Agenda of meeting

The meeting of the top management executives with chairman is scheduled on Friday, 3rd Feb., 2012 at 1500 hrs at the conference hall No.- 03 of International youth center, New York. 1. Apologies for the absentees. Ms. Annie Trusting 2. Minutes of the last meeting.  Approval of the changes in the sales reporting system.  Discussion on improvement in after sales customer support system. 3. Matters arising.  Sales improvement in rural market area.  Providing advance customer information reporting to the rural sales team.  Developing new methods to reach out rural customers. 4. Report by Peter Jackson sales improvement in rural market. 5. Any other business ( none) 6. Next meeting time.  17th Feb., 2012 at 9 o’clock.

Dear all, This is to inform you that the next meeting of the area sales heads is scheduled on Friday 3rd Feb, 2012 at 1500 hrs at the conference hall no.03. Improvement of sales in rural market will be the main point of discussion. The meeting will be chaired by the honorable Chairman. Your presence will be highly appreciable. Company Secretary Tractors & Movers Inc.

Margat Simmons The following members were absent.Mr. 1. Sales in rural area. The agenda was approved by all the members present in the meeting. New York. Tom Robins Mr.Mr. 3.meeting minutes The following is the accounts of the minutes taken at the Sales in rural area meeting held between 3. 2. Attendees The following members were present.-03 of International youth center. Meeting chair. Jack Peterson Mr.Minutes of meeting Tractors and movers Inc. Sales head.  Providing better information tools to the sales people. Donald Peters.Miss Annie Trusting.00 pm on 3rd Feb 2012 at the conference hall no.00 pm to 5. . Approval of agenda.  Discussion on methods to reach out customers. Mrs.  Make a discussion regarding sales in rural area. XYZ Area Sales Heads. John Ruting Miss Alice Linnes Mr. Reason for meeting.

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