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Project Integration Management (PIM) Develop project charter

Project Scope Management (PSM)


Project Time Management (PTM) Project Cost Management (PCM) Project Quality Management (PQM)


Project Human Resources Management (PHRM) X Project Communication Management (PCommM)

Identify stakeholders

Project Risk Management (PRM) Project Procurement Management (PPM)


Legend: 1. Indicates whether the process has no EEF and OPA as inputs or only OPA is an input. 2. Point to note is, there could be other inputs. This is just an indicator for the presence or absence of EEF & OPA Among other inputs, this process also has OPA as an input This process does not have EEF and OPA as inputs Tools and Techniques Mnemonics

(o) or (x) (o) (x) (ABC…)

OPA EEF EJ Oraganizational Process Assets Enterprise Environmental Factors Expert Judgement .

this process also has OPA as an input ot have EEF and OPA as inputs es Mnemonics .Planning Develop project management plan Collect requirements (x) (F FIGO GPQ) Define scope (o) (APEF) Create WBS (o) Define act (DERT) Seq Act (o) (lAPSD) Est Act Resources (APE BP) Est Act Dur (APE TR) Develop schedule (SCCReWlOSS) Estimate cost (APE BP TR CV) Determine budget (o) (CHEF R) Plan Quality (CCCB SPADF) Executing Direct and manage project execution X X X Perform QA (x) (PQ + QC+ QP) Acquire project team (PraNAV) Develop team (x) (TRIG TC) Manage team (o) (OC PII) Distribute Information (o) (CId) Manage stakeholder expectations (o) (CIM) Develop HR plan (ONO) Plan communication (C4) Develop risk management plan Identify risks (DICE ADS) Perform Qual Risk Analysis (o) (R4 PE) Perform Quan risk analysis (o) (DQE) Plan risk responses (x) (CSS E) Plan procurements (MEC) X Conduct procurements (o) (ABE PB II) s.

mental Factors .

Monitoring and Controlling Monitor and control project work Verify scope (x) Control Scope (o) Closing Close project or phase (o) X Control schedule (o) (PVPRe WLoSS) Control cost (o) Perform QC (o) (FISH SCRAP C) X X X X X Report performance (o) (VCR F) X Monitor and control risk (x) (RRR VeST) Adminsiter Procurements (x) (CRIP PPC) X Close procurements (x) (PNR) .

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