Calendar of Activities

University of Santo Tomas Calendar of Activities (2012 – 2013

Date Activitiy Opening of the School Year Independence Day Preliminary Exams begin Feast of St. Dominic (Class Day) Ninoy Aquino Day National Heroes Day Final Examinations begin Start of Registration / Enrolment Start of 2nd Semester Bonifacio Day Feast of Immaculate Conception (Class Day) Paskuhan Festivities Christmas Vacation begins

June 4 June 12 August 7 August 8 August 21 August 27 October 3-6 October 17 November 5 November 30 December 8 December 21 December 22

January 3 January 9 January 14 January 28 February 25 February 27 March 15 March 19 March 15-19 March 22 March 28-29 Classes resume Feast of Black Nazarene Preliminary Exams begin Feast of St. Thomas (Class Day) EDSA Revolution Day Final Examinations for Graduating Students begin Student Awards Day Baccalaureate Mass Final Examinations Solemn Investitures Holy Thursday / Good Friday

Summer 2013
April 4-8 April 9 April 10 May 1 April 26-29 May 16 Registration Araw ng Kagitingan Classes begin Labor Day Preliminary Exams Final Examinations

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