god. heads out as Gigi looks on.HALLWAY EVENING Anna SQUEEZES Ben's hand as they stride down the hallway to his office. At last .and never found a single shred of evidence.. COWORKERS as they pass. highly manicured. upper class type) sits on a yacht in what looks to be the French Riviera. MARIEL My first husband was unimpressive. Three husbands -countless boyfriends. But the real master. ANNA Oh my god. But my last husband -.he was a gem. Tell Beth I took Janine grabs her purse. oh my god.but made me believe that I was insane for being suspicious. intercepted his credit card bills. I have to say -. A veritable master at covering his tracks.IF HE'S SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE ELSE MARIEL (50’s. and I haven’t been caught yet. Anna is trying to suppress a smile.7/20/7 92. My second husband was a pinch more creative. LAW OFFICES ..

He liked my demo.7/20/7 93. BEN FREEZES. Ben smiles. ANNA GOD. BEN How is it that every time I see your body. as they round the corner of the corridor to his office. BEN (CONT'D) Dana. MY. JANINE (O. Thank you.S. I'm shocked at how beautiful it is? Anna smiles at the compliment. ANNA Is - 93 . Can I get a few minutes? Ben continues to remove his shirt as he talks. ANNA I cannot believe this. Literally freezes on top of Anna. I need to go over the offering statement. MOSTLY ANNA'S. and pulls Anna to him. BEN I was sitting right there. INT. they start to KISS. She starts to work on his shirt when: SOMEONE TRIES TO OPEN THE LOCKED DOOR. He goes in. They make their way over to the LEATHER SOFA. BEN This is really good news. and she follows. Did you hear what he said? When he said it was hauntingly beautiful? Did you hear that part? Yep. Ben smiles at Anna. It gets heated. BEN'S OFFICE . OH.EVENING Ben deftly shuts and locks the door behind them.) It's not Dana. CLOTHES START TO COME OFF. ANNA Thank you so much. With that.

working with speed and precision. and Janine is standing there. BEN Shit. relight the fire. confused. BEN I'd never get anything done if I didn't. She looks up at Ben. and hike up the skirt. He goes to the door of the office. JANINE Why do you even lock it? Ben re-buttons his shirt. BEN (CONT'D) What are you doing? Sit down. One sec. There isn't enough room to stand. JANINE Ben goes to sit behind his desk. I told Dana to get this lock fixed. Her skirt is way too long to do this. he GATHERS ALL OF ANNA'S THINGS and shoves her . so she has to regroup. goes to straddle Ben at his desk chair. JANINE Can I come in? Of course. what are you doing? JANINE I don’t know. gives the office a once over. BEN Janine.NAKED . so she has to sit. BEN She makes a show of CLOSING AND LOCKING THE DOOR. Finally. Ben FRANTICALLY puts his hands over Anna's mouth. OK. I just thought .maybe we could. smiling.into the CLOSET. he closes the closet door.7/20/7 94. 94 . Then. you know. BEN (CONT'D) Janine. Ben glances over at the closet. Ben opens the door. clearly a little nervous.

perplexed. as she listens closely. ALEX Luis you take 4 through 6. not sure what he's looking for..and pitch in with the servers when you TYRONE No. The staff looks at each other . just like that. a chair CREAKING JANINE (O. JANINE (O. BEN'S OFFICE . yeah.BAR .S..) (CONT'D) Yeah. BEN (O. Do you want to save our marriage or don’t you? Janine looks at Ben. Ben is SILENT. Alex rifles through his papers.S..EARLY EVENING Alex has the staff (of about 10) assembled for the preshift meeting. 95 . JANINE Look. stonefaced. I'm always on 8 through 10. Ben picks up some papers. We HOLD ON Anna as she sits there. RED MAPLE .S. but Janine is not giving up. Right. He slams his clipboard on the bar.7/20/7 95.SAME Anna sits.) Of course I do. He consults a clipboard as he talks. INT. INT. did you hear what I just said? I gotta get this offering statement out.I'm on 8 thru 10. Been working here 18 months doing 8 through 10. I am trying here.Tyrone you bus 4 through 6 ..) Then you'll let me do this.CLOSET . ALEX OK . Then a ZIPPER OPENING. TYRONE Luis quit like 10 months ago. holding back tears. Dude. BEN Honey.

ALEX ALEX KELLI ANN (CONT'D) 96 .any calls for me? KELLI ANN Since you asked me 11 minutes ago? not a lot of phone traffic. Alex. Kelli Ann walking away and calls after her. ALEX (CONT’D) Great. Alex heads around the bar. ALEX What has happened to me? KELLI ANN What's her name? Who? KELLI ANN The girl. Good. look at it. then put it down. Oh my god. Kelli Ann starts to turn away as she sees Alex grab his cell phone. What? KELLI ANN It's happened to you. No. takes a swig . ALEX Do we even need to have this meeting? Seriously? Does this serve any purpose? The group voice their opinions .then grabs his cell phone again staring at it.a resounding "NO". Alex takes his beer and heads down the bar. He puts it down again. ALEX (CONT'D) Hey.7/20/7 96. He grabs a beer. Kelli Ann . ALEX There's no girl. willing it to ring. He sees The group disperses. Get to work. A HUGE SMILE grows on Kelli Ann's face.

She starts to go. She looks at Ben. Alex looks at Kelli Ann. BEN I really gotta get this stuff done. now fully dressed.out. And it has happened to you. Alex takes this in. I love you. Ben is ALEX ALEX JANINE You sure I can't interest you in a little beef and broccoli? I'm treating. Can't focus. OK. Feeling the need to bring up her name in random conversations..EVENING Janine.7/20/7 97. and as she walks away KELLI ANN Welcome to my world asshole. I know strung out and you are strung . BEN'S OFFICE . hovers by the door. 97 . KELLI ANN (CONT’D) It's always the same. eyes on his computer. KELLI ANN You can't hide it man. my friend. checking your email 100 times a day. Janine is clearly flailing.. Alex stops at the office door. Wishing you could write songs. right? Jumping every time your phone rings. Trust me. Shit. He has no choice. JANINE I'll see you at home. INT. Kelli Ann smiles. KNOWING SHE'S RIGHT. Please KELLI ANN This is amazing. back at his desk. her words settling in.

a disgusting excuse for a man Anna pulls her clothes back on in a FURY. a pile of BILLS in her lap . Anna. Yep -. GIGI (CONT'D) That's my other line. OVERDUE.NIGHT Gigi sits on her couch. OK. What was I supposed to do when she ANNA You make me sick to my stomach. Anna storms out. Hello? 98 GIGI (CONT'D) B-bye. As soon as she's gone. thank you again for letting me pay over the phone.but I am so too good for you. INT. Ben gets up.most of which say LATE. I assure you this late payment thing will never happen again. She's on the PHONE. You know that it's you I want to be with He puts out a hand to try to touch her.NEARLY SMASHING HIM. Janine leaves. .and goes to the closet . shuts the office door . BEN (CONT'D) I had no choice. A CALL WAITING BEEP. BEN (covering his anger) I love you too. GIGI'S APARTMENT .when the door FLIES OPEN IN HIS FACE . She RECOILS. I may just be a piss poor girl from Dundalk who works at a gym . You are ANNA Are you kidding me? You will never lay a hand on me again.7/20/7 98.just trying to trim some of the drama out of my life. etc. BEN I didn't want to do it. Gigi CLICKS OVER. GIGI Dino.

watching her. MAYA (CONT'D) Baby . It should at least get you through this month. struggling with a blanket. Sure. where Maya sleeps on the couch. GIGI So you do exist. 99 . She writes out a CHECK.7/20/7 99. leaves it on the counter. Maya closes her eyes again.quietly. Hi. She looks to the living room. BILL I do. still trying to get it together. before heading over to her. Yes. Maya finally notices. We were supposed to meet up . MAYA Thanks sweetie. Gigi lets this sink in. INT. Gigi. DUNDALK HOUSE .what's the matter? Maya struggles to sit up and hug her. Ummm - MANS' VOICE This is Bill. GIGI BILL Alex's friend.but Alex told me the wrong day. Anna's eyes start to fill with tears . Anna sits there. She watches her for a second. And I'd love to buy you dinner sometime if you're game. I left the check on the counter. smiling. Bill. Anna sits next to her on the couch. GIGI Why not? She puts on a smile. I don't know what I would do without you. ANNA I'm gonna go. Maya opens her eyes and looks up at her. she begins crying. helps her adjust the blanket.DAY Anna stands in the cluttered kitchen of her mom's house. She crouches next to the couch.

anything but the life you actually had. Maya nods. almost smiling. the Tim Buckleys . ANNA (CONT'D) And then there's Conor ANNA Yeah. Who I'm so horrible to.but it's not that. And he's .but he turned out to be such an asshole. I've been seeing this guy .I did not like your father at all when we met. Anna tries to process this. Maya looks at her daughter. it's not that. MAYA (CONT'D) Now true .the one . ANNA Are you kidding? All you talk about are the things you didn't do. But he takes it. I mean .who is exciting and amazing and thoroughly unavailable. MAYA Those are just dreams Anna.7/20/7 100. I thought he was . MAYA (CONT'D) Is it money? Because you can take back the check if ANNA No. guilty. It's just (tearing up again) I'm just so lost mom. MAYA (CONT’D) Well. I'm broke . the people you wish you could have been with.yes.I don't know Settle? MAYA Like you think I did? MAYA Anna looks at her mother. your father and I had a glorious life together.there. But I just don't want to . Waiting. (MORE) 100 .

He is all amped up. OK? I mean.NIGHT Anna lays on her bed. ANNA Because we always call each other that. Almost as soon as she turns the knob. staring at the ceiling. The doorbell RINGS. sweetie. Conor is standing in the middle of her studio apartment. MAYA (CONT’D) There are worse things in life than settling. Anna gets up to answer it. CONOR See.life with him was a hell of a lot better than life is without him. Why? Anna doesn't have an answer for that.7/20/7 MAYA (CONT'D) Or after we got married for that matter. But let me tell you this . walks slowly toward the kitchen. why did you call me sweetie? Anna looks confused. Anna considers this. ANNA'S APARTMENT . CONOR 101 . we call each other sweetie. ANNA Hey. CONOR (CONT'D) I want to say something. and we fall asleep on the phone after talking for hours and I washed your hair for you after you had that shoulder surgery and everything . he doesn't go for it. She reaches up to give him a hug. Maya stands. Like what? MAYA Like wishing you had.it's like we're together. INT. ANNA 101.

I want to make love to you.I just freaked myself out.but I don’t really care. So let me be clear. Yes. I love hanging out. He does.I want both.7/20/7 102. They KISS. With me. Conor is STUNNED. ANNA CONOR ANNA ANNA CONOR ANNA 102 . Like a full-on relationship. CONOR Did a bunch of gay people put you up to this? ANNA Please stop talking. ANNA I know that I CONOR Let me finish. She LAUGHS. and I just . What? OK. too but it's true. CONOR I'm talking about really doing this. I just -OK. And I’m not sure what happened. or why we stopped . I know that sounds kind of embarrassing coming out of my mouth . but I am so attracted to you. Maybe I haven't been clear about what I want. Maybe it's my fault. Right.

103 . Devon and George . DEVON Take him out. He turns around. He's done. INT. It's NEIL. annoyed. BETH I didn't mean for you. goes into the kitchen. It's STOCKED. The guys are annoyed that she blocks their view. and walks past them to the kitchen. We just got drive through.DEN . stunned. Anna lays on her back. STARING AT THE CEILING. but I tried to get healthy stuff. NEIL The dishes are all put away. with another set of dirty dishes. eyes wide open. She looks to the sink and sees the back of a man. and OPENS it.LATER Conor sleeps peacefully with his limbs wrapped around Anna. ANNA'S APARTMENT .Steven.sit on the couch watching basketball. There's a load of laundry still drying.7/20/7 103. Shit! Jesus.BEDROOM . STEVEN NEIL (CONT'D) I remembered what your dad likes.DAY All of Beth's sister's spouses . too. She puts down the dishes in shock. Beth comes downstairs. we're good. He goes to the fridge. POTOMAC HOUSE . She's clearly not at peace. but the other one is folded on top of the washer. The kitchen is SPOTLESS. doing the last of the dishes. GEORGE This isn't some exhibition game. Beth. Beth just looks at Neil. INT. Could you -BETH Did anyone have time to run to the store? GEORGE Nah.

steels herself.. VARIOUS SHOTS as Janine walks from room to room . She walks down halls and up staircases.. and puts his arms around her. THE HOUSE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL.amazed.. from delight to loneliness. and walks inside..you mean “done done”?. ALL THE SCAFFOLDING IS GONE. the longer she stands there.Bye.it’s all perfect. then dials.you don’t mean “we still need plumbing in the upstairs bathrooms done” .OK. She hangs up the phone. MEADOW MILL ATHLETIC CLUB . Where there once were plastic sheets there are now walls with vintage wall paper. Ben told me. NEIL (CONT'D) I know how much you love him. She whips out her cell phone and dials. EXT. Nice and tasteful. past end tables and mantles .. EXT.7/20/7 104. She ends her tour in the master suite .ALL COVERED WITH PICTURES OF HER AND BEN. All the floors are immaculate. She takes out her cell phone. the chandeliers sparkle . TEARS start to roll out of Beth's eyes.SAME As Janine enters . Her face transitions.does this mean what I think it means? So when you say “done” . As she approaches the house. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE ... the more empty it begins to seem. JANINE Javier .SAME CLOSE ON: A LIT CIGARETTE.you’re amazing..it’s HUGE.Wow .. INT. goes to her. hesitates. Neil With that.I wanted to help.LATE AFTERNOON But it's Janine pulls up in her Land Rover and gets out. gonna be OK. 104 . HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE . A LONG DRAG IS TAKEN. within a matter of seconds..she can’t believe her eyes. And though full of furniture. she stops in her tracks. NEIL (CONT'D) I just .I’ll call when I see it.

He looks at it . the camera HOLDING ON THE EMPTY WALL.goes to tidy it up. rushes back up the stairs.7/20/7 105. they’re empty. She stares at it immobile. She stands over it. confused. INT. not sure what to do with herself. she sees herself in the ANTIQUE MIRROR hanging in the hallway.JANINE CALLING. not satisfied. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE . She grabs the pants. She picks up the jacket. Her face tightens. looking at the shattered glass. looking around the room.she HEARS SOMETHING HIT THE GROUND. JANINE YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT! .SAME With Janine as the call goes to voice mail. STAIRCASE . She sits on the edge of the bed. Then. takes another drag of his cigarette. There is a KNOCK at the door.she ENTERS FRAME AGAIN holding a DUSTPAN AND BROOM.as she grabs two armfuls of his clothes off the racks and flies out of the closet. 105 . takes them both to the walk-in closet. smoking a cigarette.As she flies back into the bedroom. His PHONE RINGS. her eyes well up. breathing heavily. She hangs up.She hurtles down the stairs. Her face pales. throwing armfuls of clothes into the foyer. And as she folds the pants over .DAY Neil lies on the bed. BOAT . She kneels over and begins sweeping up her mess. She notices a pair of pants and jacket thrown over a chair . CUT WIDE TO REVEAL: Ben sitting on a ledge in front of the gym. Without even thinking she grabs it from the wall and SMASHES IT on the ground. INT. she surveys the scene and. After a beat we hear her walking back up the stairs . HALLWAY . She hangs up the jacket. She looks down to find A PACK OF CIGARETTES. The room is pretty messy a lot of clothes strewn around. He's clearly waiting for Anna to arrive.BEDROOM . reading. She EXITS FRAME and we hear her walk down the stairs. watching the passersby. It's Beth. He IGNORES the call. Neil gets up to answer it. checks the pockets.

Turns out . NEIL NEIL BETH (CONT'D) I wanted to thank you.without being married . Beth looks around. And that's enough for me.not yours. Nice guy. Did you see those guys my sisters are married to? You are a better husband to me . Not sure he gets a lot of visitors. looks like yours -. NEIL Of course. Even if I can't give you what you want. BETH (CONT'D) Can I come in? Neil ushers her in.7/20/7 106. I really care about your dad. BETH You're what I want. And I really love you.unsure of her meaning. it's no problem.that boat in the next mooring. Your love is what I want. Neil looks at her . Hey. Oh no. For coming by my folks' house. BETH (CONT'D) Our life together is what I want. NEIL And you'd really be OK if we take the marriage thing off the table? BETH If you promise to love me and be committed to me - 106 . BETH It's been a while since I've been here. shuts the door. Neil laughs. Invited me in for a white wine spritzer. BETH No.than any of those real husbands will ever be.

so throw me a bone. INT. We're not getting married.a RAGGEDY pair of CARGO PANTS. I was just wondering how you were doing. BETH Look. It’s been a little while since we’ve talked -. you cannot bring those. BETH But. I do. I get to move back in? I guess.SAME Alex. She points to his pants . INT. 107 . They kiss AGAIN. BETH We both win. GIGI'S APARTMENT . I'm not done. It's Alex. Beth smiles. and you're taking it out on the pants. I let you win the big battle. in his office. paces as he talks into the phone.and I was wondering how you were doing. NEIL What? You're just mad at me. ALEX Hey. NEIL NEIL (CONT'D) So. head flung upside down. Gigi. The phone RINGS but Gigi doesn't hear it.LATE AFTERNOON Gigi sits on her bed. Great. blow drying her hair. and let me eat Wheat Thins in bed.OFFICE . I gotta win something. They KISS. but I'm chucking the pants. NEIL I always have BETH Wait. RED MAPLE . NEIL OK. And snake the shower drain when my hair clogs it.7/20/7 107.

SAME Gigi flips her head back . young families. ROWHOUSE . Dude. But you’re out. 108 And . A "FOR SALE" sign is outside. call me. Alex motions for Tyrone to leave. I’m around. It's Alex. She heads out of the bedroom. TYRONE ALEX I know. ROWHOUSE . Tyrone is watching him. shaking his head. He hangs up. ALEX (CONT'D) Anyway. I know. ANNA You seriously get a ton of people bidding on this? CONOR I know it's crazy. He doesn’t. OK.LATE AFTERNOON Conor and Anna climb the stairs of a three story row house. But it's a neighborhood "in transition. Hip gay people. INT. Or tonight. INT.7/20/7 108. young couples. Alex looks up. EXT.it totally reminds me of the house I grew up in. Sometime. Obviously. Conor smiles as Anna heads into the house.oblivious to the phone call and checks her hair.CONTINUOUS ANNA Weird . I bet there is a Anna goes into a little nook off of the kitchen. So. Tyrone is unimpressed. pulls down a BUILT IN IRONING BOARD.that hip gay people want to live out here? CONOR Yeah." ANNA So that means what . That’s enough now. I was hoping to talk to you. GIGI'S APARTMENT .

Anna starts to PANIC. I want to see if his girlfriend likes it first ANNA His girlfriend? CONOR I mean. For . I always go with my gut when it comes to real estate or --- 109 . I mean . Conor takes her hands in his. if you like it and things continue to .. My mom would use this as her 'desk'. ANNA (CONT'D) We totally had this same thing.you know. Isn't that bizarre? It was always covered with her little coupons and stuff. ANNA An idea for the open house? CONOR No. Anna turns to face Conor. And hopefully. look. trying to put this together.I just I don't want to buy a place that you couldn't .all of a sudden . CONOR (CONT'D) So what do you think? I mean gut reaction.I'm not saying you have to move in now or anything . I know where my life is going. To buy. ANNA (CONT'D) So. Anna looks up to Conor. I have a plan. I had this idea Conor looks . But I have this one buyer.to be sweating.me. CONOR (CONT’D) Anna. And I want you to go with me. I mean.at some point ..7/20/7 109. an idea. who is just watching her. when do all the fabulous homosexual couples start arriving? CONOR Well. the open house is tomorrow. For this house.see yourself moving into.

It's what I've always wanted. struggling. ANNA I can't do this Conor. It all dawns on him in an instant. A LONG BEAT. I mean this. Any of this. Okay. and suddenly sees it in her face. Conor smiles. I have a question. Anna looks at him.what you're offering . Conor looks at her. Anna NODS sadly. CONOR (CONT’D) So. and it breaks the tension. 110 . And at the PULL DOWN IRONING BOARD.is what every girl wants. Anna goes to Conor and HUGS him. EXT. if a bit conservative. CONOR Is it too late to dial it back to before and just keep sleeping together? Anna LAUGHS. PHILLIPS . holding back tears. nice looking.NIGHT Your standard waterfront seafood restaurant. Conor takes this in. CONOR You don't want it with me. Gigi sits across from BILL.gelled. OK. Alex told me you work in finance. She looks at the ironing board a long time. GIGI So. What you're saying . you know ANNA CONOR (CONT'D) Because I thought that really . It's just Anna looks at him for a long time. before turning back to Conor.7/20/7 110. CONOR If it's too fast - ANNA No. The answer he's been looking for. not knowing how to say this.

his hair's a disaster. BILL You're very welcome. Goodnight. Bill reaches out for an ill timed hug. GIGI (V. Then he runs into his bedroom like a madman. And showed up on time. BILL Thank you for a lovely evening. I do. INT. And you planned it.O. He stands there for a second.NIGHT Alex now seems pretty agitated. Staring at it. He can't stop himself. Yes. Bill.either way just leave a message and -Alex hangs up. He's shirtless.) Hey it's Gigi.7/20/7 111. BILL . too. GIGI It was nice meeting you. GIGI This is nice. INT. It is. 111 GIGI (CONT'D) It's awkward. He's holding his phone handset. He dials. And called me when you said you would. BILL Yes.NIGHT Gigi and Bill stand awkwardly outside her door. A LONG PAUSE. Finance. Thank you. GIGI A nice evening. ALEX'S APARTMENT . You. ANOTHER AWKWARD LONG SILENCE. GIGI Gigi smiles. GIGI'S APARTMENT HALLWAY . You've reached my cell. I'm either having a very good time or in a meeting . thinking.

a pile of clothes on her lap.DAY Beth and Neil's place. Alex reaches into his pocket and pulls out a PEN.7/20/7 112. ALEX I did. Neil collapses on the couch. As she sings. GIGI Did you forget something? She opens the DOOR.more of a torch song. GIGI What did you forget? ALEX Really? This.NIGHT She comes inside. holding some of his clothes. A PIANO starts to play on a tiny stage . NEIL How did all this stuff fit in here fine before? Beth comes in after him. Yeah. WESTSIDE LOFT . Gigi reluctantly gets up. 112 . she begins to gain confidence. Gigi tries. It expanded. INT. And then a terrified but determined Anna takes her place in front of the mic. Beth sits next to him. THE OWL BAR . It's a "THE LAST GOODBYE" by JEFF BUCKLEY .barely recognizable . And begins to SING. Then. It's ALEX. We hear the song over: INT. GIGI'S APARTMENT . It's not Bill. Neil comes in holding a few MESSILY PACKED BOXES. to suppress a SMILE. INT. FADE OUT. She looks down and laughs. drops her stuff and sits on the couch. He is clearly moving back in. THE SAME PEN THAT GIGI PRETENDED TO BE RETURNING TO CONOR. without success.NIGHT A speakeasy from the 1900s that hasn't changed much.empty. BETH I don't know. A KNOCK on the door.

okay. They kiss. 113 She holds the PEN. revealing an ENGAGEMENT RING. Tears stream down Beth's face. GIGI'S APARTMENT . NEIL That's really gonna free up a lot of space.A BLACK VELVET RING BOX. And then: Yes. BETH (CONT'D) No you are not trying to bring these back in here Beth holds the CARGO PANTS that she protested before. And then she FEELS SOMETHING. NEIL Okay. BETH Of course. Neil watches her. You win. BETH They're going. So much.NIGHT Gigi and Alex stand in her entry. smiling. I want to make you happy. Neil pops open the box. I need to make you happy for me to even have a shot at being happy. Just check to make sure there's nothing in the pockets before we give them away. NEIL (CONT'D) Will you marry me? Neil gets up and KISSES HER. passionately. These are not staying.7/20/7 113. INT. and when she looks up . I have a bag I'm taking to the Goodwill. too. . What? NEIL I have no idea what you're - BETH We had a deal. for a long moment. yes. as she walks across the room. Beth dutifully puts her hands in the pockets. Her face registers curiosity as she pulls out . NEIL (CONT'D) I love you so much.Neil's down ON ONE KNEE. Beth looks at it.

Gigi considers this. ALEX ALEX GIGI 114 .you did not seem to want to "make it happen. he will make it happen.7/20/7 114. GIGI You came all the way here .at 11 at night . I can't stop thinking about you. I'm turning into Me. He looks nervous. Because when I was hurling my body onto yours . I drive by your place.to give me back a promotional pen? ALEX I thought I better come up with some excuse to get over here. GIGI Hmmm. GIGI ALEX Look. No matter what. You were right. I call and hang up. GIGI Well. Isn't that how it's done? Sometimes. Yeah. I've gotten so used to keeping myself at a safe distance from these women. a wise person once told me that if a guy wants to be with a girl. Alex looks at Gigi for a long moment.for one of them. He LAUGHS. True. having the power ." ALEX Here's the thing about that.that I didn't know what it felt like when I actually fell .

ALEX I could do that stuff too. It's a very phallic "blade" with a A BUNCH OF YOUNG SHIRTLESS MEN dancing and waving. Nathan calls down from the float. stands on the street watching.7/20/7 115. EXT. Mary rides the float.that I will be the exception. ALEX You are my exception. Alex looks at her. the two Nattily Dressed Gays grab Conor. He does what he says. Alex KISSES HER. And that same wise person told me that I am the rule. too. That I have to stop thinking that every guy will change . GIGI But you didn't. GIGI Look. SLOW. No drama. NATHAN Get your asses up here. NATHAN With that.NIGHT A staple of summer in Baltimore. and climb up onto the float. And it just might be exactly what I need. They continue to KISS.stop thinking that I will be the -But before she can finish her sentence. GIGI (CONT'D) . with a NATTILY DRESSED GAY COUPLE. waving to the crowd with Nathan. The rickety Baltimore Blade float comes by. Conor. Jonathan? NATTILY DRESSED GAY What are you guys doing up there? Dancing. PASSIONATE KISS. GAY PRIDE PARADE . A LONG. 115 . Joshua and Bruce. He calls. I've just been out with your friend Bill. They SHOUT over the music.

KNOCK YOURSELF OUT. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. You. Vernon. they smile and dance in each others' arms. Anna's song fades out. HARBOR . REALLY DANCE.S.and a NOTE taped onto the carton: BEN . Conor. BEN MARY 116 .7/20/7 116..and the two of them do an old fashioned slow dance on the float. As everyone freaks around them. I WANT A DIVORCE.NIGHT Ben walks into the house and looks around . MARY I'm Mary. neatly folded into piles. They look at each other..DAY A beautiful sunny day on the harbor. Conor looks at Mary and SMILES. He approaches. then sees a CARTON OF CIGARETTES on top of one pile Shit.ALL OF HIS CLOTHES are stacked. . NATTILY DRESSED GAY This is Conor. too. devastated. EXT. Hey. As he heads to the stairs. HIGHLANDTOWN HOUSE .no Janine. he stops in his tracks. MARY (CONT’D) It's so great to finally meet you in person. LIKE REALLY. . At the bottom of the stairs . Ben slumps down. Is there a connection? CONOR CONOR (CONT’D) Would you like to dance? I'd love to. and the sound of Gigi's voice fades up.JANINE P. Conor takes her hand . All of the gay men around them start to DANCE. He just sold us on the most amazing duplex in Mt.

grabs her little purse. a KNOCK ON THE DOOR.. every story we're told..DAY Gigi and Alex sit close on her couch. The third act twist. we see garlands on the rails.) . MARY'S APARTMENT .) Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up. On the bough of the boat is a TINY WEDDING. BOAT . on the bough.) And someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Never try to trim your own bangs. Mary gets up. Even closer and we see .) (CONT'D) What we're not taught is how to read the signs. MYSPACE PROFILE DELETED appears. As we get closer. GIGI (V. typing on her laptop.the exception to the rule. EXT. GIGI (V.O... INT.the man who couldn't get it together finally figuring it out. implores us to wait for it.Beth on the arm of her father. Watts and Keith finally KISS. Gigi can't suppress her smile as Alex pulls her close. And Neil. watching a movie. Mary hits a button and a box comes up.. and opens the door. waiting for Beth at the altar. IT'S CONOR.) Every movie we see.7/20/7 117. He escorts her down a mini aisle. 117 . We PAN over to the TV to find that they are watching: SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL.O. INT. GIGI (V..DAY Out on the sparkling water.DAY Mary sits at her desk. Neil's boat. he likes you. If a guy punches you.O.O. which reads: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE THIS MYSPACE PROFILE? Mary clicks "YES".. GIGI (V. Then. SCREEN: MARY'S MYSPACE PROFILE.the unexpected declaration of love.. her face barely able to contain her happiness. Mary smiles.O. ON THE GIGI (V. GIGI'S APARTMENT . About six guests.

Anna walks down the hill.clearly a new tenant moving in. Boxes fill the room .7/20/7 118. As they turn to go their separate ways NEW GUY It was nice meeting you. walking with a NEW GUY . and then turns and walks away from us. our friends. Janine enters..it's clear it's a first date. our families countless hours of confusion. As he's about to put his stuff down.is just moving on.holding a six pack of beer and a bag of chips. seems pleased. INT.DAY Ben heads to the checkout line . The one's who'll stay from the one's who'll leave. .O.. takes him up on it.. GIGI (V. EDDIE'S OF ROLAND PARK . BUTCHER'S HILL BROWNSTONE . a PRETTY GIRL gets in line behind him. Then. she pays for her stuff. They stop at the corner. despair.we can see the living room of the lower apartment.the CAMERA FOLLOWS THEM down the sidewalk. without giving Ben so much as a look. She opens one.O. She steps back. GIGI (V. 118 . IN FRONT OF CAMERA walk two people .END.) How to tell the ones who want us from the ones who don't. Anna smiles . exchange an awkward hug. along with a weak smile.) And ultimately. straightening it slightly.) That sometimes the happy ending. She hangs the mirror. Anna watches him go. GIGI (V. He lets her go ahead of him. EXT.the New Guy turns and heads off. and pulls out the ANTIQUE MIRROR (now with new glass). carrying two boxes. She smiles. The cashier rings her up.. the skyline of Baltimore in front of her. We see it's Anna. Ben gives his stuff to the cashier.O. we're not taught the one thing that could save ourselves.EVENING From the outside looking in a ground floor window .. and speculation..

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