Factors to keep a SHG vibrant Taking up of Economic activities Earn Profits Taking up of Social issues Grow 2 .

SHG scenario in the state Huge numbers – More than 1 lac Improper identification product/activities of key No products / competition in market No specialised marketing skills Lack of strategic effort by SHGs 3 .

Burden Profits Multi Activity options Credit Risk Retailer 4 .Players vs Risk in Market Producer Dealer/ Distributor Infrastr.

Opportunities out of each other’s strength Option as Independent / Additional activity 5 .

Partnership Benefits Scope for modifying Product range Scope for Retail first. more Trading No skill based competition Face GATT – Join the race 6 . supplies later More Groups.

00.We… World’s largest Privately held Company Operating in 60 countries 139 years old 102 products worldwide Rs.000 Cr. Group Turnover 7 .1.

5 to Rs.Product Range in Orissa Nature Fresh Refined Sunflower Oil Refined Veg Oil Purita Soya bean Oil Palmolein Oil Refined Palm Oil Gemini Refined Veg Oil Sunflower Oil 100ml pouches to 5 lit jars Retail price Rs.265 8 .

Distribution Production C&F Dealer/Distrib. Retailer DSMS SHG Cumulative Margin from 13% up to 33% 9 .

36 3.45 5.69 17.87 56.52 Our Mission 10 .15 9.Social Concern Selected Mortality Pattern of Orissa Intestinal & Infectious Diseases Blood & Blood forming Organ Disease of Circulatory System Digestive System Injury & poisoning Total 20.

11 .

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